Sprint – Test Flight 9 – Aerotech G11

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  1. High Tech

    I also want to become part of ur team😍😍😍

  2. Karman Shah

    Finally!!!! 😀💕💕

  3. Shaurya Tomar

    Hi sir I am a big fan of ur. Can you please tell me the motors you used in this test flight and their burn time.


    Perfect liftoff 😃👌

  5. Shane Korbel

    I love the details you are sharing! You had your own mini Mars Climate Orbiter incident!

  6. Kerbonautics

    All the bugs were “observations” Joe.

  7. TrionFilms

    I wonder what the dimensions of his rockets are? They look quite skinny

  8. Victor Lacerda

    How can i double like this video? :)

  9. trevorv for visser

    Thanks for getting me in to model rockets

  10. Močnik Royale

    That’s seriously impressive man… Could be the first really good flight?

  11. Wes D

    Keep sharing the gritty details 👍

  12. Daniel

    very cool Joe. Love what you are doing. Keep it up.

  13. UneducatedSeinor

    When you eventually make a space company can I join?

  14. darkcnight

    I would like to say thank you for putting the launch videos upfront. that is what I come for and leave right after. in just grateful for that beautiful launch footage.

  15. IN A FLASH

    Holy…. he’s at 200k Subscribers, keep it up Elon…I mean Joe.

  16. Zapp In

    The bug stuff is incredibly interesting!

  17. Andy81ish

    well done on the honesty. At what point (altitude) do you need to start getting approvals for air traffic etc?

  18. Hugo Haataja

    I thought just today that when is going to be your next launch.

  19. Inquire98

    I believe feel KNOW think and trust you are doing a REALLY great job 😐

  20. RandomGgames

    Love these vids! I’m surprised you don’t put a bigger parachute/a secondary bigger chute on the rocket sometimes :P

  21. 15gamers haven

    Great flight can’t wait for 1 km hopefully I make it

  22. naho88

    gracias por compartir tus experiencias con el mundo, tu trabajo es fantastico, saludos desde argentina!

  23. Aviation Stuff

    i have been waiting for this so long

  24. Lewis Donofrio

    So cool thank you for sharing, see you for Flight 10 – however it goes!

  25. maxhouseman

    Nice launch! Controller parameters as mentioned a little bit unstable, but worked 👍
    Greets from an engineer ;)

  26. Nathan Schmitz

    Curious what material you are planning on using for the body tubes! Look forward to flight 10 :)

  27. cammac

    You make it look easy, so hearing the nitty gritty issues is really interesting

  28. 15gamers haven

    I really believe you will send one to space someday keep up the great work

  29. Jay Anderson


  30. Martin Mathea

    I love your stance on transparency. You even acknowledge bugs, errors and problems the audience otherwise wouldn’t even have seen.

  31. Jakob

    Keep up the incredible work!

  32. Ian Ross

    Great video joe. How does the code for the tvc differ for the air launched rocket. Would the orientation mess with the tvc or would it just completely trigger a abort for the system? Looking forward for the 1k flight🦀🦀🦀

  33. Iman Syahmi

    Release parachute 1 second later witg more chutes… that’s my suggestion for next flight

  34. justin romang

    Congratulations man – as you said beautiful..
    I happy for you.
    Best to ALL …

  35. Mason Smith

    Can’t wait for the landing program Joey B 👌👌

  36. Andy Sayle

    I’m finding your videos really rather interesting, nice one thanks!

  37. Lucas Sabatte

    Super awesome, and yes I love the little nitty gritty details that you share

  38. Eduard Duluman

    Best of luck, we shall meet in 4 days :)

  39. Paul Ruemmele

    Great launch! Love the way you are doing these videos now.

  40. Juli2506

    @bps.space how many lines of code have your rockets in average, because I plan to build my own model rocket and I just want to know how you know a pro would do this (sorry for my bad english thanks for your answer ;))

    Your my favourit YouTube-Channel

  41. Michael Mosseri

    Joe is going to need to use TIDRIS to track his rockets soon.

  42. Anonymo TV

    16th is my birthday, thanks for the great vid!

  43. System One Technologies

    Awesome work! Also, you seem to be looking more and more like Elon ;)

  44. Charles OConnor

    Can’t wait for 10! This is so fun to follow :) For 1km+ flights could there be something to be done to keep it stable on the way down? Unfolding fins?

  45. DarthCorbi

    So basically if I want a longer video with more explaining stuff, something has to brake…
    Not sure I like these choices lol

  46. Andrew Fleming

    First comment :)

  47. Ayan Dhara

    It’s amazing to see how far you have come

  48. Alfred Knarreborg

    That was such a good flight keeo the good work op and i will se your live stream

  49. Drake P

    Loved the bug explanations! Keep it up :)

  50. Juli2506

    I love how intelligent the people in bps.space comment section are. I dont know why, but I can feel it…

  51. Noel Abdilla

    Loved it man… Keep it up xD

  52. boltcatt

    hey can you make a video abt how to start and progress in these rockets stuff?, that will be so useful for ppl that would like to start

  53. Jens Moeslund Larsen

    Love the transparency, keep up the good work!

  54. John Bazaar

    Damn, you make model rocketry interesting. Launcher One? Can’t wait!

  55. Enterprise Space Systems

    Feel proud joe i am just as excited for the 1km shot as i was for DM-2

  56. Codebreakerblue

    Dudes I am _hyped_ for all the future projects on this channel!

  57. Mohammed Raas

    Looking forward into landing model rockets…its been so loooongg!!

  58. Ryan Smith

    I love the over share! Rockets are hard and without the failures this would look fake!

    Keep the great videos coming, thanks!

  59. Sam Rogers

    Great video, looking forward to more of the landing program…and lovely shirt. Go flight 10!

  60. Nathan Marotto

    Can’t wait for flight 10! I was on a stream on the other channel a few days ago, is the air launched rocket the one that might reach the Kármán line?

  61. Wes Plybon

    I paused Adam Neely for this! Definitely interesting :D

  62. Karman Shah

    Alexa: Did you know you have not done a “Landing Model rockets” since a decade 😂

  63. Noah W

    Personally, I love all the gritty details

  64. LeLoomi

    Damn that was a really nice and stable flight!

  65. Érico N.

    Code and all other errors are cool to share. It’s awesome to see you’re evolving with all the errors. That’s making you and your projects more robust. Keep up man!

  66. FS|Sene

    I have a question, Did you do everything on your own, I mean softwares, hardwares, electronics, , mechanic?
    It’s very amazing.

  67. Tamás Fábián

    It’d be awsome to hear the callout “vehicle is supersonic” :)

  68. Harry

    Sounds like a starliner type failure, love your stuff joe

  69. knir visser

    Keep sharing the details!!! It’s really interesting. Thanks for the great videos. I have watched all of echo’s landing attempts like 20 times each

  70. Paul Mirel

    Yes. Thank you for sharing the details of the failures. That’s how we all learn.

  71. carrapaz

    1:30 flat earth confirmed 🤣

  72. Chandan Sinha

    This was such a stable flight. Everything feels tuned in almost perfectly. Go flight 10, Go Joe!

  73. nkronert

    Float to int conversion bug – it happens to the best at times :-)
    What do you define as “downrange”? With the Earth’s rotation direction? Why not define downrange as up-wind, so the landing will be closer to the launch site?

  74. InvolvedObserver

    I love how you share all of the details with us, good or bad. That’s one of the biggest reasons I watch your videos – you explain what’s going on, and do so in a way that is easily understood by newbies like me!

  75. Frab

    Your stuff is so great. I wish I could watch the livestream on monday. Unfortionately I have an exam on that day but I wish you the best of luck!

  76. Uriah Siner

    So how long until you start using a drone to grab it out of the sky Rocket Lab style?

  77. HackWeiser

    Found your channel few days ago….it’s amazing!!🔥

  78. Ricky Blase

    Glad you’re doing a livestream. I was just wondering if you’d do a vlog-ish sort of vid about setting up launch. Can’t wait

  79. sephiros9883

    I absolutely love the transparency. It’s amazing. You’re doing an amazing thing, keep it up!

  80. Messer Morfeo

    4:35 at first I thought it was the effect of an inopportune lateral wind

  81. Amandeep Singh

    Really love that height ❤️☺️

  82. dastrn

    As an engineer, I really enjoy your bug reports. Thanks for sharing!

  83. Matt Glass

    Excited to see flight #10. Bummed to hear it will be the end of the program though, I have enjoyed watching this evolve. Hope to someday see this and the landing program merged.

  84. TheAstronomyDude

    That inside camera view of the engine and that window is so cool!

  85. Ryan Caskey

    Keep up the full transparency Joe!

  86. ProjectAir

    Beautiful work Joe! Those onboard shots are sweet. Love how it feels you’re riding the rocket while staring out of the window 😁

  87. Karman Shah

    I was at my terrace to spot Comet Neowise, when I received a notif.
    Go higher, further, faster Sprint🚀🔥

  88. Chris Weaver

    That was a really nice flight, the CG looked very stable.
    Looking forward to live – unedited – stream as I have failed to make it to the park and watch in person.

  89. mjproebstle

    i love the smell of motor soot in the morning…

    …smells like…victory

  90. Quite Indeededly

    Is anybody else hearing a high-pitched tone when he’s talking at his desk like at 5:38?

  91. BAK's BAK

    These flights after the addition of the reaction wheel look sooooo good from the onboard camera

  92. Dumont Space

    I’m so glad to see the progress over the years

  93. Chaim Lukas Maier

    I personally find the Technical details great – and your openness to share them.
    Also, unintended type conversions with pointers suck. :) (But happens)


    7:34 that’s a Boeing reference 😂

  95. Mr PUG

    Wait so he’s restarting the landing model rocket series? AWESOME 👏

  96. MonsterSound

    LOVE the details. That’s how we learn and learn to trust as well. Great flight #9! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Looking forward to #10.
    Any apogee est. for #9?

  97. Tamil Animated stories

    6:27 sounds like the recent electron rocket 13 pics or it didn’t happen

  98. A Person That Does Things

    I paused my movie to watch this. Well done ✅ go sprint!! Can’t wait for 1km launch!

  99. Shantanu warghade

    He didn’t point his thumb at himself when he said ” hi, i’m Joe Bernard”.

  100. NEOWISE

    Seriously incredible just how casual this has become. (2)

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