BPS.space is Hiring!

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The role with details is listed here! https://forms.gle/9d4z33epTV9jxuBC9
Applications will be open for about 2 weeks from when this video is uploaded, but submitting on the earlier side is helpful. Please only apply for the position through the form listed above.

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  1. Salu omnidentidade

    i believe you will grow so much with this next phase. wish you all the best 🔥

  2. May Tronix

    Great job. Also, I really enjoy your Nile Red channel 😏

  3. Lindsay Watt

    This suits my skills and experience perfectly, I’d love to apply for this but I’m not a US Persons 😢 *waves fist at ITAR*

  4. Alex Cawthon

    Would it be that rediculous for all job descriptions to be this transparent and clear?

  5. Stan110

    I hope one day I could join you, or some like you to build a company. But for now I keep learning while I can.

  6. JohnnyBoythePilot

    If you were in Seattle and I had experience in this I’d apply. I love engineering but can’t stand college.

  7. Elton M. T.

    I like your honesty to both sides of the equation (hiring and hired parties), that’s a good start. Dealing with transparent people is always positive and encouraging! By the way, I’m not a candidate!

  8. TheBPLOL

    Great idea Jo! Can’t wait to get your telemetry kit!

  9. SpaceFlight

    hope it goes well joe

  10. PPG Mark Taylor

    Good luck with the silicon shortage. I have my own product development stalled with 9-month backorders of fairly common chips. It’s insane.

  11. ooSreckoo

    Good luck John!

  12. Juan Ismael

    Yeah, I don’t have the qualifications for it and I dont even have the time, but its dope and hope you find you’re man Joe !

  13. Hugo Turbill

    love your work man, hope it goes smoothly!

  14. JM-Space


  15. Peter Nelson

    Damn if had the experience you are looking for I would apply….. an amazing job… basically doing a hobby of mine and get paid in a place that is easy for me to get to. Damn just….. damn should of gone into a diffrent field….. well if you need filming, photography, or marking that I can through my hat in the ring for.

  16. Jeevan Kumar M

    IT would be a recommendation:- I would like to know how to make a circut, could you suggest some books to me. I really love rockets! Thanks if you are atleast watching this Mr. Joe !

  17. ProjectAir

    I’m tempted tbh! ;)

  18. S Venkateshwaran

    Good luck Man!

  19. the stark workshop

    hello sir!! i have watched your signal r2 playlist , and it was awesome! can you plz tell me how the whole thing works? cuz i also have to make my own model rocket with my own payload

  20. Kavita Gaikwad

    love from India sir 💜

  21. throngcleaver

    You had me, right up ’til you mentioned California.

  22. Michael Ellis

    Sounds like a great job that I have experience in. But (un)fortunately I don’t live in Cali.

  23. GoogoGoo

    Would you ever consider allowing engineers to contribute to your work in a purely voluntary fashion?

  24. asm2750

    Good luck! I’m 4 hours away from LA but, I don’t think I would be able to provide availability on weekdays.

  25. k g f 2

    Super sir

  26. bruh bruh

    Would it be possible for you to make a tutorial on how to use open rocket I finally got it to work on my computer but I don’t really know all that much about it and want to make my own rockets instead of flying kits all the time

  27. Tony

    When you get here, welcome. LA has a lot of opportunities, you just have to push for them.

  28. Bravo Gamers

    Keep it going,development never ends

  29. loop5

    “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.” -Sheryl Sandberg

  30. barxracerful

    bar napkin to customer is easy. keeping your promise after deployment is hard.

  31. Mark Chen

    Hi, Joe. Is there have any remote work opportunities for foreigner (non-us citizen) in the future?

  32. SFS Gamer

    This man literally become a small space company, looking forward!!!

  33. Nigel de la Vega

    I’d love to apply. To be a part of the soon to be most revolutionary space exploration company….
    Problem is I can barely recall what I saw in the last video…
    Don’t know crap about anything he does 😢😢😢

  34. Harry Brotherton

    Excellent! it may be scary Joe but growth is the key to success! i wish i lived remotely nearby, this is an amazing opportunity!

  35. ThePineTreesBand

    Wish I had the experience, I’ve been wanting to do something like this for so long, I’d love to be able to intern.

  36. Michael Ding

    whoever works for joe need to build him a nas, the bps archives are one drop away

  37. nkronert

    I really hope and wish you find the right person, Joe!

  38. Marthinus Spangenberg

    I hope you find good people. Best of luck going forward! 🚀✨

  39. David Turner

    California as a place to start a new business? Huh, the guy everyone compares you to just fled there.

  40. Mark S

    That moment when someone you respect describes a role you have 10 years experience in…. Buuuut you live in the wrong country. Good luck, you are certain to find someone who shares your passion!

  41. Eric Blenner-Hassett

    Amazing progress. No, I already have a job that gives me headaches, however I do wish you luck and recommend looking into asteroid mining. They will need automated controllers for the loading of the smelters.

  42. TheAstronomyDude

    Wish you all the best man. I made my first product this year and it was a lot of hard work. But once you get your first order, you’ll get your 100,000th order in no time ;) I’d apply, but I’m Canadian.

  43. zinizal

    Sad I live across the puddle. Hope you find someone that fits you and BPS space!

  44. Bryan Moffett

    Awesome! I will be a customer :) Good luck!

  45. Leon

    I can be a parachute man or something once I’m old enough

  46. Levi Ulrich

    This is an awesome opportunity! I’d love an opportunity to join BPS in some manner but civil engineering only correlates so much with rocketry XD

  47. Guille Fraq limr

    Hope you find a really talented employee! I’m from Spain and currently ending a Software Engineering degree and Game Development degree, I think I don’t really fit here, but I really love what you’re doing.

  48. İrfan Sıbıç

    You will make a great job as always, wish i live in USA for apply. Stay healthy 😷

  49. Isaiah Macadam

    From Canada 🇨🇦 best of luck! You’re inspiring as heck man

  50. ON

    This guy is moving to California never heard that in a while


    Basically he is elon with model rockets
    Both do fly 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Donatas Mockus

    So no chance of remote work, eh?

  53. 1 Me Leon

    The moment he said that he wants someone near to him.
    *Me from Bangladesh : Why am I watching this?*

  54. 77777Carlo

    I would love to join but I’m still in University, I hope to join when I’ll finally graduate

  55. S Jay

    I’m certain you’ll get someone pretty talented and good for the job. Looking forward to the BPS product line!

  56. Phil Becker

    Aw, I had hoped you were finally hiring a chemist to help you with liquid fuels…

  57. Matthew James

    Dude I freaking wish. I have absolutely no experience in this regard, but man it’d be amazing to work with a product so cool

  58. DangerPanic

    All the teenagers watching the channel right now, talking to the kids in the 2040’s:

    “Oh yeah, you know that lunar taxi that BPS built? I used to watch that guy build model rockets on youtube when I was a kid.”

  59. Charles O'Connor

    One day you’ll post a janitor position and that will be my day

  60. Chris Forrester

    Good luck with your endeavour!

  61. __Sinus__

    wish u all the best!

  62. Joseph Kleshick

    Elon may soon have some serious competition… It would probably be in his best interest to hire you for R&D rather than compete with you in the future. Keep up the great work!

  63. Mr Muki

    Good luck Joe!

  64. bhomu bhai

    Degree doesn’t matter… It’s all about experience !
    I wanna make my parents understand this statement

  65. Desert Punks

    So happy to see new announcements from you bro, keep up the fantastic work!

  66. The Beast

    Glad to hear, love your work

  67. Ryan McGee

    Best of luck with this endeavor!

    May your rockets go high, and your stress be low!

  68. Darck Hu

    Men tem como você adicionar legendad em português Brasil? Pq tem mt brasileiro que quer seguir seu trabalho mais não sabe ingles❤

  69. Érico N.

    Hay Joe, I love how sincere you are, that would avoid many misunderstanding. And don’t be nervous if the contracts are clear and legally supported. Best of luck!

  70. David Serrano

    When you hire someone make sure they are itar legal just in case you end up selling something that falls under itar.

  71. et studios

    I meet literally none of your requirements, but watched the video in its entirety anyway along with loads of other people.

    I really hope you get some cool applicants though, and good luck with your move and expansion of the company

  72. dire saint

    Good luck joe!

  73. Runtimus

    I’m sure you’ll smash this Joe. Good luck with the hire!

  74. Torben Baum

    I’m sooo hyped for you hiring and hopefully beeing able to produce more advanced rockets

  75. LifeGeek

    I have little experience in this but it is the next thing I’d like to learn!

  76. Grant Ballard

    Super stoked for you! I’m sure it is going to work out in a tremendously successful way, so many people are watching and rooting for your success. Such a cool opportunity, wish I had finished my degree and projects in time to be a good candidate.

  77. Soutrik Bandyopadhyay

    Good luck Joe

  78. Bacco04

    you should add “and the bubbles be gone” at the end

  79. christopher mitchell sr

    Sounds fun but this is something I have zero experience in doing .good luck

  80. TheMining_Pickaxe

    Very cool! Love seeing you head in that direction. I would totally apply… If I wasn’t living in Germany. Oh and the issue, that I have no experience in the field you are looking for :D

  81. Anatoly Makarevich

    Hey Joe, it’s awesome how transparent you are. Good luck finding an awesome candidate!

  82. Youssef K.

    It’s great to see your achievements, good look!

  83. Enrico Mattioli

    When you destroy a rocket, do you say “OPS” or “BPS”?

  84. Tim Nook

    This is so cool

  85. DRRSMJ Divya Ranjan Raja

    Hello from the other side of the world, I’ve been following your channel since my 2nd year in college and just then I knew I wanted to work with you. Absolutely love what you do. Rooting for BPS all the way.

  86. ECMuppet

    I’d love to, but I have no experience in this sort of thing, Sounds like a amazing job opportunity though!

  87. Scott Simms

    Don’t be Nervous Joe, ride the wave and enjoy the ride you’ll be absolutely fine!

  88. Astro_Josh

    thank you for being super transparent about this kinda stuff! Hope you find someone who appreciates BPS (close to) as much as you do :)

  89. OTK -

    Me: sees this thumbnail
    Also me a 14 year old: *hmmmm* interesting opportunity

  90. Ben Tilson

    Damn this man becoming a litteral space agency

  91. PeePee

    So happy for you!

  92. Connor Hetner

    Is this the scary thing Joe was talking about?

  93. Anthony Carusone

    Amazing 😻

  94. Phianhcr123

    I’m 14, why am I watching this?

  95. Drew Brickell

    Would love to help you but I’m far from you 😂 love your work so much joe, you are a big inspiration


    ICON ALERT RIGHT NOW!!! Your are my idol joey b

  97. Nice games

    Not bad 🔥

  98. Израйлев

    So happy to see BPS growing up

  99. Pugz_ Xgaming

    I wish I was old enough.

  100. Nikitosina

    Hi BPS!

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