Lumineer Design – 10km/Mach 1.7 L3 Rocket

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Able to mill a large chunk of stainless steel? →
I’ll be posting updates on the L3 rocket more frequently here:

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  1. Nitrogen Fuse

    For the reaction wheel, a Prusa MK3 with Steelfill filament should do the job.

  2. Phalanx380 : “i need a reaction wheel made who can do it?”
    Everyone in the comments : “Ask ThisOldTony”

    joke aside ThisOldTony could do it the problem is shipping will it make it on time? After Hovid19 shipping has gone to shit i am still waiting on a relay Arm for my land cruiser.

  3. Christian Yahir Mora Cast

    Estaría genial que pusieras subtítulos en español

  4. W

    Call the next one “Flambard”. Look it up.

  5. Sam O

    If you know anyone who has the starlink beta you could ask them to accompany for streaming the launch.

  6. AIO inc.

    Pro gamer move: Instead of getting level 3 to buy more powerful motors, engineer a rocket that will go to the edge of space on a level 2 motor.

  7. Drumkommandr

    Send a message to This Old Tony, we might get a video for this part

  8. Cybernetic Cow

    I love how they have this multi-level certification process to buy rocket parts but I can drive to nearby gun shop and pick up an AR-15 and be back in less than an hour.

  9. BeignetGY6

    Wow, it’s the first channel of that I cant wait to see the new videos ! This thing is sick.

  10. Sasquatch Composites

    I can’t help with machining, but I’d love to help with some carbon fiber work if you need.

  11. Claudia Vargas

    Great. I watch NASA live stream and love this content on rocket engineer ing.

  12. Mike W

    Me: Oh, he should talk to @thisoldtony.

    Scroll down to comments…

    Everyone for the last 9 hours: This Old Tony.

  13. Peter Hoiland

    Message Ox Tools to have your reaction wheel made… he cuts parts to 4 digit accuracy for fun.

  14. U.S. air force

    4:28 You need Starlink internet on desert!

  15. minecrafter0505

    Someone get This old Tony on the reaction wheel.

  16. Doodlbugr

    this old guy tony or ave would be able to machine the reaction wheel for you

  17. Ethan B.

    I’ve always thought that there’s no such thing as too many precautions- you proved me wrong! :-) Best of luck!

  18. Felix Decker

    joe: please dont show up
    me sitting in germany: mhhhh, i think i wont but im not sure

  19. ThoughtStream

    Live streaming the launch seems like the perfect excuse to get a Starlink system 😁

  20. Ordep

    man, you’re amazing.

  21. Hangkhim Rai

    I subscribed to see your progress, I have a good feeling about this.

  22. Stefan T.

    I’d say for the reaction wheel, “this old Tony” is the perfect address

  23. Wilton Adriano da Silva F

    Just one idea, have you thought in using LORA communication to turn on the systems before launch for battery optimization?


    You should try and use starlink for your live stream, I think that would help with the consistancy.

  25. George Paschalis

    Best of luck Joe! High quality work as always!

  26. Stargazers' Night

    May I know the name of the 3D designing software that you use?

  27. Willie Behlings

    Pick up a starlink for good internet?

  28. MrKKUT1984

    Moving up in the world I see, good luck broseph

  29. Strange Jmaster

    I love these videos, they’re really cool and I want to try to get into building rockets, do you know if you could make a tutorial or like links to parts and softwares or something like that to learn how to build rockets. Thanks!

  30. KamaKaji

    Hey Joe, Purdue Space Program can machine stainless steel for you. Reach out! I also DMed you on reddit with more information 🚀

  31. MasterMoparMan

    I will be getting a haas tm1 this Friday. I would love to help with the balance wheel if you dont find any one else closer

  32. Palmer Monsen

    Try asking ThisOldTony, he might be interested and he has the stuff to do it

  33. Daniel Aljure

    Joe, we can make that part in SS. My company is located abroad (Colombia South America), but the shipping by DHL or FedEx is very fast. Let me know if we can help you with this awesome project!

  34. Suncrafter spielt

    if my calculations are right… the rocket will experience 6g’s of force :o

  35. peter taylor

    3:10 “person of unknown height”……uhm…Fusion 360 has the “inspect/measure” command. I on the keyboard. measure the grabcad model!

  36. Orion Aerospace

    Person of unknown height is looking like a pretty good candidate for your first passenger on the spaceshot😳
    Good luck with the build Joe!!!!

  37. Alfred Knarreborg

    this is going to be amazing., keep op the good work!!!!!!!!

  38. JingJing

    The people who watched his recent live stream be like: *Yeah I totally know that*

  39. VAPhillyFan54

    The steam coming from that mug is so soothing.

  40. BLBrick Studios

    I know someone who could make that reaction wheel! He’s pretty skilled on a mill, however it’s an “old fashioned” one so no electronic milling😂

  41. Bash Music Factory

    we can provide you the stainless steel reaction wheel frames in 2 to 3 weeks😀😀

  42. Jannick Bremm

    the term “model” rocket feels strange at this stage…

  43. Turbo Gamer

    I legit thought this dude is sending a human up there

  44. Velocity Launch systems

    Will you still be working on propulsive landing? And also do you plan to implement tvc into a larger rocket in the future?

  45. Dante Cusolito

    You should get “Stuff Made Here” to make the reaction wheel.

  46. Syed Siti

    wow, another “enrichment”, congratulation…

  47. Alex Jenks

    dont worry im sending good internet thoughts :)

  48. Mike

    Why stainless steel for the reaction wheel? Wouldn’t painted normal steel or even aluminium with lead inserts be sufficient?

  49. Aidan Goettsch

    Have you thought about other materials for the reaction wheel? Brass has a similar density and is much easier to machine (easier than aluminum).

  50. The Thought Emporium

    If only you needed that part in like 2 months I could’ve made it :( I don’t even get the new lathe for 2 weeks, but it’s a fricken beast. It’s an old colchester that can turn metal up to 16″ in diam and its like 6 feet long. So for next time I should be able to help.

  51. 15gamers haven

    Okay Joe, your outdoing yourself again. This will be awesome to watch!

  52. l1g17

    Definitely need to try and get a starlink dish for that rocket launch livestream!

  53. Fabian Guse

    I bet the rocket flies 10.050 meters high. Just a hopefull random guess ☺️

  54. Pax The great

    I am so excited for this I can’t wait AHhhh so excited

  55. Skooop

    4:26, starlink maybe? ;)

  56. Aljubouri A


  57. Craig Bosworth Jr

    Ask AvE to make the reaction wheel

  58. Arsenio Dev

    This is a FAR cry from the point to point wired jankfest of the ancient barnard projects of full stack testing every shot. Cannot wait to see this thing go

  59. SumriseHD

    Never closed specific miscellaneous websites on the internet so fast.

  60. Riley Peterson

    ayyy my donation from cooking with Joey B is paying off

  61. Huesen Paul

    are the rocket parts on the bps website gonna be restocked soon 👀 ?

  62. Matteo Tivan

    Me: reads “Mach 1.7”
    Me: *opens notification

  63. Freddie Meyers

    5 years time: “so I enjoyed going to space but we’ve done that now so I’m going to make a model rocket that goes to orbit”

  64. Jesse Vos

    I love the approach of “google is your friend, but I’ll try to post some videos about it too” it feels super relaxed

  65. Lucky31313

    Ask This Old Tony about the reaction wheel!

  66. Rohan Bandaru

    HYPE. Also do you ever see yourself implementing active stabilization on these bigger rockets using movable canards?

  67. Mireaze

    So when are you planning on starting your lunar lander program?

  68. Nick Wittkamp

    Rocket Lab, Starship hop today, and you post this? Is this Christmas?!

  69. Paweł Iwańczyk

    I can make this reaction wheel, but I don’t know if there’s a way to get it quickly from Poland to the United States. I would also have to buy a suitable roller and it would take a while.

  70. Chris Connop

    You should get a Starlink connection for your live streaming of the flight :-)

  71. Avdax7 Sl

    Wow! Thats so cool! Ill be flying my First l1/l2/l3 rocket this spring too!

  72. I'M Olivia GO WaTcH My vL

    Gonna need Elon to hook you up with his satellite internet kit to stream the launch💪

  73. Nyantho

    check stuff made here, he might help

  74. EvilPlagueDoctor

    contact A.V.E, I know he had a milling machine he has specifically set up for their audience to use (though, it’s been a while since I’ve watched him, so maybe he’s changed his mind)


    Waiting for the live stream.❤️

  76. Rocky Robinson

    ask “this old tony” for machining the reaction wheel.

  77. Nerdtronaut

    Machining the reaction wheel by slamming thrust vector controlled rocks on it

  78. Dylan Meiners

    That blue aluminum looks amazing

  79. Stewart Ridgway

    Pauses video. Downloads OpenRocket. OK, proceed… :D

  80. McOffsky

    Call ThisOldTony about this part

  81. Jamie Anderson

    Open Rocket has problems with the aerodynamic model that creep in when you exceed mach 1. These come out of the 6DOF code that was adopted from the Cambridge Rocketry Simulator. It wont bother you too much with a mach 1.7 to 10km shot, but I would suggest you move to RASAERO for your bigger flights. Good luck and god speed!

  82. Harrison Barnett

    Adam Savage from Tested for sure could mill the reaction wheel!

  83. Sebrenity

    Darn… this time last year i could have made you that wheel… sorry :s
    Go 10k shot! Super excited for this rocket!

  84. Morten Vajhøj

    Live streaming the launch would be awesome

    Throwback to high quality starship livestreams :)

  85. Tony Stark

    Let the wifi God be with you for the live stream..👍🏻

  86. Philipp Ernst

    I like how the tea smokes in the front

  87. Cookie Monster

    internet connection idea: maybe you can buy a Starlink beta dish. it’s probably a bit expensive and you’d need a lot of power though

  88. А

    Hey Joe, thank you for great video. Can you ask me, where you get the rocket engines? Buy or made it yourself?

  89. PURGE

    When rocket lab announced neutron, I wasn’t expecting bps space to make an upgrade aswell.

  90. Rocket Nerd

    Not using tube fins, smh

  91. SN 15

    sn9 10km hop, BPS space 10km/Mach 1.7 L3 Rocket. I think I see a pattern

  92. Felix Webb

    It’s so cool to see this project grow. Goodspeed BPS!
    How big are the parachutes?🤔

  93. Anytarsier67

    i love how the coffee is still letting off steam so we know its fresh

  94. Nate Wiseman

    Interesting choice to post this right before starship launches haha

  95. Chariottsu Rekuiemu

    не энергия, конечно, но тоже огонь!!! Ты делаешь потрясающие вещи!

  96. Ali Benouari

    Keep going you are amazing I’ve learned alot from you

  97. Starting Spirituality

    Looking forward to seeing more. 10KM would be sweet.

  98. Great Nate

    I think you should go for it! This will be an amazing adventure through spaceflight for all of us.

  99. Guilhem Jusserand

    moon landing when?
    edit: there is a small chance that i might be able to help you with that stainless steel piece, im a student in a materials centered university in France and i have access to this kind of machinery

  100. BaconLeaf YT

    He’s BACK! :D

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