LIVE LAUNCH Lumineer – 10km Test Flight

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The launch time is fluid – the live stream will begin at least 20 minutes before liftoff, which will likely be between 9am – 11:30am Pacific Time, April 10, 2021. Live chat will be enabled on the day of launch.

  1. Winston Smith

    What motor was used?

  2. Justin Hull

    Joe, great launch! That ship moved on out and luck to getting her back. I look forward to the de-briefing and I know you see this as a success. Suggestions to ignore:

    In aviation they have what is called a clean cockpit below 10,000. May I suggest something similar pre-launch to remove confusing comments. At least when AVA switches to ready to launch.
    Check lists. I know you have them, but are they keyed to a launch time going backwards. From like, 0, :30, 1:00, 2:00 etc. I didn’t hear that and seemed to add to back ground confusion. Think project plan with a very fixed completion point.
    Pre-briefing – Who does what when. I heard inside two min someone say “you are the timer”…dude, that job should have been set from the beginning along with range officer to say at 30 sec “range clear”. Spotters who only job is to look.
    Color. Cool paint scheme, but blue and white going into blue and white? Maybe for now orange or black for sky contrast.

    You had a great launch, but at the level you are operating now it is time to be professional and organized. Also, if for your next live, get a spokesperson, give them a checklist so they guide the audience along the way. Raw is interesting for moments, but truth, I skipped 80% because I didn’t know what was going on. Engage *us* and you’ll get more interest (and $$$)

    Overall…fantastic!!! I don’t do twitter so I have to wait for post launch vid, but hoping the onboard storage captured telemetry and you got good data. I love data. BTW, maybe a simple gps tracking device separate from all systems to help locating? If it works for pets that wander off :-)

    To infinity and beyond!


  3. MidnightVisions

    @54:48 you have the rocked descending via drogue in the lower left corner of the video.

  4. VideoServicesVB

    So it’s MH 370 for all those of us that don’t use Twitter……

  5. Nerdtronaut

    Mach 1.5!!!

  6. Pitt Brad

    I am flabbergasted to see highly intelligent people walking around outside in the desert with underwear on their faces, total hysteria.

  7. Astro Mob

    Thanks Joe for this exciting moment !!!

  8. Boxersteavee

    you thought into the ground at 80 m/s was bad for ava..

  9. Henning S.

    You can see part of the rocket falling from the sky at 54:48 in the lower left corner…

  10. Brandon K

    Absolutely amazing launch i wish u will recover it 🙌🚀🚀👏

  11. István Frank

    Az komoly volt

  12. Eagle Hunt

    It goes amezingly straight it feels exciting. What ever we achieve knowledge. Weldone

  13. Johannes

    Nice how you Wear a BPS Space Intern Shirt. when you are literally BPS Space Founding Father.

  14. sfs space agency

    Nobody :
    Starship : first time?


    why don’t u use the 2 stages solid fuel to achieve the 10 km height using the 2 computers for each stage and the third for a avonics

  16. Prasad GHUMARE

    Very inspirational

  17. Drew Miller

    Well done! impressive! Always learning.

  18. Mark Woodhead

    That was AMAZING!

  19. cheesyvin

    That was amazing! Well done guys!

  20. M B


  21. tstcikhthys

    It amazes me how even people in STEM fields don’t know how to write units properly. There should always be a space between the number and the unit symbol (e.g., “10 km”, not “10km”). Also, the date should read “2021-04-10” (ISO 8601 format), not “2021:04:10” which makes it seem like it’s an hhhh:mm:ss format.

  22. Nagarjun Kashyap

    Dude… The audio legit sounded like one of those mission control clips from the apollo era. Analyzing data, troubleshooting, looking for clues, all in a span of seconds. You guys are great.

  23. Rayday Fry

    I’ve flown centuri minimax off picnic table in rain(explorer) cant deny urge


    BPS SPACE is now considered a company 👌🚀🚀

  25. Arthur G

    The day you realize that is just 10 years away to launch an orbital class rocket to resupply the ISS

  26. Music World

    Bro keep this osm

  27. elons' tikibar

    best not lose effort in bad seeing

  28. Felix Nurwahid

    From music to this, seems legit 😯

  29. Ryan McGowan

    Wish I was aware of this happening. From my location, it would have been visible 7° above the horizon.

  30. Elimar Zordan

    Nice shot

  31. Simon Bunker

    Great launch! And quite a bit of drama. Can’t wait to see a follow-up video!

  32. sand-bandit

    You can get a LTE cellular modem. Makes a nice secondary telemetry method (assuming cell towers in the area which might be a problem). I use one on long range FPV fixed wing.

  33. Julian Wells

    Keep up the good work Joe! I’m a retired Engineer and in just the last two weeks you have reignited my love of engineering. You and BPS Space have a successful future in front of you. Don’t give up.

  34. G Wal

    It’s that awkward time when you have to go to the neighbour in the next state and say “Hey mister, can I have my rocket back ? Please? ”
    Awesome flight, hope you get to find it and can reveal the data on altitude etc…

  35. deadbolt91765

    Welcome to CA!

  36. GNranger

    I love your channel so much. It reminds me of setting off model rockets as a kid.

  37. Reed Bowman

    Joe, it would be grand if you gave us a walkthrough of this, explaining both the telemetry screens (which are mostly clear) and your terminology and what you’re talking about. Perhaps a webpage with at least a glossary would be nice, but a video would help too.

  38. Jä

    maybe attach a “find me beacon”? or auto-home function

  39. Kuhny1

    Going to have to invest in some LNAs. LNAs can normally be used in reverse to amp an output signal as well.

    That would fix you telemetry issues. Would also recommend using two receiving antennas if you aren’t already. One directional and one omnidirectional (a quadrifilar would give you good horizon to horizon coverage). Feed both through an LNA to your receiver.

    Having an omni for cases like this where it’s relatively close and but you can’t track it because you can’t see it would be great.

  40. Three Hammers

    That was awesome!!! You guys WILL find it! Can’t wait to see it after its flight!

  41. Starhopper

    This is really impressive

    Better than I’ll do for a long time

  42. Rob Appleton

    Amazing… i seem to have missed what motor this was ? M840?

  43. Starhopper

    Why does the resolution go from 480p to 1080p
    With no 720p

  44. Josh K

    Bravo! Good luck with recovery

  45. Doctor Geek

    Minimally, post us a quickie update… even a short video, let us know if She’s alive!

  46. cooper thompson


  47. martin aakervik

    Impressive. A thought. Seems to me you guys should practice what each one do befor next time.

  48. TOYoda

    Awesome noise maker. Way to go Joe, nice work

  49. Clean Phil Wanted

    Just got to watch this now with a bottle of champaign(*coughprocessco) in my hand! Fingers crossed man!!!

  50. William Hastie

    Awesome launch 🚀

  51. Randolph Willems

    Advanced team, nice organization.

  52. GarageManCave

    Great launch! Was this at Reaction Research MTA by chance?

  53. Awildo alvarady


  54. Loek Lodewijck


  55. Keiran Roles

    So you need to be doing this on a lower frequency to get slightly more range… a longer wavelength will travel further it may have to be an analogue signal but at least you can still get location data and that’s important because then you can point your big yagi’s at it and pull down the rest at least you’ll have some ideas to wear Pointya Yagi

  56. Eric haskell

    I see it, I see it, oh, thats dirt on my screen.

  57. Seth Arnold

    48:49 the “map location” box has drawn a nice little bird in preparation for flight

  58. Black Terminal

    I hope you can find your rocket. Well done with your launch

  59. Paul Maynard

    Well done. I have no idea on the chute color but maybe red in the future 😄👍

  60. Charles Roy Dubuc

    Congrats for the launch

  61. dire saint

    Good luck little buddy! Maybe make the whole thing out of black box material next time? No need for parachutes even. They always find the black box right… right?

  62. Bo Briscione

    I missed it! Nooooooooooo!

  63. ArthA122

    That’s awesome! Congrats on the achievement.
    What propellant are you using ?

  64. Haim YGV

    Great job! Looking forward to updates!

  65. Wolf Elkan

    54:47 What’s that black speck in the lower right corner? Is that Lumineer?

  66. Douglas Beach

    That was intense

  67. steve ralman

    Great job to everyone involved!

  68. Thijs Eggen

    This is more and more starting to look like ‘small’ SpaceX broadcasts 😂 Good job! 💪🏼

  69. Terry W7AMI

    Looks like you lost a fin, just when the video dropped out, at Mach 1.5. That would explain the barrel roll and sudden change of direction. The roll may have also caused the drogue chute to deploy early.

  70. Wolf Elkan

    “There is nothing left but to learn”
    “And track it”
    Au contraire, tracking it is part of learning.

  71. Zayn Film&Movies

    Niceeee job

  72. TheRedstoneHive

    Nice flight! I am sure those fins would have protected the rocket from impact lol.

  73. Wolf Elkan

    0:01:33 Intro Graphics
    0:04:29 Live Broadcast Begins
    0:04:58 Range Camera

  74. Harry Penn

    Huge milestone for bps space congrats on the launch 🚀

  75. Močnik Royale

    improvements for the next lumineer: absolutely better antennas!

  76. AlanTheBeast100

    I found it odd that no NOTAM for the launch was active at the time of the video.
    Looks like a good flight. Hopefully that drogue chute signal was really good news…

  77. Samuel Gomes


  78. j worldwide

    One hell of a comeback!

  79. Galaxy

    Congrats amazing job!

  80. Je Thompson

    Good straight boost. I do hope they find the rocket and its still in good shape.

  81. Leo Horthy

    Great b-roll at the start.

  82. Thomas Foulon

    what a flight !!

  83. Romeo


  84. climb00 oot

    I am just way to drunk to acknowledge whats going on lol. LGTM anyway gg keep it up

  85. Cyclone Inc.

    That was an amazing flight! Godspeed! Let’s hope we got good data and that it’s safe!

  86. Al T

    Amazing launch! Looking forward to a very bright future for this channel!

  87. Christan van Dijk

    At 54:46 (or 15:12 in flight time) you can see a drone coming down
    This is likely not the rocket

    Amazing flight and congrats on breaking the sound barrier Joe!

  88. brentsrx7

    That production value tho.

  89. DisgustingTomatoFPV

    Use Express LRS as the remote link/telemetry. It’s open source easy to replicate with a range of up to serrevel 10000m and it’s the best

  90. Model Rocketry 24

    Nice launch! Hope you find it!

  91. Вова Думает

    Весьма неплохо) BPS go!

  92. Roeland !

    Maybe add a mobile data chip that can send data to a server at home then to the computer as a second source of data. ( A black box).

  93. Jonathon Stillwell

    That thing flew like lightning. Incredible build and flight, hopefully you recover in one piece with lots of data. Looking forward to updates.

  94. zwreq

    Nice launch joe!

  95. Luke Murray

    Well done Joey! That was an absolutely amazing flight! Hope the rocket is recovered in one piece!

    Edit: The rocket was found and in pretty good shape!

  96. BaNaNa JOe

    52:43 launch

  97. nBruh


  98. 3dgizmo

    Good launch! God bless you all! Till the next one!

  99. Liam Robins

    52:39 Launch Timestamp

  100. DJ_Level_3

    That was a wild ride…

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