Launch Your Dreams – Krishna Nair’s Story

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2019-08-12 – High-school student Krishna Nair launched her own weather balloon with the help of the Canadian Space Agency. Here’s her story. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

Stratospheric balloons:
About STRATOS, the CSA’s stratospheric balloon program:

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  1. Awakened IntoFreedom

    no curve no space just lies

  2. L-1-3

    Girls better than boys.

  3. Spie Karate


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  5. Gülşah Kadıoğlu

    i wanna have a mentor for my space dreams 🤩

  6. Mar iano


  7. Dark Mattr


  8. Artic_Deer

    I love space too!!!

  9. Nsm S

    I think so my country India progressed well after independence. Many people educated in india become CEOs in companies like Microsoft and Google and isro discovered water on moon with a budget mission of just 40 million dollars and first country to reach mars in first attempt. NASA didn’t do these things with huge budget.

  10. Irinchen Bienchen

    Cool viedio 👌🏻

  11. shyaam mohan

    Malayali ✊😍🙋‍♂️👍 , determination stands top!🇨🇦🇮🇳

  12. RedFireRex RFR

    Damn hi Krishna congrats!!! This is awesome

  13. Pigster

    I’m so glad she could fulfill one of her dreams! That’s so amazing!

  14. Jake_from_Statefarm

    Hey, you’re inspirational! Well done, keep on kicking butt! :)

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