TVC Vane Alignment

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Still a plenty of work to do before this thing is ready to fly, but things are steadily moving forward

i carbonated milk because of who i am as a person:

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  1. Spudsen

    Would SpaceX style grid fins work as vanes?

  2. cobrasniper555

    Very clean design work. Do you use CAD software for drawing/design development? I’m curious to what has worked for you.

  3. Clinton Conger

    How are you planning to keep the heat from the vanes from transferring into the servo and killing it when in real use?

  4. Garry Collins

    Yeah, that’s the way to do it.

  5. Sirmas K

    Bother whare did you learned all these rocket science?

  6. Mraven Cross

    Love your Short videos Thank You

  7. Markus M

    Do you take the distance between the centre of gravity and the location of the IMU into account?

  8. SiaarZH

    wish i had your dad

  9. Andrew Berger

    gawd that thing looks expensive

  10. Rock Man

    I like!

  11. Harry May

    Someone needs to make a song out of the mother test sounds

  12. k.vasanth j.kannan


  13. k.vasanth j.kannan


  14. Charles Lambert

    Isn’t the optimal vane shape some kind of symmetrical foil?

  15. diet

    You an engineer?

  16. Chris Epp

    Damn those are fast servos…

  17. 7cle

    I vote Yes to the new release schedule / format.

  18. Delta Space Systems


  19. Riccardo Bossi

    Will you make a small wind tunnel to test the vains or you’re going to use some CFD simulation?

  20. George Doolittle

    Tom Servo!

  21. MN Sidewinder

    Strong is the geek within this one.

  22. Bruce Baxter

    wedge shape is most effective at trans sonic speeds and higher

  23. Cinematics

    Hello Joe, when comes the Big Sprite Video?

  24. Gawin Grimm

    I like these short updates. Keep them coming.

  25. Jim Anderson

    Really liking these quick short videos!

  26. bigratkiller1

    Yeah just keep posting stuff. It’s all good

  27. James Barnes

    what EGTs are you expecting? I might consider a different material for the thrust control vanes. Dope tho, cant wait to see it in action.

  28. mike

    I love how you make up stupid names typ jup sus

  29. Model Rocketry

    When will you be testing

  30. Mateusz Mat

    I like this new format

  31. Aaron Hart

    Hey, if you want a professional job done on those aluminum vanes, hit me up. Be glad to cut out some procession parts for you.

  32. SA66

    I’m wondering how you will overcome giro effect from spining prop??

  33. Arthur Goetzke-Coburn

    Absolutely digging this new video format. Super interesting and very cool. Don’t mind the loss of video production quality at all

  34. Lane Surface

    Dang, dude. This is crazy cool.

  35. SciFi Factory

    Super impressive!
    Btw. Are you doing this full time or do you also have a normal day job?
    (Because then I’ll have to go and hide somewhere for being so slow. ^^)

  36. Isaac Westawski

    Theres something really satisfying about the vehicle testing the vanes.

  37. Dingledongle

    Joe!!!! when is the next landing model rockets episode coming out?

  38. Higgs Prime

    i think if this guy continues, we can probably reach Neptune the beautiful blue planet, forget Mars Elon has done that.

  39. kz6fittycent

    I like these videos better. Keep it up, you’re doing great!

  40. Boekoe

    i would love to see you calculating this.

  41. Demactory

    This Liquid rocket engine?

  42. Red Five

    Are you going to use butane tank and brushless motor “””oxidizer “””

  43. Jonathan Osmark

    Even though you said that these videos would be lower quality, I still think this video looks really quality-minded! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  44. Patrick Iton Oliveras

    Couldn’t you just shake the milk to get the CO2 out?

  45. Daniel Guerra

    I’m loving this new channel videos didactics

  46. Gypsy Tinker

    Loving the new format!

  47. FartDog 22

    This is epic, keep up the awesome work

  48. JustFabulous

    March 2024: BPS achieves orbit
    Srlsly tho nice job.

  49. Sebrenity

    Another neat vid! cool to see the build progress rather than just BOOM suddenly rocket. Truly shows just how much work you put in.

  50. TheBigCheesish

    Could you use the extra mounting holes on the servos to line up the jig? I feel like theres something there but I’m not sure

  51. MrCuervoRC

    The profile of these fins is designed for supersonic flight, I think that if you put a symmetrical wing profile, naca0012 type will be more effective because the profile will not get stalled easily and deflect the air better.

  52. 496 elcamino

    Ha, if we could plug your mind into Elonโ€™s ten thoughts at a time, you could make it make sense to us. Great content

  53. Russell Arnott

    I really enjoy to rapid-fire updates … looking forward to the next one!

  54. Colin Worobetz

    The way you framed the whole picture was great, excellent explanation and solid film work as always. Great job Joe.

  55. loris orzan

    Those kind of videos are waaay better, keep it on <3

  56. John Rutkowski

    Damn those servos are sweet. Your tvc setup reminds me of the Juno 1 rocket I saw at ksc, I had never thought of that method before then

  57. Shalin Palil

    I approve of the new format…
    Still rooting for you Joe!

  58. Neil Redelinghuys

    Keep em vids coming bro, love the little updates!! It builds anticipation for an actual flight ๐Ÿ˜‚

  59. Erick Kovalsky

    this was fun and informative, love it !

  60. Yukon

    How about SLA printing the Vanes in Cermaic or High Temperature resin? Itnwould be lighter than metal maybe?

  61. readysetnogo

    I love the new posting format. More frequent posting will typically lead to faster channel growth. Plus, most people watching are here for the content not the editing of the video itself, so a more frequent and therefore more detailed build log is much more entertaining to watch.

  62. Flynn Davis Lawrence

    He even looks like a mix between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk

  63. Giorgio Sofisti

    Iโ€™m enjoying a lot this new format and also this project, I canโ€™t wait to see some more in-depth contents on control flow based on control theory.

  64. Idea Maker

    I want to see you flying this amazing aircraft……

  65. EpicDaniel

    He uploaded this video at 12 pm in Germany rip :(

  66. Starman

    Hey great video and just wondering when will you be doing another Echo landing attempt.

  67. Max Fuchs

    The Vanes look like the Tesla Cybertruck. Explain this Elon.

  68. Kyle Films

    Thatโ€™s pretty cool! Definitely gotta say I personally enjoy this uploading style. I feel like you donโ€™t need it to be super showy, this is like a documentary and I enjoy it.

  69. GreatFlamin Zeus

    My skies were almost not blue, so thanks for remembering that!

  70. RealJay

    Kind of friendly neighborhood real life Iron Man ๐Ÿ˜„

  71. maniiez

    Hy bps space! I was Just wondering is sprite going to also work with rocket motors and not only propelers? Thx.

  72. The Rocket Nerds

    You canโ€™t miss the end I know that all too well

  73. Quinn S

    Watching the vanes calibrate is super satisfying for some reason

  74. Hax

    Is the state space model gonna be available afterwards?

  75. Koen Janssen

    Awesome video, cool to be so โ€œcloseโ€ to the development

  76. Magic Smoke RC

    The frequent updates are definitely nice.

  77. Captain Medly #First order forever

    I love how the servos do like a little dance

  78. Jack Dudan

    I could watch that calibration sequence all day

  79. Walter Israel

    Got my dose in my coffee break! Absolutely like the new small video idea.

  80. AmbientSpectrum

    The startup check on the vanes looks like stop motion, super cool

  81. Some1 Gee

    I really love the new Joey B uploads whatever whenever experiment.

  82. Parth Dali

    Anyone over here who watched the latest Episode Of’ Rick and Morty’ We have got Elon Tusk From a different Reality ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  83. James Nguyen

    The calibration sequence is satisfying

  84. Slice of Bread

    1:08 why do i find this cute?

  85. Singularity

    1:19 now we know joe designs everything on blender

  86. Ziyad M

    Elon musk be watching this be like *” way to go older me, way to go “*

  87. Pinnacle Dev

    Hey Joe, I really liked the video. And I don’t know if this is the right place or not, but I might have a question. I am currently building a scale Falcon heavy (Without TVC). I was wondering how about how much total voltage you used to launch your Falcon heavy’s three engines. If you have time to get to this question that would be very appreciated. If I should go somewhere else, could someone point me to there?
    ps. love your vids.

  88. SkyGeorge

    Iโ€™ve got to say, that i love these new โ€žsmallโ€˜nโ€˜quickโ€œ updates! Keep โ€™em coming!

  89. Captain Firepower

    1:08 is so satisfying.

  90. William Gringhuis

    “Sponsored by: Milk – You got it?”

  91. CADesigner

    Man… SpaceX needs to hire you

  92. Yukon

    The response time on the servos are so amazing! Looks like the vanes on the AIM 9 Sidewinder

  93. PrettyChill Chemistry

    Dude, you’re a legend! You make the coolest stuff.

  94. Erc C

    If this isnโ€™t the most over engineered per square inch craft I donโ€™t know what is.

  95. Orion Aerospace

    Yes, but can it C A R B O N A T E M I L K?!
    We’ve stopped building rockets to go into the carbonation business…

  96. komal agarwal

    He *looks* like *Musk*
    He *works* like *Musk*
    But unfortunately,
    He don’t *Earn* like *Musk*

  97. MrVipitis

    the new video quality standard isn’t Clickspring, but it’s telling a story or documenting in your case far better. And this is what matters. Uphold some quality standards, but don’t take it too far on yourself.

  98. Nathan Schmitz

    Version two of Sprite should be called Sprite Cranberry, he almost missed that!

  99. Ugo Uzoukwu

    Liking this new format a lot

  100. thebowstaff

    Definitely like the shorter/more often posts

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