Canadian Environment Week

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2021-05-31 – The CSA marks Canadian Environment Week. Satellites provide crucial data about how our planet is changing. This information is invaluable to advance cutting-edge science, make climate projections, and develop innovative solutions and services to mitigate or better adapt to the impacts of climate change. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

Protecting our planet and our environment:

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    Is that the windows wallpapper location 0:25

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    I think I know what Gravitation is, i can relate Gravitation to time, light speed and mass. If anyone interested i can explain…

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    Can it be hot or cold or normal temperature in space pls answer me?

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    he’ll feel trippy when he returns to earth, might stay in space

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    I’m sure someone worked hard on this video, but the format is so dated, and it’s really obvious that it relied heavily on generic stock footage.

    Love what the CSA does, but vague marketing videos like this are unhelpful at best and wasteful and useless at worst.

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    That was lame. Lets have some more disclosure on Aliens.

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    Let’s protect our space ship

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    We really Gotta fix the planet or else it may be uninhabitable we may not even make it to Mars

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    Living in a city, I sometimes forget how cosmically gifted we are.

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    This earth is more amazing than we think

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