Sprite Ground Control

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HUGE thanks to Nathan for working on the live 3D visualization: https://twitter.com/nmk4567
ControlP5: http://www.sojamo.de/libraries/controlP5/
Realtime Plotter: https://github.com/sebnil/RealtimePlotter

  1. Samuel Buckner

    I feel this needs to be said – your decision to integrate the ground station into the launch testing YouTube format is the *best* decision you have made regarding content creation on this channel, and should be propagated through all of your future projects if at all possible. Not only does it look absolutely amazing and help us to see things a lot better, but it also allows us to help you armchair troubleshoot problems in testing, and I don’t know about anyone else but i am super glad to assist in doing so if it is something you desire.

  2. Jack Bromley

    Hi everyone my name is Elon… Joe Barnard

  3. Daddy


  4. Joseph Fouad

    Great work dear, what is the price range of the IMU you are using? if you can’t tell the exact price please tell me a range, is it in hundreds of dollars or thousands or tens of thousands… Thanks

  5. Shaya Nirenberg

    Have you considered a thrust diverter for landing with solid propellent. That way you can adjust the thrust output

  6. TheSpacecraftX

    To Sprite Major Tom

  7. jony johan

    Any updates?

  8. Ranuga Disansa Gamage

    What is the degree are you doing or did.
    Please tell me.

  9. Bigdickpapajohn 45

    2020 Channel trailer

  10. George Doolittle

    Does the garage door opener work?

  11. Jost Salathé

    This is just 100% fan-tastic! (Although you only demonstrated 60% of it…) =D

  12. YouTube Recommendations

    Have you considered *horizontal* (sideways) stabilizers with pressurized air or cold nitrogen gas system?

  13. Francis Stapp

    called it

  14. AA12 Random

    Sorry for my ignorance, can someone explain what the sprite is?

  15. tebamo gell

    Can someone hire you as a mentor?

  16. hicham mohsen

    A guy sitting in his garage building a GNC system from scratch and making it look professional. If this doesn’t excite you, i don’t know what will.


    Dude…. U look like Elon Musk

  18. Daniel Russell

    !!I HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOUR LANDING ROCKET!! Its very difficult to explain in a comment but don’t go thinking I’m a newbie and I am about to tell u a lot of useless information I am very educated in a similar field not in rocketry specifically but when it comes to gyro stabilization and physics of it I’ll message you on Facebook u can find me in the comments of your Facebook profile picture saying #I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!.
    just wanna be mentioned in a video saying I helped u make it work 😂 if what I say helps

  19. CumminsSuperduty1

    Are you going to put your ground control software on github ? Why aren’t you using Mavlink ?

  20. modernpotato

    Do they have drone liscences outside of canada?

  21. Eric Dalgetty

    Hi Joe! I’ve been using processing to make a GUI for controlling a bunch of valves. I added some code to make a dialogue box so that when you click a button it confirms your choice. I had some trouble integrating it with control p5, but I thought you might like the idea. I think I used joptionpane

  22. Lester Sales

    The lost brother of Elon musk

  23. Tobin Rivera

    I’m happy, i’ve been waiting for a new video!!!!

  24. Iman Syahmi

    Did you blur out where you live?

  25. Perigee Dynamics

    Hey! Can I use this? Probably not but worth a try lol

  26. rengel7

    Ok I give
    What is it

  27. Dirty

    How do i get in discord?

  28. Slartibartfast tynsol

    Hi, I’d recommend having a look at protobuf for quick and easy binary formatting.
    It’s designed to be extensible like XML, but has a MUCH faster encode/decode time, and can handle messages with only some of the data. You’d still have to do packet validation, but a simple crc32 would do the job.
    Nice thing is that you specify the format in a “proto” file, then the protbuf ‘compiler’ can output the encode/decode code in multiple languages, e.g. java and c++, so you can be certain things are set up the same way for both the embedded code and the base station code.
    Looking really good – I am enjoying seeing these ‘how the sausage is made’ videos!
    Keep up the good work!

  29. Marius Egeland

    Technical question: from the data after the gyro calibration, it looks like you are somehow subtracting a LP-filtered version of the signals before mixing into the position data… ??? I might be very wrong here, so give me some slack

  30. Luke G.

    Can you do a video about the wireless communication between Sprite and your computer?

  31. Robert Evans

    Orientation information is easier to track by humans if it is converted to a pictorial representation. Have you considered it?

  32. Eirik Falck

    It’d be awesome if you could go over the crafts EOM and/or the matlab model when it’s done. Currently studying control engineering and it’d be cool to see how it’s done in the real world.

  33. Lohit Murali

    How did you learn about the circuit/programming/wiring part of rocketry???

  34. tom bashan

    I think you should add axis arrows for the 3d simulation (X-red, Y-green, Z-blue)

  35. MarcBot Nope

    Go ImGUI and C++ now

  36. Mike B


  37. ody vinty*

    This is so dang cool I can’t believe you’re pulling all of this off yourself

  38. BaumeisterJac k

    I really thought mit would stand for the time since the last mistake was made at mit (i mean I thought it was programmed to be a joke at first). But thats kinda what I like to have in yt videos just jokes like that:-)

  39. gamer368 44

    I didn’t know Elon musk had a YouTube channel

  40. Oerwout10

    In the bottom left block for the XY velocity it shows a value between 0.0 and -0.0. there might be a really obvious explaination for this but i was wondering how that is possible.

  41. 15gamers haven

    Are you going to test different components with this vehicle? Or just longer flight times

  42. Isaac Westawski

    You outdo yourself with these projects. Its amazing. Heres a different animal for ya to challenge. Make your own solid rocket motors. I bet you could do it. I mean ive done it.


    Yeah a new vedio.
    I was waiting for it.

  44. mumblbee bee

    Oh wow, you are on overdrive – do you actually sleep?
    I adore the auto-scaling – would not be any good for me because I’d spend too much time deciphering the scale when under pressure, but it looks so cool!
    MIT instead of MET works for me, especially if you can have a swipe and a chuckle :-P

  45. VideoOneMedia

    Damn…. I’m not so sure #SpaceX can afford you :)

  46. Joshua Ocso

    maybe below MIT is a time that shows how long the last mission time took.

  47. Moustafa Ascoura

    Elon Musk discovered time travel in 2054 and came back to achieve more with his knowledge

  48. Prajwal Kulkarni

    I want to make sprite from scratch how do i start

  49. QrioCT Ecosystem

    Damn, he grew up

  50. supreeth ly

    Could you make a video about the control theory behind this? Would be really interesting

  51. Spacious354

    Do you ever plan on using liquid fuel on a future project?

  52. NiftyBox

    Wait is this some kind of off-planet drone?

  53. Furkan Günay

    Do you recommend who wants to make a model rocket please.

  54. revenevan11

    It was satisfying to hear that you’re using MATLAB for something in this project, there’s at least *something* that I know going on here!

  55. Tony770jr

    Hey Joe, what do you think you’ll be doing 5 years from now?

  56. Luis Garuz Bernabeu

    It would be great if you can screen record in 4K!

  57. SpankTheMonkey531

    Great video Joe!! I’m super excited to see Sprite fly Excellent job as usual!!

  58. Mud Cat

    Yessssss so sick keep up the awesome work will definitely be using money from Christmas to be a patron

  59. Major Chungus

    I want a working rocket right nowwwwwww!

  60. Jamie Rogers

    This is brilliant. A couple of suggestions:
    1 – freezing the MIT at the end and manually resetting it
    2 – buying a camper van and retrofitting it with a bank of screens, a computer, some batteries and/or external power hookup, to have a fully mobile (and warm) mission control center
    (OK, maybe only the first suggestion is short-term realistic)…

  61. Patrick Beart

    Might be useful to have a grid background that scales with the autoscalers, so that the scaling is easier to perceive

  62. The Rocket Nerds

    When will it take flight 🚀

  63. Matthew Peterson

    yessss!!! love it.

  64. Kingkone FPV

    nice UI, seems you got some sence of style <3

  65. Plads Elsker

    I programmed an agar.io like using processing and I even did some cool simulation visualisations. It’s super trivial to use but yet a little bit weird at first. Processing is super cool, you guys should try it out! 😎

  66. Braeden Bowman

    No meme quotient?!?1?!?

  67. Inquire98

    Wow; that’s REALLY good 👌 stuff 😎

  68. Walter A. Jablonowski

    Hi, where did you get he parts for the frame (landing legs) ?

  69. Thor Prestbøen

    Is java fast enough for flight? Java is slower than say, c++. Do you need this kind of processing speed for flight?

  70. dkonkel1

    I’ve been wondering, does he have bell’s palsy?

  71. Reilly S

    Your breathtaking

  72. Solaris

    Thank you for sharing!
    We may use this framework on a CanSat project.

  73. Al T

    So cool that you’re doing this. Keep it up with the awesome stuff!

  74. Copenhagen Suborbitals

    That looks really good!

  75. Unexpected Maker

    That’s awesome work Joe. I can’t wait to see how the mission control software evolves!

  76. LordWalras

    are you excited for metal printing getting more available in the near future?

  77. Efacel

    I love these nerdy ones that I can show to my parents to baffle them

  78. Grant Willey

    Heck yeah, Processing! It’s so great for just banging out a functional program and having it work and look great. Good choice.

  79. TheRedstoneHive

    I can’t wait to see this thing fly! Ground control GUI looks awesome, it is nice to be able it launch outside and test it from the safety of your home.

  80. Omar Essilfie-Quaye

    I love how you just made the software yourself. I actually used processing to display telemetry data for a maze solving robot I made a few years ago. Great work, I look forward to your integration of the 3D rendering :D

  81. Bernardo Britto

    You are like a one man army space edition. Btw awesome content!

  82. Turcik

    Boy, I love your excitement! I haven’t felt like this in a while, guess I should change something in my life 🤷‍♂️

  83. fuba44

    “it takes a long time to make something like this” you stated this like 20 minutes ago, you have made crazy progress!!! I’m blown away.

  84. Dan Large

    BPS – _”Don’t worry about it”_

  85. Hannes Größlinger

    Why do you reset MIT to zero when the mission ends? Wouldn’t it be better to reset it just as the next mission starts?
    I mean it’s probably more useful to know the duration of the previous mission than to know that the next mission has not startet yet.

  86. Jotham B

    How do you do your sensor fusion? It’s certainly not easy.. been struggling to get it working reliably in my project. What sort of sample rate would you be using in the IMU?

  87. jony johan

    this is Such a Masterpiece of technology

  88. Caleb Edwards

    i giggled like a school girl thinking about future test!! YES!!!

  89. Joe Schroedl

    _”Ground control to major Tom”_

  90. Braxton Parsons

    He’s too dangerous to be kept alive.
    Gimme that brain, Damm!

  91. Daniel Piotrowski

    I’m really glad you posted this today. I’m working on some circuit simulations in Processing and just today started working on the graph portion. I was unaware of the Realtime Plotter and decided to make my own graph class. This will save me a lot of time. I love the color-changing status indicator; there is something about these simple control interfaces that just gives you the “fizz”.

  92. William Gringhuis

    will this be able to land on Eve with the jaws of life? i think some kerbals locked in a pod from the oopsie solar panels might appreciate that :P

  93. TheSkytherMod

    I spent the longest time looking for a half decent ControlP5 plotter lib and was never able to. You sir have helped me immensely.

  94. Neil Cunningham

    Looking good Joey. Can’t wait to see the first flight with afterburner.

  95. Alex Landherr

    I can hear Gene Kranz going “All flight controllers; GO or NO GO for launch.”.

  96. TheRedstoneHive

    Will Sprite have a parachute for mid flight aborts (eg: unsafe to land under propulsion)?

  97. Orion Aerospace

    Once you have this working you’ll never have to leave mission control… want food: send sprite
    want sprite: send sprite

  98. simon_far

    3 MIT students have disliked this video

  99. BLR Rocket Technologies Inc.

    “If you want something done right, you make it yourself” 12/10 agreeable quote
    Edit – 82 likes… um thanks?

  100. Nathan Kerns

    It was really fun working on the 3D visualization! Of course, there’s still plenty of work still to do on it.

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