LIVE – David Saint-Jacques answers questions from our social media community

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Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques answers questions from Canadian Space Agency’s social media community during a live event.

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  1. Tony Sparks

    As fake as fake can be.

  2. Ashwath Chandola

    Where is Chris hadfield?

  3. Prof.SnipBar47 001

    Where is Chris hadfield?

  4. c i n n a m o n

    where is the Chris Guy…

  5. kaddieluv

    Can u throw stuff

  6. Nala The Cat

    I got a question! If you pee would the pee float away and be just like floating water?

  7. T-R_ICKSTER the unknown

    Can anybody answer my question iam an Indian how can I study in Canada for becoming an astronaut or astrophysicist

  8. Destiny .A


  9. Fergus Parke

    How do people in space cook their food

  10. Lella Magic

    How do you shower

  11. Dominik Sosna

    how fire in space behaves?

  12. T-R_ICKSTER the unknown


  13. chill

    I would have an experiment for the space to suggest and let you two bodies with the same mass and force collide to see how the force splits

  14. آلوگر

    ممكن تخلوني اطير ل القمر مليت من سكان الارض ….

  15. Fun xoxo

    Nice 😍😍😍

  16. Lawrence The great

    What if you played with beyblades in space

  17. Kuru Kafa

    Make pancake in space

  18. xPiraGuy

    I got a question if ur in space and u eat like a sandwich will it float in ur belly?

  19. rush aztech

    Is there experiment about fermentation in space?

  20. Anthony Hamel

    Ha french space man wow 😎


    How time astronauts spend in space and how you see earth from space plz show some picture

  22. Haylin PM

    I love this!!! :D

  23. Walks trough games

    I have a question do you have wifi in space and how do you go to he bathroom to poop i think the poop will just fly away 😅

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