Back-to-back Silo Launched Model Rocket

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Both flights were on an Estes F15 rocket motor, about 15 min apart – first flight was set to maintain ejection orientation, second flight was set to pitch over 20 degrees on the ECEF X axis.

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  1. Maximus Novikov

    Love the format! Keep it up

  2. 510 BikeLife

    Still not underground 😭😂 cool asf

  3. Nils Richart


  4. msommer911

    That’s awesome you rock

  5. Leo R

    Excellent work young man, and, also your team. Keep it up

  6. MAVIC 514


  7. JustFabulous

    I thought there was a pentagram on the ground lol

  8. Blaubarsch Bube

    This is awesome !

  9. Liam Hendricks

    This is the video cocaine we want ,thank you for supplying our addiction.

  10. Sirsqueaksalot

    You know there not a sellout when the video is 9:58 long

  11. undersky

    Massive achievement. Thanks for explaining things just enough for us non rocket experts too.

  12. Unexpected Maker

    That was awesome to watch! I bet it was super satisfying to have 2 successful launches and to get so much usable data back :)

  13. SendARope

    So smart. I could help with some of the fabrication but I’m lost with the rest.

  14. iirossii2005

    you got more cameras than NASA! ok not really but amazing views!

  15. D T

    That’s wonderful!

  16. rizendell

    I would recommend starting ignition slightly before you lose all of the velocity you gained out of the tube from the compressed air. Combine the ramp up time of the motor with the deceleration of gravity to maintain velocity.

  17. Julian Sonnier

    Love the way it works but have something that saves the servo from the heat

  18. T. Joseph Nkansah-Mahaney

    Get curves?…might be useful…I have been looking for something like this. Thanks!

  19. Johannes Moser

    Where can I find the diagramm app?

  20. Močnik Royale


  21. Donald T

    General Kim wants to know your location…

  22. Edward Colhoun

    This is already a great start

  23. Aldrin Inbaraj

    Mind blowing video!
    It would be great if you could explain the avionics part some day.. Thank you!

  24. Josh Dob

    Definitely enjoying the short but hopefully to be plentiful uploads, and as a side note the first test looked stunning!!!
    Keep it up 😁


    That was really well done congratulations

  26. Matthew 312

    Don’t panic 😂😂

  27. Sawer

    This is great stuff!

  28. Amdraz

    Huzzah, thanks for uploading some ‘raw’ footage! Informative, engaging and fun to watch, good stuff indeed.

  29. Digvijay TV

    So this’s the start of The BPS Documenting experiment!

  30. loz11968

    Amazing job looks really cool with all the different camera angles etc keep up the excellent work

  31. D2W Studios

    Damn Joe, you’ve got better tracking shots than Boeing. 😝✌️ Keep up the good work. Can’t wait until I’m working for you one day!

  32. SA66

    Coolest project I ever sow.Great job!!

  33. Wesley Franks

    I honestly love this content man. This is awesome!

  34. David Shaw

    Love thoomp

  35. Braedin Butler

    I very much like this video format more! I love seeing the technical stuff

  36. hunter carle

    Awesome video, would like to see more like this. The experiment is going good! 👍

  37. Sébastien Ruhlmann

    The type of content we needed

  38. Fight Till Death

    Amazing job Joe! Holy crap that looks so cool when can I buy my first kit!?!?!? 👊😬👍

  39. Beach&BoardFan

    5:15 Daaamn do your boards capture all that data!?

  40. BeginnerLockPickingDiaries

    ** – Excellent video!! This is what I was talking about in my comment on your previous video. Damn! Excellent video!!

  41. [Dev] [Vyas]

    How did you do that?? My first reaction was 🤯

  42. The Rocket Nerds

    This is a good idea to do videos whenever. it brings more excitement to the channel

  43. Paul Mirel

    Awesome!!!! Gorgeous launches, spectacular ignition timing!

  44. Ken Checkeye

    Great video. I’m glad you went forward with this format. Curious what was the altitude you reached. Also, did I read the chart correct where the rocket had a brief moment of negative g’s before the engine light?

  45. Ned van Geffen

    i love this project so much! and that timing is just so good :)

  46. Ksööden

    I have been waiting for you to do this do a turnaround so fast thank you

  47. BLR Rocket Technologies Inc.

    Wow! That was straight! And that slow ascent! 🚀🚀🚀 Keep up the good work Joey!

  48. Lennart Regebro

    You get that brief moment of “oh no it’s going to fall” where it stands absolutely still in the air before the rocket hits full power and speeds away, exactly like real silo launched missiles do. At least on the published videos. :-)

  49. Lassie Vision

    More like this please!
    Perhaps you could save the super high quality edits for a Weekend Release, maybe a ‘Finalised Friday’ if you like alliteration.

  50. Vinesh Walker

    This put smile in my day

  51. Tristan Gehman

    I need to take a moment to acknowledge the strong The Office apparel game happening at the in of the video.

  52. BaumeisterJac k

    Didnt expect you to upload the next video so soon I havent watched it yet but im excited
    Edit: I watched it but im asking myself why the curve for your planned pitch is so rough

  53. chris diaz

    Awesome job! Congrats on multiple successful launches!!
    Rc-lon Musk!

  54. Hunter Geophysics - Australia

    I particularly enjoyed seeing all the numbers and graphs. <3

  55. Casey Schmidt

    Awesome stuff, Joey B! This is the BPS we came here for! Launch launch launch!!

  56. RJ

    dude I really love what you are doing is there any chance I can learn from you like do you have any courses or do you teach using video call or something of that sort

  57. Trey Harmon

    That’s awesome, Joe! Great footage and great job! The mini Starman in the mini Roadster is hilarious! Thanks

  58. Alchemer Chrome

    I like the vid, would love to see a co2 cartridge run a rcs vector booster, Quality of substance vs quality of image… Subastance every time.

  59. K W

    It’s like a mini-ICBM! Love it!

  60. Rob Johnson

    I hadn’t noticed the rocket labeled “<— SPACE DIRT—>” before. Very nice! (If the “Dirt” end is pointing at the sky, you will not go to space today.)

  61. BRUNER

    Awesome, just awsome.. I can’t wait to show this one to my Dad.. He will absolutely love all the shots of the tube launches. He will be stunned to see all the data you captured 🙂

  62. Peter Zingler

    Wow. North Korea is watching :D
    Imaging combining all the stuff rc tanka rc fighter jets rc bombers rc rockets… You could replay a nuclear war :D

  63. Steve O

    Wow your subscriber count has been on a serious launch trajectory!!

  64. Patrick Chesbro

    your videos are always interesting to me, I’m old enough to remember when our rockets were blowing up on the launch pad… and now we have SpaceX making soft landings of the boosters. that was stuff we only could dream about when I was growing up, and now, it’s being done…
    and what you’re doing is fascinating and shows that you are a very bright young man… Keep up the great work…

  65. Zachary Vander Klippe

    Awesome work Joe, This is still quality work, it’s just clearly focused on the rockets, instead of cinematography.

  66. Tom Sayles

    You need a LED and coin cell to light the roadster.

  67. Oneshottez

    HUGE!!!! Thats so sick man!! Reallly admire your work!! Keep it up!

  68. Christian Pattison

    This is so cool, and 5 min after i watched you last videos say you are not posting long videos any more :) I really enjoyed the addition tech detail

  69. jim champoux

    Plane: missile launch, 8 oclock! Break right! Break right! Flares!

  70. Ernest Himself

    The thing I like watching most, is the tube door closing.

  71. Neil Cunningham

    “Done is better than Perfect”!! But you made the perfect decision!!


    Ok, it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when I. Regards to you being employed by Elon

  73. David James Wood

    1:53 – I died! 🤣

  74. MoonMan22

    That’s a twofer!!! Two for two! Awesome vid Joe!

  75. pedro16797

    I’m loving this new format, I hope it stays like this in the future

  76. Demactory

    BPS space war rocket)

  77. Yukon

    9:52 the Dunder Miffilin paper company shirt made it 1,000,000 times better

  78. Uriah Siner

    The shudder on your camera sounds like Wall-E when hes adjusting his new eye.

  79. Slice of Bread

    2:25 thats the minimal editing i need to get a smile on the face

  80. David H

    My favourite thing about this is how the thoomp tube closes perfectly just before the thrust really starts. Makes it seem so much more legit.

  81. Rohan Bandaru

    Is there any reason for the large I term? Typically in situations with low inertia wouldn’t you want a low I term to reduce oscillation? Love the new style of videos btw.

  82. Oliver Pelham Burn

    I finally get why your components are export controlled

  83. trottingwolf

    I love how the cover closes to protect the tube.

  84. Orion Aerospace

    And so the experiment begins ;)

  85. ZekeTheSquirrel

    Yes! More rocket goodness! The production value on this is perfectly acceptable. Still tons of information and plenty of explanation for what went well and what went wrong. I look forward to seeing more of this!

  86. Shadow Deslar

    I’m planning the
    Roman Empire Space Program. Is their a way you could send me a link to aerodynamic fins vs thrust vectors in full detail

  87. Sharker

    love how the onboard was kind enough to pitch over to give us a nice view of the launch site at apogee

  88. AlsoPhant0m

    you know you are early when there are more likes than views
    congrats man

  89. Ray Liu

    What about a missile-intercept system, perhaps like THAAD, Patriot, or Iron Dome? You could sell it to farmers who have turkey vulture problems

  90. John Rutkowski

    Joe has mental breakdown after realizing he didn’t have to meticulously edit all his past videos, and that we just want to see rocket go up

  91. Pepa Zdepa

    So nobody’s gonna talk about how much cameras does this guy have?

  92. Copenhagen Suborbitals

    -Enjoying the level of contradiction between the two latest uploads.- There we go!
    Sarunas K.

  93. tadd maxwell

    Amazing how the silo cover moves so fast before ignition

  94. Kurtis Thompson

    (North Korea wants to know your location)

  95. George Doolittle

    only 299,000 more feet to go now..

  96. Shantanu warghade

    one day this guy is going to put himself in the orbit and post a tutorial for it.

  97. The Rcproject

    can you PLEASE put one of these tubes in the ground

  98. Kristopher Marciniak

    Drops all camera views into edit – hits publish – we rejoice!

  99. Immersion Gaming

    The missile knows where it is because it knows where it isn’t.

  100. Jacob Thaxton

    I 100% support this decision already

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