Sprint – Test Flight 1

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Lesson learned… the focus ring is clockwise for closer, counterclockwise for further. Sorry for getting half the flight out of focus on the tracking cam.

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  1. Aaron Beckman

    You should release some of the music in your videos, it’s really cool!

  2. Doug Starwalt

    Yes – it is all *very* interesting. Continue on this path. Naysayers usually do nothing but naysay (go figure).

  3. hoffiee123

    Awesome video! Mimo systems is definitely a thing. One idea for the reaction wheel might be to leave spots for some heavier items you can put into the wheel like pieces of metal or nuts. Given that the frame is still in PLA it can create some nice moment of inertia.

  4. P A

    Keep working on the wobbly oversteer, you’re an ace dude!

  5. Glenn Edward Pace

    I’ll make that flywheel for you send me the file

  6. Joe

    4:45 yes.

  7. Bad Dinosaur

    Must have full control authority before I can sign off on the next launch schedule and L1 Dig day.

  8. William Arvidsson

    Things are getting serious now, i have followed you for some time now and im getting more and more exited for every video you upload.
    Best of luck Joe! We are cheering for you!

  9. Hicham Mohsen

    I’m so in love with this!!!!!!

  10. Adan Akhtar

    Hey, when are you going to space? srsly…..You feel like the next Elon Musk

  11. Dan Singletary

    You are inspirational! I’ve really enjoyed following you on this journey.

  12. Ulf Holmström

    Yep, I made my decision. Of all my 200+ YOUTUBE subscriptions this is my current favorite YouTube channel.

  13. A Liar

    I always thought it would be interesting to continuously optimize your gain values in a secondary feedback loop i.e. neural network optimization for gains

  14. George Karatzas

    What an amazing flight!!

  15. Jesse Schoch

    I would be interested in machining a reaction wheel for you if you have the cad files.

  16. Kevin Shen

    I love that launch pad… it even has launch clamps!

  17. Ben Van der Veer

    That looks like some nice valve hardware sittting there, AVA the next RCS system confirmed?

  18. APOGEE

    Yes! It’s interesting! I’m flying racing drones and am hobbyist so it’s all taken in with appreciation… by me at least :P

  19. Jello llama

    1:00 nice smiley face lol

  20. Arden Shibley

    One of the simplest yet most exciting videos you’ve done! Love it!!!

  21. Clément Causse

    That 1st launch was an actual jaw dropping moment 😱

  22. LOOK over there 2019

    Great job……I felt like I was at Canaveral watching a real launch!!!!!! Minus the salt air !!!!

  23. Vincent CUEILLE

    Congrats from France, your movies and this one too are so amazing! Very impressive! 🚀🚀

  24. jarl eriksson

    i was just starting to wonder when the next video would be released

  25. Argus

    Watch out for that reaction wheel. I’d tune it AFTER you get the I term in gimballing done. Looking at that footage makes me think that there’s a little of some kind of gyroscopic “coupling” between the two oscillations.

  26. Steele

    Epic, would appreciate videos of you doing the random things for this, maybe taking us a bit closer in to the process and making it more personal. Regardless, love the vids keep it up!

  27. EscapeMCP

    MIMO is totally a thing. Look up those fancy routers with multiple wifi aerials on.

  28. kingpotatoman

    I love how advanced the rockets you experiment with are!

  29. Steve Siegelin

    Congratulation is Joe, I’m glad to see all your hard work paying off!

  30. Goltzhar

    The interesting thing is that all of the “problems” that occur is probably 95% of the problems that “real” rockets have.
    So there is very little difference in the complexity of what you are doing. Keep it up!

  31. Emily Mast

    I love the thumbnail! Totally looks like a massive rocket!

  32. Derek Flett

    The roll control just made me drool a little. Thats amazing!

  33. David Aldrich

    Dude! That internal view with the TVC working and the “window” in the rocket body was super dope! Well done!

  34. caconym

    oof, right on the road
    Reminds me of the time I had a rx failure in an rc heli and it just drilled straight into the only tiny patch of concrete within hundreds of feet … looked like it’d been through a wood chipper. Raised some real Ship of Theseus-type questions.

  35. Taco 5150

    Have you ever considered flying a hybrid engine?

  36. Last Frontier Labs


  37. Lluís Fargas López

    I dont Understand the design of the reaction wheel, also, will you have some trouble avoiding momentum saturation or the math works for even longer flights?

  38. Marcus Knightingale

    Absolutely fantastic, love the miniature tail service masts/hold down arms, keep up the great work.

  39. NainKaigo

    Can confirm MIMO is a term used. I mostly hear it when dealing with wireless devices

  40. martin2250

    I love that TVC camera angle. looking forward to the larger motors!

  41. Jeff

    None pizza with left John. Nice

  42. 4ntig3n

    Yeah, its interesting Joe :) Really enjoyed the quick recap with a lot of info. Have a great day!

  43. SolidGeek

    I’m interested to know what simulation tools you use? I would also love to see a walkthrough of the model. Great content!

  44. Rodger

    4:46 compared to you i am an idioT ,but i’m hanging on your every word, so YES….you were saying?


    0:50 why is moving so muhc? nee new fins or something or somthing to avoid balancing the rocket with the fuel.

  46. Samuel Hopely

    Lil guy is just swimmin his way to space like a lil fish and I support him

  47. MultiCopterBuild

    So cool! As a control engineer myself – I can verify MIMO is a thing! Also, since you are dealing with actuator delay, you might be able to incorporate the delay into your state space observer (if you have one), and by that make the control loop stable, because the control loop is aware of the delay. If you decide to go that way, look into delay handling with Observer/Kalman filtering, or even Smith predictors. Looking forward to seeing more state-space rocket control!

  48. Alex Bobroff

    Damn joe really out here using aerotech motors smhing my head.

  49. Jack Frame

    7:35 yes finally

  50. Makar Lock

    *Department of Homeland Security has entered the chat*

  51. Chris Young

    I absolutely love the interior camera showing the motor gimbaling.

  52. Rivcu29

    The green bps sign in the background looks sick

  53. Amdraz

    Yes it’s interesting, keep going.

  54. Lynch124

    Wow joe has really has gone revolutionary!

  55. Nathaniel Kencke

    4:45 Yes! I want to hear more about PIDs

  56. Amos MA

    Roll control is amazing. I wondered how to do it, I thought maybe by movable fins. Now I know better. And it looks like it worked pretty well. 👍 Great job.

  57. Kimball Goss

    This is so cool. I love moving the tech level of model rockets from “gunpowder and cardboard” to some real GNC and reaction wheels. Thanks for moving the hobby forward Joe!

  58. Bumble

    2:33 It is now!

  59. Scorpio

    4:45 Yes, it is fascinating.

  60. Alessi 42

    Really great video! Loved it, seeing sprite paying off. Have you done a video on the simulation software you’re using it sounds interesting.

  61. Akash Doode

    Taking the time to tie what you’re doing all together by explaning your long term goals in a video, will drag more people in… people love anticipation.

  62. Ryan Smith

    4:44 Absobloodylutely!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been a rocket nut since my first guyfawks as a kid but I was never dedicated enough to my studies to make a career out of rockets!
    One day I’ll build a rocket motor but I don’t think I’ll get to the point where I’ll do what you are doing!
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey! You are travelling a path I would have loved to have taken!

  63. Flim Flam

    He lost me at “linear quadratic regulator” hahah

  64. Troy Lee

    Nice launch!!!! Love the TVC!

  65. Rocco V

    “Back to rockets”

  66. YouGadget TV

    6:22 I learned that the hard way too… Make it simple… It will became difficult on its own

  67. Doxie Lain

    This is very interesting, and I love that you have a reaction wheel. Also, you’re making me feel better about my MFA in dance and inspiring me to up my game.

  68. Temp

    The test isn’t that hard
    The test: him explaining

  69. Saikiran

    When he said “arrow tech”, the subtitles read “error tech”

  70. Olav

    So excited for 1 kilometer flights!! Also great test flight and lots learned from it. :)

  71. Bumble

    4:45 It is very interesting! Your entire audience believes that. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think it was interesting. Keep up the good work!

  72. Chris Vandergriff

    I’ve been waiting for this test flight for awhile. And, yeah, whole lot of oscillation and overcorrection. Still, looks freaking great, Joe.

  73. pratik g

    1:30 shit… That’s young elon! You freaked me out 😂

  74. Tim Heinig

    Hurwitz and Niquist would not like this video at all. ;)
    (Good job. I’m looking forward to the second test flight!)

  75. Mr. Steven

    Awesome camera angle of the tvc mount

  76. The Call of the Road

    “it’s youtube man, I’ll do what ever I want” I love it, congrats on the successful test flight!

  77. Dang Itshere

    2018: We’re gonna land this rocket

  78. mumblbee bee

    Yes! Yes, that is interesting, and I love it! Congratulations to this launch – if you can see a launch like that and dissect things that are wrong, you are in a good place :)
    Once you have boosters, you can make the reaction wheel bigger and simulate gravity for your little space-cowboy :-P

  79. Omar Essilfie-Quaye

    Love the smiley face on the back of the motor :)

  80. Vinfaz

    Me: *High Pitch Squealing* “ITS FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!”

  81. Eric Lotze

    i’m just here for the carbonated milk, and dancing…

  82. Kalmoose 925

    Question: what’s your ultimate goal about your rockets? Do you have an ultimate altitude that you wanna reach?

  83. Adam Fields

    pizza john!

  84. Nathan Agar

    The long wait is over!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Nolan Patterson

    “It’s youtube, maaaan, I’ll do what I want”
    Did people actually cry about rockets not being launched? I honestly didn’t even realize you hadn’t launched one in a while. I quite enjoyed the test rig!!

  86. scribble0073300

    I cant wait till Im done with this ME undergrad in May so I can just sit on the couch and go through your entire library of videos of MATLAB, simulink, data processing, programming, modeling, PCB design, ect ect.
    For now, I only have time to watch your awesome launch videos.
    Just pulled my 3rd all-nighter trying to keep up with assignments…

  87. Orion Aerospace

    MIMO is a real abbreviation!!! We stand by it!!!!! and I’ve heard people with PhDs in control say it! RISE UP MIMO GANG
    Also I don’t think people appreciate the leap it is to go from PID to state space— like that is a non trivial jump to make so nice job!

  88. Dom A

    3:06 like drinking carbonized milk?

  89. Stuart Reed

    The interior view is so cool!

  90. Cynthia Martinez

    This is all interesting. I want more please.

  91. Robert Holmes

    4:45 i might not know what the heck you’re actually talking about, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting.

  92. Chase Kieselbach

    * volume warning*
    Me: *wearing headphones* *blast off* “Uh why are my ears rings?”

  93. thetaai

    I still can’t comprehend how the hell you do all this on your own, you have my eternal respect and admiration my man

  94. Canine Rocket Technologies

    1:28 literally return to launch site

  95. Simon L

    4:45 yes.. definitely!!

  96. Brandon Berchtold

    2:33 Yup, currently taking a multivariable controls course and we definitely refer to them as “mimo” systems

  97. SiaarZH

    I feel like I attended a technical debriefing meeting. This just BECAME a job!

  98. Neil Judell

    Yikes! Right on the hairy edge of stability with that thrust vectoring.

  99. Dr.Luc

    Woah that inside view of the gimbal is amazing

  100. Sebrenity

    Heck yes it’s interesting and viewers are retained as heck if they’re like me

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