Echo – Landing Test #6

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What is Sprite?

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  1. Puppzogg

    I thought you were gonna say “we need to talk a little bit more……… about our sponsor, RAID SHADOW LEDGENDS”

  2. Osiiris

    Cant wait for you to get started on liquids!

  3. Aaron C

    I am looking forward this new project.
    Really jealous that you get to work on stuff like this.

  4. Blue Leader

    You’ll get it next time Joe! I believe in you!
    PS can’t wait for the new engine!

  5. Andrew Reece

    is it just me or do you have the same eye and face structure as elon M- just an observation no offense intended lol- LOve your work BTW awesome stuff bud..

  6. Maurizio Di Francesco

    Not sure if feasible, but have you thought of implementing a flame obstructor or diverter that you can activate if rocket is too high?

  7. Patrick Musselman

    13:40 You’d think Barnard Propulsion Systems would be making the engine. I suppose it’s too late to change over to Barnard Active Stability Systems. Plus how would you even pronounce that acronym?

  8. DoktorDinkel YT

    That’s sick! Good luck with Sprite and the liquid fueled rocket engine. I respect your decision.

  9. Thomas Stuart

    You have reached the limit of software control, use longer landing legs with a bit of spring to them and it should land OK.

  10. BlisterHiker

    Joe, first of all, hat off to you for your passion for the hobby! :-)
    I’m sure others have suggested that already, but I think you should add *horizontal fins* at the top of your rockets, that deploy at the beginning of return trip. Currently, when you deploy landing legs, it increases instability and makes the task even more difficult.
    Horizontal fins should be solid, not grid type like in Falcon 9, and for the start, don’t have to be controlled, though controlling them may be a great idea for the future when you will be flying much higher.
    With enough surface area, horizontal fins will increase your chance of success significantly without complicating the design a lot. You could use the same technique for deploying fins as for landing legs.
    Good luck and share the fun with us!

  11. Taran Card

    Get a 360 camera! Just sayin’. And the landing looked awesome.


    Good test though, looked very stable

  13. TeoTomTasTer

    it needs better landing gear, if you get it a bit better this could work.

  14. Trevor Allen

    i didnt want to talk about it but echo definitely sent me some weird dms in like 2017

  15. jaycweingardt11

    Not disapointed at all, im excited to watch the R&D youre doing, Im loving watching what you are doing.

  16. Grant Barbone

    Just try to have more fuel so it can release it’s landing closer to the ground

  17. Michael C

    Oh man, so close!!! It’ll happen. And I can’t wait to see it.

  18. Thucy

    Love the content, hoping to try my own model rocket experiments with a more efficient parachute landing system this summer.

  19. Kaden McDonald

    I feel like control enabling the slowing and stopping of thrust is going to be necessary before you start landing these things consistently.

  20. Game zone

    If we calculate the the velocity while falling down and amount of thrust given by solid motor in every second and analysing the time in which motor burn out you can perform good landing but since when rocket motor ignite it gives a shock to accelerometer and gimbal get bit tricky to control. So my suggestion is you should put grid fins on rocket so stabilizations can be enhanced. Like falcon 9

  21. AttiX :D


  22. Edward Riggs

    Canine Rocket is right, you’ve done an amazing job!
    Actually, if your motor gimbal is as agile as it looks in this video, you can effectively throttle the thrust of such a solid propellent motor by rapidly oscillating the gimbal in the x or y-axis, or both (circularly) to diminish the average axial component of thrust. The frequencies used should be chosen to avoid harmonics of the model’s structure or other sensitive parts.

  23. Joon Lee

    With your experience liquid engine could be a guide from this maze.

  24. Michael Crumpton

    I am shooting in the dark here, but: The rocket seems to have a hard time sensing the altitude. I wonder if some sort of external beacon could help, like 3 bright lights around the landing area which could be used by optical sensors to trigger a landing sequence at a particular exact height

  25. Stinger05189 Philip

    I just love the way you explain things. It’s just like you and I are having a good ol’ chat.
    Maybe not everyone has these types of chats often but for me its a regular.

  26. Mee Hung Lowe

    Did you consider using solid rocket engines to stop the fall, then use compressed gas (like CO2 cartridges) to control the touchdown?

  27. D

    Love the admission. Lol

  28. ReDMooNTV

    As you pointed out getting the timing right for this is so difficult. Without thrust control there’s too much randomness. I bet test 6 would’ve been successful if it was hovering a little closer to the ground.

  29. Marcus Herold

    Dude hell yeah. I can’t wait for that liquid rocket. You’re gonna have so much more control! Are there different regulations you’re gonna need to address for that kind of design?

  30. emre özkan

    Also your thrust vector system is 3d printed. There might be some flexing in those plastic parts.

  31. beau danner

    I’m with you! I think it’s the right move and good luck :)

  32. Tangui Louedec

    Hi ! It might be a stupid question but, can’t you control the thrust with a motorised diaphragm ?

  33. My Man

    You look like a Young Elon..
    Are you his Son..? 😲

  34. Josh Fissel

    I’m gonna cry omg but I agree with your decision

  35. Jackie Zuhong Gan Zheng

    if Joe Barnard is Elon Musk…..
    and if a did the math right,
    ECHO = F9 1st stage

  36. nerobro

    Since you can’t accurately control the motor startup, or even thrust, why not put a thrust redirection or restriction system in the exhaust flow. Then, with the your flight controller you can “adjust” for crappy input to get the output (thrust) you want.

  37. Yohan Hadji

    Liquid yeah ! I’m ready for the firework ;-)

  38. Susheela A

    0:15 yes

  39. Jasper Blomme

    Love that brief hoovering moment! 🤩

  40. remiUP

    It has probably been suggested already, but what about using hybrid motors ?
    It would allow for throttling without the complexity of a liquid motor

  41. BLR Rocket Technologies Inc.

    12:50 is the second best quote from Joey B. May your year be cool, and your failure low.

  42. Callan Caustic

    Ok I’m new here and I’m pretty sure this is footage of when Elon musk was in beta

  43. Ed8855 Duncan

    I was just thinking about this in so excited to watch!

  44. David Merriman

    The smart guys knows when it’s time to shift gears. Love your work, sir.

  45. Marc Stecker

    I’m amazed with your analysis and all the work you’ve put into this interesting project.

  46. Omar Essilfie-Quaye

    Such a lovely ethos to be sharing on the internet 👌

  47. Flyboy BC

    Had you ever considered attenuating the exhaust flow with some kind of vane? That could have given you some degree of throttleability. I think it’s a shame that you gave up.

  48. Parker Shinn

    25 seconds into the video I was asking myself when you were going to switch to liquid propellants. Glad it’s happening!

  49. огромная эрекция

    That was amazing!

  50. Samuel Davidson

    That’s an awesome attempt considering it’s a solid fuel engine!

  51. Wayne Slater

    The rockets advanced maneuvering made me think I was watching a full size rocket booster, you had me until the grass and tripod came into view. Your rocketry skills are truly impressive. Watch out Elon!

  52. The 8-Bit Pineapple

    I’m glad you’re making a liquid engine! I always thought you would do something like that.

  53. Mr McGregor

    You look like the offspring of Elon Musk and Macaulay Culkin.
    I want one.

  54. ody vinty*

    RIP echo, what an amazing journey it has been. Can’t wait to see the development of Sprite and beyond. Love ya Joe

  55. Trav Zilla

    Hey Joey B! I was wondering when this would kick back up again! I love this series!

  56. dcairns61

    I am VERY IMPRESSED that you can get as close to a successful landing as this, with a solid propellant rocket motor! Great work!

  57. Sleekgeek 36

    3:41 I thought its floating on space already hehe but still…many work needs to be done!

  58. Atticus English

    The USSR was a bit more willing to “send it” back in the day lol

  59. gtriantag

    Try throttling by partially blocking the exhaust plume with a motor (could be servo)


    This guy looks like Macaulay Culkin, Elon Musk, and Pete Davidson combined lmao.

  61. Justin Mabe

    That interview was great, yungElon

  62. Garret Sutherland

    Have you tried controlling the solid rocket flow with perhaps an iris mechanism to light rocket early and get full thrust when you need it?

  63. Chas Bianco

    quote of the year

  64. Paulo Dutra

    Liquid propellant motors <3 Amazing !!!!!

  65. frootube

    it looks like it kinda fails near the end from ground effect

  66. JS Diddle


  67. Dean Jones

    The problem with these landing attempts is the rocket motor — there isn’t anyway to throttle them down. These things were design to lift the vehicle upward then fizzle out. It wasn’t in anyone’s wildest imagination that you’ll be trying to use them to accomplish SpaceX-type landings. You have to find a way to reduce the end-stage burn slightly to facilitate the landing you want to achieve.

  68. dev deque

    With such a budget, you have freakin’ amazing results all considering! You’ve done wonders with what you have. The engineering is on another level. Keep at it and I look forward to updates.

  69. Joseph Stalin

    THAT WAS SO CLOSE!!!, i say add grid fins and a drone ship

  70. Rod Rakic

    Had you considered a clamshell thrust reverser to give you control of the thrust plume?

  71. Reed Petersen

    I’m super excited to see the inner workings/valveing of the liquid propellant system.

  72. Kim C

    YES – finally back to landing rockets!!!

  73. Maxim X

    You look like Elon Musk when he was younger – coincidental ?

  74. portsider srva

    My Flirt and love Life is being described at 12:50.

  75. Isaac Westawski

    Make a liquid fueled rocket, so you can throttle it.

  76. Hello Neanderthals!

    This is awesome how you are able to do this on your own

  77. BazilRat

    I had actually expected the transition to liquid fuel. Solid rocket motors are just too variable and wild.

  78. kemfic

    RIP Echo. You will be missed.
    really looking forward to what’s next though

  79. Fabian Zimber

    The Spacecraft should detect the speed it’s falling downwards and calculate the needed engine power for braking with an algorythm based on downward speed, mininmum brake time, distance to ground and maximum engine fuel

  80. Liberal Cancer

    This guy really looks like the kid from home alone all grown up

  81. Sandy Mcarthur

    Hey dude I absolutely love your channel and is inspiring me to become like you. Ever since I was a little kid I was amazed at stars and galaxy’s and you have accelerated that amazement. This I thank you. Keep Thriving

  82. ytrebiLeurT

    Why is the atmosphere not sucked off by the vacuum …hmmm, nobody knows …

  83. Suryansh Tagore

    funny how he calls it a vehicle .no offence, i really admire his work

  84. IN A FLASH

    He’s literally younger Elon, like he promises something but doesn’t realize that it might be harder. Perfect.

  85. Ryan Ritter

    What if u put a choker on the motor for thrust control?

  86. Jerry Rupprecht

    What I took from this video: what we’re doing is hard, so I’ve given up and am now doing something way harder!

  87. Orion Aerospace

    A liquid bi-prop 🤔 we really are going to be cooking with Joey B now!
    P.S. we are still gonna see if we can get lucky and land one ;)

  88. hxhdfj ifzir st c

    And THAT is why degrees in audio engineering are worthless. LOL!

  89. Bruno Antunes

    it’s time for a russian solution: bigger legs

  90. Tomisaburo R. Mizugawa

    So, how about longer landing legs so that thing doesn’t tip over so easily when it slams into the ground?

  91. Kurtis Thompson

    I was screaming NOOOO as Echo slowly fell over at the start. Good to see you again. Happy new year man.

  92. Plasminium

    We were THIS 🤏 close to greatness!

  93. Tray Terra

    **sees coffee mug**
    “I’ve got to get one of those.”

  94. Jim MacDonald

    “looks good… send it” made my night.

  95. Ksööden

    I was getting sad you haven’t uploaded in a long time literally 20 minutes ago I thought about this rocket. THANK YOU!

  96. Canine Rocket Technologies

    All of you who said land echo on concrete, you owe him a new set of landing legs

  97. Wiek van Venetië

    2019: Solid rocket motors from the hobby store
    2020: Liquid bipropellant rocket motors
    2021: Antimatter drives?

  98. ZChris13

    liquid oxygen and methanol, huh
    straight from zero to 100


    Start of 2020: “let’s get a bigger model rocket”
    Start of 2025: “ uh yeah so I’m starting my own rocket company”

  100. Canine Rocket Technologies

    Even though your moving onto liquids later, you proved everyone wrong on how close you can get with a solid motor. You’re amazing!

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