A conversation with NASA admin Jim Bridenstine inside SpaceX HQ

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Sorry for the low quality video and audio, this was a literal last minute interview opportunity. I hope the high quality conversation makes up for the low quality video.

Here’s a few relevant links:

“Why have SpaceX, Boeing and Blue Origin ditched abort towers” – https://youtu.be/0MaeHNU2660

“A conversation with Elon Musk about Starship” – https://youtu.be/cIQ36Kt7UVg

  1. David Lewiz

    Great interview. Great to see and hear Jim explain things.
    Thanks Tim. I appreciate your work so much.

  2. Cesar Zacanini

    14:10 wow! how awesome would be watch some justs and sword ….
    14:13 oh, those dark ages

  3. Doorsofprcptn

    Getting recognition for your work from NASA Admin in the end, no big deal.
    Keep your great content and enthusiasm going.

  4. Gon'ByUKandy maybe

    “We like both” I wish I could have sherbert AND chocolate in my icecream cone. NASA’s mommy is soooooo cooooooooool!

  5. Ultravore

    Everyone knows about Tim Dodd in the space game now lol, he’s getting to speak to all the key players in the business. pretty cool

  6. JR

    Then the space aliens land, Tim Dodd will be the first to interview them ;)

  7. LecTriXx Official

    *lifts the telephone*
    *hangs up*
    *Like a boss*

  8. Mr Tydriver

    Very nice Tim, would love to see more of these type of interviews.

  9. Joaquin Phi

    – I see you online all the time..
    – This is what i work for

  10. dhl1544

    Great interview! Way to go Tim. I love how informed you are, and how intelligent your questions are.

  11. Adam Bernstein

    3:40 Isn’t this what the apollo service module engine did after escape tower jettison?

  12. Wiledex

    What a great interview! So insightful.

  13. Sean Foley

    Absolutely brillant Tim, complements from Elon on your T-shirt & from Jim B on your work, well done

  14. Attila Meszaros

    It’s amazing how far you’ve gone, Tim, and the amount of respect you garner from the the industry.

  15. rodgersericv

    um hm, right, um hm right

  16. Garrett Henderson-Tjarks

    “edit, compile, test, curse” the faster you do that, the faster you can move/improve

  17. Loanword Eggcorn

    Great interview. I’m actually a bit surprised how sharp Jim is.

  18. Andrew S

    Wow two big gets for the Er’ryday Astronaut. Good job Tim!

  19. Zane Bauman

    Tim, you’re on fire. These interviews have been great. The questions you’re asking are a breath of fresh air from the usual industry interviews. Keep it up!

  20. Island Time

    this kinda stuff inspires me to be the best at my job, love what you do people

  21. Jack P

    Congrats on an impressive series of interviews, Tim! Great that Bridenstine recognized your contribution in engaging the public.

  22. Robert Flye

    This is a fantastic surprise to come home to on a Friday night. Great interview keep up the good work. There are a lot of us space junkies who really appreciate your efforts.

  23. Dragonslayer38

    SpaceX:Fly, test, fix, fly, test, fix
    Me: Fly, crash, Revert to VAB, Fly, crash, Revert to VAB
    I think I’m onto something 👀

  24. Luis Goff, Jr

    I think your next INTERVIEw should be with “The Gateway Foundation”

  25. Dino Schachten

    8:50 “SpaceX has a different Velosophy” – well if that’s not true, I don’t know what is! :D

  26. Toxic Snow Man

    ” I hope the high quality conversation makes up for the low quality video.” Dont worry it does.

  27. FH - Side Booster

    0:18 There we go!

  28. Steven Attaway

    So, that’s who hung up on me when I called SpaceX.

  29. rybaxs

    Everyday Astronaut will be written and will be part of space history.

  30. The Knave

    Basically, I’m hearing the same thing I’ve heard since the last Apollo mission.
    “We can do this!”
    “Yeah, we’re doing this!”
    “We need more money and more testing!”
    “Our partners…”
    etc., etc., etc.

  31. APOLOS

    This was great!! Thnx Jim Bridenstine for your enthousiasm :D

  32. JimMcTavish

    Nice interview Tim. Loving the access you’ve unlocked! The good stuff : )

  33. FromTheSky

    “We’ve been waiting” -Astral-not :’)

  34. Samuel Slavkovský

    That actually sounds like a dream came true :O amazing. I really hope that Gateway is the crucial step to space colonisation

  35. FinBoyXD

    If he says that one more time I’m gonna flip.

  36. Zach Moir

    this is the kind of stuff that makes me so thankful that I was born into this age of humans

  37. David Woods

    Somewhere there’s a 10 year old who will play Tim Dodd in a movie, about how Dodd went from knowing nothing about space, to walking on the moon. The effects will be epic.

  38. Arthur Mukhamedov

    6:02 Oh hey! TIm’s interviewing some random guy! … okay, I didn’t see anything.

  39. Sqnder

    Tim has interviewd the two people id really like to meet

  40. Vo-iD Projects

    Wow. Great interview! I am “the general public’ that is becoming so excited about space. Gateway sounds amazing!!

  41. Live The Future

    you should call this new series: The Everyday Conversation.

  42. Whitefox - Space, Tech, and Gaming

    Wonderful interview Tim. I love that you listen to him: that’s the key to good interviewing.

  43. Din Djarin

    Youtubers are the best source of PR for NASA in its history. They need to use them more

  44. EnEm Gee

    Tim Dodd – You have truly lifted off.

  45. Akhil Chennu

    Tim: I’m the boss
    Jim: I’m at your service

  46. PageMonster

    Alexei Leonov, R.I.P. 🚀

  47. jack cunnington

    Tims gonna get a free ticket to mars at this point 🚀

  48. Reth Tard

    There is rumors of a boxing match between Tim and Scott Manley. Is it true?
    Or maybe it is Logan Paul? I think I forgot… :P

  49. Forlarren

    Okay Jim, you get a second chance. That hang up was epic. My sides hurt. 😂

  50. scatmanslaz

    Lol at the guy in a salmon colored shirt that was sipping his coffee when he realized he was walking in front of an interview that was being recorded.

  51. Matrick13

    First elon musk, then joey b, and now jim bridenstine! Tim you’re on a roll! Whats next? Scott manley?

  52. Matthew Merrell

    You know you’ve made when the NASA administrator hangs up on phone calls.

  53. Brad Theriot

    After this interview, Tim D TEDA now holds the record for the most consecutive usage of “yeah, and uh huh”
    Great interview, just pricking on you.

  54. Fabian B

    You have come from a smiling fanboy to a professional discussion partner; I like it

  55. Jason Achilles

    5:22 “Has NASA maybe almost become obsessed with perfection over ‘good enough’?”
    This was an excellent question, took some balls…and lead to a very good description of the relative risk adversity and general approach of these different organizations. Very well put out there, nice!

  56. Shaolin Funk

    Well I have to say I didn’t expect to see this in my notifications when I woke up!
    I love your “give them a poke and see what falls out” style of interviewing. Just by letting them talk we get interesting long-form explanations from a subject matter expert, as opposed to the “I have this list of questions and I’m gonna need a snappy but uninformative answer to all of them because we’re on the clock” style that seems to be common among journalists. I’m sure it helps that you’re knowledgeable enough yourself to be able to ask intelligent questions instead of being the third person in a row to ask “hOw MuCh WiLL iT cOsT?”
    I hope this is the start of a trend and you get the chance to interview more fun aerospace people.

  57. Socks With Sandals

    8:16 “SpaceX is really good at rapidly failing”
    – Jim Bridenstine, NASA chief.

  58. Jon Garside

    Tim – this is great – well deserved interview

  59. Kenneth Irgendwas

    Man tim. You’re just an unstoppable freight train.
    Incredible how you’ve been able to interview these leading figures in space flight lately

  60. Marco Nierop

    Youtube is getting so much more interesting and important with stuff like this.. Super, super thank you for this marvelous interview, learned a lot!

  61. Piet Paulusma

    Jim Bridenstine seems like a really good guy. Everytime I see an interview with him I’m impressed by his knowledge and relaxed attitude.

  62. Soumya Mukherjee

    6:26 The president … will have to give a speech … We can’t allow that to happen 😂

  63. Evan Gillogley

    SpaceX employees are secretly spying on this interview – oh my is that Jim and Tim!?

  64. Charles Aguirre

    Another wonderful interview. Tim you’re killing it.

  65. Daa3.1416 Saa


  66. CaptainRedstone

    6:00 Love the guy in the background just like who’s dat interviewing Jim Bridenstine in our mission control?

  67. Brian Streufert

    Well done Tim, well done. This was a great interview and Jim’s enthusiasm to talk with you tells a bigger story. You’re doing good work and you are respected by these people. Again, well done and keep it up.

  68. Poj Dia Vaj

    Getting to interview Jim and or Elon is real dream come true.

  69. Björn Svensson

    I’m absolutely amazed at how big hits your journalism is scoring throughout the world.

  70. MrVipitis

    Tim is going ballistic. First the best Elon Interview ever and now this. Hoe did you manage to do this. Can you top this? Ever?

  71. matthewakian2

    4:58 That was Jeff Bezos on the phone.

  72. GUD87

    so there was a moment in witch Tim goes to Elon and Jim and ask: guys can I interview Jim on the control room? And both answer “Yes!”

  73. Mindaugas Jonaitis

    Jim “American astronauts on American rockets from American soil” Bridenstine

  74. HylanderSB

    I’ve worked under four Administrators so far and Jim is by far my favorite.

  75. Wrongman

    When are you interviewing Jeff Bezos? 😁 great job man!

  76. Simon Woodson

    “Fly test fix” reminds me so much of Formula 1. Being a huge F1 fan it makes sense that I enjoy SpaceX and Tim as much as I do.

  77. Martian Engineer

    “We’re going to Mars. Maybe Starship could be a part of that.”
    By the time NASA gets to Mars, Starship is going to have moved on to the outer Solar System…

  78. Jairo Leal

    When the people who know what they’re talking about do the interviews great knowledge comes out

  79. Fabian Kamp

    Did you here that the Nasa admistrator honored Tim’s content and said that he watches every video and coverage of Tim wtf is going on here

  80. 73notch

    Tim, can you do one of your great detailed reviews about what “Gateway” really is and whether it really makes sense?

  81. Eli Steiger

    I remember when you were just some YouTuber that loved space! Now you are the real deal and probably the best space exploration journalist

  82. simonrmerton

    Hahahaaaa. “The President would have to give a speech immediately” and “we can’t allow that to happen.”

  83. Jurgen Bosma

    This interview renewed my faith in Jim as the NASA administrator who finaly gets us back to the moon. Thank you Tim!

  84. Elias Puolakka

    I think Jim is alright. He has no degree in astrophysics or engineering but he has a very likeable personality, he is a good speaker and seems to have a passion for what he’s doing.

  85. Alden Doble

    Man I laughed so much when Jim ended that phonecall 😂

  86. Stefan

    Holy crap, the 20s are gonna be insane

  87. Leon Kernan

    Tomorrow’s click bait headline: bridenstine hangs up on spacex

  88. Lord of the Pies

    You let these guys talk and that in my book makes you good interviewer Tim

  89. Vib3s

    *_”We leave as we came, and, God willing, we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind.”_*
    -Gene Cernan, 1972

  90. Anshu Nayyar

    Plot twist: Tim is actually a Spacex employee.

  91. Joshua Omer

    I find the fact that you got this interview even more impressive than the one with Elon. It’s extremely nice to see Mr. Bridenstine just talk about these issues and programs with you so casually, and it really shows that he has a real understanding of what he’s talking about. Obviously he’s a politician, but it’s also clear that’s he’s genuinely passionate and excited about furthering space exploration in a real way.

  92. columbus8myhw

    A note on “rapidly failing”: there’s a world of difference between having a hundred failures, and having the same failure a hundred times.
    The goal is to never make the same mistake twice

  93. Konstantin Kuchinskii

    Everybody is talking about Elon and Jim but don’t forget that he also had a great interview with Rocket Lab ceo Peter Beck ~ year ago

  94. Rogério Penna

    We: “Wow, Tim interviewed Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s admin!!”
    Bridenstine circle of friends: “Wow Jim, you got interviewed by Tim the Everyday Astronaut!”

  95. Lupo Grigio

    Tim, you really are, a great advocate and representative of “the general public”, you present such a positive and enthusiastic attitude to the people you interact with. As my gramma used to say, cookies taste better made with honey rather than vinegar

  96. Treking Coffee

    I edited this comments so the comments in this thread won’t make any sense, and how this comment got 517 likes.

  97. 40caloroga

    That phone call was probably ESA ringing about a satellite collision.

  98. Morticus

    That was Elon on the phone, wanting too know where his full flow t-shirt is at.

  99. Slartybarfast B

    I love how Tim stays away from ambush interview tactics. He stays on course to allow his subject to remain informative and comfortable. It’s a shame media at large has lost this art; instead looking for sensation and confrontation. Good job Tim. Hearing Bridenstine’s view and enthusiasm is far better than slamming his Twitter comments while learning little in the process.

  100. Joseph Shelton

    Elon Musk and now Jim Bridenstine?
    Tim, at this rate you’re gonna land an interview with Yusaku Maezawa and get selected for Dear Moon

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