Canada moves forward with plans to explore the Moon!

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  1. Blue Apple

    Are you exploring the mirror image reflection of earth on the plasma moon? I would like to know more about Terra Vista, the massive land on earth we don’t know about but see the map on the moon…of known and unknown land on earth.

  2. Pizza Earth, Pancakes and

    LMAO to da mooooon… yeah sure

  3. kendokaaa


  4. moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo

    i will consider this disinformatiom

  5. moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo

    ufos, ur moon stuff is a joke

  6. moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo

    what about the ufos? tabernac


    Challenge: play Mobile Legends in Space

  8. Osiris Malkovich

    I’ve only got my grade 9 French, guys. I’m getting about 30% of this. How about some subtitles?

  9. Bryan Biller

    Can’t get clean water on First Nations reserves, social programs for the poor, universal pharma and dental care, but we can throw money away on this! Shameful. #Priorities

  10. Bruce Wayne

    Canada is sensational I am so proud to be fortunate enough to be a collection of atoms in this incredible country 🇨🇦🔭💯

  11. Abdo Dewidar

    انا مش فاهم حاجه بس ع البركه

  12. Grubbbee

    This is exciting for our future scientists. Very forward thinking of our government to get on this train. This is vital to securing our future as a prosperous nation.

  13. David C.


  14. Pichu Master1164

    Canada better go to the moon

  15. oscar sapper

    Oh i love how our minds work🥰❤🤯

  16. Shio Minori

    how lucky is the moon at least they don’t steal its resources and exploit the environment

  17. Tom Moreau

    Love hearing about Canada’s 🇨🇦 contributions to future missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.. David, is an absolute Legend with an impressive academic background, always a pleasure to see him in these videos.

  18. Cotton the Easter Cottont

    7:35 big thing starts here


    Im the only italian here?


  20. Bartholomew Kuma

    *Wonderful* !

  21. Ewa Spyra

    Lovely to listen to such smart people ☺

  22. kim simmons

    How about china and Canada just leave other planets alone.

  23. Sourav Dutta

    Plan to explore the moon is so good

  24. Alicia Luca

    Seconds 42

  25. RRoni

    I might be like 10th

  26. Emily Bell


  27. Monkeypound


  28. Lucario and cinderace


  29. Naruto_content_..

    I like cheese wtb u??

  30. DeadlyDeimos


  31. Nebupha Grape

    Epic cool

  32. AtlaGel


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