Sprint – Test Flight 2 + Q&A

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Hi good news I still did a bad job tracking the rocket with the ground cameras

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  1. TheSpacecraftX

    Is the end game to get the new TVC and reaction wheel into the Falcon project?

  2. Lawrence Brennan

    What a beautiful evening for a launch!

  3. CNC-PEN

    Muito legal mesmo, vou fazer um desse para disputar a MOBFOG ☺️🥴

  4. Pierre Lorthiois

    Could you try to launch Sprint with the system turned off? So we can get an idea of the efficiency of your stabilization system. Thanks!

  5. Jeffrey Yu

    Question: Will you make a reusable sub-orbital liquid fuel booster in the future

  6. Brouw

    Man I love this channel. Keep up the good work!

  7. Charlie Livingstone

    This is really cool!!! I love this. Thanks!

  8. spottydog4477

    Thanks Joe, loved the show and the tech talk…..happy to be a sponsor…cheers!

  9. Jek Denys

    Hey, at what point does federal gov starts knocking on the door? Just curious ?

  10. Victor Reppeto

    I love your sense of humor! Thank you! I needed to laugh today!!

  11. Sky King

    Outstanding camera coverage of the launch!

  12. vinonsflyer

    new project idea : automated tracking camera support ?
    PS : NICE ! this is exellent progress !
    Congratulations from France.

  13. Astrocat2374

    I want to make my own engine but since Solid Motors are considered explosives I’d need an ATF license which is really hard to get

  14. Aditya Chandra

    Stay at home, Joe
    And don’t touch your mouth
    And don’t socially interact with rockets

  15. Piotr Horak

    Joe, is the reaction wheel motor geared or that’s just a normal DC motor you slapped inside?

  16. Rodger

    4:48 ,glazed look….still listening….. 5:34 TOTALLY!….6:54 uhhh …….choo?…..10:44 ya BABY….13:43 lol sneaky peek

    Great WORK Joe,THANKS.

  17. Michael van Lohuizen

    1. Love you work. 2. Iron the shirt 😉

  18. Lonnie Watson

    Does your flight software calculations account for the gradual reduction in mass as the fuel gets burned on the way up?

  19. raincan2000

    I swear if at 13:31 he’s deliberately pointing directly at the new flight computer

  20. Andrew Reece

    I so love the attitude lol and great work there btw Joe, always a thrill watching your videos bud. cheers

  21. Nyon

    Really enjoyed this video, keep the QnA part in that kind of videos!

  22. Adam Messmann

    3:56 bad engineers blame anyone but themselves

  23. r r

    Dude, please stop apologizing for irrelevant stuff! What you are doing is amazing!

  24. Ulf Holmström

    Oh wow! That was an excellent launch!! That gimbal really makes an excellent work.

  25. Nolan Patterson

    Honestly, Sprite got me more involved with your channel, and I bet I’m not alone on that. Very interesting!

  26. Anesu C

    haha I like the humor in this one

  27. Cooking With Cows

    I’d love to see you try hybrid rocket motors. Liquid oxygen and something like a salami with a hole in the middle as a supply of fuel. Just for fun.

  28. Camille Cottereau

    can you make your own rocket fuel following The king of randoms tutorial and make them as big as possible?

  29. David Merriman

    From an interest in music to ….. THIS!!! You are amazing, sir. TVC and a mass-wheel, in a frig’n toy rocket?!!!!

  30. yagitka

    Ahahaha I love the Q and A part xD

  31. mjncad

    Well done at getting the weeble-wobble out of the control system.

  32. forsakenrider

    Just found your channel and now I want to get into rockets even more!

  33. Ian Servin

    I really appreciate that you do most of your launches during blue hour. They always look fantastic!

  34. Nir Givon

    What software are you using to display the logged data?

    Great video BTW :-)

  35. Derrick Bommarito

    10/10 snark level. Love it and great flight! I did hear the torque wheel on the first playthrough and was hoping you’d say something about it!

  36. Victor Reppeto

    I am 53 and I am going back to school just so I can folllow the math you have been rattling my brain with! It is so cool to have something that gets me interested in higher math!! (that and I want to understand the math in building my own ac/dc pure sine wave inverrter)

  37. Jim Abbey

    Oh look its a “little” Elon Musk!!!! LMFAOO

  38. nickt

    you should turn down the volume for the rocket recordings, it’s much louder than the mic segments

  39. Tom Thoe

    Love the multiple shots of the launch and feedback control talk!

  40. Daniel Murray

    So cute to see Elon’s organ harvest clone into the same stuff as the real person.

  41. GP Photo

    Tremendous improvement in TVC amplitude this time. Great work man, keep doing what you’re doing! Your editing in Prem Pro is excellent too.

  42. Tim

    Does the speed of the gyro. Effect the torque controller. Do you factor it in at all.


    You inspired me to get into Rocketry, been flying for years but I now have this new obsession lol.

  44. nagualdesign

    The frilly edge of your creased up shirt really suits you, Joe. 😜

  45. Bett

    Hey joe, amazing work! However i am so curious as to how you performed a roll with only one point of thrust. Thanks!

  46. Ajay Malik

    When we are going to mars in. A bsp space rocket

  47. andrew nelson

    13:00 best product tease ever 😂

  48. Bryan Rotor

    3 weeks tops, holding you to that…. Hahaha

  49. Diego Paredes

    Have you ever thought about hybrid rocke engines though?
    They’re safer than solids and liquids. And you have thust vectoring.

  50. Claes Wikberg

    wow, nice launch! that flew beautiful, and thanks for the laughs.

  51. George Doolittle

    *yes, of course! The Holy Rocket of Antioch! Brother Maynard!..

  52. Vlad Motion

    4:26 axaxax, lol yes i understand)

  53. Cameron Simison

    7:15 rip ears

  54. Tony MacDonald

    The vehicle is now experiencing maximum dynamic pressure… Poof! Ah, the dream.

  55. RDMrusher

    People who say first are here just to say first. No one gives a single damn about you first people. So shut up and enjoy the video

  56. HylanderSB

    How long did it take to align the camera, hallway walls and the lit sign on that wall?

  57. Matthew Cragg

    7:16 Have some respect for headphone wearers. That was stupid.

  58. hydrowindandsolar

    “When do you expect it to make its first orbital flight? You know, two, maybe three weeks tops.” lol

  59. Jean-Marie Melanson

    Still one of the best channels out there! There’s always something interesting about intelligent people taking up a challenge, solving problems and sharing the experience.

  60. Alex Xie

    Yo I’ve got a technical question: I’m on a TARC team and we want to paint our rockets with custom letters too. Any advice? Thanks!

  61. Gammon Latrell

    “How much does it cost?”……………”Yes!” Awesome.

  62. Tech Saw

    Now that’s called an amazing flight

  63. Bobby Benfield

    I can’t wait to see when you start messing with liquid propellants and hypergolic fuels.

  64. Michael P

    There is so much doom and gloom out there these days, it was a nice break to see something a little more light hearted.

    Thanks, I needed that!

  65. Sad But Mad Lad

    12:30 Are you listening SpaceX? All the answers you need to get SuperHeavy into space is there.

  66. cortex

    Just a tip with filming to reduce the noise/graininess in the image while filming in the dark: reduce the iso and lower the f stop to let more light in. There’s a balance that you can find between iso and aperture to get good exposure and reduced image noise.

    I loved the video. Inspiring as always.

  67. Jake

    Joe, you’re part of the reason I joined my Student Launch team. You’re a big inspiration, and every time I watch these videos, I just want to go out and develop a rocket just like that

  68. Eric Blenner-Hassett

    Q: How would you keep track of the telemitry for 1Km and beyond…
    A: some form of syncronus communication similar to 5he videos on how a Raspberry Pi can transmit video over 10Km.
    Transmitter on send inly on known channel, reciever set on listen only mode. It potentially can be done with nrf21n1 with whip antennas, the ESP32s would be a better option as it could do encryption on the data as it transmits.
    Keep up the progress, if I was going to discuss this at partirs, they would be Virtual as the only virus I could get is potentially a python script.

  69. Eww

    “Stack Overflow” Too funny.

  70. Adan Akhtar

    when i see joe post a video, ight imma head in

  71. Red Jive1799

    *”ight imma head inside”*

  72. Loh WenKong

    7:15 when you’re poop doesn’t come out

  73. Frank

    Im Italian, the ‘capisch’ killed me 😂😂
    But very nice video, I love your personality, your videos are so nice to watch.. plus you learn something? Really great stuff man!

  74. Charles Puffer

    Flag question, I was under the impression that flags on aircraft and rockets should point in the direction of normal air flow.
    Not a big deal, but it keeps catching my eye and looking unexpected.

  75. William Wilson

    How to self isolate: Discuss thrust torque at a party.

  76. The Thought Emporium

    The level of snark/sarcasm was fantastic. Made me laugh. Great flight! Looking forward to the 1km flight

  77. Luke Donnelly

    “Would be really cool if I had something that could do that” – while pointing to the new computers parts list

  78. Jesse Vos

    Aaaaah, if only we could look forward to such an amazing rocket… 1km, sick magi computer setup…

    But alas, seems like there’s only dreams :P

  79. blaine matlock

    The torque based system sounds like the PID system just with extra steps…


  80. Vinfaz

    I clicked unbelievably fast on this in my notifications

  81. Endercrafter

    Thats super fascinating bro! I love to watch that!

    What about Echo btw? Will it fly again?

  82. Nadav Ram

    “I’m not a propulsion guy.” – Barnard Propulsion Systems

  83. Jack Caswell

    This is a really amazing rocket, can’t wait to see what comes out of BPS in the future!

  84. # o888 SABAB

    Plot twist : He is actually building a new flight controller and is just giving us a secret message

  85. Miguel Ribeiro

    12:30 this question he added up himself and just made a tease to what is going to come

  86. Matrick13

    12:31 the whole time i couldn’t tell if joe was joking or not

  87. Daniel Duchon

    This guy’s good, you didn’t lose any “youtube clout” in my eyes

  88. Charles O'Connor

    aight imma head out

  89. Orion Aerospace

    4:10 I see you didn’t have the guts or insane skillz to actually balance a broom or a pen like I did in our latest video 😜

    Also the Q and A segment was really cool! I hope it features more!!

  90. rxyth

    early bird gets to see the worm fly

  91. Alti-tude

    I can’t help but feel there’s some sort of hidden message in this video…

    Anyways, too bad about not having a flight telemetry computer

  92. James Burleson

    “It would be really cool if I like, had something that could do that, um, like on the way, and parts ordered, but I don’t have that right now.”
    Gesticulates wildly at schematics of “that” sitting on desk.

  93. ShureLock

    The most true thing Ive ever heard.

    “What did all this cost you?”

    hobbyists of flying things: yes

  94. Ben Abbott

    13:32, Yeah, it really is. You could probably start on that, it looks like you have some paper sitting under those motors on your desk, you could even start drawing up a schematic for it right now!

  95. Jeff Vader

    Since the mass of a rocket grows with the cube law, but area (and thus drag force) grows with the square law, big rockets have less of a problem with drag force.

  96. tommyg180

    “I’m not a propulsion guy…” Ok, Mr. B.. ‘P’..S. I’m sorry, I know you’ve called yourself out on this before, but still, kinda funny :P

  97. AX NINJA

    what did it cos you to build it ?


  98. Rocket Nerd

    “Shredding the rocket would be pretty cool” – Joe Barnard

  99. william falconer-beach

    Oh hey it’s that milk guy

  100. Efacel

    “I’m not a propulsion guy,“ says Joe Barnard of Barnard Propulsion Systems.

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