Scout E – Flight 1 Launch + Landing

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Flight 2 coming soon! I’ll post updates about that, and the Kalman filter investigation on Twitter:

Parker Waugh, former intern and leg designer extraordinaire:

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  1. technik27

    Not to be a downer, but it looks like one of the least stable flights I’ve seen from Joe.

  2. Benjamin Herke

    Imagine telling nasa to land a fricking solid rocked booster.. You are just amazing

  3. Douglas Mattos

    Do you plan on working for the big space companies someday, these rockets like a resume?

  4. Messer Morfeo

    BPS in 2030:

    Roger M – Flight 7, Moon free orbit + return

  5. BAK's BAK

    This is truly amazing, already many magnitudes better than any echo flight you had. You are certainly evolving!

  6. Rc Rockets

    Wow cool rocket! I’m just started getting into rocketry

  7. T C

    while the controls are all cool

    you’ll never do this well with solids. you had a good touchdown but it’ll always lift off again.

  8. Bill Kerr

    What you have accomplished is truly amazing.

  9. Jim Feig

    Make the reaction control wheel into a fan with vectored vents above and below so it can eventually cancel out the momentum it builds up?

  10. Matthew Novick

    Fantastic work. I would suggest you focus more on the landing gear, in particular adding damping. This will dramatically widen your allowable landing envelope.


    the airbake deployment in parallel with the ascent motor ejection looked so cool! how many hours does it take to program these types of flights? this thing will land!

  12. Coolboy 60

    Now this is the best part of my day!

  13. Nakul Niketan

    Love your rockets and nice to see the pads opening up while landing

  14. Model RC

    That solid rocket motor ejecting looks so cool. Never really get to see that on normal model rockets since it helps eject the parachute

  15. Devendra Hyalij

    I think we have to do something with center of gravity.
    And also with heart of rocket that is AVA
    You must use a single truster instead of using two i.e. motor.

  16. jacob fink

    I like how he said there isn’t much practical use for it but that’s literally every model rocket ever.

  17. Matt McCormick

    Your reminding me of all the words I heard back in my FRC days… props!

    Also I love the soldering on the altium mcus on ava, it screams home made (aka my soldering) :)

  18. Leon Stansfield

    That was just a complicated way of saying momentum=mass*velocity

  19. MrImmoral

    Good stuff man, you better be makin big ones in a few years.

  20. Adam Messmann

    I really like the music you use in these, you make that too right?

  21. NayrSnipes

    I just wanna know how much all this costs lmfao 🤣

  22. Operation Darkside

    You’ve come so far, but it feels like still a long road ahead

  23. Shashank Tripathi

    It’s hard ,it’s complicated but for rocket lovers like you and me it’s amazing .
    Congrats Joe

  24. Sailing DreamOn

    Could you make longer/wider when deployed, legs? Maybe almost as long folded up as the length of the rocket…

  25. Ernesto M.

    For those of you getting this recommended now, this is a culmination of 1 1/2 year (for as long as I’ve been around, with more before that). This man is a genius, and he take failures as wins.

  26. TJ Cooney

    Every video you make raises our rocket IQ. Thank you Joe!

  27. Bobby Benfield

    Yea I think you’re just gonna have to design a way to throttle or this will keep going up at the last second.

  28. Edward Colhoun

    wow you’ve done a ton of work since your last video, this project is unreal

  29. Anish Ravani

    It would be GREAT to know how you write all those programs and how did you learn all those things about microprocessors 😄❤️🇮🇳

  30. Taygetea

    you need to get some of the bounce out of your landing legs! add some springs or something.

  31. The Wizard Games

    Man, imagine if you went to school for aerospace engineering instead of audio engineering, bps would already be in space

  32. Space x

    Great, ready for nasa contract for upcoming mars mission

  33. Jays200

    Great explanation and video. Persistence pays and you’ve got it in spades. You’ll get there.

  34. Marshall Junco

    My brain just grew x2, just from watching this video👍 keep it up bro!

  35. Joshua Santos

    Dude, this is absolutely crazy! I’m a highschool STEM student and I hope to do this one day.

  36. Chaim Lukas Maier

    I am very much looking forward to that engineering supercut!

  37. Ruler of Monkeys

    Love seeing your progress! You have such a cool job

  38. Jon T

    It’s 1:26 minutes in and I’m still smiling. Wow, stand by.

  39. onjoFilms

    That’s an impressively smooth attitude control on that one.

  40. Tomer Simhony

    Incredible video! I’ve been following you for a long time and I get so much joy from your content.
    The more hardcore the engineering details the better.

  41. chris diaz

    That’s so good!! I happy for ya bud keep up the awesome work rc-lon haha

  42. TRarRedBandit

    I have a question? Is it possible to use thin PVC pipe for the rocket body to give it more stuffiness than cardboard (the light PVC pipes)

  43. Dave

    Awesome. You’ve come along way in the past few years. I don’t understand most of it but it’s impressive. Lol

  44. Paul Paulson

    Everytime I watch your videos I miss my old job where I worked on a software similar to Simulink.

  45. Derrick Bommarito

    The ramp up of complexity on your projects is astounding and awe inspiring!

  46. Ansu Banerjee

    Bro this is so awesome…I really love what you do and I aspire to be atleast a fraction of your genius and make my own launch vehicles..

  47. Alnis Smidchens

    Dude this is absolutely amazing! I found my new video to go for when I need some inspiration and motivation haha. Thanks so much for the fantastic videos and awesome documentation!


    It’s great watching these vids. So close! I always enjoy these explanations. Always captures my attention.

  49. Overy Parkinsins

    I just wanna know that the function PartyTime(); does

  50. Andrew Kauke

    Been waiting for this for so long. Great job with the launch!

  51. Mudit Gupta

    This was straight engineering porn. Amazing job there!!

  52. CONNXT248

    Discord gang

  53. Jeremy Felix

    North Korea: so you said 3 different processors, interesting…

  54. GoogoGoo

    This is amazing. Really enjoyed it and your overview

  55. James Michaud

    Just setting up that test system you have must be an insane amount of work. I cant believe that it’s just a side project compared to the rest.

  56. Ed Tolentino

    Hello random person scrolling through the comment section.
    Have a great day and stay safe from covid-19.

  57. Tim Schäfer

    I‘d love to see a class from you teaching all of your knowledge about Building, modeling and Controlling model rockets.

  58. Atif Mohammed

    I recommend Concrete surface for landing rockets.

  59. Billy V

    Amazing work. The amount of science involved is mind blowing.

  60. laudern

    4:23 Love that piece of code.
    It’s pure art!

  61. jacob fink

    Is it possible to do a grid fin design when you start going higher for more precise landings?

  62. FantasticFoxx

    Really awesome, I’m impressed you could land it so well with a solid fuel rocket!

  63. Kae Eberhardt

    So Close!!!! Love your content! Do you still do live streams or have I missed them? Take care. Stay safe.

  64. Shehan Gunasekara

    I see a new rocket launch every time I open YouTube now.

  65. jordan314

    This is amazing. Would an IMU be able to detect the Y movement more than the GPS?

  66. MotoMatt

    Watching this project progress is awesome! You’re getting so close, keep it up and I know you’ll get it

  67. Donald

    That’s a complicated way of doing what we pilots call an S turn! Although we usually do it to lose altitude or speed not thrust. But hey, I guess energy is energy.

  68. Ryan Jenkins

    Joe. I’m astounded. The way you’ve put all of this together from all your past experiences and almost landed on the first attempt is amazing.

  69. Alwan Maulana

    What study program was chosen to be studied in order to make modeling, assemble electronics like him?

  70. Richard Hallyburton

    Been following you for a while now and I’m still genuinely impressed every time. Keep it up!

  71. Re M K

    That is so cool! I really love these developments, and it’ll be such a site when it lands itself. I really hope that you can fix the landing issue. Anyways, great job!

  72. Jordan Reger


  73. Fran Teryda

    That was incredibly close!!!! Congrats

  74. A. Pavan

    Oh my God! This is SO AMAZING!!

  75. Rainer Trier

    Thank you for making my dream come true to take me to the moon in a couple of years! No pressure ;-).
    And I love the „uh-Oh = 1“.

  76. Josh K

    This is incredible!! Great work and good luck with future flights!! (Nice sweatshirt btw it’s one of my favs 😉)

  77. knowltot

    Jeez man! I know nothing about rockets or math but I’m able to basically follow all the way through with a reasonable amount of comprehension. You’re really a phenomenal communicator and I, for one, appreciate you.

  78. Starman064

    When you land one, I’ll be waiting for “How Not to Land a Model Rocket Booster”

  79. Stop Wars Motion

    Bro I just realized that I have been watching this channel for 2 years. Keep it up Joe!

  80. Ace King

    wow thats insane congrats, I can final appreciate how hard this is.

  81. sleevedog

    Discord gang

  82. T-Zero Systems

    I think this my favorite video on YouTube. Again you are probably more qualified than me TBH. I’ll be landing here too, give me about 3 more years…..

  83. Scott English

    This is incredible work! I’m so glad I’ve been following you for the last few years seeing you progress to this point. I can’t wait for your next attempt!

  84. Nicholas Rehm

    Everything about this flight screams “abrupt chaos”

  85. Sokrates297

    Great timing for the todays star link mission

  86. Scout___4

    Keep it up brotherman! At 16:37 we see Joe’s YouTube suggestions, feels good that he also gets SpaceX, Matt Lowne, and Scott Manley thru the algorithm.

  87. Tree

    When you accidentally tap the hook on the electric thing and it buzzes and you have to start again.

  88. Sean Ohmann

    I’m just here for the algorithm

  89. Mike KSP


    I cant imagine how hard it is to do something like this

    Poggers in chat boys!

  90. Destructor EFX


  91. New Mexico Rocketry Revie

    The entire time the motor ejected out, and the rocket was about to land, my heart didn’t beat once.

  92. grovermatic

    SpaceX number of employees: 8000
    BPS: a couple of blokes.

    I’d say you’re kicking serious ass.

  93. sir crashalot

    hd cameras usualy emit rf that may mess with gps antenna and data signals onboard. distance and copper foil usualy help.

  94. BazilRat

    Everyone: “You can’t land a rocket with a solid motor!”
    Joe: “Hold my black powder and watch this.”

  95. Ben Morrow

    Everyone: noooo u can’t propulsively land with solid motors!!!1!1!!

    Joe: haha sine wave diverter go brrrrrrr

  96. Dylan Meiners

    This literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It will land one day Joe, one day. I just know it.

  97. Useless Duck Company

    I think this is the most complex project I have seen on YouTube it’s incredible. Can’t wait to see it land on a model barge on a lake!

  98. Rocket Nerd

    When you are about to land a bottle flip but your then friend hits it over

  99. Jesus Christ

    You are a small scale engineering GOD.


    Shout out to faking this whole thing @ 1:14

    (i keyframed a mask over the same shot at two different times so it looks like we have two rockets)

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