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Joe Barnard channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/musicmakr

  1. Leon Stansfield

    Dammit, now I feel bad about my comment complimenting your amazing quality last few videos.

  2. ProjectAir

    Nice mug Joe
    Also, great idea! Love the afterburner.

  3. AttiX :D

    You bothered my Minecraft time. You cun…. I mean yea new videó jee
    Edit: Yes i think that a “Reset” button would be good.

  4. Pierre Bernard

    Definitely upload the short update clips!

  5. Patryk Kmiecik

    Finally! More engineering less content-quality-mumbo-jumbo-time-consuming-bs! You go Joe!

  6. Scot Washburn

    It’s your channel. I enjoy watching your content. I like the detailed explanations on top of certain aspects of your test launches and things of that nature. But I will still continue to watch your channel.

  7. Brian Nielsen

    Go for it. I’m sure I will love it just as well.

  8. 張淇鈞

    I think it’s worth a try, I’d love to watch more engineering videos as well.

  9. Edison Wong

    I like your security system, I have the same one at home.

  10. Mark Wilson

    I would like simple videos going through the design process and then one high quality video that shows the final result of each project.

  11. Captain Ultimate

    Maybe in doing this experiment, you’ll see that we enjoy watching your content, and not stressing about quality, or upload schedules. All the topics you cover, are super interesting, and exciting to learn about, that’s why I’m here!

  12. John Lessing

    Let me put it this way: Do it! :) Looking forward towards the new content. Now if you would excuse me … I have a new channel to recap on :D

  13. Christoffer Sandberg

    It’s amazing that you and other channels take the time spending editing. Editing is context but to me content, eg what you actually are doing, is a lot more interesting. So Blurp out your videos as is.

  14. J Dub

    Hey Brother, it’s your channel and I’m just along for the crazy ride!
    Carry on!

  15. Lucas Arama

    Quality it’s our channel, “better a beautiful video than several small videos with a lower quality”

  16. brokendinnerr


  17. Orion Aerospace

    So… does this mean… official BPS KSP streams??!🤔
    P.S just upload whatever man— we are here for the engineering ;) I’m also still waiting for joeyB Tea reviews

  18. Asse Intze

    I really like the idea of having more videos, even of they are not of amazing quality. For me it is quantity over quality!

  19. Skukkix23

    dude i just wanna see some model rockets, dont care for perfect editing

  20. M. Hans Liebert

    The cut in of the sprite test represents exactly the level of production you need to do to satisfy us.

  21. The Raging Storm

    High quality low quality I just want to see you building some call engineering stuff

  22. Chris Johnson

    I’m gonna vote a second time for send it, I mean I think I just want to learn more about sprite and I want it now and raw

  23. deltatrash

    Just do it. Inspect and adapt… don’t care about quality, although I love your high quality videos 🙂

  24. Thermophile

    But seriously, go for it. Do the thing you want to, and not the thing that your ridiculously high expectations for yourself wants you to do.

  25. RailgunRiot

    Either way I’ll be watching, love the channel!

  26. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Upload rate doesn’t matter, I love all your videos

  27. Jakob

    Just do it we dont care how the quality is <3

  28. Minipav

    More videos is good, I like watching the inventing / engineering process and project evolve as you learn what works and what doesn’t. So more short updates is assume.

  29. TheVeryMagenta Puppy

    Love your videos for the tech,
    like yeah amazing quality is well… amazing but it is not required.
    I just want to see rockets launch and what makes them launch (you know what I mean)

  30. Chris Wilson

    I started watching to see the content, I dont care how it comes out, just interested in seeing what you’re doing. I dont think anyone is really interested in production quality, but more about what you’re sharing.

  31. PNW SciTech

    Just go for it! I’m more interested in seeing the engineering and development than a “polished” video if it stresses you out.

  32. GreatFlamin Zeus

    Some legends say, that mug still remains full.

  33. DoktorDinkel YT

    Prefer the incredible quality of your engineering!

  34. joel383

    The “lower quality” videos will increase in quality too.

  35. Elites Disappoint

    You’re a true blue legend, keep on it <3

  36. MN Sidewinder

    Hey, upload what you want, when you want, about what you want. I’ll watch it regardless. :)

  37. Chris Epp

    Go for it. High quality videos ince in a while when you feel like it is cool, but more data is sweet!

  38. Steve O

    Joe, your magnetic personality and excellent teaching/presentation skills are what keep people coming back, not the editing quality.

  39. MoonMan22

    Thanks for this! I love the idea. We love the content. I think that the results will be great. Any BPS content is awesome content!

  40. dragsys

    Rockets first, quality second, I just want to see progress.

  41. Mega_Gamer_42

    00:05 what did we do
    00:20 yes i have noticed
    1:30 Ok got it
    2:15 good idea
    3:00 COOOL
    3:34 i’m up for it
    4:14 it makes sense
    5:16 i think you are gonna rock this *YELLING*

  42. Nikhil Gante

    I love the raw engineering over the polished stuff any day! Keep it up!

  43. InterestingNameHere


  44. Dvd Rori

    Sprite is basically a “Not a flamethrower” now

  45. I'm Anarchy

    as an engineering student I would very much enjoy more of the design process and build process as opposed to just production quality like editing etc…

  46. jims408

    Yes, upload whatever — anything and everything! It’s all good!

  47. acceler9

    I’m just here for the content! Love your ideas and engineering!!! Bring on the projects (any quality will do)!


    Do you bro how ever you see fit on uploading I’m game. Just take a deep breath and feel free to upload when ever you want I’ll be here ❤️😊👍🏼

  49. Gerben Drijfhout

    Absolutely loved the ‘pretty, fancy, cinematic videos’, but following BPS’ progress is what I’m here for. Go for it!

  50. RandomImpluses

    You’ve got this man! Give us everything!!!!

  51. Jed Edelstein

    Post whatever you want here, as long as it has you and rockets

  52. Sg Kingly

    I’m looking forward to seeing this change. It would be more interesting I think to see some more raw content and the reasons I watch you are as follows: rockets and your personality

  53. Kevin Simmons


  54. WastedTalent

    This started like a breakup video.

  55. Gregor Hellmundt

    Hey, this sounds like a good idea!

  56. Luigi

    just do it, dont let your memes be dreams

  57. Vozze

    What might work is: lower quality progress videos and rarer really well-edited and polished ‘results’ videos. That way you have the best of both worlds!

  58. Soyo YT

    while i always like to see a nice launch montage i would also be really interested in watching the behind the scenes moments. feel free to enlighten us

  59. 15gamers haven

    I love this idea upload when you have stuff to show, and not waste time making huge long videos all the time.
    You can stream more also so we can just kinda watch while you work.

  60. Slobodan Bob Đukić

    Whatever, whenever, I’m with you all the way Joe, so let’s do this!

  61. Kenneth Buckingham

    My Favorite part of the Ksp stream from yesterday was seeing raw clips of the Sprite test, I think uploading test footage like that would be great on here.

  62. Joe

    we got beef?!?! come at me bro

  63. Wes

    I’m here for your personality and the projects you’re working on. I’d love more content in whatever manner.

  64. Nyyppis

    Me: Way ahead of you! I’m on my toilet ready to unload… What ever might need unloading… That came out wrong… In many ways.

  65. Jeremy Craft

    Do it Joe! I love what you’ve been doing here. The engineering and design is fascinating. Don’t get too bogged down in the idea of YouTube, it won’t be around forever. Your work far outshines the importance of polished videos.

  66. Matrick13

    nice to see you address the line of engineering log and cinematic documentary, I’m personally more into straight up engineering, but I will support whatever choice that work for you ;)

  67. XweenoX

    I love this idea! We are all engineers here after all, so let’s test :) I know I’m looking forward to the more raw content

  68. Jero Perez

    I would love to see more content and there’s no need for fancy editing, I love what you do and I will continue watching your videos. Relax

  69. Ender436

    My pigeon is on its way with my thoughts.

  70. Robert Nickel

    Honestly I just enjoy watching your crazy projects. The quality of the project should always take priority over the quality of the video.

  71. Atlas WalkedAway

    So you’re telling me this _isn’t_ about me eating all the imitation crab in the fridge?

  72. Morten Albertsen

    Well, if we get more rocket content i am up for it!
    Maybe a recap every now and then wouldn’t hurt, but watching raw tests could be great for us as well!

  73. Gingerbarons

    I would prefer more engineering and also maybe more of the failures and prototypes and designs

  74. Gnomie

    Do what makes you happy man, we’ll all be here!

  75. CayoSkrub

    i dont mind the quality as long as the content is okay, just do whatever i want we’ll watch you anyway.

  76. NotKiwiBird

    Upload whatever you want whenever you want to. I’ll keep watching the channel regardless

  77. Dr Frantz

    You have the best quality for engineering: you’re a perfectionist. Your content is some of the best out there, but not only because of how much work you put into, but mostly because of you. You see, you’ve already got our attention. Your fan base is established and I’m sure most of your supporters will agree, we’ll follow you into whatever project comes next. Rockets are cool, but seriously Joe, we’re here for you. We all wanna know what you’re working on, even if it’s just a glimpse. So don’t stress too much (as long as you keep blowing our minds haha)
    A patreon supporter

  78. HTCS

    Hey Joe ! I make small videos myself and about rockets too (Computer Animation) and I feel you so much !!! It takes so much time to do it when you could be working on what counts for you ! So go make that f*^%cking rocket !!!!

  79. RocKITEman _ 2001

    *_”You’re the NCA Chairman….”_** — 2010 [1984]*

  80. RocKITEman _ 2001

    _”You just can’t trust ad revenue at all.”_

  81. Benbot

    Oh good, I thought you were breaking up with me.

  82. Jesse Wood

    You should hire a someone to film and edit so you can focus on the engineering you love

  83. LabRatMatt

    I’m a little nervous about sending you carrier pigeons while you’re testing rockets

  84. Uriah Siner

    If you post it, Im most likely going to watch it, just sayin.

  85. Ebrahim Chalhoub

    Don’t bother with the quality i will watch you in 144p

  86. Bill Karoly

    You’re a one man show? You need someone who can film and edit.

  87. Mac33

    There might be a disconnect between your definition of “questionable quality” and that of your audience.

  88. Alexander Brodeur

    “Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” – Dumbledore


    It feels like you’re asking permission to us. Man you can do whatever you want with your channels and we’re going to be okay with it.

  90. Harry May

    Why am I only finding out about this other channel now

  91. Nathan Schmitz

    “You me, we have beef” me *weeping*, there seems to be no downside for a oneish month test, go for it! Fully support it!

  92. JK

    Would rather see process instead of really high quality vids.

  93. hornetluca

    Oh no ..” _We need to talk_ ” is something no one wants to hear

  94. MoHnK XP2-89

    We got beef? Good! I’ll start the grill, we’re gonna have great burgers in a blink!

  95. Piotr Fila

    I will miss the high quality videos, but at the same time I would rather see more engineering than fancy editing

  96. Steven Lovell

    More engineering, less polish, is fine with me.

  97. Yidi Reiss

    There are 2 main reasons I watch your channel:
    1) The engineering and rocketry
    2) You and your ‘hilarious’ jokes
    As long as I get to see those 2 things, I don’t really care about anything else.

  98. Kelton Johnson

    Casually says “been working on an afterburner for sprite”

  99. testi

    I bet what you consider “questionable quality” is more than enough.

  100. neenaw

    You’re falling into the YouTuber trap of thinking about this too much

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