Sprint – Test Flight 10 – Aerotech H13

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Thanks again to Perry and Arsenio for the voice telemetry readout add-on!
Perry: https://twitter.com/PeregrineDev
Arsenio: https://twitter.com/Ascii211

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  1. Bill Scott

    Outstanding post mortem analysis! Keep on keepin’ on!!

  2. Nathan Greenway

    Great job glad to see the great weather too

  3. John Smith

    Good work, men! Keep it up!!!😊👍

  4. Walber José

    I would suggest adding redundancy to improve the reliability of electronics. Amazing work.

  5. François Laverdure

    Even if it wasn’t beautiful, it’s still a good flight to me as I’ve already done a lot worse. Lets just say it involved a parachute ejection failure, a run for it call and a 3 inch deep crater…😬

  6. Tree

    Oh man oh man what’s next?! I feel excited despite Sprints apparent fail.

  7. Kerry hoggard

    Hi I watched the launch the other day it was a success you launched when you said you was going to the weather was against you. You recovered the rocket and you now know what the problem was thank you

  8. Mark Hopewell

    Shame its tail is still wagging. I’m sure you’ll over come it in the V2 (excuse the unintended pun!).

  9. Jamie

    Great work joe looking forward to the new projects you work on next, go sprint !

  10. Kevin Shen

    Looks like a professional launch, with data and tracking camrea!

  11. WeBeGood

    Great flight, great development effort, great videos of it all. Thanks

  12. enno s.

    Hey Joe
    I have worked in a CanSat and our team used the RFM69HCW it was a total length of about 1000 m and we only lost about 10 out of 7000 packages…

  13. Marceli Wac

    I am so glad there were so many problems! Always good to have something to learn from

  14. HackWeiser

    Amazing work joe!!

  15. Ujjwala Jagdale

    We can use fuel like liquid oxygen in your rocket to get more thrust ?

  16. Orion Aerospace

    If you’re going for 10km on sprint v2 I think you should nickname it marathon ;P

  17. Arthur Crawford

    Now I know why Steven Suptic left sugar pine 7. Dope video man!

  18. Zach Jackson

    i love the outro music!

  19. Joudi ALHOMSI

    But let’s say this
    Why this is so amazing…!!!!
    Who is trying to learn new things then get bored and and give up on it😂😂😂🤞

  20. GTAVandmore

    Please start Sprint V2 🙏🥺 I really love your rockets and your videos!

  21. Joel McIver

    Those were some impressive flips!

  22. kc8omg

    I’ve had really good luck with MG Chemicals silicone conformal coating, stuff is practically submersible, you can verify coverage with a black light (UV reactive dye), and it’s easy to solder through if you need to do rework. Looking forward to the upcoming projects!

  23. Michael Weaver

    Thank you for the great follow up on the Sprint launch. Fantastic content, keep it up!

  24. Eric Blenner-Hassett

    Great breakdown. Remember to put on ‘ dummy plugs/connectors ‘ before conformal coating. Also, check what is a ‘ release agent ‘ in case the dummy plugs can only be removed with extreme pregudice thus testing your skills with a dremel cutting disc.

  25. Antonio Zavarce

    I may have missed a lot of your videos where you answer my question, but did you give up completely on trying to land those rockets?

  26. Syuubi

    Amazing work dude!!

  27. astrogerard

    Thanks for the cool video’s, cool explanaitions and very cool music.
    On the wobble, could it be that the mechanical hysteresis is giving a bit of trouble or do you compensate this by software?

  28. Brixxter

    GG Sprint! Can’t wait for new landing tests!

  29. Tamil Animated stories

    Joey B : May skies be low and your winds be blue
    Sprint : I am about end this man’s whole career

  30. Amey Kanzarkar

    Everytime there is BPS launch it feels like it’s my own rocket.

  31. Jake Jones

    Congrats on the flight! And plus, this channel has some great music 👍👍

  32. JayGamez

    You should try making your own solid rocket engine/motor with propper converging diverging nozzles for optimal performance

  33. Mike Gofton

    Great videos Joe. I really enjoy your investigation and analysis of the engineering problems encountered. Any chance you could do some Workshop style videos on the software design tools you’ve used , and the control loop design including sensor fusion aspects ?.

  34. Marc Osterland

    Almost 800m + a lot of knowledge gained for future improvements. Sounds like a success to me :-) Congrats!

  35. sleevedog

    Love this style of video.

  36. Tom Koopmann

    Hey, really random question: what is that watch you’re wearing?

  37. Joshua Davis

    Where do you launch having trouble finding good places

  38. ASCEND Kids

    I like to watch the coffee level drop between cuts….awesome explanation as always. Thanks once again for your contributions to science

  39. Cmdr Soyo

    i started to watch your videos regularly just when sptrint was born. to see it conclude feels like the end of an era

  40. beau danner

    I totally nerded out on every word of that. Great work! Looking forward to your return

  41. Leo Fraser

    Brilliant work!. I love your positive attitude to calling out the errors and mistakes – we can all learn from that.

  42. Manu Saraswat

    i don’t want no salary hahaha , just wanna be a part of this amazing thing

  43. Elliot Slater

    amazing, congratulations man this is awesome!!!

  44. Bill Erickson

    Beautiful, nice work! I loved the outro.

  45. Anesu C

    Have you ever considered releasing the music you use in these videos? Would be cool to listen to while studying and such haha (i.e the one at the end)

  46. Tomás Canny

    Excellent video Joe! Great to hear you go through the diagnostics, and give so much detail. This rocket has definitely earned it’s retirement. Onward and upward!

  47. steve ralman

    Thanks for the sprint series. Love it when your human , bumping and knocking things we can all relate to. Nobody’s perfect ( but I’m damn close😂😂😂😂). Will be waiting for the next project,good luck.

  48. Usman Afridi

    This is simply amazing. i found your channel today and i am hooked. :) just curious if you thought o have secondary parachute for softer touchdown.may be first dragchute for getting it come down without wandering away and second one for saving most of it

  49. solodare06

    This has been awesome to watch, Thanks Joe!!! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  50. Enterprise Space Systems

    Love it Joe i am doing my own and the estesf15 motor is out of stock what othe r motors do u recommend

  51. Muhammed Nabasheer Bashee

    U inspire me a lot, I am also trying to learn designing and development of rockets. It’s always fun watching you go along ☺️.

  52. Qwertzy

    I think you caught launch fiever, wanting to finally launch this thing and made som “bad” decisions for the vehicle on the way

  53. Andrew Mitchell

    Great work Joe. I’m impressed by your disciplined approach this year and it really paid off. I count this program as a solid success. Well done, and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  54. Devin Murray

    Good job Joe!! Keep at it; I love your videos and look forward to seeing what you do in the future!

  55. Kai Brüning

    It’s amazing how hard even not going to space is. Superb work, Joe, and even better analysis.

  56. Dan Morris

    Good luck gearing up! Thanks for the crazy detailed info as you were moving through this project.

  57. FLIGHTSoft - Airsoft

    Congrats, I saw it live.

  58. Shreyam

    I was waiting for update cause I couldn’t watch live with my limited data plans…
    Love these brief and explanatory notes of developments as it goes on.

    Will love to see multistage after you fix the z-axis wiggle.

  59. Moldy Space Industries

    Seeing the wiggle show up made me think of that part of The Martian “we’ve got a slight shinmy flight – say again? we are getting a large oscillation”

  60. Daniel McGinnis

    Great Flight! I always love tuning in to see the test flights. And i just KNOW that these rocket will be reaching sky high in no time flat!

  61. monk

    hey you inspired to build my own rocket. It’s cool cuz I figured out how to build my own rocket feel thanks a lot :)

  62. Močnik Royale

    3:39 nice 360 though🔥

  63. Noel Abdilla

    Hey Joe, loved the flight! With regards to telemetry reading I don’t know what is used exactly however I suggest you look into LoRa modules which I believe can be used with your current setup. Also external antennas can help with better transmission & reception ;) Keep up the good work man!!

  64. Inquire98

    I believe, feel, KNOW, think and trust you 🙄 and your support groups have done a fantastic job 👍🏿 I pray and hope ALL’S going to be better 😇

  65. Arsenio Dev

    Man I’m so glad this callout system KINDA worked great. Always happy to lend a hand and voice to the projects.

  66. SierraGhostR2

    Absolutely love the montage of sprint development and flights at the end! <3

  67. Sebastian Loessl

    Just make sure to be pitched over roughly to 45° once you reach 10km. There’s one thing kerbal told us all😂

  68. The Real Fnaf Furry

    Technically hit 1km. Congrats on the successful project. Sprint still one of my 3 favorite projects you made. From a viewer from Cookeville TN

  69. Robert Steinbeiss

    Love your concluding trailers! Good to know that you could be a wedding fotographer if this rocket thing does not take off ;-)

  70. Keith Kooiman

    I’m looking forward to the next phase your program. I saw somebody mentioned “Marathon” as a possible project name, I think that would be perfect.


    Add a mesh network place an antenna to the drone and communicate with higher distance without any data lost
    Ground to 🚀 and ground to drone to rocket 🚀

  72. Julian Kandlhofer

    Great video! Love the Moire Patterns on your shirt :D

  73. Baptiste Druaux

    A well deserved retirement for Sprint V1, great work Jo!

  74. _Dayoo

    I love that he uses the metric system.

  75. ElonMusk 101

    Love your videos man you inspired me to buy a 3D printer and being my rocket building career. Keep up the good work

  76. Thomas


  77. Graham Sutherland

    Always fun when you mention someone I know from Twitter!

    Have you decided on which conformal coating you’re going to go with?

  78. Lachy Staats

    Congrats Joe and your crew. I really enjoy your breakdown of the flight and honesty of results. I can’t wait for the next project!

  79. TrionFilms

    Hey Joe, I absolutely love this footage. I was there for every second of it during the stream, and I’m sorry that you missed your ideal launch window (As a Tennessee native I know how crazy the weather here can be) However, I didn’t see this video pop up in my feed. I checked and it seems that I can’t click the notification bell, it opens a prompt stating “This action is turned off for content made for kids.” I didn’t know if you manually activated this, or if it was flagged by youtube. Thought I’d let you know. Fly Safe!

  80. Aaron Prat

    You’re so good at editing videos, love it

  81. Justin B.

    I was waiting for this recap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Huge love from Canada! I have to say that the live stream video made the rocket look like it was really really wobbling badly and almost like it did a complete flip maybe. Looks much more pointed up than I previously thought!!

  82. Clayton Dalton

    Even though it didn’t get to 1km, it was really cool to watch. Me and my dad watched it live and we are thinking about building a rocket.

  83. AdaptableRuben Videos

    3:01 this type of stuff happen in ksp when I try to use the vector engine on default setting

  84. adisharr

    “55 m/s” holy shit that’s a bit fast.. oh that doesn’t look right :)

  85. ItsSwagPlayz

    Congrats joe, glad to see sprint v2 soon!

  86. rreiter

    Hehe I don’t recall ever seeing “Hot, Sticky, Disgusting” in a metar. Altogether a great debrief, keep it up, thanks!

  87. Simone Nascimben

    Sprint still forever in my heart
    Btw congrats Joe for all

  88. John Gavlik

    The voltage going “high” to 15 volts seems like all power was lost to the load, which makes your other data losses seem right.

  89. ukemike1

    He looks like the love child of Macaulay Culkin and Elon Musk.

  90. Nathan Schmitz

    Awesome! As usual :) was expecting you to say “first let me tell you the sponsor of this video, Rai…” 1:29

  91. Drew Brickell

    Watched live! Congrats joe, you did awesome! Looking forward to the future!

  92. Peregrine Developments


  93. Dumont Space

    R.I.P AVA, although was a great flight.

  94. raincan2000

    Congrats Joe! This was an amazing flight to watch live! Good luck on every future launch!
    Also: Thanks for the early link! I must truly be first

  95. Jarett Jones

    So I do very long range UAV work both as my job and for hobby.
    Because of the doughnut shape transmission area of dipole-antennas the only way to get reliable telemetry at range (regardless of vehicle orientation) is to use dual antennas angled perpendicular to each-other onboard the vehicle. This also means dual radios and a diversity controller all adding up to extra cost and weight but its well worth it.

    Generally to save weight and get less directional bias on the airborne side we use half-wave dipole antennas.

    On the ground side we use one full-wave dipole and one yagi or patch depending on the situation. The ground station is also using a diversity controller with dual antennas, its most useful when you don’t have a tracking mount for your antennas and want to pre-mount the directional antenna in the correct direction for max range but this may cause telemetry drop out when the vehicle is close by or on the ground. Thus the second antenna being a dipole gives omni coverage for those situations.

  96. Zach W

    For sprint v2 I propose the name “Marathon” as it is going higher/farther

  97. Commic Cannon

    100km target with aluminium tube and Linux based flight control system and 9 motors🤣

  98. Black Out

    I like how the tea slowly disappeared from the mug

  99. FrameshiftShark


  100. BPS.space

    I just did the math and if you add up the maximum altitude of every Sprint flight, you get roughly 2.1 vertical km traveled, which *technically* means I accomplished the goal of getting past 1km. Never said it had to be in a single flight :P

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