Scout E – Flight 2 Launch + Landing

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Scout E Flight 1:

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  1. Jens Krabbe

    I just love the way you’re sciencing the hell out of this.

  2. Ephemeral Q.

    I come back every now and then to see if Elon Musk’s cloning technology is still going well.

  3. Martin Dorak

    You should test the ascent motor servo while running the cameras and everything else, basically imitating the actual flight. If your battery doesn’t have enough voltage or cells(assuming u run lipos) it can intermittently shutdown some functions, like cameras and servos.

  4. J F

    Ah man, those syringe legs are genius!! You impress this engineer.

  5. pyronac1

    from where you were at in the beginning, you have made a lot of progress. i wish i had more drive to create. you are an inspiration.

  6. Chaser 4931

    “It’s totally not a missile” sounds like something someone making a missile would say…

  7. ExplodingWaffle101

    when you were talking about dead reckoning, all i heard was “the missile knows where it is because it knows where it isn’t…”

  8. Fab V.

    Love this epic quest!

  9. Mission MIT

    quick question- will you sorta teach how to make scout E or it’s just any other video of 2 hours

  10. William M

    Absolutely brilliant. You’ll get it. You don’t seem to have an problem with perseverance.

  11. Harry White

    R&D could be described as “Failure till it’s time to move on to the next project”. Success is that brief moment between R&D projects. Keep up the good work. The journey is the reward.

  12. Dragos Tanasa

    Please don’t make us wait another 10 months ❤️. Nice job btw, I’m so excited to see you land this thing. Good luck!

  13. John Mandlbaur

    Perhaps I can help you with something here: regarding your attitude control “gains”. The reason that you go through the exercise of calculating the requirements for attitude control and then just override the whole lot using an “attitude gain” value which is clearly so excessive that you might as well not have bothered to work out the stuff in the first place and might as well have just taken a random guess, is because the theory is wrong,. Angular momentum is not conserved. Angular energy is conserved. If you re calculate using the correct theory, you will find that attitude control becomes much less random guess and much more proper control. Without guessing, you will be able to land properly. When it works, then all I ask is that you acknowledge what solved the problem so that I can overcome the mass psychosis preventing people from considering the truth.

  14. Gunstick

    Murphy: “you should try to fail the landing and then ypu will succeed” 🤣

  15. nkronert

    I love the solution using syringes with vent hole. I’m assuming that the time that the motor kept running after hitting the ground would have been in the air, had the eject mechanism worked properly? Great attempt as always, Joe! 👍

  16. Kirt McKenna

    “It’s a work of art.”

    If it is hypersensitive to everything, it’s not a good design. Maybe the motor ejection system is hard to design, but it’s got to work ~100% of the time in flight conditions. If not, it’s over complicated and you need to design another method for swapping motors.

  17. Chas Becht

    5:17 When Joe apologized to a smooshed tube.

  18. chrismel FPV

    Super cool stuff, love seeing your progression on this. Fantastic sir

  19. The Spaceflight Guy

    Your getting better at this! Every video is progress. Keep it up!

  20. Remi Grumeau

    What about having 4 motors, lightning 2 for ascend & 2 for landing ?
    Or 4, 3 small for ascend in triangle and a bigger one in the center for landing?

  21. Eric Blenner-Hassett

    Impressive. I recommend sleeving the cables to keep them from getting caught/crushed, a simple contact to the engine holder and a wire that only can complete the circuit when that chunk of metal is correctly holding an engine so as to tell that there was an ejection event and if it completed. I also recomend a short delay between landing motor start and gear down and not depend on height while using dead recconing as there are these landscape features called hills.

  22. Rory Shields

    Ya know, you could always try the Roton autorotation solution to landing a rocket. Deployable Pop out props are commercially available from the powered glider world.

  23. Graham S

    Love your videos. I feel you should figure out how to test each stage of the flight separately. You seem to have ignition and launch down ok, but you are nowhere close to figuring out controlling descent speed and landing, and it will be disheartening to destroy a lovely rocket each iteration.

    Can’t wait to see what new progress you make

  24. DuffMan

    The trick for sticking the landing is magnets (pun intended) and an iron landing pad.

  25. Eric Kraus

    First, I love your tenacity for making this work. Have you looked into shielded twisted pair wiring, just to eliminate the em from the cable runs you have? Also, have you thought about putting in a cable raceway for your tvc and free up the room?
    Keep up the good work!
    (Edit autocorrect)

  26. 420dax420

    Looking forward to seeing Scout F! It sounds really cool. Keep being awesome!

  27. jm_space

    The complexity is sooooooo insane! It is very impressive how far you already came!

  28. SPARTAN-B312

    Perfect timing! Getting back into Kerbal and could use some cool stuff to watch!

  29. Operation Darkside

    Make the landing area a thin sheet of metal and put magnets on the landing legs

  30. Roel Baardman

    If static pressure is on average reliable, I guess you could improve your dead reckoning a bit, since you have an extra known in your equations?

  31. Liam Spence

    Might be cheating with the landing, but you could have powerful small magnets in the feet and the landing pad is a sheet of steel (tho from what all we’ve seen you’ll definitely take the pure-er engineering path lol)


    I feel like the solution to landing on grass is just some 1/8 rod that will stick in the dirt like a lawn dart. You already have the job 95% of the way there and grass just feels too unpredictable to land on without it being perfectly level even with suspension.

  33. James Colin Mynhardt

    Hey there! Just curious, why are you not you using a build plate to print on, instead printing directly on the hot plate? Awesome video non the less!

  34. Katyushas Lab

    so dead reckoning is basically “the missile knows where it is, because it knows where it isn’t…”.

  35. HeliZero

    Thanks ! High quality content is always welcome. I just love to follow your projects.

  36. Waylon McCann

    Hey Joe, if you’re changing the engine control/mount, will you still be using some form of thrust vector control along with your thrust throttle idea?

  37. Larock1234

    Amazing as always! I am super excited to see the engineering video!

  38. Graham Sutherland

    I am *so* looking forward to that engineering episode.

  39. Robert Obryk

    I’m curious how practical would be throttling by having 3 engines with independent TVC (and throttling down by angling all of them outward). As a bonus, that would also give roll control. As a downside, it would increase the diameter very considerably.

  40. Robert Obryk

    Would a downlooking camera and optical-mouse-like video processing be a sensible improvement (that can be bundled with dead reckoning using a Kalman filter) to dead reckoning alone? In particular, if your landing pad has a noticeable feature, this can not only estimate current velocity (well, combination of velocity and pitch/yaw rates) but also position.

  41. Alistair Lynn

    Thermal expansion from the motor firing eating into your tolerances on the ejection system?

  42. steve ralman

    BPS Space , to insanity and beyond! Love your channel and hope to work with your team as a volunteer in the future as you grow. And you will grow.
    When you need the big launch platforms I’ll be there.

  43. nathaniel gonzales

    5:16 i love that he said sorry to his broken rocket

  44. SixDRUMMER

    This is the ONLY Channel, where i actually watch the Sponsor section :D

  45. Oerwout10

    that dead reckoning kind of sounds like “the missile knows where it is because it knows where it isn’t” xD

  46. Fascial Rufaie

    I think it is pretty much impossible to land the rocket without having some sort control over the amount of thrust produced. Since the solid rocket motors do not seem to have ideal thrust curves for landing.

  47. Ironymus

    I’m definitely a fan of the KISS principle. The syringes are a genius level solution for the problem of dampening the landing shock. There are points to that solution that can be interesting to investigate further. I mean like holes in different sizes alongsinde the syringe to give it a different dampening curve. So you can develop tailor-made landing gear for almost every surface just by adapting the position and size of the venting holes.

  48. Leon Ulčakar

    When it comes to accelerometers and gyros to determine positioning, it is really hard because of the excess noise coming especially from the accelerometers and implementing a running average makes it determine a new zero position, at least when we tried to use it with PID thrust vectoring, so hats off to you man.

    BTW here’s our first attempt at PID:

  49. James M

    Fantastic stuff. Your engineering brain is a marvel!

  50. Themis F

    You could use Magnets in the landing pad to be sure that the rocket stays and in place and not trips over on the touchdown !

  51. Евгени Георгиев

    if somebody lands a model r before you just call sue origin for help. Great video and engineering Joe. Keep going strong.

  52. Reed Thompson

    Try going for Velcro on the landing pad with soft foam. Then rocket legs with the opposite Velcro. It won’t slide but it will absorb impact and cause that thing to stick to the surface

  53. AccAkut1987

    I’m most impressed that all this technology and control works at this scale. Somehow in my head a rocket needs to be big and fly long and high to be steerable.

  54. drum raz


  55. dire saint

    Thanks joe! Love the content, no matter the content. (Though failure is more fun, because disaster) I’m looking forward to seeing the next.

    Also, it was fun seeing you and Xyla out on the range. Also looking forward to seeing that one when Xyla publishes that.

  56. Mat Arnold

    I wonder if a gyrocompass align would give a good pitch/yaw initial condition with these sensors. Be interesting to test. Probably need to not use the mems gyro and use the magnetometer.

  57. SenoreQueso

    I know a lot of the time you struggle with making the high edited, very polished videos versus just dumping tons of uncut footage but the uncut stuff is really awesome to watch too and I really enjoy when you post it.

  58. DarkmSparks

    this is my favourite of your rockets, to space is still cool, but this tech is lovely and great to see it all. shame the cams couldnt take the gs

  59. Nemo

    Have you considered using RC car/truck/buggy shocks on the legs? They come in many different sizes, and the better ones offer customizable spring and dampening rates.

  60. 1.5x playback everything

    Man, the camera work has progressed immensly, screw the landing =)

  61. edwin kania

    Musk said in an interview it took him 10 years. Keep going.

  62. Collin326C

    I still think you’re going to have a very difficult time trying to land with solid fuel rockets. No variation control of thrust and it burns until its out. Cool projects and I can’t wait for the day one actually lands. Just putting my 2 cents out there

  63. Daniel Campbell

    Dude you are making some serious freakin progress. Don’t get discouraged. Keep up the good work.

  64. FreakinXBanana's55

    scout will definitely land one day , Im sure about that , also it would be really cool if you build a SpaceX Starship And Super Heavy , it would be really cool

  65. André Forcier

    Looking forward!! Also, I thought it was only us Canadians who apologize to inanimate objects when we bump into them? You said “sorry” to Scout the 1st time, at the beginning, you bumped it. 😉🍻from🇨🇦

  66. Unmannedair

    I really like your solid fuel rocket, but I’m thinking a pressurized monopropellant rocket would give you the control you need for takeoff and landing.

  67. Charles O'Connor

    Can’t wait for the Shreeek-Scout landing!

  68. Forgotten the Passengers

    Everything goes so well, then it doesn’t. Mate, it’s awesome!! Keep the great work coming!

  69. Ian Parker

    Amazing how far you’ve come since Echo! Great work and good luck with Scout F :D

  70. Nerdherfer

    I wonder if you could use an exponential moving average of the accelerometer data to smooth out the noisy signal? I am not sure if a moving average would accurately represent to the actual acceleration of the vehicle, but if it kills SOME of the noise error, then you are at least a little bit closer to glory!

  71. Stephen Swanson

    Joe, why not a hybrid descent motor, so you can control touchdown speed, while also making the ‘suicide burn’ unnecessary?

  72. Chris Vandergriff

    Joe! Don’t be sad! That was SOOOOOO close! And freaking beautiful!

  73. Greg Krekelberg

    Quick question: How are you doing the accelerometer integration? Are you using additive accumulators or something else? What’s the reporting/sampling rate for the accelerometers?

  74. GreatProphecy

    I wish we could see a flight with no issues! You’ll get there! So amazing to watch and backseat experience this over time!

  75. Trenton Gates

    have you considered different air ways on the bottom of the booster for the exhaust to escape creating a more stable and wider array of exhaust?

  76. James Nguyen

    What about using multiple sensors of the same type to get better data? Like how spacecraft handle radiation errors.

  77. ZachTheSloth

    Dont sleep on foam crushing, Joe.

    It absorbs energy like nothing else, especially polystyrene.

  78. The Talent

    If you make the landing zone surface steel you could possibly include magnets to the legs to add just a little bit more of sticktivity.

  79. manny thehunter

    Man you will be better off redesigning and separating the GPS from everything else. Worked on a system that required GPS accuracy (timing) down to the picosecond! We wasted tons of time (and $$$) trying double shielded cables. You could try using aluminum or copper and create a faraday cage around each system. In the end we learned to put the GPS on one end and all our telemetry systems along with everything else on the other.

  80. shize9ine

    3:11 – how do you keep all the electronics inside like the gps module and processors cool without heatsinks? Do you think they are thermally affected? I remember watching a livestream launch with telemetry and thought man those electronics must be cooking themselves while waiting 30 mins to then launch. They could very well be within limits, but I would like to know!

  81. redwmv

    Good luck man! Hope you finally get to land the F model. You’re a massive inspiration.

  82. Do RC

    It looks like this would be a perfect place for RC car shock absorbers.

  83. lorivasquez100

    I love your passion and ability to explain your thought process and implementation to us. simply fascinating !!!

  84. Lukas Dimmler

    You could also increase your thrust with a air augmented design. Basically, instead of overexpanding your exhaust, you place the bigger tube a little further down. This allows air to be sucked in by the bernoulli-effect and then accelerated, giving you a greater exhaust mass and increasing the thrust.

  85. Dillon Schmidt

    I love the low twr on the ascending stage. It looks so good on liftoff!

  86. Simon Bunker

    Those are seriously innovative ideas for the next Scout rocket. Throttling a solid motor sounds amazing – I hope you can pull it off!

  87. Hydrolox Aerospace

    I literally feel overjoyed when a BPS vid drops. Been watching your work for awhile, amazing attempt! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for sticking with propulsively landing! Most people would have given up by now.

  88. Jesus Christ

    so freaking impressive

  89. Mark Key

    I’m so glad you’re back doing what you love. For what it’s worth I think you’d make a fantastic teacher. The way you explain complex topics in such an engaging manner is a rare talent. I’m also very glad you’re on our side. A man such as yourself, with your particular skill set, could make powerful men lose sleep at night with the right funding.

  90. Geordie Matthews

    Marvelous stuff, Joe. Keep at it!

  91. Jaxon Kennedy

    Great job joe! Can’t wait to see your future endeavours.

  92. Luke

    VERY grateful for the impending engineering supercut. Lot of us are here for more than just mere entertainment, you are a great information and inspiration source Joe! Give us the details and the chaos, we love it

  93. John Tyree

    While I applaud the gravitas of trying to land a solid fuel motor, I can’t help thinking that you just need to make a hobby level liquid fuel rocket for this project.

  94. oogity Boogity

    I remember during the drone dropping tests you stressed how it is sometimes a luck thing when it came to landing but man ur getting really consistent with these flights I can easily see consistent landing of this thing soon

  95. Phaeton

    I feel like almost every intro is Joe looking at the camera with a rocket in pieces just sitting beside him. Don’t worry he’ll sit next to an intact rocket…. eventually

  96. Barack Obama

    That thing hit the ground harder than my grandma when she fell down the stairs.

  97. Doom_Whale

    Exited for the engineering cut! Great video.

  98. Alfie Walker

    I feel special to be here


    What’s up gamers, it’s yer boi Iccarus Thiccarus here with another video where I build something needlessly complex, then slam it into the ground and feel sad about it! May the gunch be with you all

  100. Constantin

    Hopefully one day i’ll achieve that level of engineering to land my rockets too 😅
    Great work 🙌🏼 really inspiring

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