What Is Sprite?

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Hope things make a bit more sense on this project now! Still have lots to figure out, fingers crossed we can get hoppin before 2020 :)
Thanks again to VectorNav for sending the VN-300 IMU/AHRS as a sponsorship for this project! You can learn more about them here: https://www.vectornav.com/

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    I love the video!!

  2. Martin Martinez

    I really like these short videos of progress

  3. Logan Torres

    Why don’t you work at NASA?

  4. Douglas TV

    Looks awesome!
    Though balancing is harder with a shorter stick

  5. sam torres

    Bps space I’m not getting your notifications for some reason and I have notifiactions on, something wrong with your notifications?

  6. Allan S

    Really cool update and project Joe. I wish I had a million dollars to help you along.

  7. Joe Potentier

    What a beautiful monstrosity!

  8. PsychoticWolfie

    This video was sponsored by Sprite through the Coca-Cola Company

  9. Khaffit

    needs more BEPIS

  10. Osman emre TURHAN

    Thanks,I’ve been waiting for this video.

  11. Plads Elsker

    hey thank you for posting not-so-much-scripted videos. I hate when it’s too much edited, cuz my head goes numb. much love, keep up the good work

  12. огромная эрекция

    He’s genius.

  13. Wes

    As much as I love the fancy edits of the flights, I prefer this style of update a lot

  14. Joltran

    New video style is sooooo great. You should
    Keep doing it after January

  15. Jeremy Gilbert

    the butane afterburner is gonna be awesome. done that with a rc jet it sounds awesome

  16. Vincent Foss

    This is Elon Musk right?

  17. protools fanatic

    gosh he looks very much like a younger version of Elon.

  18. Meena Singh

    Incredible engineering!!!!!!!! What a curious mind!!!!!!!! Can you teach me some😁

  19. Erick Kovalsky

    thubs up for this new format! 👍

  20. LongLost Gaming

    This mans asking the real questions

  21. Alexandr Petrov

    video posting is actually working! Please keep posting like this, we care bout engineering like this!

  22. Michal Málek

    I don’t even see any drop in quality you talked about… 😜

  23. mjncad

    Damn! That’s cool!

  24. David

    Getting an AB to work right is wicked hard, even for experts.

  25. GrumpyHaus

    The new format is great!

  26. crowxe

    In Bernard we trust :)

  27. APOGEE

    I don’t mind the new format! keep it coming bro!

  28. Grumpy Greg

    Yes! I like this format. Good explanation of what & why.

  29. Bonzo Gamer

    I am excited about your new technology endeavor. As far as “I want fire coming out of this thing”, I am sure that your fellow innovator Elon would let you borrow a ‘Not A Flamethrower’ just for testing purposes!

  30. Luca D'Entrone

    you’re well o your way to space, but first, you need to go through some rapid unscheduled disassemblies.
    -the laws of physics

  31. Eli Barbieri

    Loving the new video format, looks really good and a lot more real

  32. Prof.Porpoise

    I’m telling you man, as those wires heat and cool they will come loose from the terminals. Get wire ferrules! But damn sprites badass

  33. Austin Shroyer

    Loving the new content keep it up I am working on my own project an electric scale vtol craft and am curious about your EDF system is it custom made or purchased could u give me some specs from what I can feel that would be a perfect size I am looking for
    Also… fire is necessary for it to be appropriate for this channel

  34. Nawa1234 As

    Keep up trying bro you’re going to make it bro keep up the good work

  35. Olav

    Wow! Looks like an awesome project, can’t wait to see more. :)

  36. Prestonesfpv

    I really like your new way of recording videos and getting them out faster

  37. beforebefore

    yay Garmin LIDAR! (yes, I work for them)

  38. Anton Schutte

    looking forward to seeing the next episode

  39. Samuel Hopely

    Super cool rig! Also the Freemasons that built your garage door must’ve been real proud of their work…

  40. DeWe

    Keep on with your mission. You are doing great things. Well done, Sir!

  41. Steve Fink

    I envy you Joe, godspeed.

  42. mountaindewdude76

    Thats pretty cool! I’ll be watching for more updates!

  43. Laurent Azzopardi

    Great Stuff, Good luck for December ;-)

  44. Ashish Khadka - Universal Citizen

    Hey time traveller elon that was really cool

  45. Orion DeYoe

    Love the casual style of the video!

  46. Kree Laban

    Great ! Happy Scientific Rocketry ! We can enjoy it as you explain stuff we never considered before. Keep up this Format !

  47. Gypsy Tinker

    I love your new direction with the channel. Just do your thing and give us some peeks! You’ll get more exciting things accomplished.

  48. Astro Tommy

    I love these kind of videos! ❤️

  49. Sandon Voelker

    What’s your remote control link? Are you running TBS Crossfire on this thing?

  50. carlos marc

    Loved the spontaneous style of the video! Great content. Keep it up, Joe!

  51. steve ryan

    Please tell me when you and your dad (Elon) are going to get together and present some crazy flying contraption to entertain us all 🤓

  52. William Arvidsson

    So glad we are getting some more content now, getting all this update very interesting

  53. Andrew Mitchell

    Great update Joe. Nice to finally see and hear about Sprite. I can’t wait until your version of the Star Hopper test!

  54. Digvijay TV

    The best video of BPS ever, just keep documenting!

  55. Ne Krähe

    Good work, keep on! Flames everywhere!!

  56. Bill Marvin

    “I want fire comin’ out the bottom of this thing” … awesome! I like the quick videos. U do some great edit work no doubt, but the quick and dirty vids help us enjoy the mystery of ur creative process. Also… I appreciate the beauty of ur design of everything piece, even in its rough skin-off vehicle. December hop will be watched… good luck.

  57. Mister Smith

    Damn that’s awesome joey ß. I wanna see that afterburner working!

  58. Simon Richter

    beautiful <3

  59. Dhen Phu

    Supercool! I love it already…
    The engineering-centric no-nonsense short video updates format is absolutely working! Great to see what you’re up to… It makes me dream along.

  60. Omar Essilfie-Quaye

    I want fire haha, i get that feeling

  61. Derik

    This really reminds me of the LLTV. More so if you hook up your RCS system.

  62. Jasper Sambrook

    “but I want fire” bruh

  63. Zachary Holcomb

    When you said this is Joey B the caption translated it to this is Dobbie hahaha nice video!

  64. bccra

    In terms of the new zero-long-editing-slog video style, I feel like the only thing you need more than this is to be ready with a decent mic.

  65. Sitarow

    Great overview, getting motivated to try this ourselves. :)

  66. gus bisbal

    Oh and congratulations on the launch of your new electric truck, I am sure your very proud. Tough break about the windows. Can happen to anyone.

  67. BLR Rocket Technologies Inc.

    Bring the flame! 🔥 Just don’t have it explode like starship, although, Joey B the engineer probably has everything engineered

  68. master shooter64

    We did it ladies and gentlemen we found joe

  69. dieter dick

    Finally liquid rockets 😂

  70. WEeee RV The Johnston's

    I think we can all learn to live with this format Joe. Hopefully it’s less time consuming editing… so we get more content like this! Not that I didn’t appreciate your editing skilllz!😎👍👊🤟

  71. Orion Aerospace

    I feel like the YouTube algorithm is randomly gonna suggest this video because it’s got such a great title
    Also can we get a vectornav unit too pls 😩 <3

  72. master shooter64

    Dont mountthe imu upside down like the russians lol

  73. Aayush Boliya's Universe

    Why do you look like junior Elon Musk?

  74. Kyle Last

    Thought this was gonna be some sort of Sprite cranberry meme

  75. Canine Rocket Technologies

    How to make a edf vehicle be classes into rocketry, add the flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. Piotr Fila

    Just wanted to slip in and say I really enjoy the change of video style so far

  77. Andy Law

    Wow. Is it Ok if I contact you via Everyday Astronaut’s Discord? Regarding support that you mentioned and maybe I can help…?

  78. James S

    IRANs’ American rocket engineer. 😂
    Next video: Stuxnet killed Joe’s nuclear reactor.

  79. Amy Parent

    Really enjoying the more “laid back”/on the spot updates! Also, this project sounds super cool, really interested to see how it evolves!

  80. Maarten DJ

    Joke is on you: I love rockets ánd I love ducted fans

  81. Copenhagen Suborbitals

    Finally a proper TVC system! :) Do you plan to machine the aluminum/graphite jet vanes yourself?

  82. Isaiah Higgins

    Lol he probably still thinks no one knows he’s Elon Musk’s son 😂

  83. Blazing Skulls

    Anyone else think this is Elon Musk traveling back in time?

  84. Yukon

    2:34 it would be appropriate if you made that out of a sprite can

  85. Sleekgeek 36

    Faces that will most likely to build rockets:

  86. Lofi Betelgeuse

    me: mom, can we have Elon Musk?
    mom: we have Elon Musk at home
    Elon Musk at home:

  87. Argus

    Joe: “I want fire”.
    Me: *Very casually clicks the like button*.

  88. Claes Wikberg

    “i want fire” yes… i understand you completely

  89. Alexthebest 823

    Did he just refer to himself as “Joey-B”

  90. justin gray

    elon as a young guy but in 2019

  91. Craig L. Young

    If you’re having problems getting metal parts made then you should turn to the You Tube Machinist community. Brian Block doesn’t live to far from you an he is an excellent machinist. NYC CNC does a lot of collaboration with other You Tubers,

  92. Grimmy

    “4 years later” this is a small scale replica of the Saturn 5! It can also land

  93. Jeroen Feher

    I reacted to your video about content production value from a few days ago. Just wanted to say, if this is what you consider a reduction in video quality, I think you’re more than safe.

  94. shadowdq

    i like this vlog-esk format

  95. MinedamePlayz

    3:18 “I want fire coming out of this thing”
    Nice one Joey B ima save that for later

  96. Naman Mishra

    The no-care video posting is actually working! Please keep posting like this, we care bout engineering like this!

  97. Ivan atomicbomb

    Is it weird that this guy kinda looks like Elon Musk?

  98. Koos Naamloos

    I don’t know how much of this was scripted, but I really like this ‘on the spot’ content

  99. revenevan11

    This version: Sprite
    Version with butane flaming out the back: Sprite Cranberry

  100. Owen Sparks

    “The top half of the craft is missing.” You’re not alone in having that problem.

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