The AVA Flight Computer

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Lemme know if you spot the error on the board. There is at least one… :)

Optimal State Estimation – Dan Simon:


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  1. Chris Kibb

    Two points. First, absolutely excellent video. Editing, overall presentation, micro visuals on your board work, commentary……..everything! Fantastic job Joe!!
    Second….by any chance, are you also ava (band) fan?

  2. Dan Suno

    why did the music sound like halo? Especially at the end

  3. Space Lover 17

    I love your video! it keeps me happy.
    When you succesful of your sprint try to make your own rocket company!

  4. niccatipay

    YOu have your laptop in a high humidity environment. Hot damm.

  5. Riccardo Bergamini

    1:23 the ground connector is the second from the right, while on the board is the first on the left 🔍

    Btw, fantastic job; can’t wait to see AVA in action


    1:21 The ground wire is on the wrong side, so either the sleving on the cable is wrong or the pcb board is wrong (I assume since you said the board it must be that)

  7. Tushar Goyal

    11:11 is the only time Joe calls it I-two-C and not I-squared-C. I wonder why?!

  8. ingusmant

    Bro have you heard about SERIAL CONNECTORS?

    just joking

  9. ahmed yusuf

    i liked the editing on this video.

  10. tigeruby

    also maybe next time we’ll see an fpga implementation of all this, and then a shiny new asic for the next iteration 🤞

  11. Zaph Hood

    Don’t know about error as such, but some of those solder joints look iffy AF.

  12. MiDa

    1:25 A white groundwire, interesting choice xD

  13. Cian Dowd

    I was sent this by a friend. Really interesting video and fun to see the hardware-software mix.

  14. Springshark 91

    Watching these videos really makes me feel like I need to build something but I have no idea what to build!

  15. Rein de Boer

    Agh, mpu instead of cpu! Also, huge respects from me!

  16. 3DprintedLife

    Damn dude, that’s beautiful. Really well done. You’ve inspired me to finally get off my butt and design a modular pcb I can use for all my robotics projects, rather than the half baked breakout pcb I have now. I know it won’t be nearly as pretty but hey that’s ok :D

  17. Sean Skillern

    I love AVArething about this video. <3

  18. Prash KD

    Arduino env does come with performance cost.. never had issues with my projects but then again, i don’t build rocket or anything that goes as fast.

  19. Indian

    Looks like young ELON MUSK!!!

  20. danny trials

    Damn, this is some serieus engineering! You should build orbital rockets

  21. Richard Burguillos

    Sir, a very well done video overview of AVA. “To Infinity and Beyond…”

  22. Andrés Ramirez

    Hi, is there any advantage of using C++ over C when programming hardware such a microcontroller?

  23. Mauro Hervas

    These were like… A lot of words, but it looks cool!

  24. Bob

    Incredibly well done, Joe. Keep it up!

  25. someoneonlylol


  26. Bryan Rotor

    AVA v2- doesn’t need the rest of the rocket, just transforms.

  27. Shreyas Jha

    1:23, close up at 2:54 . The radio connector has been labelled with 2 RX pins instead of a RX and a TX pin.

  28. Sudarshan Pujari

    I am waiting for the time when a diy craft lands on moon

  29. TheIceGryphon

    I don’t even have a project, yet I want one in a glass frame.

  30. super nilserino

    1:23 is it the fact that the microcontrollers are so glimmery like their wet?

  31. Benjamin Child

    When he said on twitter that the intro was going to be fire, I thought he had accidentally lit something on fire on camera. The intro was great though!

  32. Jens Si

    1:22 a bummer that you only can receive date… but hey, at least it has redundancy, so…. good?

  33. Jarrett Goldberg

    So if I understand this correctly, there are 3 computers, each handling their own work and they report to the main pc via serial?

  34. Edward Lucas

    This is beautifully shot and the editing and post was done exceptionally well.

  35. Everything Youtube

    2/10 – Doesn’t fly

  36. ImpaledBerrys

    when a flight computer is stronger than your computer

  37. Bryan

    1:24 Is it that there are two RX labels?

  38. Pedro Velazquez

    As an student finishing his degree on engineering, I congratule you. You are one of those guys who get things done instead of just talking.
    I’ve learned a lot of concepts from you.
    Dont care about the critics, they are probably from the ones who does not do the things you do. Jist keep it going!
    Greetings from Paraguay!

  39. Chad Ohman

    Absolutely a work of art. I’m guessing due to ITAR, you can’t work with folks outside of the US?

  40. Jeff Parisse

    The BEST video I’ve seen all year! I really enjoy your logic and engineering perspective. Good on ya for hand making that board and amazingly high quality video presentation.

  41. vannoo67

    Its ok Joe. Disable emotional affect and bring yourself back online.

  42. emmilvonradosoft

    Error on PCB: I would say the RX/TX typo.

  43. Vishwesh _

    I like this guy he is a nice a smart and wise guy.

  44. Michael Jones

    7:03 when will you learn
    That your actions have consequences

  45. Steven Q

    I mean that’s cool and all but can it run crisis?

  46. A Pillow

    Is the error that two pins are labeled “Rx” instead of “Rx” and “Tx”?

  47. Porter Campbell

    2:26 nice save

  48. Anton Bily

    Imagine being this smart

  49. Roel Baardman

    For a next iteration of this computer:
    You might be able to combine the MK20 and bluetooth chip with something like an nRF52 family processor. Next to being a SoC with an MK24-like processor, it has bluetooth on-board, which saves the energy overhead of a separate chip. nRF chips are also a lot more flexible when it comes to pin muxing: (almost) any pin can do anything.
    A good SDK (written in C) is available with a lot of examples.

    I’ve use MK24s and nRF52 series for work and was pretty impressed with the latter.

  50. MassHysteria

    “I do my best to orient them all in the same direction”

    *Shows clip with one of the resistors upside down

  51. Griznant

    You can receive but can’t transmit….or at least your label says you can receive twice as much. lulul copy errors i’ve done the same thing don’t beat yourself up.

  52. Seth Tucker

    You just made soldering a PCB look cool and artistic.

  53. T is for Tech

    Wondering who the “we” is he refers to constantly :) Maybe he’s already done the AI Neuralink ahead of Elon :)

  54. b3agz

    This video has nothing to do with Tom DeLonge. YouTube has betrayed me.

  55. In the Garage

    I love the hardware stuff but when you get into software man my brain cooks. I wish I was your neighbor so I could make a hybrid liquid solid rocket for you.

  56. SunnyGaming

    Mumbo Jumbo: I am the smartest
    This guy: AVA
    Mumbo Jumbo: You are clearly smarter

  57. NOXi Z

    the aesthetic, its beautiful, keep it up

  58. Jason M

    Wow a blackout roughly per 10 minutes feels like some important health problem. I’m deeply worried for our beloved carbonated milk guy

  59. seasong

    The rocket knows where it is, because it knows where it isn’t…

  60. Western UNITED

    I make small rockets with my company Spacewest but we need an in-flight navigation and control system like that one but less expensive.

  61. Frank

    Any suggestions on how to start developing own PCBs without much electronic background or never having it done before? How did u do it?

  62. TheDarkGunner100

    This flightcontroller is just brilliant…
    Designed my own for a thesis recently but mine is far more primitive than yours…
    mines just a 2 sided PCB tho xD

  63. ody vinty*

    Wow. Just wow. You can be damn proud of how far you’ve come. You’re so smart. Big congrats king.

  64. Steven Beichner

    As a model rocket enthusiast, I absolutely love this channel and seeing the depth that it goes into. You’re doing great work and inspiring many of us to dig deeper into the hobby.

  65. VX Robotics & Electronics

    Why do u don’t use LoRa modul to communicate it is pretty small and can communicate at long distance and u can easily mount it on AVA module

  66. Levon Hovhannisyan

    The error on the board is visible at 2:54: “G RX RX 3V” -> should be Rx Tx ?

  67. Lucca Rodrigues

    That build/reflow montage in the beginning is just pure eyecandy. Uuuugh so smooth

  68. Scott Spitler

    Oh my god he sounds like a true computer engineer now, great job!

  69. Chris Vandergriff

    It would not be an exaggeration to say that Joe has inspired me to do projects I never would have dreamed are possible.

  70. Futuristic Cyclone

    *Technology at its finest*

    Keep it up dude :)

  71. Nicholas Rehm

    Perfect timing! Just released my Teensy-based flight controller for electric VTOLs too :)

  72. Chandan Sinha

    I learnt soooo much in these few minutes than I could have, searching on my own from scratch. I would forever be grateful to have come across your work. It has been an absolute boon in every sense. Thank you Joe!

  73. Ryan McGee

    I have two modes when watching this channel:

    1. Rocket go brrrrr
    2. Nerd out on hardware and software

    Keep up the good work, love the content!

  74. Chukk Rahn

    1:23 two rx pins marked?

  75. David Williston

    I’m just angry at myself for not being as motivated and methodical as you 😂😂👌👍👏😭😉

  76. Venomfall

    I have no idea who this man is or what he’s talking about, but YouTube recommended it to me and I watched through the entire 20 minutes glued to whatever it was he was talking about.

  77. Dom A

    The thing about the ardunio platform is… the forums are massive, a random person has probably already had a similar error, cant say that about some other microcontrollers

  78. Daniel Murray

    I love custom stuff like this. This board, the layout, even the logo is sexy AF! Nice work man.

  79. Canine Rocket Technologie

    I was like “Wow Joe doing a serious video this time”
    Untill 7:00

    Got me by surprise and cracked me up

  80. Ben Campbell

    Who wants to tell him I2C is a serial communication protocol?

    Ik he’s referring to other low data rate protocols and I get his frustration, I’m currently looking for a solution to bypass my Prusa Mk3S serial connection and directly write to the SD card.

  81. palako

    The fact you’ve taught yourself all of this is absolutely remarkable. Big kudos.

  82. Rich Shirey

    4:55 – Slight, passive/aggressive “Woo-Tang Moment”.
    6:34 – “…YET!”
    7:05 – High-order “Woo-Tang Moment” born out of frustration (ODB raises an eyebrow from the afterlife).
    9:51 – In other words, “zero f%cks given…WOO-TANG!”
    13:18 – slow, yet steady, build-up to frustration-based, nerd rage-onset of “Woo-Tang Moment”. (deep breath, Joey…we’re with you. Suggestion: Bourbon helps).
    More to follow.

  83. Valentin

    You have to stop uploading these videos right when I want to do my homework. Now I’m going to procrastinate for the next hour again

  84. That Guy

    Finally putting that music degree to use in that intro I see.


  85. Cheetah Poop

    Looks like the ATLAS logo from advanced warfare. Giving me weird vibes.

  86. Luca

    Awesome stuff!
    Here are some notes:
    – You should look into DMA, all UART, SPI, I2C interfaces can pretty much run without any interference from the MCU. (I am currently working on a system with 5 UART, 1 SDMMC, 4 SPI, 1 I2C and 1 USB interface on a single core MCU. Other systems like a kalman, controller, logging etc. are still able to run at a 1000Hz)
    – Getting unlocked radios from ublox is very difficult. I am from Switzerland and we get all of our receivers directly from ublox, I know some people who work there. They will not sell any of the unlocked ones, I already asked. But you should know, it is actually an AND connection between the two criteria. So only if you are moving faster than 1900km/h AND are above 18’000m it will not work. So if you are below 18’000m it will always work as long as you are not going over the dynamics limit which is about 4g (very easy to surpass with a rocket). GNSS receivers can not work under high acceleration because of the doppler shift.
    – You should probably also look into SPI, it is a lot faster than I2C and is easier to debug.

    ALSO… UART is not that bad, most devices are configurable to a high baudrate :)
    I am really impressed with what you achived. Keep up to good work and I hope this helps a bit.

  87. William Rose

    >16g, have fun

  88. Invisible Impostor 73

    This is some really high quality video …. Big up man!

  89. Tom H

    “I think joes cheating on me, whenever he goes to make videos he keeps talking about this girl Ava.”

  90. master shooter64

    Joe: Writes his own flight software for the flight computer that he himself built, using c++

    me: writes flight software in kerbal space program in kOS for the flight computers that kerbals build

    me: 𝘱𝘢𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘤


  91. Matthew Petry

    Board error: your serial port connector has two “receive” pins — or at least so says your silkscreen. ;)

  92. Done

    You’ve gotta release the music separately sometime, it’s awesome.

  93. Schuyler Montgomery

    “There’s a nonzero amount of aesthetics to be considered”
    Spoken like a true engineer.

  94. JBpiification

    As someone who has worked on drones, its funny to see you working on a similar path that drone control followed. Started with basic PIDs and slowly got better with full state constol, FOC motor control, fancy filters, better and faster protocols ect.

  95. Esteban Duran

    As a flight software engineer who has worked on spacecraft and rockets I have two things to say:
    1) You sir have created a beautiful flight computer.
    2) Do not be ashamed of using Arduino. It’s a great platform for getting things done.

  96. AstroMatthew

    “Why why it so slow….. I’m sorry I don’t what happened there must have blacked out there for a second” – Joe Barnard

    Dang I laughed so hard

  97. Henrik Techguy

    I love how this guy just graduated music school then said, fuck it, I wanna build rockets.
    And here we are. Awesome.

  98. Mrh

    10 years later: “How i landed a model rocket on Mars.”

  99. Braeden Bowman

    so you’re telling me the missile just got better at knowing where it is and isn’t?

  100. The Thought Emporium

    Dude this whole video is ART. I don’t even fly rockets, but the board is so pretty I want one just to frame it on the wall, but wouldn’t waste one like that. Better to leave them for people making cool rockets. This is awesome, great work

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