Sprint – Test Flight 8 and Data Review

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Thanks to all who’ve supported this project in any way! 200k subscribers is a crazy number, and I’m grateful that people take interest in what I do. There are many other fantastic rocketry projects too! A few of them are listed here and at the end of the video, but many more are at the tweet below :)
TVC Tweet: /status/1275455901642616836

Various cool projects in no particular order:
T-Zero: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU0AWvnd3FSstJOpKWH320A
Orion Aero: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXaZazyzX4Ibq69PdRHRTZw
Charlies Roger: https://twitter.com/Charles_Rockets
Hyer Rocket Systems: https://www.instagram.com/hyerrocketsystems/
GSP: https://www.instagram.com/gruyere_space_program/
^^Again, this is not an exhaustive list, I recommend checking the tweet above for many more projects

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  2. George Doolittle

    If possible you could write a “wiggle program” into the preflight check then use that program to presume “wiggle in flight” routine in order to true out the flight of your bird. The data you have collected should give you an idea of the forces acting upon your vehicle and obviously you have a mechanical contrivance that exists to balance out these forces in flight. If you can program these various flight algos onto your system board prior to flight you now have an actual flight computer or as is known in the business “running on internal power.”

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    Hi Joey b

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    Yay back to back videos

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    Which program do you use to create this diagrams?

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    its so cool

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  12. Đức Cường

    From Vietnam i like your model rocket

  13. Bruce Baxter

    why dont you use the fins for guidance on descent and pop the chutes at 100m for the 1km flight?

  14. Tintin Paz

    Hi and thanks 🇦🇷


    Who is the one person that disliked the video

  16. Bruce Baxter

    slight oscillation but good enough

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    Congo for 200k.

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    good and how dose AVA work

  19. Hugo Toscher

    It’s avesome but you stil cant get orbit vhen you make it bigger

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    What 3D printer do you use

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    first to say first

  23. Siddharth Attri

    Which programming language do u use for your projects. Plz reply.

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    GNSS be there for everyone

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    I want to do this

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    So that’s the AVA which got a little to spicy huh. Since when did you make it to re-entry.



  33. live live

    Sir you Idea and experiment is awesome I am Big fan in your experiment and idea *(form INDIA)


    I had given you a proposal for a job in my all new space company
    Give a reply


    Wow thank you so much Joe that means a lot to me @Aerospacefan46 and also I’m sure Charles is definitely passed out by viewing this !!

  36. Rajkumar yadav

    What rocket propellants u use in ur Rockets .

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    19 second

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    I am learning Kalman Filters right now. They are awesome!!!

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    What is the software for the ground control

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    2 videos 2 days, keep it up!

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    I love Your work!

  42. AstroBoy 25

    Hello Jeo, Im 12 Yrs old and thanks for more updates and lessons about Landing Model Rockets and more about Computer Science especially programming which it was my favorite and You did your best to launch a rocket! Keep up the good work Jeo.. Claps for you Jeo! 👏👏👏👏👏

    Jeo: Hey Alexa, I feel dissapointed when you said that hurtful message to me..

    Alexa: Im sorry Jeo i didn’t mean to hurt you like that..

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    Jeo: Wait what?!

    (Intro Plays of Landing Model Rockets)

    Every video that you upload, i will say a joke that you’ve said on Alexa (Not never ending ;-;) Alexa has a relationship with Jeo tho.. because
    Technology + Alexa= Jeo
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    Landing Model Rockets= Launching Model Rockets

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    BPS+space :)

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    amazing footage and analysis – love your videos! salute from germany

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    I swear you get the best sunsets/sunrise

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    I wish this guy is a *Clone* of *EloN Musk* 🚀

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    My OCD is tingling: 24ms => 24 M/s.

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    Congrats! Can’t wait for the next one!

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    Nice, So smooth !!!

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    good thing the fuselage still holds on

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    “^ ^”

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    Love your sense of humor, say it with me… I just died.

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  55. David Cartier

    Amazing work! I love seeing stuff like this it really sparks my curiosity!

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    Love the overlay with all the data. Not that I really know what the significance of most of them are lol

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    Perfect 🔥

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    I was looking forward to this one

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    You need to find out the guy’s on the flights!

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    Bravo Joe, Bravo.

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    3:39 looked like a computer simulation..
    So smooth 😍😍🙌

  62. K-H Gaming

    Yes, it’s joey again! Love the rapid launch and video schedule due to the current… *pandemic*
    Planning on building my own rocket, inspired by you! The reaction control tutorials are very helpful
    You have definitely been an inspiration to many people :)

    I also plan to make a liquid fuelled rocket after the practice with homemade (very large) sugar motors.

  63. Ben And Jerry's Icecream

    Does B.P.S stand of Barnard Propulsion Systems?

  64. Cooper Thorne

    Really liking the real-time speed of the playbacks instead of the slow mo!

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