A Tour of SpaceX’s Boca Chica facilities [LIVE]

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Join us as we show you the entire SpaceX Boca Chica site from the public’s perspective along the road. We’ll take you down the main highway, show you the build site, the village, the restaurant and bar, the launch pad AND the beach!

Sorry this isn’t the official tour with Elon you might be waiting for, but this will help you know what to expect if you visit here someday, or provide you with the perspective for those of you who can’t visit.

I greatly appreciate your Super Chats but I won’t be able to read them as I will be driving and trying to give you a tour in real time. Thank you for understanding.

03:10 – What we’ll be seeing
05:30 – SpaceX Restaurant
06:40 – Tracking Dishes and Solar Farm
07:50 – Airstream Trailer Park
09:40 – Production Facility from the East
15:15 – Production Facility from the South
20:10 – Production Facility and air separator from the West
25:10 – Boca Chica Village
29:00 – Driving up to Starship pad
30:06 – Starship pad & tank farm from the West
33:00 – Driving past the pad
34:00 – Launch complex from the East
36:15 – Landing Pad
37:00 – Orbital Launch Pad
39:00 – Outro

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    7:27 the video begins to melt

  2. hundredcaws

    i love your opening music.

  3. Lee Watson

    how many watching the live stream wondered if there would be an accident. glad they are alright.

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    Must have been right after this recording. Pictures on twitter does appear to be of the beach..

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    it maybe silly to say but has anyone tried putting starlink on a car roof or RV

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    “There is a bird with long legs over there” step aside David Attenborough!

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    Great idea for a video – as someone living in Australia .. this is fantastic .. cheers !!

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    He crashed after this y’all! Get well soon Meco!

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    Glad that you and Andrew are okay… and sorry about MECO, hope they can get it fixed back up soon…

  11. Balaji Kartha

    That was cool .. loved the drive tour through the place
    So amazing that the whole production and manufacturing rockets is happening in the middle of an open public area!

  12. Bernhard R.

    Definitely not “Everyday Ornithologist”. 😅 Thanks for the nice tour! 👍 Apart from being expensive equipment, these air separation units are often leased from companies like AirLiquide or Linde and maybe they preferred a spot with less chance of explosions near by.

  13. Grizz

    Thank you Tim! It was awesome!

  14. PJ Finster

    Great transmission even with the spotty internet… Andrew is an amazing live editor and productionist, you’re very blessed to have him!

  15. JayneCobbsBunk

    Around 13:30 Tim mentions how fast cars zip around there. A bit of foreshadowing for him unfortunately.

  16. Sam I Am

    I feel as if I’ve just taken a Twenty First Century tour of the gates outside the Wonka Factory. Thanks Man!

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    Tim you really need to move your Picture in Picture to the lower right corner. Same for your other live events as well. Overall good job.

  19. domoredujordan

    I want to get a Big “Falcon” Shake in the shape of a starship at the restaurant. Or maybe the Big Falcon Reuben, for BFR.

  20. Merle Patterson

    My sense is that Boca Chica and surrounding area will become “rocket town” and people will either move there to experience rocket launches (sight and sound) or people will will out because of rocket launches (sight and sound). It should balance out eventually to where SpaceX could launch rockets every day and people just accept it and/or love it. Personally, if I could, I’d buy property and build a concrete soundproof house with big observatory windows two blocks from the launchpad. But that’s just me.

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    He accidentally bumped his tesla 9MECO He names it:)

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    Tim : driving in right side
    Me : Wait why all are driving in wrong direction
    My Mind : Idot in America they drive in right side


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    Brilliant! Thank you!!

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    Haha this is why we need Starlink, so Tim can mount the dish on his car and stream to us from Boca Chica!

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    Swedish pepole: its smörgåsbord.
    english pepole:SmoUrGOusboard

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    This tour was a great idea. Looking forward to the HD video. Sorry about the accident! That sucks!

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    Hey Tim, congrats on the 100M views!

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    7:38 Aliens start watching you.

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    Elon should give you a new car for free. You’ve done so many ads for him.

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    18:10 – I’m so glad he added “rest in pieces.” 😂

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    You make Maria’s work look like Ansel Adams.

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    This is amazing!! This location is on my bucket list for sure! Thank you for the preview!!

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    I heard he offered the little.

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    Glad you’re ok! The Tesla will be back!

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    Brilliant. Thanks for this and keep a ticket for me for that bar on the high bay…for when I get over there (viewing from Ireland)!!! Love the channel!

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    aaaand tim got in a car accident

  39. NatCav8

    Would of thought with all the data and information sharing within the area, Space X would upgrade there telecommunications.

  40. Matías Moreno

    At first I thought “Why didn’t he put his view at the bottom left? He’s covering half the windshield”. Then 13:50 happens… It surprises me how much care Tim Dodd puts into his videos.

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    The fact that people are still debating masks in chat is Not norminal.

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    Elon hasn’t given you the WIFI password yet?!?! lol

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    It would be prudent to re-upload this with locally recorded footage.

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    Glad to hear you’re ok after the car accident!

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    thank you Tim for your dedication, your car is damaged now but you are still happy and joyful on twitter

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    I wonder if the red van that honked at Tim was Mary, the BocaChica Gal (@NASASpaceFlight). They just posted their daily report about an hour ago.

  50. Condor1994

    Oh my god what a stunning vehicle Starship is a truly futuristic looking rockets so beautiful

  51. Richard Elliott

    As Brownsville is going to be the place where space holiday makers are going to congregate including me it would be nice if you could have a drive around there with us all in the back seat and maybe the port area?

  52. Richard Elliott

    I liked that we found a new species of bird today. The long legged Boca bird. Shame you didn’t make it to the beach though. This was good fun and made the whole place feel real, thanks for doing it.

  53. SteveMHN

    Boca Chica where everyone drives a Tesla or a pick up truck.

  54. Oscar Padrón

    My uncle taught me how to fish at Boca Chica beach when I was little kid. Wow! 40+ years later and I’m witnessing that area go from Sea to Space. Amazing!

  55. FlyingSavannahs

    Tim, great idea to give us a look around. I’d invited a not-so-current-with-aerospace-developments friend, also a child of the space age like me, to watch and he had some “you gotta be kidding me!” reactions! I think I’ll have him hopelessly converted when I show him your outstanding SN-8 flight coverage and maybe the Falcon Heavy booster return jamboree as the clincher. You get this awesome feeling like you’re touring around a living museum where the impossible is made real. Today’s ability to witness history in the making, thanks to enthusiasts/journalists/documentarians/spokespersons such as you, reminded me of how far we’ve come from the time when some mission planners didn’t even think it was necessary to have live TV of the moonwalks!

    Thanks so much for all you do!

    James T. Kirk: “I was born in Iowa, I only _work_ in space.”

    Tim T. Dodd: “I was born in Iowa, I only _work_ in space.”

  56. Dean Stephen

    It’s a swamp!

  57. Adrian Brand

    He crashed with another car after the stream! he didn’t get hurt, saw it on Twitter

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    This is really cool Tim. Idk why but I feel emotional about the feelings of the place… I’m on like 30 seconds into you talking lol

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    Fun idea! Thanks for this! Also, I hope you, your crew, and your gear are alright after the beach incident. Take it easy.

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    Aww dang, I was hoping to see the beach. Lol.

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    Love your content! Can’t wait to be up there watching them launch these ! So exciting! Great tour and what you do with your channel is amazing!

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    Can you please add subtitles? I cannot make out what you’re saying if I can’t see your lips.

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    I have been thinking about getting a Tesla do you have a referral code

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    Very surprised to see you can get internet on that dash screen too. Here in the UK, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be allowed. Cars have dash screens, of course, but they are smaller and are only used to display a map or information (temperature, fuel, radio channel, etc), you’re not allowed to have anything too distracting within the view of the driver. I thik this may be true in therest of Europe too. I guess Teslas sold over here must have the screens restricted?

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    Lil Tim got clipped by a truck at the beach.

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    i saw starhopper and starship! they are massive, will they become even biiger on real mission?

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    great video Tim as usual..

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    Maybe a redo with prerecorded content? Livestream is kind of a potato

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    soon i hope tim next tour is in inside the build site and launch site with starship beside you

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    Boca Chica is literally going to become a space sport, A city, tourist attraction,and a transportation hub, he’s literally building his own city.

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  89. John Moruzzi

    The Restaurant at the Edge of the Village…

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    This reminds me what happened to the interview with Ellon you talked about during SN8’s flight test. I take it that it never happened yet?

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    Thanks for this stream, is awesome

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    I’ve looked at those homes in Google street view and would love to buy one of those houses right behind the tracking station. I’d be building an observation platform in the backyard so I could sit out there on launch day with a cold one and watch it go.

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    Although the connection was garbage, I still loved the virtual tour!

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