Flight Software Setup – Landing Model Rockets Ep. 8

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Blip PCB Design Files: https://www.patreon.com/posts/blip-and-blop-26204885
Blip Test Code: https://www.patreon.com/posts/blip-test-code-1-29110756
Arduino programming tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCxzA9_kg6s&list=PLA567CE235D39FA84

Teensy/Arduino instructions: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/tutorial.html

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    Bonjour ! Cela fait très longtemps que je regarde toutes tes vidéos et j’aurais 2 questions à te poser.
    Tu imprimes en 3d tout le fuselage de la fusée ?
    Et ou achètes tu tes moteurs à poudre ?
    Merci beaucoup pour tes vidéos même si je ne comprends pas tout !

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    Is there a python version of this since I am more comfortable with python rather than c++??

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    Is this Idea possible?
    A normal rocket that flies up… after the motor is empty it gets pushed out of the vector control mount and an other motor is pushed into the mount and it is for the the landing….

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    I’m confused, is the blip computer a daughterboard/”hat”, or is it a variation on the teensy? Great video though! also, I thought you couldn’t release the flight software for legal reasons

  25. Patat

    The void setup in arduino is like the window.onLoad() of javascript, its the first thing the arduino runs when it gets powered. It litterly is the setup of your program. It only runs once. An example where this is handy is for example when you need to define that input 10 a input is or when you need to have a variable to have a certain value at the beginning of your program :)

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    That was awesome! I have had a passing interest in playing with arduino for quite a while now, but I have not really had the time and have been reluctant to try because it seemed daunting… But after seeing this, I feel a LOT more confident that I could take on some entry and perhaps even mid level arduino porjects and figure them out on my own pretty easily. Thanks Joe!
    9600 baud!!! that takes me back… I remember playing with some PC Serial Devices that communicated at 9600 baud, but mostly I remember old modems when BBS’s and later the Internet were only accessible (for me) via dial up modem… We started off with a 300 baud modem… yup, 300… then 1200, 2400… next we got to the 9600 baud modem, then 14.4k, 28.8k, 33.6k and finally 56k. I’m embarrassed to admit that I rode that train a little bit too long… but I just couldn’t afford anything better for a long time. Now I have two high speed internet connections at my house. A 300 Mb for work and a 1 Gb for the rest of the house/family. So that means I have gone from 300 BITS per second to 1,300,000,000 BITS per second!!! My home now has more than 4 MILLION times the bandwidth I had when I first got into connecting my computer at home to other computers not at my home!?!?! Just crazy to think!!

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    I think it is more impressive to land a model rocket with solid motors then landing a rocket with liquid fuel

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    Not related at all, but you could use air augmenting on your rocket motor to throttle them by maybe up to 20%.
    The easiest way to implement such a system would be a big convergent nozzle at the motor that can be moved closer to the motor by a servo.
    The augmentation results from the air that is drawn to the nozzle via the venturi effect and therefore increases the working mass of the exhaust therefore increasing the thrust.
    This could help you decrease your touchdown velocity.
    Wikipedia article:
    Air augmented rockets.

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    It’s especially interesting to watch you from Russia. Our rocket-modeling sport in the ass since the collapse of the USSR, and we have relatively no rocket and technical channels on YouTube, and such material as yours is generally considered unique.And if there is, then all of our guys basically do useless shit on arduino. Thank you for the video. I hope your Echo will ever land. (We will do without binary xD)

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    Interesting video. You’re doing a great job explaining how it works. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great video! I would love to see how you handle the data of the mpu6050, specially the way you take into account the gyro drift of the sensor (a problem I have trouble solving). Anyway, the landing model rockets series is amazing, keep it up!

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    Please make the next video on the entire software design

  60. Author of Vinnarian Curse R.A. Pierce

    10:04 “We are sinking current into the processor when we turn the LED on.” For non-college minions! Electrons flow from negative to positive. VDD is +, and VSS is ground. DD = Drain, SS = Source. Electrons flow from source to drain inside the chip, VSS to VDD, but from college minions current flows from +Vdd to -Vss . Current to them means positive charge flow (not electron). For us smart people current cannot flow in a vacuum, because only electrons can move through a vacuum. Positive charge current needs atoms to make that theory work where electron flow is absolute.

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    Getting the best IMU data is probably the hardest part that I would like to see.

  71. Tom George

    At 13:08, you do not need to unzip the library file.
    The Arduino IDE will do that for you and put the library in the proper directory for the libraries.
    Include Library
    Add ..zip Liibrary
    You then navigate to where the zip file is and hit return.

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    Would be fine to program signal in MatLab in Episode 9.

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    Will you include the video of production of TVC in fusion or any other cad software in this series?

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    Hey joe! Great video. Just a question, how did you learn this code and what code language is it?

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    Which rocket fuel you or motor
    Did you use….plz plz tell your big faaan

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    Hey Joe, dont waste memory for LED PINS. int = 2 bytes. ofcourse its not a problem for modern MCU, but optimization always good deal.
    use preprocessor statements
    #define RED_L 9

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    In any case… I love your videos.

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    Thanks for all the great videos and the work you put into your projects. Many people are inspired and happy that there is your yt-channel, because only a few people make content to this topic.
    Lets get your yt channel to 150k.

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    Disliked. Video didn’t teach me how to implement LQR or Fuel Optimized Large Divert algorithms… and now my rocket did several flips and crashed! JK jk
    Really great video and condensed what took me days to figure out into a nice short little episode :D

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