Sprite – Hop and Divert Montage + Updates

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Hope y’all enjoy the big ol compilation here! Tried to include all the 4k 60fps angles and data your little engineer hearts could ever want :)
Testing timestamps below!

Thanks to Jonathan Boggs from Triiaxis for machining the TVC vanes! You can check out all his work here: https://www.youtube.com/user/split141x
TVC Vane CNCing pt 1: https://youtu.be/aniKdxN4Xm4
TVC Vane CNCing pt 2: https://youtu.be/rIG93UXWcJs

Feb 25th, 2020:
1 meter, 1 min flight: 0:28
1 meter up, 2 meters over: 2:48
2 meters up, 4 meters over: 4:56
3 meters up, 4 meters over flight 1: 6:04
3 meters up, 4 meters over flight 2: 7:42

Feb 24th 2020(windy day):
0.7 meter, 17 second flight: 9:48
0.7 meter, 40 second flight: 10:26
1 meter, 1 min flight(rough landing): 12:19

What happened with the TVC vanes? 13:57
Where is the butane afterburner? 14:48
Flight battery updates: 16:43
Adding roll-assisting stators: 18:39

Thanks as well to VectorNav for generously providing the VN-300 IMU/GNSS/AHRS that is at the heart of Sprite’s guidance and control system!

Tags: BPS, Sprite, Hop, Test, Update, Divert, Flight, Hopper, Thrust, Vanes, TVC, Vector, Control, State, Feedback

  1. mountaindewdude76

    That is just awesome! Ive followed some of you videos and it looks like your hard work is paying off. Sprite is looking amazing and seems to perform very well! Well done!
    A bit off topic, id just like to ask if you know about the FAA’s NPRM for Remote ID and have you sent them a comment regarding Remote ID?

  2. Andrew Malin

    my hero! kudos man..

  3. Andrew Malin

    wait wait this moon landing tech… this is real science , clap clap way to go man..

  4. Russell Tangren

    RIP afterburner 😥

  5. Carl Groover

    Looking Good Joe!

  6. Shaun

    Are you still working on the self landing rocket with the solid motor?

  7. Laurent Azzopardi

    Great work ;-)

  8. Jan Kressin

    Where can I buy that awesome NASA sweater?
    Great Vid by the way

  9. Flyguy779

    the missile knows where it is … :o

  10. Alex Howe

    Hey Joe, what camera/lens setup are you using? The footage is looking c r i s p .

  11. Tomek

    What graphing software do you use? I’m on a look out for a live graph and those look like would work for me.

  12. John Bazaar

    You do cool stuff.

  13. Jordan Davis

    Never really liked the afterburner anyway lol

  14. Roberto Sale

    Hi Joe! Congrats for the achievements! Can you tell me which language program are you using for the gui and the pc control software? Thanks!

  15. Simon Bunker

    Great video as always. Would it be worth getting an aneometer so that you can take account of the wind gusts?

  16. royeverett

    Amazing craft and guidance software! Fantastic work.

  17. Pronto

    For a while, I wondered where you were going with this project, but I get it now (makes more sense after the afterburner explanation). This is cool af…

  18. Tom Mendenhall

    So you’re the guy flying the mystery drones in Colorado.😎

  19. Grimmy

    This is so cool! Can’t wait to see higher altitude flights and sprint! Also I have a good recommendation, you should have a parachute for an abort.

  20. Marek Kučera

    do you sell these sprite boards? i’d really like to have my own little working rocket at home

  21. Michael Earnest

    Gotta trust your baby-sprite more. It was so funny watching you “spot” Sprite’s landing… reminds me of teaching my son to ride a bike.

  22. mumblbee bee

    Congratulations, it is amazing to see Sprite do what you want it to – and nice to see how pleased you are, rightly so!
    P.S. zip-ties for the win! (Although, once you do actually fly your projects to space, you’d not want to rely on zip-ties… or would you?)

  23. George Doolittle

    *hello, NASA? Still waiting on that phone call! Thnx!*

  24. 496 elcamino

    You do stuff that’s cool. Love the video updates of what’s cooking

  25. Tom George

    Great video mate, very good outcome. Brilliant idea to add the stator ring to provide anti roll of the body.👍👍😊

  26. Maarten DJ

    Awesome! Love the hoodie! And didn’t care about the redundant afterburner anyway 😅

  27. SPB11

    Joe I’m happy you decided to remove the after burner. I think that it was in your way and I’m glad you have refocused on what matters.

  28. Slade Greenaway

    Joe, this is awesome. The constant learning and adapting to test results is just fantastic.

  29. Mr. Snazzy


  30. Diego Coll

    Tu eres un mounstro…!!! Te felicito hermano…!! 💪🏻

  31. Foysal Ahmed

    Hard work is paying ❤

  32. Paul Loth

    Well done that was amazing

  33. Collin Smith

    Sprite is awesome! Great production quality too.

  34. Lee Pappianne

    Your build is amazing. You know space x is hiring. ;)

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    I have a huge respect for you and the work you are doing! :)

  36. CrzyMan

    This is so great! Keep it up!

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  38. ƬᖇɨŦØᚻ ᗩᖇᗰƳ

    I will join in your company that Bps. Space after I complete my school and college

  39. John Migid

    Thank you that was Brilliant . Keep going

  40. miege90

    Whats the song in the outro? I really like this tune :)

  41. flite Analysis

    Joey, inspired by your way of commitment towards passion. From music engg to rocket science.

  42. David Putt

    Headphone warning!!! LOL

  43. hydrowindandsolar

    Nice! That was pretty cool to see it leaning into the wind.

  44. Felipe Manosalvas

    congratulations for you work!!! is perfect hahaha!! mmm btw, wich battery are you using??? in your case maybe a battery with a higher C rate could help

  45. Christopher Silvia

    I love it! Every sprite flight makes me very nervous!!

  46. Brady Langdale

    Ayy, 13th comment, never been this early.

  47. Parker Ferguson

    Busted out laughing at the “Wasted”

  48. Mark Hanna

    @5:00 that’s a long 2m

  49. Victor Reppeto

    I wanna see it do a pirouette followed by a loop and a soft landing with a fast approach!!

  50. lorttexwolf

    You’re amazing!

  51. Major Chungus

    Take my money!!! I would like to build/buy one.

  52. Air Command Rockets

    Congratulations on some beautiful flights, and great engineering! Since the afterburner is gone, replace the aluminium TVC vanes with PLA ones again. That should save some more weight.

  53. Praneel Sharma

    Dude you know I can see you as the next Elon musk or the first you.

  54. Ace of Spades

    Looks amazing man! Great job and good luck!

  55. Богдан Боровик

    Love your music, can’t wait until you upload it!

  56. Paul Paulson

    8:49 The “weird look” is from the sound being slightly ahead of the image. For some reason, humans perceive that as weird, while being much more tolerant for the other way round (image ahead of sound). Tom Scott once made a video about that effect.

  57. Michiel De Jong

    Wow this is really cool!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧

  58. jsmithproductions

    i look forward to every video Joe! such an inspiration! thank you for being awesome. I’m looking forward to the day you have Elon in a video its definitely coming.

  59. brokebloke

    what a great idea! when you where flying it in the wind i noticed that it seems like the auto adjust gain might be too high, was overshooting a bit there.

  60. D2W Studios

    Very impressive stability, especially in the wind. Amazing work you’re doing!

  61. Scorpio

    Dude, you’re a stud! It works so impressively well. Awesome telemetry.

  62. Martin Winter

    Very impressive! I wish I had the time to do something like this. You reminded me of a father watching his toddler taking her first steps!

  63. Chaim Lukas Maier

    F for the Flamethrower :(
    Anyway, (still) love the project

  64. Consulting Joe

    AWESOME JOE! Great Job! Livin’ the dream!

  65. utahutes63

    Watching from Clarksville. Love what you’re doing.

  66. Olav

    Sweet footage! I agree with dropping the after burner, though I would like to see you do liquid fueled rockets 🤔.

  67. MrBush 9471

    That’s amazing! I would love to own a sprite

  68. Andrew Mitchell

    Well, that was freaking awesome. I love the progress you’ve been making Joey B!! Respect.

  69. Manuel Barkhau

    16:20 The moment where the flame hits the marshmallow is hilarious!

  70. Derek McDonald

    Your sweater is awesome where did you get it!?

  71. Chase Kieselbach

    Hi MR. BEPIS! Have u thought of putting springs on the landing legs to help Sprite land more smoothly and without a jolt on impact? U can add them on the end of each leg end and the “cushion” system could be like a pen’s spring(without the lock in place mechanism).
    Best of luck with Sprint!

  72. Quin Liang

    good to know that you got some toasty bois out of the afterburners

  73. Isaac Lloyd

    I’mma build me one of these! Honestly just the blinking lights alone make it look 5x cooler. Keep up the amazing work!

  74. 3DPDK

    Really impressed with the Emergency Landing Failure Recovery and Touch-down Stability Device. Is that run on some sort of A.I. program or just sensor reactive? It looked like it was actually holding it’s breath a few times.

  75. Plads Elsker

    I’d suggest doing a non-linear descend rate, like an inverse exponential or a simple inverse so it slows down at the end and doesn’t hit the ground too hard

  76. N808

    Those stators are a massive improvement, love the progress!

  77. Mahdy Hamad

    What programming language you used to program the hardware and software?

  78. Otie Brown

    Excellent work.
    When I was designing a focal control system for the human eye – I was thinking about this type of control system stability.
    Thank you, Joe.
    This is impressive!

  79. SkyGeorge

    Man the quality on these videos has gone up quite a bit! Love watching, so keep making:)

  80. Jessé Carlos Alves

    I’m waiting for “Flying with Joe” and “Carbonated Sprite”!

  81. Bschill

    Idk why but the clips of the TVC fins just twitching back and forth ever so slightly is my favorite part of this video, other than the news of more rockets to come

  82. Adam Graveen

    Those nice men from the Pentagon: on the way they are. See you they must.

  83. David Aaron

    Love theses videos and the stress I see in your body language is exactly like mine when I started flying drones 10 years ago. Keep up the amazing work.

  84. Moritz Feiler

    Sproite ✊👌

  85. Joe Wakefield

    Hello Mr. BPS

  86. William Rose

    Need a few more colours ;)
    Hovering state, descending state and propulsion cool down are all the same blue.

  87. Split141

    Good stuff mr milkman! Always a pleasure to make stuff:) if you need anything else let me know!

  88. David Sharp

    When Sprite is in the ascending state, why does it pulse the throttle about 4 times before it lifts off?

  89. MrGonzonator

    *Sprite:* Look I can hover!
    *Joe:* Hold my beer

  90. Victor Boesen

    Sooo when will you work on liquid fuel rockets???
    Asking for a friend

  91. Brixxter

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    omg joe no kidding you look exactly like elon

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    Is anyone paying attention to how complex are his shoots? like: several cameras + drone + sound etc.. impressive man!

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    Joey B kinda looks like a dad watching his kid play sports in these test videos ;p
    But in all seriousness that thing is looking pretty stable! Best of luck for some LARGE diverts <3

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