Rocket Motor Test Stand

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Test Data:
Raw Test Footage:
Music by Joe Barnard. I’ll be publishing a bunch of this music in a few months :)

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  1. Valentin

    Thrust in kg?

  2. hightechhippie

    All around great production!! your channel is one of my favorite, cause you know how to Geek out! We get good video with nice edits,, slow mo, Rocket motors with mach diamonds, self built PCB’s, Test stands, CNC, 3D printers, test data,LED’s,Flight Computers, just to name a few. Your STEM game is Strong !!, Thank You Sir for sharing with us!!!

  3. Andreas Iversen

    Amazing :)

  4. Evan Cook Music

    Awesome video, I never thought about using 8020 Al for that. By the way nice pin. Go Hussars.

  5. Rajat Kumar

    Thank You for Sharing with us. It is reaĺly a great inspiration for me.Thanks Again!
    And Make another Videos

  6. Stinger05189 Philip

    This video production quality is so pristine, that I decided to make an exception and hit the like, and I have liked less than 150 videos since 2009.

  7. Fight Till Death

    Wow that’s awesome!!! I love your creativity and enthusiasm!!! Keep up the great work on all your endeavors Joe!!!

  8. jcims

    Specifies ‘solid motor’ testing data….hmmm.

  9. Ender436

    Awesome designing and high speed footage! Keep up the *amazing* work

  10. steve bosheemy

    I’d actually like to build with you. I’m in the same city.

  11. User M

    Loving the level of detail in explaining your process!

  12. Adarsh tiwari

    Your work is so good . Well done joe. When will you lounch your first rocket out of earth?

  13. Game zone

    Right now I’m watching future Elon musk. Mann!! you are so cool. I have seen so many people making videos on rocket and I found out that you are up coming scientist. I love your passion about rocket 😎 so best of luck

  14. Jimmy Daboul

    A load test without a load 🤫

  15. The Deviant Developer Podcast

    The plural of Lego is….. Lego.
    Awesome video though, love this guy.

  16. qsdqsdqsdqsdqsd sdqsdqsdqsdqsd

    very high quality editing , i love it

  17. mumblbee bee

    Good to see you back to your bouncy self, thanks for the video! (And another shout out to Linda! ;)

  18. Grande Games

    Next video: hydrazine rocket motor.

  19. diego Garcia

    Fantastic quality in this video Joe, so inspiring always!

  20. Christopher Orosz

    Hey man! im a huge fan, keep doing what ur doing!

  21. Guillaume Humbert

    is that a CRAP pin? can we have CRAP pins as merch?

  22. Amal

    your editings actually getting better, love the humour!

  23. Dankster

    Saw your “interview” on @Austin Evans Youtube channel, keep it up!

  24. Gregor Hellmundt

    Loved the whole sound design in this one! Super cool!

  25. Starman

    Damn! That was actually awesome :D

  26. Santi Russo

    9:52 How dare you! You´ve stolen my dreams

  27. s cromly

    Love how you’re able to keep a science video exciting and funny! Awesome job at enticing new viewers, and keeping old ones watching your vids joe!

  28. Junn

    I love everything about this video :-)

  29. Dean Pitts

    9:51 you are welcome

  30. Nanci

    I thought it was a music when the cnc machine starts up at 2:26

  31. Simply Space

    Top notch editing Joe, I love it.

  32. Mary Smith

    You are a modern day Homer Hickam! Freaking love watching you!!

  33. IN A FLASH

    I like how you made the CNC sounds seem like music.

  34. Edge Fan

    Amazing how much effort and enthusiasm you put in your ideas. Also your presentations are extraordinary. I would be interesting how much you already spent for your equipment.

  35. vihai

    kg is with a lowcase k. Respect my OCD!

  36. Seth Lowrance

    It’s nice to meet a fellow Winged Hussar! Great video.

  37. Quin Liang

    This made my day

  38. Carl Michelsen

    Compressed is the word youre looking for :)

  39. CptAJbanned

    Another wonderfully edited video. I love how you use machine sounds as part of the music.

  40. Jerry Rupprecht

    It’s so good to see your channel grow by 2 orders of magnitude

  41. BreakerSneaker official

    You remember me to Elon Musk tho…

  42. Alex Howe

    I’m super impressed by your editing. You either A: pitch-shifted the audio of the CNC to match the music or B: made the music to exactly match the footage. Either way it’s nuts and I remember something like it in the last video as well. Very cool 👌
    Edit: I mean the first footage of the CNC. After it is not matched.

  43. let rat

    The music tho ❤️

  44. otowise

    I’ve just subbed tot this channel because it’s so interesting not because I’ll ever be able to do any of this kind of stuff

  45. Plasminium

    0:09 unboxing the legos be like

  46. Thom Stoppelenburg

    With that new machine you can actually make a small liquid fueled engine

  47. André Forcier

    You really are great at this!! I can see you having your own science show, as a sideline gig of course! 👍✌️🚀🛸

  48. Trevor Wyllie

    I’ve been trying to make one of these going on a year now I’m 15 and this is my life but I NEED help with the electronics and coding I’m using a seducing uno board

  49. Dünya Cengiz

    Hey there, I wonder why the load cell shows minus values after the thrust ends. Does it get bent a little every time?

  50. Honza Bartoníček

    I see you are a winged hussar as well, nice!

  51. Beton Burger

    4:55 I am going crazy. I‘ve made an half year intern for metall produktion. I have learned how to do these this tings correctly. Seeing this was quite hard 😱. But no ovens I’ve made all these mistakes my self.

  52. bakedAK85

    “Ah wunt thayt”
    -Bobby Duke

  53. Vanderlei Vieira

    Loved the NDQ pin, waiting for mine :)

  54. Tim van Duijnhoven

    3:34 Maybe a non flickering light is a good idea for the slow motion. It makes it look more professional 🙂👊

  55. Delta Space Systems

    Nice Job Joe! I hope you fly with those F23’s! 🦀🚀

  56. 1kreature

    You know there are special corner brackets too?
    Makes these really nice closed corners with no L’s in em at all.

  57. Kazzarry

    5:20 RIP Dyson

  58. Yukon

    0:08 How to Rocket

  59. Canine Rocket Technologies

    7:42 is that the print you saved?

  60. Kimball Goss

    I pull that trick with the solder paste with food all the time, and I turned out fine! Right?…

  61. ProjectAir

    I like the dual angle camera intro with this one. Might have to steal that. ;)

  62. Joe

    5:15 im dying rn

  63. Hypepotatoe

    DJ CNC dropping some sick beats

  64. Billy - Blij

    7:28 OH REALLY, ARE U SURE!!!!!!!!😝

  65. ElevatorLove

    Being safe is my Jam thanks for the shoutout at 8:22 Joe

  66. MrCuervoRC

    6:51 🤜🤛 grgegrgrggrs 😉

  67. Atomic

    machining my first piece in two days, hopefully i dont break everything lmao (im prepared to do so if it does happen)

  68. Spencer Coleman

    He likes it when “things go up…” 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂

  69. Sagar Poudel

    Your Music degree really shows up here !!

  70. NightRunner

    Loved the CNC music, matching the pitch and rythm. Love that you’re spending more time on the videos Joe!!

  71. Xander Reasoner

    I loved the style of this video, you’re an inspiration Joe, I love watching your progress on making these rockets and I am ecstatic to see how you build miniaturised liquid-fueled rocket motors in the hopefully not so distant future!! 🚀🦀
    Ps. You should totally make a video on future projects, I’d like to see some of your concept designs

  72. Pronto

    Was that Beethoven’s 5th at 2:25? You can take music out of the job, but you can’t take music out of the musician…

  73. GreatFlamin Zeus

    6:55 Skramptsched, it’s an industry term.

  74. TheWizard

    We need to start a petition for Joey to get an all expenses paid 2 years at mit

  75. JBpiification

    So here’s the thing, this screencap didn’t really need to go here but I LOOOOOVE the B2 and it’s my desktop and that’s the story and thanks for coming to my TED talk

  76. R H

    2:26 Beethoven’s 5th symphony

  77. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Amazing! I love the test stand! The fruit of you labor shows even more when you have to machine your own parts!

  78. Anas Saffih

    An amplifier.

  79. Meetim

    8:30 “if it doesn’t have LEDs, is it really science? No!”

  80. Amos MA

    “If it doesn’t have LEDs is it really science?”😂
    I like that you start machining. 👌Now you can build everything.

  81. Night Fox

    “I like it when things go up.” Said every rocket engineer ever lol

  82. Tyson Glascoe

    Loving the Winged Hussar pin! I love NDQ!

  83. Colby Buffo

    No dumb questions!

  84. Donald O'Gara

    0:19 “…8020 T-slot aluminum…” Hmmm, I see plenty of 2020, but what happened to the 8020?

  85. ixisuprflyixi

    I had to check to see if the vid was on 1.25 speed. Joe is so enthusiastic!

  86. RoryM07

    When the winged hussars arrived! .. Yeah Joe! NDQ ftw!!

  87. John Boen

    I was thinking “I wonder how many parts he ruined before gedding all he needed”. 5:05
    I’ve done that!
    Love your channel!

  88. NollieFlipX

    “Are you able to tell?” – Well… yep pretty much, I would love to give you a tip or too, but knowing you… you are likely already learning more than I could teach lol

  89. Jae

    The amount of effort and time that goes into each and every one of your video amazes me.

  90. Dan Runi

    Neat video
    **looks at the other camera**
    and arguably even neater editing

  91. Daedalus Community

    2:35 WoooOOW every engineer should have a degree in music, I love this.

  92. The Rocket Kid

    Apparently everyone here is just like me and subscribed to the space trio (Scott Manley, BPS space, and the everyday astronaut)

  93. Orion Aerospace

    Joey B you cannot go releasing these videos while I’m halfway through the new Everyday astronaut video! It is too much for my little brain to watch both of you at the same time.
    P.S loved the enthusiasm and overall tempo of this video! Top stuff as always

  94. MoonMan22

    The editing is just amazing Joe! Really polished and the hard work you put in shows!!

  95. Alan Mueller

    I’m a machinist by trade, and I nearly choked laughing when you crashed the machine! I’ve done it to, I feel your pain.

  96. Copenhagen Suborbitals

    Applause for screwing a screw while perfectly pulling focus at the same time (9:33).
    Well, also for the test stand!

  97. Atlas WalkedAway

    Hey Joe, aluminum is kinda “sticky”, make sure you just… oop, never mind then, you found out.

  98. DumplingFPV

    So this is what Elon does for a hobby…

  99. Brendan Berg

    What a day: Everyday Astronauts Aerospike. Scott Manleys Space Suits, Our Ludicrous Future and an awesome video by our Joe!
    And we see Mach Diamonds :-))

  100. Travis Rez

    Leaving an Everyday Astronaut video to watch a Scott Manley Video and leaving that video to watch a BPS video. It’s just a space day and I’m 110% okay with this.
    Really interested in this since I’m building a rocket motor test stand of my own.

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