World’s Smallest Rocket Flight Computer?

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  1. Jens Knudsen

    As the saying goes: Failure is a learning opportunity. It’s a also good source of fun and laughs – as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously. Great work and great video!

  2. FLA Labs

    I find your work so inspiring! Thanks for all the effort you put into this!


    “This part of the video was amazing. It was the climax right here”

  4. SecularMentat

    I feel like the making of the board section was the most informative circuit tracing software tutorial that has ever been put to any form of media.

    Also, that song was fire. I need more of it.

  5. Matteo Cassino

    Great stuff! It’s all about learning from your own failures to grow.

  6. John Battey

    “You don’t need to do things just because they’re useful or they have a direct end purpose. You just do them because you enjoy the process.”, said Jeff Bezos.

  7. Mark Grunwald

    Learned so much by your energy to go up. Required watching now for students I mentor at FGCU, designing underwater drones. Thank you 💯👍

  8. TheBartolonomicron

    Shrek the Musical is genuinely amazing, almost as amazing as that transition in the video!

  9. rmt3589

    12:16 That was an epic transition! Best I ever seen!

  10. Todo

    Man! The part between the 3rd and the 4th flight was the best! So amazing! Great work man!

  11. viper33802

    “If you drop one of these on the ground it ceases to exist.” Oh so true. LMAO

  12. Aerial Waviator

    Have you considered trying alternative design where could do hot-fire staging?
    This may simplify FC programming for dealing with motor firing and staging delays.

  13. Jason Dreckmann

    It seems like you would want the sensitivity to increase with each progressive stage since the rocket is getting shorter and less stable.

  14. Kevin Gilkey-Graham

    That was THE GREATEST development montage I have ever seen.

  15. Stewi

    “Little known fact; if you drop one of these parts on the ground it actually ceases to exist. Conservation of mass does not apply here it’s just gone.”

    SO true.

  16. Borked

    I have never been more inspired by F’ups. You rock. Thanks so much for this 15 mins of my life. Time well spent

  17. katzmatt2

    this is absolutely the best episode yet and i am continually amazed at what you can accomplish

  18. Josh Coray

    “….I crave external validation!”

    That earned a solid like and sub. Keep it up. Failing is success.

  19. Marcus House

    Soooo good!

  20. Bruce Lunde

    This was fun, and this video shows how you review what you have done, critique your effort, and get better with each iteration of a project. Well done!

  21. David Harry

    Definitely worth some external validation :) Big thumbs up. Cheers, Dave.

  22. Digitalman271

    Just FYI, for precision tech, especially digital applications, I’d recommend 4 layers: with 2 signal layers, and 2 hidden ground planes. The signal layers can create enough EMF in smaller electronics to induce signals into nearby circuits. A ground plane directly beneath both signal layers will protect against that.

  23. BozoTheJew

    when will the next episode of landing model rockets come out for blip and blop?!?!?!??

  24. Matthew Martinez

    Wow… the YouTube algorithm was surprisingly well informed on this recommendation… Subscribed!

  25. defenestrated23

    This has simply taught me data logging is even more important than I thought. And I already thought it was pretty damn important!

  26. Anoir Ben Tanfous

    Hey Joe! Really amazing your enthusiasm, and you are funny to watch as well, please keep working on this project it is a real inspiration to many and will help for sure having more kids aspiring to be into aerospace craft.

  27. William Mulreed

    Please make “designing the board” a full song!

  28. blurblur

    You’re amazing dude.. all the work you put in each videos, projects etc… is just impressive & insane! You are a genius!

  29. Harley King

    We love how you love the process, Joe. Great video.

  30. Muffinman1337

    Dude, you definitely need your lab with your own launchsite, you could grow so much faster.
    Good job, nice to see you happy and thriving again!

  31. Kyle Yankanich

    Truly the best video I’ve ever seen, that anticipation after the 3rd launch was intense and extreme

  32. Reed Bowman

    Awesome, Joe! I’m curious, wouldn’t a lightweight, less bulky (though not tiny) USB connection solution be to make 4 exposed traces on the board edge that allow it to be plugged into a USB-A slot?

  33. Drew Rodaniche

    For 15 minutes you had my five and nine-year-old, laughing and spellbound against the current of their limited attentions spans. Future hobbyists? Great content and happy to subscribe for more!

  34. itsThorondil

    Adding a max allowable angular velocity could be beneficial, or having the controller cancel as much angular velocity as possible a moment before the stage burns out, so you don’t flip between burn out and next stage ignition.

  35. Chris Meesseman

    You’re getting a lot funnier, man. Seems like your mental health is improving. Keep it up!

  36. Discomfort

    That third launch was really great! I didn’t know you could build such acrobatic rockets! The follow up portion was also really great. Keep up the great work!

  37. Joseph Priester

    Have been watching your videos off and on for years, but this was one of the most entertaining. Loved the comedic relief, loved the 80’s montage editing, loved the original song for said montage, and loved the close up and very raw segment on the back end for a lazy transition to the final flight, lol! Well done. (External validation ✅)
    Subscribed, and notification bell selected sir!

  38. Rob Brock

    Fins would really help with stabilizing the rocket, motor impulse looks to be another issue.

  39. SeanHodgins

    I’ve been getting pretty good at putting magic smoke back in.
    Oh, and I’m going to need the rights to this song for future videos, just fyi.

  40. Dominik Thomas

    The forth flight was awesome! Good job on the rapid prototyping! Was there some major rework of flight software between flights 3 and 4?

  41. s33wagz

    Your videos are just so damn good. Like, that montage song tho. You just produce a polished product. Your videos = general motivation

  42. Mawson Casey

    Fantastic channel , Great to see the raw iterations of your rocket builds , very exciting and it gets us invested in your project !

  43. lunacyworks

    Thanks for the laughs, it was a great way to make a point of data logging!

  44. Center 4 Nerds

    This is insane and I have enjoyed the progress off your space program over time!

  45. James S

    Awesome, thanks for the episode Joe!
    Don’t burn out on us again!

  46. Séverin Beauvais

    Glad you enjoyed doing this. I enjoyed watching it! Keep at it. Lots of people are on this journey with you!


    The transition to the fourth launch was awesome. Also the deer footage was dope.

  48. Vince_Prints

    Loving your new video style! You’re such a funny and charismatic dude and I’m happy you share that with all of us!

    Keep up the great work!

  49. Right Flyers

    Probably the most I’ve laughed at one of these videos. Keep it up man, great work.

  50. jm_space

    It is, like the rest of your work, an engineering masterpiece. I am always very excited when a new video comes out. Thanks for creating this area of engineering, you got many people a great hobby!

  51. Barry F

    As has been said by others, this is a fantastic video Joe, definitely up there with my favourites. I always love seeing how you develop and iterate. Great to see your awesome singer songwriter talents coming into play also!

  52. LordDecapo

    This is so great seeing you have this much fun making this kinda stuff! :D

  53. Roeland !

    After many years he finally used his audio degree.

  54. Scott Chapman

    That part of the video is “Amaaaaazing!” go Joe

  55. Landy Ukena

    Thank you Joe! You are refreshing as well as an inspiration. It is wonderful to see you so exited and enthusiastic. Keep having fun.

  56. Shrey Makwana

    Just blown away by how small the flight computer Joe made, Just love to see him build-test-fail-build again🚀🚀 but without any data to review from the previous flights though 😜 I really think it is ambitious to make a model rocket that never fails.

  57. emaglott

    I kept thinking, shouldn’t it be “built differently?” anyway, great video and I appreciate your thought on doing things because you enjoy the process.

  58. Ultralight Airplane Works

    “You don’t need to do things just because they are useful or have some direct end purpose”. Absolutely! Bravo. I keep encountering people that just can not grasp this. Keep having fun, Joe.

  59. Backwood Ideas

    Yep, when people say some projects are a waste time, I always tell them it doesn’t matter because it’s fun :)

    Amazing content as usual. Your camera work is on point! Loved the humor, excellent video!

  60. IMF.rockets

    Here it comes, the best time of the week !! Absolutely incredible video, thank you for sharing your projects.🚀🚀

  61. josh 915

    This is maybe my favorite BPS Space video, which means it’s one of my favorite videos on YouTube. Great work Joe!!! Thanks for the knowledge, laughs and fun

  62. Denny Dravis

    Joe! Data logging is the Crux of all engineering man xD god this is so chaotic. I love it.

  63. MoonMan22

    Just know that this energy and vibe is what I carry from BPS into Starship development!

  64. TO DA MOON!!!

    I’m only 5 minutes in and I’m in love, beautiful work!

  65. ThatYoutubeChannel

    “Maximum Ogredrive!”

    -Joe Barnard 2021

  66. chuck cluff

    The toughest parts of any project are the failures….but that’s where learning occurs.
    Fabulous video! I especially liked the “Flight of the Conchords” – esque music byte.

  67. Witness Riders

    This has been one of my favorite videos Joe, great job sir.

  68. Rob E

    The music video parts are incredible. I love your content man. As a nerd I appreciate all of it.

  69. jocax188723

    12:16 was absolutely brilliant and amazing and was definitely the climax of the video and you can really tell you weren’t phoning it in.
    Well done.

  70. Claes Wikberg

    “i crave external validation” OMG i laughed so hard. (and pressed like)

  71. Unmannedair

    Dude, that first launch was about as KSP as It gets. I love the whole video. Epic job on the computer, 20/20 hindsight and all that. Can’t wait to see where you go with this. Sometimes Shrek just got to go a little space cowboy.

  72. RandomUser311

    “Immensely complex and high risk”. I wonder if someone at BO regrets making that info graphic now.

  73. Isaiah Higgins

    That part around 12:00 was amazing. I was moved to tears with excitement.

  74. Waylon McCann

    Go Joe! Great video, and that synth pop… just wow 👌nailed it! ❤

  75. Simon Fryer

    Love the format of the flight computer. Something which will fit into every nose cone, or anywhere else on a rocket!

  76. Clive Bagley

    Best one yet. We are all ‘built different’ – Jolly good show!

  77. Gypsy Tinker

    Really hitting your stride now! Thank you for sticking with it and continuing to share with us. <3 <3 <3

  78. Pavel Richter

    15 min of masterpiece. Thanks, Joe!

  79. Kilaketia

    Damn that was a banger of a video, nice work Joe ! Also I loved that part of the video, and the song too.

  80. DarkMatter

    Thanks for the board design sequence. It was a detailed and thorough breakdown of your thought processes during the build.

  81. ThunderousMellow

    Loving the bo Burnham influence. Two of my favourite artists combining styles.

  82. Paul Maynard

    Well done Joe. Could you derive any flight data from the video footage?
    At least you enjoyed the construction, flying and documenting processes 👍😊

  83. Fran Teryda

    There were parts I could feel some “Inside” vibes, loved it.

  84. TheTankFG

    The “chair slide” is a completely underrated coping mechanism for dealing with challenges. Just sayin.

  85. Xyla Foxlin

    I will never get over just how spectacular you are at making beautiful (and also funny and educational) videos. Congrats on an absolute BANGER
    Also le soundtrack be bumpinnnn

  86. Copenhagen Suborbitals

    Is it safe to say that in rocket science, there are either people who are built different and decide not to record any flight data or rockets that are built different that decide not to record any flight data, and everything else is just all the magic smoke building up in high enough concentrations to actually make things magically work? 😉

  87. USWaterRockets

    Joe, consider just logging data to the flash memory on the microcontroller. I’ve been building micro flight controllers for several years now, and use this method to great effect, even employing real-time data compression to get longer log times. When your flight is only 20-30 seconds long, you can store a lot of data in a small flash segment in the microcontroller outside of your code. saving 3 int16 readings can be around 300 bytes per second.

  88. Everyday Astronaut

    This is maybe my favorite BPS Space video, which means it’s one of my favorite videos on YouTube. Great work Joe!!! Thanks for the knowledge, laughs and fun!

  89. T_bus

    When you forget Joe has a music degree and he pulls bangers out of his ass.

  90. Ian Thompson

    “I’m Joe Barnard and you’re watching BPS Space” had me shrieking out loud alone in my room, good lord

  91. MrJackHackney

    Actually to get 2 stages to fly straight without fins is impressive. How many times did Rocketdyne have F1 engine failures in testing before they got it to the point that the Saturn V 1st stages never failed with crew on them.

  92. Ethan Reesor

    I love your energy. Especially the “oh god why is everything awful I’m going to slide down my chair onto the floor now.” It feels very authentic. Real, not glamorized engineering.

  93. d00dEEE

    Do you sell your demo CD after the concert? “Designing the Board” sounds like a hit to me.

  94. LifeGeek

    I’ve actually been thinking about “””streamlining””” the process for a big (huge) project I’m doing (go direct to the final version, what could go wrong?), thanks for being my test subject on what not to do.

  95. Fry Of All Trades

    “maximum ogredrive” just made my day

  96. Derek Newsome

    So when do we get a full album.
    Cause like… we need it.
    Even if it requires my patience.

  97. Forest Katsch

    Wow, the transition into 12:22 is absolutely top tier! Amazing work as always!

  98. ironton2

    The climax of the video is at 12:15 and it couldn’t be any better!

  99. sleevedog

    12:16 was definitely the climax of the video and also was amazingly good

  100. Stochastic Signal

    Hello Icarus Thiccarus, I hope you’re well. Thank you for teaching me about grey sauce and magic squares. Your T-shirt speaks to me at a fundamental level and that one part of the video was transcendental and changed me as a person for the better.

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