Astronauts invite educators and young Canadians to participate in Junior Astronauts

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2019-11-01 – Canadian Space Agency astronauts Jenni Sidey-Gibbons and David Saint-Jacques, along with grade 6 student Hannah, invite Canadian educators and youth in grades 6 to 9 to register to the Junior Astronauts campaign. Young Canadians can test their skills and knowledge through the Canadian Space Agency’s Junior Astronauts campaign with online activities in science and technology, fitness and nutrition, and teamwork and communications. Selected kids from across Canada will have the opportunity to come to the Canadian Space Agency in Saint-Hubert, Quebec for a week of training by astronauts, scientists and engineers. Participating teachers, educators and youth group leaders will also have an opportunity to win a visit by an astronaut or space expert to their school or youth organization. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)

Junior Astronauts:

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  1. O RP

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  5. T-R_ICKSTER the unknown

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  13. Yaman Libya

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  16. Oggy Oggy

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  17. Pablo Ferreyra

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    Too bad I’m not Canadian…oof

  20. santino

    Why couldn’t Chris Hadfield do it?

  21. Ryan A.

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  26. Sangwan Sangwan

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  27. daniel alejandro

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    Formas de desplazamiento:

  28. One Eyed GHØUL

    What about grade 10 :(((((

  29. Ray Roaster

    I’m now in India and I no have any money to join

  30. xXSonicHexXx

    How do you get a hair cut at space?

  31. Pejelagarto Reptiliano

    Sorry but i am from Costa Rica ☹️😭

  32. Tri Hoang

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  37. Stoners Opinion

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    Hi, I’m Canadian :D

  44. Alex Almeida

    This is an amazing opportunity!🍻

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    I just signed up I’m super excited!!!!! I love space and I really want to become an astronaut ❤️❤️🥰🥰🇨🇦👨‍🚀

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    I wanna do it also I’m 4th comment

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    That’s my real dream

  48. Phillip Canadian

    Omg I would love that

  49. Reverse Flash

    I qualify, I’m in grade 6 I I won rewards in my class last year for most acknowledgeable in aerospace and science, I’m Canadian but my school does not do the junior astronaut program :(. Could you reply and tell me if I can Bree as a lone student instead of a whole school?

  50. King Louis XIV

    I wanna go into astronomy(specifically astrochemistry) and study the science of space.

  51. Xena Soirse

    When I realized I’m not Canadian
    Me: Crying in the corner😭😭
    This is my ultimate dream😥

  52. Zezilin Wrathbottled

    why cant the uk do something like this?

  53. Amburger

    When I watched this video I screamed at the top of my lungs because in grad 6

  54. DTW John

    Me an American: “Eh We have already been to the moon” but secretly wishes I was Canadian for this.

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    Opportunities like this makes me want to be a Canadian. :((((

  56. John Wurst

    The girl: What I’m doing here ???
    The Camera team : Just smile !
    The girl: Cringe

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