A chat with Rocket Lab’s CEO Peter Beck about Neutron, Electron recovery and Rocket Lab’s future!

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I had the pleasure of chatting with Rocket Lab’s Founder/CEO/CTO, Peter Beck about their upcoming Neutron rocket, recovering their Electron rocket and the future of Rocket Lab!

00:55 – What is Neutron / Why build it?
04:45 – What is Neutron made out of?
05:40 – Neutron’s re-entry
06:55 – Was Electron designed to be reusable?
07:45 – What fuel will Neutron use?
08:35 – What engines will Neutron use?
10:45 – Will Neutron use aerospikes?
14:00 – Electron recovery
14:40 – Electron changes / heatshield
16:55 – Engines surviving reentry
18:45 – When will helicopter recovery be used?
19:55 – How’s Electron holding up?
21:05 – Launch from Wallops / AFTS
24:15 – Neutron launching from Wallops only
25:00 – SSO from Wallops / dog-leg maneuver
25:45 – Where will you build Neutron?
29:30 – Have you practiced hovering?
31:50 – Aerodynamic control
32:05 – Expending Neutron
33:15 – Recovering second stage

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  2. Miroslav Milan

    Great interview! I love how genuine both were, not having to thread the needle but asking real questions and getting genuine answers.

  3. Marnix

    I can’t wait to see an update on their plans for the Neutron.

  4. TVChannel One

    Nice interview skillz Tim! Focused, good follow up questions.. etc
    Peter clearly knows his stuff too

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    I absolutely adore Peter Beck.😍 I cannot wait until the launch from Wallops!! Hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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    Peter makes me so proud to be Kiwi!! 🇳🇿

    quick note : no we don’t all have that thick of an accent… he’s probably from the South that’s why 😅

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    Great interview as always Tim!

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    I could watch the two of you chat all day. Tim, you are SO GOOD AT THIS!

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    Great interview !!

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    $VACQ gang wya? 🔥

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    A man who started from humble beginnings, using old washing machine bits for home made rockets. Bit of number 8 wire ingenuity (the kiwi way) and Rocket Lab was formed. A company that treats every single one of its employees properly. Super proud to have been able to photograph each launch from L11 to now.

  12. Ben McBeth

    Met Peter and Electron at the Auckland Big Boys Toys show back in 2015, unfortunately I was only 12 with very little knowledge of rocketry and very few questions to ask, but still – awesome guy to talk to! Go RKLB!

  13. Sailing on a Summer Breez

    Very cool….such a relatable guy! Nice interview Tim!

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    $500 Wow I can’t believe Peter Beck was able to get Tim Dodd for an interview!

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    Fabulous interview
    Really enjoyed it
    Thanks Tim & Peter
    Kind regards
    Stuart in Ireland

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    This is so exciting! I love these interviews. And I love learning about Rocket Lab:)

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    Tim @ Home!! Wonders will never cease!

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    Tim really is the gold standard when it comes to spaceflight related videos

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    Great interview Tim, and thanks for your time Peter. These EA interviews are probably my favorite. You always push Peter with some specific questions and I can’t thank you enough. I’ve learned a lot, and you two really peak my curiosity. Great job on Electron, and good luck on Neutron!

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    Tim is back. Such a nice down to earth intervju. Loved it.

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    Loved this, thank you Tim and Peter!

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    Awesome interview! :D

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    You two should make a podcast!
    So pleasant and relaxing, to listen you two talking about rocket-science :D

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    Excellent interview. Thanks to the both of you from someone in Aerospace.

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    Excellent job with the interview Tim, I think you are definitely on your way to becoming the “Walter Cronkite” of Space News. I’m a big fan of your work. I work in the media industry on the tech side and I “do” understand the massive work that everything you do takes. All the success to you and your team.

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    “No! That’s why I had to eat a hat” LoL wonderful Peter 8-)

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    “don’t worry, this is just nerd talk now”

    Me: “that’s… why i’m here”

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    What an awesome interview, your repour with Peter Beck is great :-)

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    “never say never … I learned that the hard way” …. more like the hat way :D

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    Great interview Tim!

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    oh thank god, peter finally has a good microphone!
    Havent watched yet, but im sure this will be as good as all your other interviews!

    edit: yeah, just as good as i imagined^^ Good job Tim

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    Peter Beck is such an amazing guy! I’ve loved every interview I’ve seen with him, and this interview sets a new high point.

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    That was a good interview. You were well prepared and your questions were excellent.

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    Outstanding interview Tim. You have a gift, and what a great subject. Peter is really cool dude with a vision like someone else we all know.. Bravo

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    Thanks, Tim! Videos like this one is the best part of your work! I bet they will be a “classic” one day

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    They already have a name for when electron flies

    I think the first neutron launch should be called “as long as it doesnt blow up”

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    Awesome interview!

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    Great work dude, really interesting interview.

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    Great interview!

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    Thank you for this interview Tim, you create contents of another world 👏🏻👏🏻

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    I was just having another boring day until Tim came along. Thanks Tim for making my day great!

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    There’s a bunch of engineers in northern Virginia in the outskirts of DC also in Huntsville Alabama. I’m pretty sure they would have no problem finding talent.

  47. Here's to life!

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    …if possible could you do the same for some up and coming launch providers from outside the USA, I know we have a couple here in the UK and many more across Europe. I am sure they would love the publicity that would come from a soon 1M channel :)

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    This was a great interview and I love how you actually ask real questions unlike most others that do interviews. It’s really awesome to see how much progress you’ve made since the early days of EDA. You are truly respected by the giants in this industry like Musk, Beck, Bruno, and Bridenstein it’s just great to see and I hope even bigger things happen for you in the future.

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    Nice one Tim it’s good to see that you are more than just a spacex fan

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    I’m sure Peter would never consider expending a neutron stage one because you can fly the same payload on falcon 9 for a lot, lot cheaper.

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    when u said on twitter yesterday there would be a video today i was so hyped for the belly flop video..

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