High-Strength Composite Rocket Fins – Building Lumineer

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hiiiiiii you know what’s cooler than these fins? S A F E T Y: Epoxy is a sensitizer and your body’s reaction gets worse every time you touch it, and fiberglass particles in your lungs will ruin your life :) You’ll notice in nearly all of the build footage, I’m wearing gloves to protect my hands from touching the epoxy, a respirator with fresh cartridges to protect my lungs, often safety glasses to protect my eyes, and headphones to protect my ears, as a treat. If you’re building something like this, please help your future self out, and wear PPE(Personal Protective Equipment). It’s worth spending extra money on good protective equipment, as no amount of money will get that fiberglass dust back out of your lungs.

Want to know more about surface preparation? Here are some great places to look!



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  1. Max K

    27:31 As a fellow rocketeer I find the funniest part is that I already know, from experience, that you were more nervous about the fin can breaking than smacking your head on concrete.

  2. Mathboy

    Great video, great series, really enjoyed it and had to rewind several times to make sure I didn’t miss anything when I got distracted!

  3. Marc Vaz

    You are a dude indeed, one of the coolest dudes i have ever heard of

  4. Max Mohr

    Your local college probably has autoclaves and other machines available to all students after some training. I’m sure they’d be happy to let you use them for better composites on these types of projects.

  5. Max Mohr

    Just make sure your rocket is top heavy when empty for stability if you want to go to space.

  6. M. B.

    “I’m a dude that got lucky on YouTube” ur the 1 dude that deserves millions of subs. Most the peeps that have successful YT channels have 1/10th ur IQ

  7. Phughy

    I love the passive agressive jokes inbetween! Love the format of your videos!

  8. Tahj YT

    You always best the odds, you will put humans in space one day

  9. String.Epsilon

    A wise old tony once said, that when it comes to chamfering, you don’t want to cut corners.

  10. Dylan Simmons

    SO impressed by this! Great job dude. Can’t wait to watch the rest of this series

  11. Mark Beard

    That was way more fascinating than I was expecting. Can’t wait for the next instalment Joe.

  12. Trio Gaming

    My man imagine having charlie Garcia on the speed dial lol.

  13. peter thygesen

    the cure oven is perfectly fine i use one as well

  14. Dave Dopson

    “I need to calm down a little bit”. No, no you don’t. The roll-rate rant is my favorite part. That sounds like engineering to me — this little minor thing, does it matter? Hell yes it matters. This other thing you think matters? It just doesn’t. Learnings from crunching the numbers. Love it.

  15. Dylan Prothero

    I wish I had the time and money to get into my model rocketry hobby more. This high-power stuff just looks so fun and exciting compared to a lousy D-Motor.

  16. Joshua S.

    You ever plan on making small engines that could be potentially reused within the next 5 years?

  17. abhishek chaudhary

    When will you be posting the next episode (Ep 9) of the landing model rocket series ??

  18. Tejas Sanap

    I can never get over how cool all of this is!

  19. Travis Slusser

    Dude keep up the good work. I can’t wait for you to get that space shot!

  20. Ex. Tofia

    Please make Playlist of all this rocket build /explain…viedos 🙏🙏🙏

  21. Julisity

    hey, I´m wondering if you use metric or imperial measurment system… just curious :)

  22. Real Engineering

    Did someone say high strength composites?

  23. SuRF

    Store Brand Musk at it again… LETSS GOOOOO!!!!!

  24. J F

    I’m really surprised how stable those fins are!

  25. Avocado Toast

    “I am not an expert”

    *Has created his own incredibly complicated hardware, software, and rockets all on his own*

  26. metalworker3

    Awesome Dude! Composites is definitely on the deep end of the pool.

  27. David Wright

    It held up to the Full Joe!

  28. Juho Nikula

    Joe on YouTube: Rocket Science

    Joe on Twitter: Dude look at how sexy I look in purple gloves

  29. mvadu

    You were all fired up in this epilogue.. We need more if this Joe. Even if it’s with some bubbly drinks.😉

  30. TheGreatSpace

    When will your rocket go into space because it’s been a while since you’ve been trying, I hope Lumineer will get there or else it will be months of work in the trash.

  31. DiyEcoProjects

    Hi there, love hour awesome videos bro. Great stuff. May i ask what lighting equipment you are using please?

  32. Bomi

    Amazing mate!!💫

  33. ian hennus

    epoxy tip: after mixing for about a minute, pour the epoxy in a new cup. This will help ensure there are no pockets of unmixed epoxy at the corners and surface of the cup. Keep up the good work, very inspiring!

  34. Sagnik Debnath

    hey joe can you post the starting soundtrack it’s pretty cool and gives that Space X ,Nasa; Science the Shit out of this feeling ! love it.

  35. The Beast

    Your probably the most advanced person dedicated to building model rockets. That is so cool

  36. Natalie Fox

    This is the best mood I’ve ever seen you in for a video, and it’s a marked improvement since december. I hope it means you’re doing well and living a sustainable and enjoyable rocket life :)

  37. Charlie_ Lee_rhee

    7:18 Adam savage uses that technique, and if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

  38. Capn Rotbart

    Joe Barnard: …and then sanding, sanding, sanding.
    MIke Patey: A bit more sanding.

  39. Runoratsu

    What you do with newspaper for the templates here—it‘s much easier to use sticky tape there, and very very accurate. It even works for compound curved surfaces, if your tape strips are small enough. With single curved surfaces like the rocket and fins you could probably use painters‘ tape for easiest removal without any layer underneath.

  40. Damien Prince

    Amazing video, and increadibly satisfying, I love your channel and I LOVE YOUR NAILS! :D <3

  41. Sascha

    Classic office environment! Desk, keyboard, computer, flower pot, can of acetone

  42. Nolan Reach

    Chemical bond on a atomic scale… Man, I just wanted to see some model rockets fly… They told me was a hobby for children! Where is this quantum mechanic is showing up from?

  43. James Morton

    The immaculate engineering is incredible. You’re smart and used a respirator but this video still gave me lung damage.

  44. J. d.H.

    Bless you Lil Elon, glad you are back👌

  45. Mark Amy

    You must be lucky to not be itching all the time. Me, I’m itching just from seeing you belt sand your fin edges.

  46. Anthony Bean

    If you want to save some money, I use butcher paper (not craft paper) when impregnating the fiberglass with epoxy. No need for rolls of mylar. The mylar can be used for other things related to laminating. The butcher paper has a nice film on one side you can tape down to your table and won’t absorb any stray epoxy. And it comes in giant rolls.

  47. blabla62871

    those fins are overkill. and your acting is as well

  48. Nathan chalecki

    Ummn, did you just make your best video ever? YES YOU DID.

  49. William Jackson

    “The problem is that we live in the real world” lol

  50. Felix Webb

    This Channel gave me the Inspiration to build rockets. Great Video

  51. UCR Unmanned Aerial Syste

    Thank you so much for making this video! We’re a student organization at the University of California, Riverside and are planning to dive into using composites on our aircraft in the near future, so the timing of this is absolutely perfect!!

  52. james kirk

    I’m glad your doing better sir. I loved this video for more reasons than I care to list.

  53. First Name Last Name

    There are specialized metal rollers, designed to help consolidate layers/remove air bubbles and excess resin! Also vacuum bagging is another really cool technique you could experiment with.

    *Ah, shoulda watched the whole video, seeing that you mentioned vacuum bagging

  54. ChuckDude61

    Man I love how passionate Joe is, and how super detailed he gets! Keep it up man!

  55. Julian Wells

    That is an incredible amount of work.

  56. Winston Moy

    Haha, random bricks of aluminum are such useful pieces of scrap. Nice cure oven XD

  57. Andrew Bent

    Recommend heat lamp bulbs for more safely curing epoxy.

  58. lsearl

    Good job of explaining the process of a wet layup including the do’s and don’ts.

  59. Kurt W

    So, this was pretty impressive. When I saw you were doing layup and bonding I thought “Oh, Boy, this will be interesting!” As an aircraft tech and former bonding department manager at a composite aircraft company, it sounds like you’ve done your homework. I only cringed when I saw you sanding without gloves, but it looked like you learned how nasty that is by the end. Pro Tip: If you find your hands super itchy after sanding, try sticking masking tape to the area and pulling it off. Also, the amount of Hysol you were using poses very little threat of significant exotherm with the size of heater you were using.

  60. Christian Rodgers

    This is a nerd’s version of a cooking channel, and I love it.

  61. Niklas Hogsten-Anderson

    You should have a conversation with Mike Patey! I think he could give you some great insight into perfecting your glass work! He has an awesome YouTube channel and is very informative!

  62. Air Command Rockets

    Pro Tip: Use a roller cutter for the fiberglass. You will never look back! Roller cutters are available for a few dollars at fabric stores.

  63. William Dye

    21:50 If anyone needs help getting rid of bubbles, find a nearby shop that tints car windows. Composites are different from glass, of course, but the smoothing-out process is similar enough.

  64. Air Command Rockets

    Epiglue is your friend for fillets. The epoxy doesn’t sag under gravity so you can do all 4 fins at the same time. Saves lots of time.

  65. Noah Hastings

    Gonna be honest, I almost exploded. Then I laughed. Good one.

  66. K van der Veen

    I remember when I was a child I made water rockets, for which I never bothered to add parachutes. Mainly, because it seemed quite a hassle to get working well compared to just making another rocket.

  67. Sofá de casa

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  69. Daviralizando

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  70. Rocky Robinson

    sun light can cure epoxies fast, not only due to increased temperature also with UV light in it.

  71. Collin Warner

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  74. Adem Rudin

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  75. 3D printer Guy

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  80. Darkknight512

    A suggestion on epoxy mixing (I think I heard Adam Savage say this), after mixing you should pour the epoxy into a new cup because the worst mixed portion is on the cup sides and the corner at the bottom.

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    Well now I want to do it.

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