EDF Afterburner Fire

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  1. Not Mad Rocket Scientist

    You can cut weight of Sprite leaving batteries out. Take power from AC, convert it to DC and put a cable to Sprite.

  2. Larry Jing

    Awesome stuff! Does Sprite require any yaw correction for the acceleration of the EDF blade? If so, how does it do so?

  3. Mr Egan

    Heading to Patreon now!

  4. Thalis Vilela

    Now, grab a oxygen can, dump the butane + oxygen in a nozzle, and… We’ll see what will happen.

  5. Sourabh Unnikrishnan

    you have the slightest resemblance of Elon Musket


    Was NOT expecting to see the afterburner so early on in the video. I loved it.

  7. Jim Williams

    Soooooo Sprite is now an expander cycle? I fn love it.

  8. Joel & Melanie Vlashof

    singlecopter mode? during test the parts are melting, perhaps print those parts in alu? great job;)

  9. Greg Laletin

    Sooo cool. Totally pointless. Afterburner needs a column to contain expansion and increase thrust, this is more like a dump and burn but soooo cool.

  10. Missael Matamoros

    Have you considering applying the Bernoulli concepts to the ducted fan to increase thrust…or are the flow speeds to low to actually make a difference??

  11. Adithya Adepu

    You look like elon musk.. Hit like if someone else agree with me :)

  12. Canine Rocket Technologies

    No matter how useless, if it looks awesome, just do it

  13. Turcik

    Here comes Charlie Garcia doing some crazy maths on nozzle shape and fuel injector :))

  14. Tony Wony

    Hey I also built a EDF AFTERBURNER in my bed room

  15. beyellow 1

    I think you need to atomize the Buthane with a fine nozzle. The increased survace area will help with a more stable combustion.
    But i guess you had the same idear with the copper coils.🤗

  16. Torsten Salak

    this should be used to deliver packages

  17. Jerry Rupprecht

    1:16 I really thought you were going to say Raid Shadow Legends.

  18. Andrew Howard

    You could try cutting little tabs into the rim of the combustion area, then give them all a little twist to create turbulators. This may help with the mixing. Nice EDF BTW. I have two and they are beautiful beasts.

  19. testi

    Did someone also get a lot of Dyson adds during this video 😁

  20. Matthew Ferrie

    Does the afterburner actually add thrust or is it just to look cool? It looks awesome by the way.

  21. suyash ahirrao

    I suggest built a big rocket and went to moon

  22. TychoBrahe21

    Love your vids. Sprite is pretty amazing, reminds me of the Missile Defense Mutiple Kill Vehicle (MKV-L).

  23. Ken E

    Love what you are doing, I told my son how cool will it be when someone actually makes a real working rocket engine. His reply was it’s to complicated, mine was you have guys in home shops making turbines.

  24. snarkyboojum

    8:30 in – looks like Sprite isn’t completely symmetric or properly balanced.

  25. Jaswant Singh

    He can’t grow hair? Or does he choose to look gay

  26. Anton Winter

    1000% cooler than the edf

  27. Consulting Joe

    Mix with air and use a simple one-way valve and a Y splitter on the hose.

  28. MemeTime

    Before they were famous – Elon Musk

  29. o b

    needs more liquid oxygen

  30. s t o l e n i d e n t i t y

    Guy looks like Elon Musk + Mark Zuckerberg

  31. OLAF Peterson

    wouldn’t it be easier to just build a bi-propellant liquid engine?

  32. William Chamberlain

    11:10 I’m sure you’re know what you’re doing, but from the test footage it looks like you don’t have your coils heated sufficiently(as you noted) before increasing airflow. With white gas stoves the fuel is usually burned in a reservoir to heat the coils before introducing more fuel. Consider limiting the butane input on startup and allowing time for the coils to come up to temperature.

  33. The Rcproject

    no need to explain yourself… we like fire

  34. Shalin Palil

    Would using an aerospike design be more efficient than using a bell-nozzle design?

  35. Rohan Bandaru

    Have you considered adding a second counter-rotating edf or switching to a double-prop design?

  36. George Ashmore

    Can you add a de Lavel nozzle so the fire really looks like a rocket engine?

  37. Scooch

    “What is this? Some kind of plastic ice-cream scoop?” -Harry Stamper
    It’s cool that super-heating your propellant is trivial to someone inclined at this scale.
    Vat vas dat? fthrust chamba instabiliti? auhhahauha…

  38. timodu94

    When the engine is starting, i can see a lot of liquid butane going out of it, i think you could have a better air-gas mixing (so a kicker and more homogenous combustion) if you directly inject gas rather than liquid that takes time to evaporate and burn. To do this you could flip over your gas tank so gas will go out before liquid or maybe use propane that gasifie kicker than butan do to his higher saturated vapor pressure.

  39. MoonMan22

    Need to change “Afterburner Ignition” to “Activate Yeet”.

  40. krugtech

    use the head off a cheap propane torch.

  41. GreatFlamin Zeus

    Nah, you’re using fancy tape, respect retained!

  42. MonsterSound

    I wonder if an atomizer coil could improve the combustion? Like in a vape device.

  43. Alex Brittain

    With the butane afterburner, why not have the can in the upright position, that way it sends more gas than liquid. I would also recommend some sort of spray nozzle to give a better flame.

  44. Marc Atteberry

    Reminds me of the Palomino.

  45. RAW fpv

    7:39 if the edges from the top of thw rocket to the top of the EDF were smoothe all around the inside edges the intake would be less turbulant

  46. Renato Digitalo

    This was awesome filmmaking!
    Cool shots

  47. Fabio Ramírez Stern

    0:55 when you build a hyper complex fan powered hopper with afterburner and dual band GPS, just to clip your mic to it
    EDIT: Just use some gaffer and some parts from RIPed mic stands like everyone of us sound engineers do. And don’t forget to NEVER EVER match the mic brand to the brand written on the mic clip

  48. Blatantly Fake Name

    That looks like the same leatherman supertool i’ve had for the past 20 years!


    you convinced me to apply for phd studies. love from morocco

  50. Vaasref

    That is some dilated pupils right there.

  51. Luke skywalker The Starfleet commander

    Check out the FliteTest’s afterburner video, the engine part is kind of the same.

  52. MyEyesBled

    Elon’s Mini-Me!

  53. BenjaminFranklin2u

    Too much fuel, even before shutdown it was still dripping.

  54. Mohan rao

    Hey SpaceX hire him for miniuatre rockets for demonstration of Mars landing this guy will rock it.he rejected SpaceX offer I know

  55. Derrick Bommarito

    !rip already melting vector fins

  56. Plasminium

    Daaah, that’s hot, that’s hot.

  57. Tyler Halnon

    When u getting job at spaceX? 😂 you deserve it!

  58. WrightBrosRC

    “It’s better to look good than to feel good, darling.” – Fernando SNL You are so right, Joe. Sometimes the cool factor just wins out over practicality. I am ashamed to say I have also flown some sketchy aircraft in sketchy conditions only for the hope and gamble of some great usable video. Keep up the cool factor… :)

  59. Never lost, or are we?

    Try an aerospike even though it’s not the best option in the long term!

  60. David Haldane

    audentis Fortuna iuvat my friend, if you know what I’m sayin’

  61. ITWUT

    solid motor igniter wouldn’t ignite the butane? Atomize the fuel, add some peroxide..

  62. Mohan rao

    Starship model and propulsive landing 2nd stage

  63. nothsim

    I don’t now anything but how about mixing oxygen with the butane from an acetylene torch? You can very the amounts of fuel versus oxygen to keep the flame lit.

  64. climatebabes

    That thing is way to heavy!

  65. Kevin Brown

    Man I love that NASA sweatshirt at 6:48 looks awesome!

  66. Haxin Dog

    I swear the god I will like this comment.
    (Now you have to realy like it :D)

  67. USWaterRockets

    Combustion Instability: If they can solve it in the Mighty F1, you can solve it for Sprite.

  68. Kit Sandham

    Looks like ‘flame lift’ in gasman terms, 40% or more thrust exceeds the speed of the flame burn.
    Perhaps a lower speed air flow chamber in the centre?
    Better oxygen/gas mixing in the chamber (bit like how the air comes in low on a Bunsen burner – might be more blue flamey than yellow) then igniting in the low speed area and then properly expanding/burning in the high speed airflow area.

  69. febrianda putra

    Why don’t you build a jet engine with oxygen sprayed into

  70. GreatFlamin Zeus

    I was exclusively watching those little fins melt during the test.

  71. CptAJbanned

    Be careful with those winds below around an open flame

  72. Andrew Steinhaus

    I appreciate the added thrust😂😂
    But seriously trying dumping some NO2, or just straight O2 through the stators before it hits the butane for some extra kick.

  73. BlueFrostedGlass

    Instead if Aluminum Tape – Why not use Steel Foil?

  74. Grumpy Biker

    Testing when the craft is on a flat surface will disrupt the air flow

  75. Thomas Mills

    looks like FliteTest’s afterburner, with 1000% more complicated engineering!

  76. Amos Voltz

    Weird question but when you speak about working on your aircraft you always say “we”.
    Love your work just wondering if you work with yourself or with someone.
    Edit: this is a serious question. I presume he says “we” because people also help in the community and also like someone said in science reports they never say ‘I’.

  77. Ksööden

    I can’t wait to see this fly

  78. LabRatMatt

    My respect for you as an engineer has actually increased because you admitted that the afterburner is just for looks

  79. irockyuorule

    I enjoyed the “visual effect” way to much haha

  80. Jim Patrick

    Just my 2 cents:
    1) run a coil of copper tube in the exhaust before combusting the butane. It’ll vaporise it and give you less fuel consumption and a cleaner burn.
    2) keep the low pressure zone you’ve got the same, but make sure you have some air inlet holes at the top as you need the fuel to combust in the zone which will require airflow. If the hole’s too big it’ll blow it out.
    3) look at David Windestal, he made one for edf. Seemed to work quite well.

  81. Moritz

    Turning the butane bottle around could help to get only Gas out

  82. Alberto Calderon

    Use a perforated ring like the one used in tc jet turbines and for the nozzle do a closed cone with holes to create a Venturi effect.

  83. Orazio Vescovi

    I’m not an engineer nor I’m studying to become one at the moment, but: what if you constrict the primary flow around the low-pressure-creator? In other words: you should try to put the low-pressure-creator inside the tube, and not just after the edge.
    Edit: you probably already know this channel (which BTW is a great channel, check it out everybody), but here’s a playlist that may interest you

  84. Rene Schickbauer

    BPS.space: Instead of building a complicated setup yourself and trying to debug it, you could use the business end of a soldering lamp. This also usually comes with a build in regulator as well as ignition wires.

  85. Mee Hung Lowe

    No, no, no. If it doesn’t produce thrust, then it is useless – get rid of it.

  86. Oliver Gould

    Looks amazing. Would recommend the flite test video on a afterburner similar to this

  87. Kilian Schwiebacher

    I love it. Atmospheric Rocket engines could be built like it.

  88. Polar

    Hey Joe, i hot 2 questions. How long does it take to preform an “echo” test and when can we expect the next one. No rush just curious.

  89. MrZealot1

    Looks like a chrismas tree with legs.

  90. Mojo Jomo

    He looks like he hasn’t slept for 3 weeks. Get some shut-eye!

  91. ReLoad

    This guy literally looks like elon musk

  92. Matrick13

    4:29- nonononononono you just need MOAR BOOSTERS

  93. Sam Gibson

    Aww. He’s following in the footsteps of his father!

  94. MrRexQuando

    no matter what your level of professionalism or education we ALL love to see some controlled exothermic reactions! Love me some blue diamonds.

  95. Mikkel Siegenfeldt

    You look like a younger and skinnier version of Elon.

  96. Jon Packer

    “I really love fire” says the guy with flowers and doves on his shirt

  97. Cody Avant

    LOL the sponsor bit, I was like oh god no not raid shadow legends, brilliant, or skillshare.

  98. Siydge

    2:37 every kid on xbox 360 with a walmart mic
    Edit: Okay… Didn’t expect so many people to like my comment. Thank you guys!

  99. Phake

    *Seeing the ignition test
    “Sweet, I wonder how much extra thrust it prov-”
    “It’s mostly just for looks…”

  100. Everyday Astronaut

    Notification squad! Excited to see what the heck this thing is 😱

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