David Saint-Jacques Launchiversary

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2019-11-29 – One year ago, CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques launched to the International Space Station for the longest Canadian astronaut mission to date (204 days). Here are a few special moments of his mission. (Credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA, ESA, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Roscosmos, Trio Orange)

Find out more about this video: http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/search/video/watch.asp?v=1_n1bdigdr

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  1. Azad Mamedov

    Fake. The Earth is flat.

  2. Achi Brown

    Soooooooo fake holle wats this world cume too

  3. Tony Sparks

    Not a single continuous video from launch to docking. What a bunch of BS. Fakestation.

  4. Big Randoozy


  5. Rahman Dogan


  6. Joan Anqui

    Where is Chris Hadfield?

  7. Anik .L

    can i be astronout
    imposible ?
    I THINK 😊

  8. Bastian29c

    Is it scary in space

  9. mr. poprovolski

    is howard wolowitz in the iss?

  10. Xeo 087

    Great video!

  11. johan jose thomas

    Is there gravity in our mouth?
    *X files music
    If you dont know what x files is search it

  12. Yong Wei Lin

    Thanks David

  13. Charlie Nichols

    Very cool!

  14. faperek0


  15. Dark Lurker

    If there’s a firmament how are the rockets getting through?

  16. Perhe Hynninen

    Please test coca-cola and mentos in space

  17. Michael Kayseryan

    So basically he’s a gangster

  18. Gursimran singh

    where they go to pee??

  19. Alfi M

    i want to know when u need a toilet, is your p..p floating in the space lol

  20. Tom Engel

    how is it to dream in weightlessness are you also weightless in your dreams

  21. m o n t a r o

    The thumbnail reminds me of Dr. Stone

  22. •Waveandtiki •

    I used to watch the guy six years ago :0 where did he go 😭

  23. Paul Seiling

    Just a ❤️ for all of you.

  24. Dang King

    I mean I wish I could stay in space! Like To fly. But when you want to leave space , you have to jump of the station from 500 000 feet

  25. •Waveandtiki •

    Who remembers Chris hadfield 😭😭😭 what happend to him :(

  26. Бирочка Плей

    Its russian teleshow xd

  27. Osiris Malkovich

    1:52 I just noticed he’s wearing a CSA jumpsuit! That’s awesome!

  28. Vyreth Ryoki

    This was really well put together in terms of editing, instrumentation and the pace of retelling this story. Thanks for the amazing work, not only on making this happen for real, but also in the efforts you’ve spent to share this experience with the rest of the world!

  29. Kaya Shishido

    I want to become an astronaut when I grow up well I actually am one I’m just stuck on earths gravity ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ there is a hole world out there that’s why I love space❤️❤️❤️

  30. Simal Abid

    I also want to be an astronaut!!!!😭😭

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