GNSS and Telemetry Downlink on Sprite

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Old Launchpad Info:
NASA’s Open MCT:
Ball Aero COSMOS:

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  1. Pronto

    Picking up signals from 16 GPS satellites seems like a lot. I think there are only 24 in total, and you only need 4 to get a fix. Maybe check on that? But super interesting….

  2. Ben Maitland

    I wonder if google’s using NLP to figure out what comments are actually good ones for engagement or just comment spam from people trying to beat the algorithm.

  3. 3str4ng3d

    how are you blurring WHILE filming?

  4. Redline

    I would use Grafana with either Prometheus or InfluxDB as the backend, probably use docker for deployment.
    Would require some more complex code but it would make working with the data a breeze.

  5. Daniel Duchon


  6. Christian Skjerning

    Do it in Unity!
    Super simple to do 3D visualisations and there is a ton of network protocols for transmitting/receiving data. And it can be exported to phones!

  7. Rikkert Koppes

    Try Grafana

  8. Ender436

    From this video I figured out where he lives!

  9. Nicholas Chavez

    Joe, this video format is excellent. Please don’t waste time making your videos ultra high quality if it takes time from your projects.

  10. Collin Schofield

    Surely a telemetry program like you are thinking of can’t be too hard to code. I’ve got some knowledge of code, but not that much. SOMEONE WITH SOME REALLY GOOD CODING KNOWLEDGE: MAKE HIM A PROGRAM!!

  11. Robson Oliveira Dos Santos

    The dust on the screen tho

  12. Alpaslan Eldemir


  13. Eliot Dayley

    This new style of video is miles better than the other content in my opinion

  14. Alfio Locatelli

    What about using ROS with your owns rosnodes for all the sensors and GPS? About the 3D model, “moveit” could be usefull, but you need to convert all your CAD file in URDF. Nice work btw!

  15. Ryan Beall

    Get off of ascii. Too bloated and no checksumming. Might as well do it now because mark my words…. you’ll do it in 12 months from now either way

  16. itch e bols

    El mono quiere escupir en el boca de tú.

  17. dieter dick


  18. Jakob

    Great Video

  19. Mythricia

    For the last part: I really *really* don’t see the need to go for big telemetry packages like Open MCT or COSMOS for something like this. It just seems enormously overkill. You could write a visualizer in almost any game engine in an afternoon, based on incoming serial data in real-time, with no difficult setup or anything like that… 3D viz, graphs, plots, serial TX and RX, are all trivial to do with built-in features in a lot of engines, and it’s all easy to get set up.

  20. Str|ke

    AFAIK Joey B. The align portion of the startup is quite common on inertial navigation systems. Traditionally there are at least three gyros for roll pitch and yaw, plus accompanying accelerometers for lateral, longitudinal and vertical acceleration. Traditionally, aircraft (my experience) need the lat long manually entered to the INU computer, and then once everything is spooled up, starts measuring the earths rotation to accurately model your position. This part requires time. On newer systems we typically have embedded GPS to significantly improve the alignment time, which is what we see in your vid.
    The gps provides long term corrections to INS drift, while the INS sensors provide short term high resolution (real time) feedback.
    Also, please youtube, correct any mistakes of mine. Avionics is not my forte. Mech and engines are ;)
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  21. Rodrigo

    LabVIEW should help you a lot

  22. janos -Ajna Releips-

    Hey i am First:)
    OK second

  23. Liam Holloway

    I really enjoy this new short weekly video thing. More of an insight I like it.

  24. Benslayer12

    Will this ever launch?

  25. Patrick Laing

    influxdb and grafana?

  26. Game zone

    X Y Z rocket

  27. Sammy Kainka

    How did you get on that name?

  28. Bru Works

    Look at open MCT in the free NASA software index has a lot of functionality and has a nice web interface

  29. Kake er godt


  30. beansdad70

    What’s the vector Victor?

  31. AnchovyKnowledge

    yayyy new vid

  32. kemfic

    live matplotlib is a gem for viz

  33. pcislocked

    download obs next time

  34. abrudner

    Hey! I would recommend COSMOS, but I’m also biased because it’s what I use professionally. Easy interface, and once you define your targets and such it pretty much takes care of everything for you. Add in a little Qt and you can probably get a nice GUI going too

  35. Hemn_King_Video

    so nice😌

  36. Bruce Baxter

    why not pixhawk?

  37. TreeTG

    Are you making a Sprite cranberry?

  38. alfon mango

    i thought you were using fuel propulsion, not wind.

  39. Al T

    0 dislikes. Let’s go!!!

  40. Jordan Dupuis

    Fly it.

  41. Bhuvanesh Duvvuri

    I love your videos and your end goal but ,you can use a screen recorder for things to look better.

  42. Haxin Dog

    you !

  43. Sachithanandam Karthikselvan

    Great video. Thanks.

  44. Dingo Prod

    graphana ? to display the data

  45. Bruce Baxter

    adupilot is open source and already has these displays as a hud over video

  46. Rene Schickbauer

    I do some web based near real time 2D data visualizations for my Garden Space Program stuff and some commercial projects. Tell me what you need and i’ll do this one for free. On your end, all you’d need was a script to feed data into the API as it comes in.
    BTW, my backend also works great with my Apollo-style home automation terminal, so if you want to control the launch with a real computer terminal instead of that modern “laptop” rubish i can help you there as well ;-)

  47. Ely Driscoll

    Does your IMU support RTK gps receivers?

  48. tadd maxwell

    How do you connect your GPS, through simcard or its just free?

  49. Mud Cat

    My gf thought you were Elon Musk for a minute which would be so funny to see Elon making model rockets ps love your shit man keep it up

  50. Robert Steinbeiss

    Wierd when future Joey B gets back to past Joey B trying to tell him he did something cool/important not knowing he did two years from then. Thumps up!

  51. Gungan Works

    National Instrument’s LabVIEW?

  52. Yusuf Praditya

    Use c# !

  53. Karen

    Using matplotlib with a python gui or flask/web as frontend? Lots of ways to go if all you want is live graphs and a few buttons to send commands

  54. Exatomos

    I trully love the new videos ! You could take a look at for fancy realtime data visualisation.

  55. hayagreeva r

    Expand the gnss

  56. HanterBags

    Ёбана куда я попал?

  57. SA66

    Jow I have worked on similar project and used python tkinter with arduino python cmdmessenger library.If you need code I can send you.

  58. carvalinh0


  59. J M

    Great work!

  60. Omkar Jagtap

    When is next episode of landing model rocket series coming

  61. Alexander Kosolapov

    I need cooffeee

  62. Jiten Mhatre

    use your data in blender with Python for 3d simulation

  63. SkyGeorge

    Have you tried Red Bull?;)

  64. MoonMan22

    These update videos are so awesome!

  65. Samuel Knox

    Love your stuff!

  66. matze1508

    A Grafana Web Interface is really nice to plot all the data you want. You could even implement the 3d visualization i think

  67. Vincent Ngo

    Lots of Information! I love watching your videos!

  68. Nistei

    You could try and use Unity for the 3D live simulation.

  69. Ave Vovus!

    ASCII-style telemetry consumes much more time than raw bytes. Work on binary data format.
    Check how MavLink style telemetry works.

  70. Cinematics

    You can write Flight Software with Matlab and the Telemetry with Unity 3D and you can simulate the Rocket on its real launching point with the GO Map plugin.

  71. Roger Garrett

    OK, people, we need a short, concise, catchy name for these mini-videos by Joe.

  72. Ryan Beall

    Mavlink is a great messaging framework to use or modify. Lots of ground stations use mavlink in the UAS world.

  73. Jake Downs


  74. Chaim Lukas Maier

    For plotting i would personally go for matlab, but i know that python also has the functionality that you need…

  75. TheSteamBreaker

    awsome progress on stuff
    havent checked for 2 months
    I like this a lot

  76. Ben Bry

    whaha that cable sure is a mac charger

  77. We know

    onces a musk always a musk brilliant guy

  78. Undecium

    That’s impressive because me very dum
    Me eat rock for lifing me life under rock for lifing me have rock-puter me very smoll brain

  79. Kree Laban

    It’s great that you keep smiling through all the tech stuff. We are smiling with you and hoping for the best in your happy time frame !

  80. Laurent Pelleing

    I’m really happy about your choices to put lot of simple video

  81. Nerdherfer

    MATLAB has a great serial interface for arduino development. You can easily code up a program to parse the information and plot it into subplots.

  82. Sean Liston

    Hey, how do you stay motivated working from home? I find it incredibly difficult.

  83. Jan Piotrowicz

    9:05 Maybye just KSP mod?

  84. Tech Nick

    Hi, i would realy like to try to implement a server openmct solution for Sprite, would it be possible to get a text file full of the downstream data (maybe without the coordinates) for testing purposes?

  85. Lithostheory

    Should take about 20 lines in python haha ;^)

  86. israelshirk

    InfluxDB/Grafana or the ELK stack (… With ELK, you’d just need to save to a text file and have a logstash CSV interpreter customized to label the columns (and add timestamps).

  87. Samuel Knox

    Attempting to do something like this myself and finding many difficulties! Great work!

  88. Duncan W

    Have you looked at making an Autodesk plugin with LISP for your telemetry? Since they have integrated modeling and simulation stuff it might be relatively easy

  89. Branson Davis

    Use GNUplot. It’s free and incredibly open in the sense that you can do pretty anything you want regarding plotting.

  90. Philipp Wagner

    Try using the Processing IDE , lots of tutorials on @codingtrain and there is a arduino libary and with Socket Communication a connection to Kerbal should be easy possible. Exporting to Application also easy ;)

  91. Charles Campbell

    You’re gearing up to do vane based TVC for HPR aren’t you? I’m excited to see how that goes because I hate controls way too much to figure out how to do it.
    I do make motors though. If you’re interested…

  92. brus54per

    I really like the more simplistic format of your videos; no absurd amounts of time spent on fancy editing tricks but more on development. Me like!
    Working on a project with similar kind of transducers and data (but a different application) I would advice you to take a serious look at GOlang. Projects like these have a tendency to grow exponentially in terms of data exchange and the (post-)processing you’d like to do – at least that is my experience ;)
    My main reason for switching from C# was initially that I needed to get a foolproof(ish) way of handling parallel processing (i.e. threads) and imho GOlang has a extraordinary good way of handling several parallel processes. It is lightweight and can run on most small processors (often RPi’s and similar platforms) as well as on laptops and desktops. As for data persistence, there are a number of ready-to-go solutions. I use InfluxDB since all my data are in the time domain and I use Grafana for visualization. Good luck!

  93. Harrison Wheeler

    Joe, I have watched your progression from hobby rocket guy to… well, this! Your progress has been astounding! As far as livestream telem data, KEEP IT SIMPLE! 99% of your viewers don’t understand what they are looking at in real time anyway. Perhaps a followup video explaining all the lessons learned. That seems to be a great model for your past videos, and well… at least 140k people believe in the vlog model you’ve set forth in that regard. I think you have unanimous support for the new, raw (ie lightly edited) vlogs. ANY news is better than NO news!
    Focus on your flying your project. Don’t get bogged down in creating a complex livestream telemetry stream. I will just be happy to see Sprite succeed! You can explain your findings after the fact, much better than I can gather from a livestream.

  94. d00dEEE

    Python + matplotlib will get you pretty graphs with very little effort.

  95. Sebrenity

    loving these short but regular updates on progress. Sprite looks like it’s gonna be a very cool project to see fly!

  96. Orion Aerospace

    The ultimate flex would be to have your own satellites to connect the GNSS to ;)

  97. June-Kyoo Park

    This video is sponsored by Carbonated Milk.

  98. George

    Just feeding the algorithm don’t mind me

  99. Compounded Daily

    Knowing that this guy studied music production and now does this should inspire everyone.

  100. Edward Colhoun

    Articulate telemetry via interpretive dance

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