A tour of SpaceX’s spacesuit!

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SpaceX let us get up close and personal with their new spacesuit and I give you a mini tour of all the details! There’s a lot more footage to come from our time at SpaceX HQ so stay tuned!

More pictures and the article here – https://everydayastronaut.com/up-close-and-personal-with-spacexs-space-suit/

  1. Jeff Vader


  2. Wall of glass

    It looks like a combination of the Stig from Topgear, and the guard suits from the Hunger Games

  3. tech JAMES LiveHelp4Us

    yeah! this is what i’m waiting for, woooahh finally hoping to see more vids for both dragon and the suit :) very happy to see you Tim beside that suit.

  4. antifusion

    Awesome stuff, thanks Tim.

  5. G Mallory

    no touchy! it’s like going to my grandma’s house…

  6. PROgrammer8

    1:27 ah yes, the life-support port.

  7. Citizen_of_the _stars

    are those flight suits or eva (real space suits)

  8. Zu Puayen Tan

    Awesome footage as usual!

  9. Werd04

    Am I the only one thinking this looks a lot like the Elite Dangerous IVA suit?

  10. Jakob B

    HaHa, 6k red DRAGON

  11. gogny

    His red dragon camera 😂😂

  12. Miscellaneous

    i dont care how it looks, i care if it keeps me alive.

  13. Johan M

    I cant wait for seeing Crew Dragon up close and personal in youre videos. Hope it comes soon. Johan.

  14. Xylom

    Next Up: Space Marines

  15. weeliano

    Absolutely love the suit design! I’m trying to model it in Blender 3D now, thanks for the closeup video shots! They are great references for me.

  16. The Elon Gamer

    2:51 Model X in the background

  17. Rodoks42

    You are a really lucky man :D

  18. Jesus Christ

    I’d gladly trade in my tunic for one of those! 😇

  19. Noah Mayer

    I was wonder who was filming! Nice job

  20. fredbrackely

    Really enjoying your channel mate.

  21. OShaughnessy ROF

    The future is actually now

  22. vonnp

    I have a question: will it have an astronaut diaper?

  23. sulljoh1

    Like the legend of the Phoenix

  24. chimp3376

    Thank you Tim for your amazingly impressive impact to science physics for putting on the space suit. I could not be more genuine.

  25. Craig Penfold

    Only 6k? Gosh!😋🤣

  26. Krzysztof Szumny

    You are producing lately to many great episodes! :)

  27. MayuriK

    I hope you can dress this space-suit! It’s amazing!
    Can’t wait for others video!

  28. Wandile Dlamini

    Now that’s a 21 century space suit, absolutely awesome. Thanks Tim👌 keep up the good work we appreciate it

  29. Seb8tian

    You’ve been busy recording, this type of videos are awesome, keep it up ;)!!

  30. Vib3s

    It’s a thing of beauty.
    Can’t wait to see the first crew in these suits making their way to Dragon through the newly installed crew access arm… Which looks just as futuristic. ^^

  31. MeetBushe

    You do such a great job i wouldn’t be surprised if one of these companies decided to take you into space one day… I hope they do! :)

  32. rainbowsixODST

    That American flag is beautiful. With most other companies I wouldn’t put it past them to use the UN Flag in some agenda driven “for humanity” BS dispute the fact America made this happen.

  33. Matthieu Lamalle

    not a huge fan of this space suit. for many reason, but firstit lake of pocket for your screwdriver
    (how do you expect to unplung HAL without it?)

  34. Zreknarf

    wtf no way, this is incredible :D really taking the channel to a new level

  35. Rich Hooker

    Wow. This will probably be an unforgettable event for you. So cool! What a great experience!

  36. Fellipe Parreiras

    Omg that suit looks so dope. I hope i, and everyone can wear it someday.

  37. Golam Sarwar Ezaz

    Just Love this there is Nothing to say more . Thank you Tim Dodd

  38. Sergii Kram

    Short, but still informative video, thank you!

  39. Aylon Cohen

    Can you do Starliner vs Dragon capsule? That would be awesome!

  40. Paul Kepshire

    That’s so freaking awsome that you got to see Boeing AND SpaceX’s suits! (I’m totally jealous, btw) Your videos keep looking better and better. Keep up the good work!

  41. Hanniffy Dinn

    Wow that suit looks fantastic , like a Hollywood futuristic prop ! Man, exciting times !

  42. naquto

    OMG this is the first video like this on internet!!!

  43. weerligstraal1

    You so lucky man, I am jealous:D

  44. FilipoGamingS

    This my favourite looking spacesuit ever

  45. Jeffrey Bue

    Dude! You ARE living the dream!

  46. Hey Siri

    Marvel: Infinity War Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History

  47. Showcase Me

    this was beautiful! I love your music

  48. Ryan Wolfenberger

    Tim, I can see your living your dream. Your passion comes through the screen. Great job and keep up the awesome content!

  49. skytreker

    Red Dragon cam to shoot the (Red) Dragon capsule… this is some next level inception stuff!!

  50. Stu Bur

    I think HDPE would be a better choice for the helmet than ABS. Costs more but provides better protection.

  51. Justin

    Well. That is awesome! You’re a lucky man tim!

  52. dojokonojo

    The Stig’s astronaut cousin.

  53. Liam Fairhurst

    I’ve only just stumbled upon your channel and love it!
    Keep up the great work with bringing us closer to watch this great new space age unfold.
    I for one can’t wait for what’s coming.

  54. Alpha Gusta

    The head must move then?
    it looks like it doesnt just stay in one place like the pumpkin suit and the beoing one with your head moving around

  55. Scott Harrod

    I was hoping you’de get to do a SpaceX suit & capsule tour Tim. This is fantastic!! :D

  56. Jack Manete

    I remember elon saying it was certified up to 2 atmospheres? Awesome video dude, production value is gorgeous.

  57. Sticky Lizard Studios

    How much money!?
    You know. . . Now reason

  58. MrSmurkles

    I just realized that that may be Ripley on the dragon demo test 1

  59. Yacq Rendiere

    Where is the O2 tank?
    But FINALLY they made a good looking spacesuit.

  60. Eieght D

    Red dragon shooting a red dragon (it was called that previously) 😜

  61. Alexandru Costache

    Wow… SpaceX suit ? Amazing ! I can’t wait to see the Crew Dragon !

  62. enøziye two

    If only we used more reusable energy we could literally be the future our ancestors dreamed of

  63. Calvin K

    Soo.. no SpaceX EVA suit?

  64. Jerry Y

    This is by far the coolest IVA suit in existence.

  65. GG_gamer YT

    Love to elon

  66. CADesigner

    5K yeah!

  67. Tony

    What?! You only have 160k subs!!!??? You deserve a lot lot lot more!

  68. Name not found

    SpaceX suit > Boeing Suit.

  69. Nigar Bilandarli

    How well does it protect from Radiation in space?

  70. Samuel Davidson

    It’s pretty good but where’s the bolt pistol holster? Or blessed, protective pauldrons? Or the other 350kg of Adamantium and Ferrocrete armour? Or Imperial Aquila declaring ones eternal allegiance to the God Emperor of Mankind? I’m confused, I thought they said it was a space suit. This one certainly isn’t getting a purity seal!

  71. Shane Stevens

    2:29 Oh, it’s an IVA suit, not EVA! This is the first I’ve heard this. Bummer, no outdoor repairs in these awesome looking suits :( Thanks, as always, for the informative video!

  72. Reham Ebrahim

    Am I have to be American to be a nasa astronaut ?

  73. OSUNA

    There’s alot of suits out there but that one would definitely suck to get a nose itch in.

  74. Nick Barrett


  75. Justin

    Oh you tease. We were begging and hoping for a comparison and you already knew!

  76. Paul Paulson

    Now I need someone to make a video about how airtight zippers work. I’m just not sure yet on which channel i would prefer it. This channel? Sci show? Smarter every day? Scott Manley? Cody’sLab? How to make everything? Primitive Technology?

  77. The Kebabizer

    I can’t wait to see the other footage from SpaceX this is just too exciting!

  78. Toby

    yo! Do you know if there are any BFR updates?🙏

  79. Big Baller Brown

    Wish I was there, Hope you enjoyed your time there. Did you meet Elon?

  80. Luke Ranieri

    Stop being such a badass, Tim! It’s exhausting for us norms! 😂 🚀

  81. A Nipple Cripple

    you are quickly becoming my new fav channel, im so exited everytime you upload <3

  82. Cameron Rosario

    the suit looks like peacekeepers from hunger games

  83. Paul Denney

    He Did It!!!!! Now For Crew Dragon!!! Awesome man. So happy for you that you go the chance to do it.

  84. TTVAlphaRegular

    Its amazing how he has been given access to Boeing and space x to give a side of the both and bringing that experience to us keep it going it really matters.

  85. Claude C

    I think Steve Jobs who was known for his fanatical opinion that things should not only be functional but also look good would have approved.

  86. Visible Confusion

    It looks so cool, if you remove the helmet and wear it like that it would make an awesome suit

  87. Alex Korocencev

    Hello Everyday Astronaut! You have my absolute dream job that I could never get and I am very happy that your channel is successful. You give me the inspiration and strength to stay positive and optimistic in difficult times with your awesome and funny content. Thank you!

  88. Rohan Bhattarai

    I liked your video but do you love my comment ?

  89. Lewis Massie

    I’ve been waiting so long for a detailed look at the SpaceX suit, ever since I saw it. Finally we get to see it

  90. Johnny Horan

    For all the Flat Earthers, vacuums don’t suck. They also don’t crush. Pressure pushes. That’s why the spacesuit can work, it doesn’t need to hold up to outside pressure, it just needs to keep the air in, like a balloon.

  91. GSR_Hoffi

    Hey Tim,
    I’m not watching your videos for too long. But your videos have so great and intriguing content that I’m curious about each of your videos. My goal is to fly with friends to America in 2022, or depending on when the BFR is done, and to experience the launch of the BFR Mars direction live. Maybe I’ll meet you there.
    Greetings from Germany. Keep it up!

  92. Ryan Spears

    Tim, the production on your videos just get better and better.. I can’t get enough of your videos. I feel your enthusiasm through the videos .. Keep up the exceptional work allowing us all to be everyday astronauts!!!!

  93. YeomansIII

    This got posted the second SpaceX tweeted about the crew access arm. Great video!

  94. Rob Ostry

    I don’t think Tim will compare/contrast equipment from different manufacturers. This might be misconstrued as picking favorites or belittling someone’s work. Support and enthusiasm for all space companies is a great trait for the Everyday Astronaut.

  95. TheMarcusGomez

    Dam didn’t know you were here in front of dragon, I was working a few feet over on fairing. Well at least my car came out on your video at 3:14 lol

  96. moesgymmom

    Can’t wait until you can put it on, great video Tim

  97. Falcons Fan

    Ahhhhh, that “New-Spacesuit” smell

  98. Pasta Pirate

    It’s great to see how these space companies are recognising you now, perhaps one day you might even be given an offer to experience actual space.
    Probably not in the near future but should there ever be a private space station and they want to show it off its not unreasonable to think they’d choose you, so keep up the good work and you might soon get to go to space *fingers crossed* and we’ll get to experience it all with you

  99. Shabdhu

    Having the best time of your lifetime? First Boeing and now spacex..way to go man!🚀🛸
    Edit: Thanks for the love Tim

  100. 3d tech

    Best looking spacesuits ever

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