Junior Astronaut Camp participants

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2021-05-25 – Meet the 52 young Canadians from across the country who will virtually join astronauts, engineers and scientists from the Canadian Space Agency for an exciting week of space training in July 2021.

The Junior Astronaut Camp offers a unique chance to learn about space careers as well as the scientific, physical and leadership qualities needed to develop if they strive to participate to a future mission to the Moon.

List of Junior Astronaut Camp participants: https://asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/resources-young/junior-astronauts/list-junior-astronaut-camp-participants.asp

Find out more about this video: http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/search/video/watch.asp?v=1_a0zmrc2t

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  1. Bocaj

    I had no idea this was a thing, I’m gonna try out next year

  2. Nisy

    Well… people around the world going space and making their little ones dream come true
    Oh and here I am living in Turkey wanting to be an astronaut but hahahHAAHAHAHAHAH people looking at me like ım crazy and stupid
    2023 They say… we will make our own rocket and go to the Moon they say… funny isn’t it? Im proud of my nation but I hate my president and the people around him.


    i love the space I’m 11 years old, I hope they like me

  4. Amna Afra

    I am fifteen years old.i want to become an astronaut and i know i can achieve it.but I can’t join this camp because I am Sri Lankan. this is great opportunity to future astronauts.

  5. Subaru Natsaki

    0:38 looks like light yagami from the shitty death note movie

  6. Asim Malik

    I wanted to be an astronaut too!💸 But reality hit me real hard💸 and fast🤔… #AllforNothing😔

  7. Saee Sawant

    How can I take part in the next one? And is it required to be Canadian?

  8. No Name

    :O im Lithuanian im 10 years old and my dream is to be astronaut

  9. Sfs rocket Engineer

    I wanna join😞

  10. Thilax. P

    I am very interested in astronomy can I see how to join you guys as a junior it is my absolute dream I am from Ontario

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  12. Believe BELIEBERS

    I wanna join em😭

  13. Isaiah Cabasa2

    This was a great video

  14. Isaiah Cabasa2

    24th comment letz go

  15. Random_Newb

    Tbh I’m scared of space

  16. Kousik Memes

    1St cmnt , 1St view

  17. Nathaniel Cerico

    I wish I were candian.

  18. Kainde Amedha

    Nuggets astronaut… Ha-ha

  19. Dua's Discovery ❤


  20. Skateboard Pro

    I tried out for the camp! Even though I didn’t get in, it was still fun to create the video!

  21. Canadian Space Agency

    They are musicians, athletes, coders, avid readers, gamers, amateur astronomers and they come from across Canada. Our 52 Junior Astronauts have one thing in common though: they are passionate about space.
    Take a look at their profiles: https://asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/resources-young/junior-astronauts/list-junior-astronaut-camp-participants.asp

  22. Prachi Raturi

    They’re so lucky SHKSSGK I envy them

  23. Johan Cryuff

    Hi I’m indian can i also join ur junior astronaut camp

  24. J6F05 CHEUNG Hei-yeung An

    Too bad I am not Canadian☹️

  25. Yung Sky.

    astronaut in the ocean?

  26. Harrison Hacon

    I was first to watch this!

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    Aw man I can’t go there

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    Hi (:

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