Sprint – Test Flight 5 + Project Recap

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Thanks to AeroTech for developing these crazy long-burning motors!

Music: Sunrise on L-0 – Joe Barnard
I’ll be releasing some of the BPS.space music later this year :)

Sprint – Test Flight 1: https://youtu.be/agtoHvcpcP4
Sprint – Test Flight 2: https://youtu.be/J2ACQsmkPJs
Sprint – Test Flight 3: https://youtu.be/GOWC5fzv70k
Sprint – Test Flight 4: https://youtu.be/XwASPWXh0us

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  1. Sketchap

    *makes an awesome rocket and programmed a code to keep the rocket at 90° and puts the code in his home made thrust vector device and made a ton of rockets that’s just using a 19 dollar booster*

    Everyone: Oh Hey mlik guy!!!9

  2. Keegan Gray

    Will you be continuing the echo project

  3. Radioactiver Karan

    Where do you get the rockets or the fuel from

  4. Pyriphlegeton

    What exactly is your longterm goal, Joe?

  5. Tim Braeckman

    at what point will you have to apply for permission? :-)

  6. Luigi Toby

    This is how KSP 2 progression should feel like

  7. Manoranjan Borah

    I love it. Please tell me how to make like this type of rockets.👍👍☺

  8. Patrick Barry

    Not enough hours in a day.

    Thank you.

  9. Cyne

    Cardboard tubes? That doesn’t sound like I’ll last very long but you’re the master here!

  10. UltimateBass

    I love your work so much, awesome

  11. Laibey_DEF

    Very cool bro !!!! I build Model Rockets top but my are out of Aluminium and Matches ! And not so Big

  12. Thai Communist

    0:04 *”Birb”*

  13. Odyseusz Koskiniotis

    Covid 19?

    *No problem*

  14. CF

    Love all what your doin Joe!

  15. l33333on

    wow, amazing

  16. ve_ brownzy

    I want to also start building my own model rockets but I don’t know what qualification is needed to launche something like that in Austria😊 until then I enjoy your videos very much keep on making them they are so good ❤️👍

  17. Marco Donazzan

    1:10 mOar BoOSterz

  18. Uriah Siner

    Joe, would it be possible to get telemetry on screen during the launches?

  19. Pradyun Sharma

    Please make detailed video on reaction wheel

  20. Manuel Baeza

    Great!!! ❤️

  21. Hydrolox AeroSpace

    Wow! I’m just starting with my own “aerospace” “company” and I don’t have any form of TVC yet.. But just WOW! Great job Joe! I can’t wait to see what you do!!! You’re amazing at what you do and extremely talented! I’d love to meet in person someday! (Not rn of course) (And BTW I’m a Tennessean too!)

  22. Victor Reppeto

    Woohoo!!!! I wanna see more tail down landings!!!!

  23. Fernando Galvez

    What is the purpose of the yellow clamps at 0:36? I love watching your videos and the progress and improvements you get each time.

  24. ARVOCI

    This is amazing

  25. Robert C

    Nice! Are you going to have to get FAA clearance for the next flight? 😁

  26. Stephen

    When will you hit 350 m/s? This year? Can’t wait for the sonic boom!

  27. Ryan Caskey

    I have been waiting for this video!!! I liked it before I even watched it :)

  28. FourDFoxey

    Hey Joe :D do you think that you will ever plan an orbital flight in the future :D or do you already plan to have plans? xD

  29. Brad Narraway

    Very slick-looking video, Joe! I love the production style, starting to look and sound like a proper rocket company (and extra talent points for making the music yourself). We’re getting faster and higher, I’m excited to see where Sprint can go! :)

  30. Alex Landherr

    Good that you are getting places with your rockets, I’ve been coding in Python 3 on a Raspberry Pi 4B for the last few weeks and messing around with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2.

  31. Ilya Petrovsky

    When was playing KSP for 5 years

  32. kemfic

    damn there was a lot that built up to this launch. glad we could all see this happen.

  33. Duy Tan Nguyen Thanh

    hi bernard, how to prevent the rocket turns round itself when flying ?

  34. jaa

    When can I buy a Tee from BPS :3

  35. Daniel Spiegel

    That ending was beautiful…

  36. Genlineal

    Wow, impressive what you deliverd again. I´m very glad you decided to share your passion with the world. I hope it pays off properly :) Stay sympatic and on the ground!


    Quick question: when is echo going to come back to us?

  38. Nikita Khapankov

    Production quality of your videos has already been very good but this is insane! Amazing and inspiring work.

  39. Giacomo Bisogni

    That slo-mo at the end…😍

  40. anime prince

    You’re an inspiration and keep up the good work

  41. cragonaut

    I’d just like to congratulate you on your music. I see it’s also your creation – well done.

  42. Shadow Deslar

    If someone paid you too make a part” for them.. would you?

  43. Ismael Alves

    I want to see flight and landing rockets!

  44. manthan Patil

    Hey I started at rocket science watching u r video wanted to build my own I know much about microcontrollers and electronic but when I saw motor prices I changed my mind how can u afford them

  45. Destrav

    Hi Elon!

  46. AlphaAntares e

    Also, all bps space launches feel like actual rocket launches. Especially in slo-mo

  47. JamDan

    Awesome! Very nice looking rocket build. I just discovered this channel last week, and it’s quickly become one of my favs. :)

  48. Fabio RS


  49. Benoît Cocheteux

    As always, impressive video editing but what stands out is your dedication to build up the skills necessary to master rocketry. The sky is not even a limit for you. Well done, Joe!

  50. Leon Stansfield

    You gotta make a Spotify, your music is great!

  51. Aatif Syed

    Looking forward to the music release!

  52. Jean Baptiste Bertin

    Love your content and your editing mate ! What is the font you are using ? I think it fits perfectly with the whole image you are impersonating : a proper clean rocket scientist !

  53. Rakshith S

    U can add a gear sequence between the motor and reaction wheel to absorb the lateral force on d shaft

  54. Eoraph

    May your winds below.
    Because we’re above the atmosphere ;)

  55. KapnKuTT

    Footage, Music, Progress of the Project: Fantastic!

  56. Qwertzy

    This sliding pitch-manoeuver reminded me of the Atlas V 511 configuration. It´s quite astonishing to see how smooth this computer manages to do that with such little movements.

  57. Charles Mullins

    39 seconds ago!

  58. Lucian Rex

    I look forward to these videos so much idk why i just get giddy i love this stuff

  59. GhostBear55

    Thanks for the update. Was it my computer or was the crazy music there to make the dialog difficult to hear?

  60. lexercise

    You sir, have earned a new sub and gotten someone into model rocket builds ;)

  61. Mark Spencer

    First time here, this is awesome 😁 I gots to get me one of them new fangled 3d printers 😄

  62. Richard Burguillos

    Great launch footage! Nice … Truly amazing progress and you share it with all of us! Thanks.

  63. Anonymo TV

    The video reminds me on the Silo-launched rocket video, great!

  64. Debopriyo Dasgupta

    U did a fabulous job. That’s why I love watching you and your rocket family

  65. T Pfaff

    Im seeing some underextrusion from your printer in that top-down view of your motor mount 3:42

  66. Ben Bry

    I cant wait to the moment you’ll be on one of them as well…

  67. hi6go7

    Love what you’re doing with this channel. Keep up the good work!

  68. Synergyst

    Absolutely loved this recap! Thank you for putting it together.

  69. Mildly Infuriated

    Wonderful work, thank you for providing us entertainment during the quarantine. BTW, your projects are pretty impressive

  70. non -woodsmanuk

    Slow-mo <3

  71. Devin Murray

    I never noticed that you actually make your own music. Rock on man, sounds amazing!!!!

  72. Kian Werner

    Love it ! Love your work, and your project!

  73. Moritz Feiler

    That is a very beatifull Thumbnail right there! And a very good video.
    Claws up!

  74. Coco Films

    Always love your vids! They are extremely high quality, and i think you defiantly deserve more subscribers than you currently have.

  75. Quim C N

    Man, you’ve master it with this test flight. Keep it up, you’re getting closer!
    Greetings from Spain.

  76. Spacex Rocket Engineer

    First times : look he’s young elon
    now : hey it’s MiLk guy

  77. SilentMrDave

    Adam Neely would be pleased

  78. Chase Kieselbach

    Hey its the milk man. Isn’t that the moist hand guy too???

  79. Orion Aerospace

    Dude 0:55 to 1:05 If they did oscars for filming actively controlled model rockets you might just beat us out in a controversial result ;P

    Great video!

  80. Joar Funaya

    Please make a second stage for this rocket

  81. TheAnimystro

    2:36 is that the lick? the music is so good for this one, hat’s off Joe!


    4:17 there is a ring going out of the flame divertor 😄

  83. Benjamin Finseth

    I love the work you do! Quick question – As a drone flier, I can only fly my drone up to 400ft in most conditions per the FAA. What do you do to mitigate the risk of exceeding that altitude?

  84. ckellingc

    This has encouraged me to design my own rocket. I’m learning 3d modeling and CAD. I have an idea for a guidance/braking nosecone I want to design

  85. Eli Jackson

    Or MOAR boosters

  86. Incariol

    2:38 that cheeky lick

  87. Aria Maze

    I love the music he use it fit with the ambience, keep waiting for the release 😷

  88. Nick Henno

    Please do a detailed review of the reaction wheel!!

  89. Joe Wakefield

    Hey look, Mr. BPS has a new rocket

  90. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Yes! This means this is just the beginning of Sprint

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  92. Shalin Palil

    wow joe has perfect timing. just when I needed another video in quarantine

  93. Capitão Explosão

    Just a quick question: will you ever progress with the echo project or propulsive landing in general???

  94. Daedalus Community

    2:38 IS THIS THE LICK!?

  95. Max Bassett

    Last time I was this early everyone was still calling him young Elon…

  96. Jakob Härter

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  97. knowltot

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  99. Doxie Lain

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  100. Astrocat2374

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