A conversation with Elon Musk about Starship

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After Elon Musk gave his presentation about the progress of SpaceX’s Starship program, I had the opportunity to pick his brain just a little. In general I wanted to let him talk a lot and see where his mind went, but luckily for us aerospace enthusiasts, I got a little juicy extra bit of conversation at the end.

  1. s3rvus

    13:15 Is the girl on the right Elon’s girlfriend? “Honey we need to go!” xD

  2. Alban

    When you’re so good that you manage to make Elon Musk genuinely interested in talking to you. Wow

  3. Swanak Datta

    “If a design is taking too long it is bad design”

  4. Peter Bacon

    Hey Elon can I have my mic back?
    *Interview happily continues

  5. b s

    0:42 Sergio Leone inspiration

  6. Giovanni Tagliabue

    he’s incredible! Absolute genius

  7. nevien

    When the science teacher and the smartest kid in the class talk

  8. Nomis Jackson

    Did some of you recognized that Elon is doing nearly every interview by himself and the interviewers are just standing there, smiling, trying to understand just a bit what he’s saying, but won’t get it?

  9. MMAoracle

    Who’s the babe that works as Elon’s PA?

  10. Mitch Hills

    I love how excited he gets he can barely contain himself, thinking so fast he can barely get the words out!

  11. Just a mental fellow

    I wish this was 17 hours long. I just wanna listen to every thought in that brain.

  12. Cheesus

    “If a design is taking too long, the design is wrong. The design must be modified to accelerate progress. ”

  13. Ulor

    This is the engineering version of watching a comedic interview between Conan and Bill Burr.

  14. Luctuoso

    3:19 3:26 I know u making my dreams a reality but cmon brother 😂

  15. Mr.Shark

    I love how Elon musk keeps going between accents and adds a little British in there like “they are not *perfect*..” “whatever *Departments* you’ve got..”

  16. Swapshots

    I love how Tim was ending the interview and it was Elon who wanted to carry on.!!

  17. Gromit

    The way he talks to you versus the way he talks when addressing a crowd is so much different. As soon as he took your question during the event, he suddenly opened up and seemed much happier to answer. The same happens here, he’s so open and easier to talk to, less stuttering and much quicker on the details. I love to see that, you obviously has his respect and he knows he doesn’t have to dumb down his answers. Great to see.

  18. SIR.ASH

    My favorite part of the interview 12:00 – 12:36 lol the corky interview ending to no let’s keeps talking we are enjoying our friendly conversations.

  19. Lee Hargreaves

    Our Grandchildren will learn about Elon Musk in history class, the same way we learned about the great pioneers of the past.

  20. deniz Santizo

    I just watched this interview because Elon’s passion is so addictive :) lol

  21. John Bolch

    Colin Chapman: “Add lightness!” Elon Musk: “Add simplicity!”

  22. Jimmy Danly

    This is basically “Twitter: The Movie”

  23. David Puerta

    its awesome to see how after the interview he just keep talking to him just because the fun of it :D

  24. joody kim

    Elon talk science
    my brain: I love his smile

  25. MrKelra

    “If a design is taking to long, the design is wrong”
    The quote of the century…

  26. Tarvin Gill

    8:41. Mmm yes I agree I have hard gases combining in my tum tum all the time. Mm not going to work yes.

  27. Reecepbcups

    Elon clearly enjoys these interviews much more, not a typical news reporter asking basic questions, but 2 people who just talk about what they love

  28. TeamIDOS Ph

    Alien technology: “searching for intelligent life on earth.” 100% scanned complete. “No intelligent life detected.” Error Error “one intelligent sapient species detected” Mission abort. “Extermination of Sapient species cancled.” Activating observatory mode. “Observatory mode activated.”
    Thank you Elon Musk for saving us all!

  29. Z

    he’s so excited with his creation.. absolutely awesome inspiring passion

  30. matchesburn

    “One of the biggest traps for smart engineers is optimizing a thing that shouldn’t exist.”
    [All German engineers everywhere collectively scowl and start muttering angrily]

  31. Liquid Mike

    he is at least 1% on the spectrum, and it makes him even more endearing

  32. Jobe Porter

    12:55 who else tilted their head to try to get a peak at Elon’s phone

  33. Kebaburrito

    Elon stares at Starship for a moment.
    “Tell you what, throw a little hot rod red in there”.

  34. williambarr isacriminal

    9:31 After explaining the science 🧫 Elon gets so happy his inner queer comes out lol 💐😸🌸👏🏽👏🏽

  35. Julien Taming

    I’m glad I found this video. Didn’t know about Tim, I love the passion of Elon Musk and found this interview ! Subscribed !

  36. Matt The Trucker

    Why SpaceX is successful: the boss knows how to do it.

  37. Cpt Katt

    This part makes me somewhat sad and happy.
    I teared up either way.
    Elon is a human.

  38. Mace C

    I love how you can’t even tell this man is a multi – billionaire; it’s like the two are childhood pals

  39. ManofSteele25

    i liked this approach to your interview, everyone is relaxed and you guys are just talking… no fancy make up or special lights, i enjoyed this very much

  40. RDS

    He loves this interview, he looks so happy talking to you.

  41. KingOfAbuse

    Every other space youtuber: summarizes what Elon Musk said at the Press conference
    Everyday Astronaut: Makes his own Press conference with Elon Musk

  42. Vlad Alucard Tepes

    Protect this man at all cost. He’s our fearless leader

  43. Vinay Pai

    I love the part at the end where he’s like “I was up in the nose cone… here… let me show you” and pulls his phone out of his pocket.

  44. Jeffwie

    the seconds that ensue after 12:00 are actually SO magical

  45. DFPercush

    Man spends several years building rockets. “I think I’ve learned a lot about how to make things go fast.”

  46. BiggieYT

    Elon showing Tim stuff on his phone needs to become a meme format

  47. Dave Power #6

    6:32 That’s where it changed from an interview to a conversation. AMAZING moment!

  48. diachyti

    my favourite quote of all time “the book is soo deep”

  49. Paul Schultz

    I’ve made cutting tools for the aerospace industry (Boeing and Lockheed Martin) I’m guessing that’s too much of a stretch for the discount…

  50. T Young

    13:00 When the camera man starts paying more attention to the girls than the interview. Lasts for about a minute and a half. I can see why but ….c’mon lol

  51. Carlo Roosen

    Tim: There must be a reason aerospikes are not used. Period.
    Elon: Maybe that reason is wrong.
    This guy questions everything, that makes him so great.

  52. Venky Roman

    everytime i see elon musks interview
    me : oh another one
    my mind : click it fast see it
    me opens the vedeo and fogets rest of my work

  53. diachyti

    i love the way Elon talks, he is so excited about what he wants to talk about that his brain cant keep up

  54. Christopher Greeley

    Best interview with Elon I’v seen!
    Also 11:52 You can just tell Elon doesn’t want to be done XD


    My boy elon is gettin THICCC .
    We cant loose u buddy u need to make time for ur body!!!!!

  56. Jahulath

    That was the best Elon Musk interview I have seen – he just looked like he enjoyed nerding out with you, I enjoyed that more than I enjoyed his presentation tbh. Also thank you for not over editing it, that made it something special.

  57. Spud Magnum

    i love watching pure successful human relics like Musk while procrastinating on my math homework

  58. Funny Movies

    Imagine these are the conversations being talked about everyday in the spaceship xD

  59. bleedingfly

    Elon’s very sympathetic when he communicates with humans.

  60. Nicholas Brown

    I think Elon loved this interview more than most because TIM KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT!!! Anyone else agree?! Elon was like wow! I don’t have to make someone understand something!

  61. N3ttX

    Tim: “One last qustion”
    Elon: *goes for 10 minutes nonstop*
    I love those guys enthusiasm.

  62. PoPSoda _

    “If the design is taking too long, the design is wrong.”

  63. David James

    Elon has massive anxiety. Cool to know the greatest man on Earth has it.

  64. Zach Hazelett

    This is what happens when the interviewer actually takes the time to research the person and their current goals/missions. Great interview man!

  65. Bro Seph

    Life lesson from Musk:
    ‘Take the tip and use the tip’
    Got it.

  66. Shazbot81

    Elon, “if the design is taking too long, the design is wrong.”
    NASA *sweats profusely meme*

  67. Rupesh Tashildar

    He’s worth more than rest of all the billionaires combined

  68. James Anderson

    “I’ve figured out how to do things quickly & then taught the team” 🤣🤣🤣

  69. Anmol Kamoji

    It was like two friends were talking.
    It didn’t seem like an interview.

  70. Graham's Predicament

    I’d like to publicly suggest a name for one of SpaceX’s starships – “Fourty-Two”

  71. Steve Booth

    When someone pulls out his phone to show you pic’s, you know you’ve achieved a next-level relationship.

  72. Bernie 4 Us

    Rumor has it Elon hired him after this interview

  73. Chrisjan Kruger

    That tune he wistles, ahh you can take the South African out of South Africa, but you can’t take the RSA out of Bru.

  74. Billy Rodriguez

    You can just tell he has a lot on his mind when he talks. Love him so much. He’s truly is one if my idols.

  75. sbmphr

    I love that even Elon can’t believe he’s created this gigantic Starship.

  76. aby0ni

    I genuinely teared up because of how beautiful this interview was.
    Elon was like a child not wanting to go, like he finally found someone who understands him and shares his passion.
    keep it up!

  77. mahesh kumar

    Legend says he tries to speak slow to make humans understand..

  78. B L

    Elon was whistling “How High the Moon” by Les Paul and Mary Ford at the start of the video.

  79. USMCArchAngel03

    The value of the knowledge shared in this video is almost impossible to overstate.

  80. Travis Isabelle

    Elon Musks brain thinks so much and so fast that his mouth can’t even keep up and that’s why he stutters

  81. The Cashier

    I love Elons face when he realizes Tim is actually an interviewer who knows the basic tech. He seems so reliefed and happy.
    I don’t think big media will ever get an Elon Musk who forgets the time and keeps on nerding out with you. That’s something special.

  82. ShiP wReCk

    Wow! This was probably the best Elon Musk interview I’ve seen. You could see that he was really happy once you showed you understood what he was saying. He started explaining things more technically, his speaking got smoother. He’s such an amazing guy.

  83. ReadTheMusic

    “If the design takes too long, the design is wrong” – Elon Musk
    So that’s the entire reason for the cybertruck. IMPRESSIVE!

  84. chinqalicious

    LMAYOOOOOOOOOOOOO that interaction of them saying goodbye and it being awkward and them starting to talk AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAHAA

  85. Douglas Klang

    “Obviously I’m insane”
    – Elon Musk (2019)

  86. Dangereesk

    “If the design takes too long, it’s wrong”
    SLS: *start sweating*

  87. ayaad haroub

    He looks happy. Finally an interviewer who at least gets him.

  88. Better With Rum

    Next, Tim: “I’m quitting the channel and going to work for SpaceX”

  89. papias saipap

    -Tim: “There’s a reason they haven’t been used, period (aerospikes). ”
    -Elon: Thinking… “But maybe that reason is not valid, you know?”
    How a great mind treats questions.

  90. Brian Gach

    “Even Einsten was wrong sometimes”
    – Elon Musk

  91. jasoncy31

    Seriously, when it comes to interviews like this, raw footage and extreme nerdery is 100% what we love to see. Shaky cam? Bad audio? Wonky framing? Don’t care. The Full Elon Brain Dump was worth it. Thanks for posting the whole video.

  92. carlos romo

    Elon: “too many talented people at spacex”
    Spacex engineers: *nervous sweating intensifies*

  93. MrMrzlcu

    You see in Elon’s eyes the PASSION for the Space, not only Money but true passion

  94. JuAsked ForIt

    When a man like Elon commits to going to Mars, he’s going to Mars.

  95. Inforcer47

    “If somebody can show that we’re wrong, that would be great.”
    This is the mind set of progress right here. Mistakes are just a learning expirence in disguise!

  96. Cassie

    He will go down in history as one of the greatest people who has ever lived.

  97. Connor Wickline

    you can just TELL Elon is loving this interview. No one talks to Elon like a person. especially someone with so many common interests and ability to understand Elon so well. AMAZING job Tim

  98. Sasindu Mendis

    “If a design is taking too long, design is wrong!”
    “Product errors reflect organizational errors.”
    “You should take the approach that the constraints given to you are guaranteed to be some degree wrong, so always question them regardless the credibility of the person handing them to you.”
    “One of the biggest traps for smart engineers is, optimizing a thing that shouldn’t exist.”
    “When you can properly frame the question, the answer is comparatively easy.”
    – Elon Musk

  99. Wisam Safi

    He doesn’t feel like a CEO. he’s just a cool kid with a science project which just got a slightly big budget :D

  100. FineMan

    I love how you can talk to elon like a friend and not a billionaire with a space company.

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