How To Build a Thrust Vectored Model Rocket – National Rocketry Conference 2020

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Apologies for the rough video quality, I had to set up cameras very quickly right before the presentation, and boy did I goof up some of the settings…

Copenhagen Suborbitals’ Thrust Vanes:
Florida Tech Vector Bravo TVC System:
Rob from T-Zero Systems:

The BPS Thrust Vector Control Motor Mount:

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  3. Joรฃo Miranda

    Can anyone explain to me how the calculus behind it works? He explained about the integrals and derivative between around 30 to 40 minutes but I did not really understand. Would the calculations be of a function of degree change over time?

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    As you mention, you chosed music in the past and then came to engineering. We can clearly see that you have learned all basics because you spend a lot of time talking of it. You do it well. You’re on the way to do complex things summing a lot of simple things. Thanks to talk about of true engineering : “reach complex things in a simple manner”.

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    My teacher tried to explain what a PID controller does but you summed it up so much easier!

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    I have watched this entirely. I don’t make (maybe not yet) model rockets. What am i becoming…

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    How do you realize the state machine in your code? Do you use if statements inside your loop to check which state you are in? or classes or what?

  16. Brixxter

    Brilliant presentation, especially loved your summary of PID control. I’ve been tinkering with GNC in Simplerockets 2 (which is basically a more technical version of KSP) for the last couple of months and it’s so interesting to hear you explain something that took me all those weeks to sort of “reinvent” myself. It’s kind of fascinating how so many people end up with the same solution to a problem.

  17. Gabe

    I would like to ask, what sort of programming goes into such rockets? Such as what programming language is used and how would to start tranferring your code onto the microcontroller, etc.
    Also, thanks for making this video! It helped me consolidate my (limited) knowledge about PID loops.

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    His jokes are fire, come on

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    I wonder if Mad Max used a relay?

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    Can you make a video on making a shaped charge and putting it on top of rocket too ?

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    would you talk about PID tuning ?

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    Angular velocity is ฯ‰= dฮธ/dt where theta is dฮธ is the change in angle

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    39:20 … 2+3+4 = 8 …nice

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    Do you ever think about launching some kind of payload like a mini rc plane or is that going to be way too complicated?

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    why does he look like a young elon musk?
    am I the only one who thinks that?

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    Great presentation. You are truly gifted and talented person. Natural in front of an audience. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    The puns in this video though

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    Are you going to attempt a powered landing? Have you designed an algorithm? Or will you use GFOLD?

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    I know nothing about rockets and have never flown one, but I watched this whole video and it was captivating.

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    Do we need a permission from government or someone from orbiting own satellite?

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    Hi, great presentation in all aspects. what app did you used without keynotes? Interested in those hand drawing apps. I think, that it could be some drawing app, for example autodesk skechbook ?

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    You would make an awesome uni lecturer!

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    Great presentation! What software do you use to simulate your rockets? I am assuming RockSim or OpenRocket don’t go far enough?

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    Currently mentoring my school’s rocketry club on TVC project…your videos are saving me a lot of work! Thanks!

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    Yayy Joe Barnard!!!

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    Thanks for the help milkman- The software design has been the biggest factor keeping me from starting a project like this one

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    its just incredible: i just was coming to your channel again after few days so i could ask you for the stuff i need for a school project and now… i dont need to ask you answered all of my questions without hearing my questions xD thank you :)

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    This was great! I love your way of explaining just like any of your videos. You’re a great teacher!

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    What is a F or M motor?
    Great presentation, thanks for sharing :)

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    thanks Joe this was relay the thing i needed to see to get my tvc rocket off the ground you are an inspiration : )

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    Hell yeah I understood pid Controllers thank you!

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    Thank you soooooo much! I started an aerospace club at my college. We’re starting to work with weatherbaloons right not and this talk was a huge help with the hardware!

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    And this video is helpful! i just started to learn c++ and i made a board like the blip one!

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    Wow, one of the best explanations of PID control out there! :D

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    The way you’ve cleaned this up and composited it make it great to watch- thank you for that and the content!

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    Great work, Joe. For someone that isn’t formally trained in this field, you’re really knowledgeable and doing a great service to the hobby and community. The comments and evident respect from those present are a clear testament to your contributions and growing expertise. Well done and keep it up!

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    17/10 good presentation

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    Learn a lot from this,
    Never thought that relay, vibration ever do with the way u handle the electronics

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    This contains a very good explanation of how PID controllers work. Thank you.

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    Here we go again, science class on YouTube.
    You have done such a great work. Thank you for sharing. God bless you!

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    None of your “rough video quality” impacted your presentation in a negative way for me. Great job!! I edit “rough” videos of others all the time. You Rock Joe!
    PS: try unplugging the HDMI and reinserting next time, could be a quick fix for screen issue.

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    13:10 get the BMP 388- It’s basically an updated version of the 280

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    Canโ€™t wait to see the next one man!

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    Really cool PID explanation. And btw your progress on Sprite is amazing. I don’t know what’s your plans for the future, but with all that knowledge BPS might be within few years delivering components or services for commercial cargo landers (moon or planetary stuff). Am I crazy?

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    Great topic selection and presentation. Also nice to see NRC inviting you back year after year.

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