4K Slo-Mo Starship SN4 Static Fire May 19

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SpaceX had a successful static fire of their SN-4 Starship Prototype with the SN-20 Raptor engine. Despite a small ground systems fire afterwords, assuming it went ok, we’ll hopefully see the 150m hop from this vehicle soon!

Thanks to Gene and Rachel from (Spadre) for running the camera!!! Shoot them some love on twitter! https://twitter.com/SpacePadreIsle

  1. Chris Adams

    Could someone explain to the “dummy” the difference between this and the starship Hopper? Is that the same ship, just bigger. Or something completely different?

  2. Freaky Leek

    Not dead.

  3. A Rober

    Amazing work!! How soon will SpaceStar 4 rocket be ready to be launched?🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. TheOneWhoMightBe

    Sounds like Cylons talking.

  5. Htun Oo

    Left over fire at left bottom could be burnt up sensor cables.

  6. Joels

    I have never seen people this excited for a water tower

  7. Jarod Hebert

    How many second’s was it

  8. J B

    I don’t understand why the tank farm is so close to the pad; doesn’t that increase high risk for explosions?!

  9. 80%

    is it ever not windy there?

  10. Keith McKnight

    So were there 2 static firing test? The 2nd one looked alot longer than the first.

  11. Johan M

    Whats the plan going forward? Will they use SN 4 for static testing or will it go on seeing major hop tests?

    My guess would be that they would continue with at least one more test fire on SN 4 (Raptor SN 19 maybe?) so that they will have tested three of them. Then they could install all three of them on SN 5 and use that for both the 150 meter hop and 20 km test flight later this year. This is cause SN 5 seems to be progressing rapidly towards a flight worthy standard and is so complete that it would make a lot of sense to take everything learned from SN 4 into that one instead of doing whats basicly a repeat of Starhoppers test but with SN 4. After all the only thing they can learn from a hop test with SN 4 is how to handle a Starship with its full length and I can easily see that being done with SN 5 and three raptors instead. Johan.

  12. jack mack

    timing of the audio has been mucked about with.

  13. selvaraj parthibhan

    What about the fire at the skirt after the static?

  14. Donnacha McGeever

    When will see the 150m hop? Great video

  15. Jody January

    Next stop mars

  16. Todd V.

    And to think…this is just ONE Raptor engine…

  17. MH Balla

    i counted 8 sec.

  18. irrefudiate

    I think the static fire lasted about 7.5 seconds, but it lasted much longer in slo-mo. In slo-mo, it seemed like it was getting ready to clear the tower

  19. The SpaceX Nerd


  20. SternLX

    Well… at least it didn’t blow up.

  21. DaManBearPig

    the raptor engine is a thing of beauty

  22. rengel7

    0:00 your welcome

  23. Zakariya mohamed

    in the famous word of Dr Frankenstein ” its alive its alive”…

  24. Whack bag

    Cheers Padre

  25. Bill Kerr

    That flamey bit does seem a bit persistent.


    VEGASET Artemis ISO ship can be launched with Superheavy and reuse Shuttler B 2nd stage (star hopper size stage) as modular engine

  27. Michael Strong

    Question: Are those test fires to full throttle?

  28. Aidan Tottori

    Do you know the thrust to weight ratio of the finished starship?

  29. Andrew S

    You can see fire coming out of two places along the skirt at the bottom of the vehicle once the plume from static fire clears.

    Thanks to NASA Space Flight with it’s before and after photos, we can clearly see a missing line/pipe to the right of the large vertical pipe where fire is seen coming out. The source of the second flame on the left is ???

    I’d like to know what this line was: s return of some sort maybe? It’s too small to be a supply line. It continued to reignite for nearly 10 minutes despite being hit repeatedly with a deluge cannon/ fire suppression system.

    The flame on the left appears to be larger but it’s source is obscured. It’s unclear if this is from something on the outside of the vehicle or something inside the skirt burning with flames coming out and rising up the side of the vehicle.

  30. The Kerbalist

    Any ideas why it looked like it stayed on fire at the bottom? Or was that just the structure around it

  31. Pieter

    Can’t wait for the hop!

  32. Just Me

    Does the engine being really close to the ground cause problems with other aspects of the tests?

  33. Yan Lipavsky

    Looking good

  34. Jhardy0786



    When is the 150m hop ?

  36. Vivek

    To infinity … And beyond !

  37. Lovecraft

    An explosion is it’s own reward…..

  38. AITF

    SN4 looking a bit toasty

  39. Roman Alarcon

    At least It didnt go boom like the fire craker do…

  40. Antonio La Barbera

    Everything ok with the static fire? I hope the unintended fire didn’t damage anything!

  41. Garry Collins

    Nice. Side note, when the advertisement before the video is longer than the video I’m inclined not to watch. YouTube should help you out with a little common sense.

  42. Joseph Sullivan

    Any word on what caught fire??

  43. jonathan Davis

    From the sound, seems like the static fire was longer than the other 2. You can hear the roar a little bit longer. Maybe that’s why part of the ship caught fire. Some strong engine

  44. HiddenGem

    I think sn18 had issues as it didn’t fire as long as expected, and this fired about 1.5 secs longer than sn18

  45. xaRax

    nothing exploded ?!!!!!

  46. just me

    I have seen it from other views. It definitely split the bottom ring at a vertical weld. Beyond that I cannot say until I watch some more videos if they are available.
    Edit: I shouldn’t have spoke so soon. I will leave my original statement. Perhaps they had a wire or something affixed on the exterior (after all it is a test), but from this video it looks like a vertical seem cracked. It actually looks to have began before firing.
    Does anyone know if they are nitrogen purging from the backside as the welds are being done?

  47. RB


  48. Sebas1509

    No boom?

  49. Mike Ipod

    It’s happening….

  50. Rad Brick Dad

    That was a really long burn! It was hard to tell during the potato livestream

  51. Caleb

    As cool as this is, I can’t help but think “space fart”.

  52. Craig Phillips

    Wooooo nice

  53. J M


  54. CowLevelCrypto

    Uh oh, I was ‘LIKE’ #666 :(

  55. Marek Novak

    Are there small lightnings in the dust around top of starship? Just like around erupting vulcano…

  56. Teodor Sandu

    za beast !!

  57. Aaron Lewis

    The video GODS have came!

  58. Chris Ryan

    Man, the anticipation of this bad boy taking flight has got me fiending… tell them to get it going Timmy!

  59. Rain Maker

    Do we have any birds eye view??

  60. Dino Schachten

    Really hard to tell how long that was – maybe 7 seconds? The ending sounds a bit weird. Also there appears to be fire on two sides… looking forward to hearing what that was about!

  61. raimond white

    what caught on fire?

  62. Humanity Galatica

    It didn’t explode

  63. Linecraftman

    haha i wish we could get the hopper view but oh well

  64. George Fenrich

    I take it this was a GOOD DAY?

  65. Cliff P

    Awesome slow motion!

  66. sven janssens

    @everydayastronaut wouldnt it be cool to have a thermal camera down there? So we can see exactly how long the burn was. The smoke is making that hard to tell

  67. HanrattyMan33

    Just look at the size comparison between Starhopper (left) and Starship Mk. 4! It’s absolutely insane, and I love it

  68. NAGJRC JasonBower

    Sweetness is a test fire with no KABOOMBAWHOOSHNESS!

  69. Douglas MacLean

    awesome. ! thanks !

  70. Katty bat


  71. LabPadre

    Nice slow mo bro!

  72. Caleb Conley

    That’s dope really cool nice work tim

  73. Michael Coelhojr

    That seemed like a long static fire

  74. MH Fulltimer

    Soooo exciting :D

  75. Jakob Peterhänsel

    So ~6 seconds SF, compared to 1-2 sec. the first two times.. ?

  76. MayuriK

    Oh finally! Happy that all goes well!

  77. SiggyPony

    That burn seemed longer then the recent night ones :)

  78. Micah Pieczarka

    I love that beautiful slow motion footage.

  79. chris mckee

    I appreciate you and your team for posting this dude!

  80. AlcidesBan

    I think you need to add more seconds to these type of videos. I couldn’t enjoy all because the links to another videos appears at 1:09. Too soon.

  81. Laxya Patel

    Hey Tim,
    Love your videos keep up the great work. Could you make a in depth video about how stage’s seperate.

  82. Sidney Boakye

    This is so cool! I really good friend of mine recently went down their to work on Starship! It’s so cool knowing he’s getting to work on this awesome machine that so many people are excited about.

  83. Raqtor96

    Thank you for uploading that :-)

  84. Your Average Kerbal


  85. Yahiko Tendo

    I can’t wait for 31 of these to light up!

  86. C**** J*******

    OOooo I’ve been waiting for this :) Much thanks Tim!

  87. The SpaceX Nerd

    Love this shot!

  88. Jim Myers

    Tim, any explanation of the fire underneath that kept catching over and over?

  89. Linecraftman

    you should clarify that you synced up the sound!

  90. HIYU

    Man, that engine starts so fast!

  91. Bevin Wathen

    Omg the sound on that. I cant imagine the feel of that roar. I want to feel what that feels like

  92. James Hughes

    Thank you so much to everyone involved in capturing this footage and sharing it with us.

  93. Gerre van der Meer

    Hint, play it at 0.25X speed at 0:42 🤙

  94. Max Kaufman

    0:50 soundtrack for Hendrix Electric Landyland And the gods made love

  95. Dan13l15

    Probably a bit more fire there than spacex asked for XD

  96. Eric G

    I really liked the fact it didn’t explode. Hoping for the hop next!

  97. C Wel

    0:42 Feels good. This baby will be doing hops soon.

  98. Bill Karle

    I told ’em they shouldn’t have left that bag of marshmallows laying around :)

  99. Carl Browning

    Flame on!

    FLAME OFF!!!
    FLAME OFF!!!
    FLAME OFF!!!

  100. Michael Pennington

    Just keep this in mind: That is just a single Raptor. Super Heavy is going to have thirty-one. What will that look and sound like?

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