A conversation with Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck on recovering Electron

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I got to have an awesome conversation with Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck talking all about their reusability plans for Electron and all the exciting things they’ll be doing next year!

I already have a video that dives into their recovery plans and the history of air launches here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIaDWCK2Bmk

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter at Rocket Lab’s beautiful new factory in Auckland, New Zealand! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nj9BncsgvuQ

Thanks to my Moon Walkers for helping produce each and every video! – Aaron Davis, ArcTechInc, Asad Rehman, Blake Jacobs, Daniel Kim, Jared smith, Jethro, Joe Leva, John Malkin, Larry D Lysinger, Mac Malkawi, Max Haot, neurostream, NSS North Houston Space Society, Ole Mathias Aarseth Heggem, Tomdmay, TTTA

  1. Dave L

    I freakin love this channel, that’s all really. Amazing Tim, great work!

  2. Christian

    Haha, that was a good one. Tim: How does the injector work? Peter: Good! :-)))

  3. Apor Tamás

    I don’t want to sound like anyone’s mom, but man, you two gonna catch cold sitting on that metal pad.
    Btw love your work Tim, keep it up!

  4. Andrew Howard

    Great interview. Can’t wait for the moon mission.

  5. Rocky

    I truly love how amazing this conversation is! <3

  6. Siddharth Butala

    Love that coat!

  7. SuperWho Merlock

    “yis” – Peter

  8. v.dog

    Love the fact that we learn so much from a fire-side chat. I’d love to see a follow up video that goes more into the issues surrounding hypersonic re-entry, though.

  9. annando

    I’m really looking forward seeing some footage of the descent of the first stage on on of the next flights!

  10. Der Typ

    Oh yes! Oh yeah! He did it again!

  11. Guy Jones

    Can’t wait to watch launch trails from my house once they start launching!

  12. Dino Schachten

    5:40 – I would have been very curious to hear if the use of drones is conceivable for the future, if it would actually provide benefits regarding efficiency.

  13. B3rnard

    3 interviews with Peter and 1 with elon

  14. xRays6

    g f**kin g tim, love the content quality questions quality interview

  15. Joseph Neider

    What a great interview Tim, I love how you just get rocket engineers to just chat about their toys. I wonder if they remind themselves youre a reporter and not a colleague.

  16. Daniel Fernandes

    Peter is amazing

  17. Alex

    “Don’t sit on the cold steel. You will catch a cold”. My mother told me once. Great interview, by the way.

  18. mac berry

    Where’s the Jeff Bezos interview

  19. Rory Shields

    I love how Peter Beck reminds me of Musk minus the evil.

  20. Corey Lane

    It’s a lil Eskimo

  21. Brendan Kirley

    Gotta say Tim, you’re living the dream! Also Peter seems awesome and super down to earth. Great video and great interview! Being interested in the subject you’re covering in the interview really helps it grab the attention of your audience and also the interviewee. Well done 👍🏼

  22. Torstein

    “You know?”

  23. John Whitehouse

    What a brilliant interview :-)

  24. Seba Bollatti

    Well done!!!! Keep this high level interviews

  25. FirstPrinciple r

    I clicked on this video at 3 AM, it was a mistake.

  26. Jerrycobra

    “its a good injector” hahahaha company secret

  27. Nick Laurenson

    “It’s a good injector” ;)

  28. Lieven Petersen

    0:45 smooth xD

  29. jane doe

    Peter Beck is awesome! I really love how simple he makes everything sounds. He’s great!

  30. How Does it Really Work

    Very interesting! So many good questions, and Peter seemed to be really open and honest in answering them!

  31. AntiangelRaphael

    I think Tim grows to be THE most appreciated rocket journalists.

  32. vaibhav poke

    This is the coolest casual interview ever.

  33. Elias Gallegos

    Rocket Lab is awesome! I’m looking forward to their progress in 2020! 🚀

  34. Jan Fulton

    Hats off to Peter for sitting there the whole time, great interview.

  35. Matthew

    Legit the perfect questions. All the stuff I wanted to after the first recovery test data

  36. Matt Kent

    Thank you so much! I loved every second of this interview. Can you imagine any other journalist trying to do an interview at this level? Asking real questions? With real knowledge behind them?
    Thank you again for all your work and for asking the detailed questions I would want to ask if I was there. You really know what we want to know!

  37. Mark Hartley

    Great interview! Peter Beck is one of my favorite people.

  38. Roesti

    i really love how far you come tim! and i hope, that you, one time can do such a interview out of orbit ;)

  39. Javier Vazquez

    Waiting patiently on the Tory Bruno interview 😴

  40. klosskopf der1.

    Props! That was a really interresting interview.

  41. Dale LeBlanc

    Love the hat. Just ordered one! And great interview! I love how you are always at the cool events. Jelly :)

  42. SpaceSim Xplore

    I have to go back and rewatch all of your videos to find out when you transitioned from a geeky space nerd, to a full on professional journalist. Your videos have been outstanding recently and definitely up there with the likes of Discovery channel for quality! Keep up the great work Tim!

  43. Ricky Ostrom

    Rocket Lab will be able to delivery Amazon packages to the moon.

  44. No Name Supplied

    Was that the pendulum fallacy I just heard?

  45. Cameron Seider

    Tim, you are the man! I can’t help but think you incepted Peter Beck with the idea of reusing the 1st stage in your previous conversations with him.

  46. Stephen Evans

    This is A+ content, Tim! What a great, casual conversation. I had a goofy grin on my face the entire time.

  47. Leonardo Avellar

    we need to make tim more famous to get more big guys to give him interviews like this, i love it so much

  48. Neal Price

    Please do a video on the reliability of the possibility of small launch vehicles becoming medium launch vehicles and the ratio of both halves in regards to the thought sequences of one (1) Wile E. Coyote.

  49. Pierre Naude

    One of the most amazing conversations I have seen in recent memory – amazing!

  50. Dan Edge

    hey,cool video tim. i like the interviews
    edit:Just thought of this
    if you fell in, they would need to ‘recover’ you with a helicopter

  51. xSamuelx

    Tim you are an absolute legend, I feel so lucky being able to see content like this

  52. Rob Sadler

    I’ve been looking forward to this interview!

  53. Chris Clarke

    Loved this – so nice to hear a casual but intelligent conversation. it could never happen like this on TV, which would just dumb it down to nothing. Thanks Tim.

  54. Willies 89

    jesus christ dude, another video thats 2 hours too short… ^^ like your last “in depth” video felt like its was over in 5 min :'(
    but really, after the 40 min. mark i felt like i needed more ^^

  55. ROADNii

    Peter’s such a cool and easygoing in this interview. Great!

  56. Bitchute is better than Youtube

    Under 1 million club, got here early!!

  57. Philipp Sesar

    I LOVE when Tim interviews someone!

  58. Johan Roman

    Grand interview!

  59. Grey Pierce

    Just two space nerds having a cool chat in their tree hou~ * cough * launch pad.

  60. Shannon Taylor

    Awesome interview tim. So casual. Such a cool interview spot as well

  61. Harry May

    i love how tims already really pally with him, even calling him by his first name

  62. Sam Neale

    You know just having a interview with the ceo of a rocket company just sitting in the launchpad

  63. Arjan Wesselink

    Love this guy. Really ” down to earth”

  64. MMC Jeeper

    I’m halfway through this interview and I just needed to say this: Tim, you are a FANTASTIC interviewer. You have a lot of knowledge on the subject, have an amazing amount of interest and enthusiasm for the interview, and ask the questions that people want to know about even if they don’t know they do. When I used to make TV shows 30 years ago in college, I could have only hoped for an interviewer like you. Keep up the great work.

  65. Martin Perry

    I love the kiwis, they’re so much more like the Brits than their colonial cousins the Americans.
    “Cryogenic methane sure likes to go on fire a lot”

  66. Ian Nelmes

    Wow New Zealand – population of 4.8million and your at this stage in Space technologies. Congratulations.
    Awesome interview Tim thanks for sharing

  67. justin young

    “Its a good injector”😂😂😂😂

  68. I say thee nay

    Is it just me, or since Elon wore his favorite shirt, Tim has been getting interviews with the top guys, landing commentator spots on networks, and basically being taken seriously as a media icon?

  69. Ri Lundmark

    Peter: MOFO…

  70. zeitgeist909

    WOW – a CEO who can’t be asked a question, even out of leftfield, that can’t be answered in confidence?
    This is a guy who isn’t bullshitting.
    If I had a few quid…

  71. Rob Crawford

    Tim… This was a perfect interview. Three cameras, Impressive!

  72. Juan Paramio

    the best people strangely are always the humblest

  73. Iso specs

    No better interview spot then the flame trench! It looked so cool

  74. M Abed

    This is the coolest space and rocket related CEO interview ever! That venue! Peter is so smart and inspiring to people! And Tim!!! Dude, keep up the good work, be the spokesperson for the everyday people out there! Thank you! 💕

  75. Matthew C

    I have always wondered if people like himself, Elon musk, and others interviewed are amazed that this ordinary guy asks such in depth questions. His amount of knowledge and research is insane.

  76. MarcD

    I love Tim’s enthusiasm.. he asks questions like and adult and reacts like a kid at the answers.

  77. Jelte Schulten

    22:30 Tim is sitting like a little child enjoying a conversation with Peter Beck! It’s so cool you got to talk to him again, and it were all great questions Tim, of course you enjoyed it, I would to!

  78. WhatsOperaDoc

    Just two guys sittin’ on a launchpad talkin’ ’bout rockets.

  79. Matthieu Minder

    I hope one day soon that the Everyday Astronaut really goes into space. That would be the greatest and biggest Youtube story ever told.

  80. Dave Borinski

    Outstanding video Tim! This is got to be one of the best interviews you’ve done.

  81. jaydeep patil

    Peter beck comes across as very articulate man.would love to see conversation between him and elon.

  82. dakota

    “It’s a good injector”. Lol

  83. David Clabault

    Another top-notch interview, Tim. It has been fun to watch you improve at what you do over the years, technically, as an interviewer, as a presenter, etc. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Nice job!

  84. Lee

    “Don’t fall in” hahaha

  85. Graham W

    I love how accessible Peter Beck is and gives great interviews

  86. Atlas Gaming

    I love that Tim is being taken seriously… he’s our Everyday “Astronaut Enthusiast”

  87. Synaptic Impulse

    Peter Beck! That guy is f ing amazing! With only a high school diploma, and no university or college degrees, and living in a country without a lot of economic-activity-funds to finance a space launch company… he never-the-less did not let any of that stop him. No he did not! Instead: he pushed ahead and built a revolutionary small-payload orbital rocket and facility… in New Zealand of all places… And now… a second rocket launch facility in the USA. (All this after his high school guidance counselors told him his objectives and dreams were not realistic!)

  88. Matthew Merrell

    Good job not falling into the pit!

  89. Artichoke

    I love listening to Peter talk about his rockets. He’s not the larger than life figure that Elon is, but a super awesome, down to earth guy who very much knows what’s he’s talking about.
    Keep up the great work Tim!

  90. Freddy — The Great Affiliate

    You nailed it, Tim!! Your interview style is spot-on, dialed in and a HUGE SUCCESS. The fact that you study rocketry permits you to ask engineering-level questions in simple language that us viewers crave to understand. That, and the fact that you and the CEO are hanging for dear life while sitting on the ledge of that trellis thingy… hard to stop watching. keep doing what you do. You’re one of the top 1% in their field. Thank you for being amazing and for sharing your passion with us.
    P.S. some of the questions you asked went over my head, and requires visuals to illustrate before I can wrap my head around it. Another opportunity to upload a follow-up video so I can binge on it!

  91. Shane Space

    So awesome how you land these interveiws

  92. TripedalTroductions

    Tim has basically become the Joe Rogan for nerds. Love it.

  93. Leandro Ribeiro

    I like how Tim makes intelligent and relevant questions. I hate when interviewers ask silly things mostly unrelated to the topic at hand.

  94. HIF1alpha

    I love how casual this was… great questions! Hope it wasn’t too cold 🥶

  95. Miles B

    I can’t imagine NASA describing their latest design as ‘A Little Screamer!’
    Love the Kiwi ingenuity.

  96. tubularAp

    “Do you mind if we talk up here … on your launchpad?” – Yeah, Tim EverydayAstronaut. That’s your life now, wow.

  97. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Oh ya just casually sitting on a launch pad with my feet dangling down the flame pit and talking to the CEO of a rocket company

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    I feel like rocket Labs is very underappreciated

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    If we didn’t have Tim, we would miss out on so much!

  100. Bill Todd

    Hats off to Peter Beck for sitting there , answering questions while the heat is sucked out his arse :-) :-)

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