a video that is not about trees

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there are no other links in the description except TREE THINGS https://teamtrees.org/
What is TeamTrees? https://youtu.be/7bsuXsxX950
Or watch this: https://youtu.be/U7nJBFjKqAY
Or this: https://youtu.be/HPJKxAhLw5I
or essentially anything else that was uploaded to YouTube on Oct 25 2019 okay thanks for reading goodbye

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  1. Vipera74

    Dat zoom is so dynamic

  2. Lorenzo B.

    I bet when you recorded this video you were slightly drunk

  3. Captain Firepower


  4. Boateng Joseph


  5. D W

    Nice to know that you are in contact with mark rober..awesome work !!

  6. SP98 HD

    Bro is that a cube satellite infront of your desktop ??? 🤔

  7. LongLost Gaming

    Liar 😂

  8. MoonMan22

    BPS Best Plant Seeds

  9. Pepa Zdepa


  10. Kerbal Chris

    i knew i was fooled when i saw the green fundraiser tag on the video

  11. mariebenner

    I thought this was about your new rocket

  12. Peter Houle

    500!!! thank you!

  13. The Nerd of Things

    darn it you got me

  14. Denis Elbs

    you really have inspired me with what you are doing and your videos, thanks for that

  15. dopedreamz

    You had me at hello…thanks for the video, I dont even care it’s not about rockets

  16. WQIOPA

    That thumbnail was too good

  17. NotKiwiBird

    Thank you for making a video about the trees and not not lying!

  18. Starshot

    Top 10 Youtubers who lied to their viewers

  19. aZa

    its okay, i assumed it anyways.

  20. MrVipitis

    planting the trees is great, but an equal reduction in our own emission (especially those indirect) is greater.

  21. MrPabgon

    I like your aggressive way of zooming

  22. Sumathi Premraj

    When is your next video
    The next Elon musk Joe Barnard

  23. Joe Jia

    Today I have seen at least 60 videos about trees :)

  24. Undecium

    spicy meme

  25. Justin Beere

    woke up and saw my subscriptions were about trees, all except this channel..

  26. Tony MacDonald

    Not even mad. I paid for tree’s cause I like to breath. :)

  27. Goro

    Damn he got me again

  28. Andrew Parris

    Thank you for being part of TREETEAM.org.

  29. hyEonk

    did you forget to make an actual video and ended up quickly putting this together?

  30. IN A FLASH

    Heck ya! Thank you for joining, u really are Elon Musk!

  31. Harry May

    Wait who’s joe

  32. spottydog4477

    TREES – IM IN!!!!!!

  33. IShipThat_inc

    Hope everything goes well with moving! Also, are your eyes ok, they look to have a little red around them?

  34. Manoj Saravanan

    Hey buddy do u give me the “rocket propulsion elements” book
    Plz. Plz. Plz…

  35. L K

    Are you making a cube-sat in your background ???

  36. Bossjr07

    Ok….. you are on the awesomeness level of Elon musk at this point.

  37. Seba Bollatti

    Share it in every Social Media you got! Well done Joe!!

  38. TheSteamBreaker

    OMG *scaredly pants agressively*
    please never stop to be awsome
    please …

  39. Misty O.

    Chaotic good

  40. AttiX :D

    Hi Mr BPS space who looks like elon musk and has very same ideas as musk

  41. infinite potato boi

    i really love your vids
    subbed and watched all of your vids
    keep it up!

  42. Kaleb Stennis

    I’ve been tricked, I’ve been backstabbed and I’ve been quite possibly, bamboozled.
    (Kidding! Glad to see you supporting a good cause Joe)

  43. k9mx

    screw you :( my inbox is so flooded with trees

  44. RocKITEman _ 2001

    *_DO IT!_* 😊

  45. NASA- JPL


  46. FartDog 22

    Ahh looks like you got me

  47. DTHRocket

    I atreeciate your clean apartment.

  48. SooperDave

    Every time I hear this tree thing, it’s a big turn-off, cuz I have news for you: it’s NOT all good. It’s a POLITICAL AGENDA.

  49. Nathan Lowe

    0:32 I feel seen.

  50. PrumSet

    Who the hec are you, why are you in my recommended and why do you look like Elon Musk in his early 20´s

  51. Shadow Drone

    BRB, clinking.

  52. indyjons321

    I read the title and was like, “But it says the word ‘trees’ in it, so therefore it is about trees.”
    *clicks on video

  53. Orden Hartley

    Yoda: there is another

  54. PRAD art

    HI! What material do you use to build your model rockets? (I mean for the body, cone and all these things) and what motors do u use? (Estes or do u build your own, what power)

  55. Plasminium

    HE DID IT! :D

  56. Anubhav Kashyap

    Hey, just a heads up: Elon Musk donated 1 million trees too. #TeamTrees

  57. Sofie Brink

    I love that you are helping out!

  58. Nate Dole

    You’re the best! Thanks for doing this!

  59. The Gorgonopsid

    *treedom intensifies*

  60. WEeee RV The Johnston's

    Dude..i was so hoping for some space vlog.. you totally got me! 🤣

  61. hicham mohsen

    Damn that was a loud one

  62. Trash Box

    A video on Ol’ Joey’s decent into madness.

  63. PhilfreezeCH

    It IS about the tree thing?
    Call me bamboozled!
    If rocket guy says I should give them some money, I will do so.

  64. James Dean

    i love you for this- thank you so much for letting us know omg

  65. Zaeem Siddiqui

    You sound like a mad scientist and I love it!!!!!

  66. GreenWeeney

    When can we expect a zillion rocket motored BFR?

  67. jason mat

    I just wanna say that ‘thank you’ for contributing 1,000,000 trees to the cause.
    I think I have the wrong musk

  68. Walter Israel

    Every time he puts a new video up, it makes my day !!!!

  69. Orion Aerospace

    Orion aerospace is onboard 🚀

  70. Nolan Patterson

    NO! I haven’t been got that hard since… well… ever! Lol, I was gonna be astounded if you weren’t supporting! 😂



  72. Yukon

    Here I am clearing away small trees and brush right now for a rocket test site and this video comes out



  74. Loading 0319

    I thought he was shirtless for some reason after seeing the thumbnail

  75. Happy John

    I wanna clink!
    8:31 PM

  76. Anthony Washington

    That’s a God-tier thumbnail

  77. Yukon

    This has to do with modle rockets because we make them out of trees and without trees no more rockets :(

  78. Christopher Allen

    This was the top video in my feed, and my reaction was, “well, normally you make videos about rockets, so…?”

  79. Francis Stapp

    Ah you got me I love that you are doing this I’ve always wanted a way to make rockets more green good luck with the move .

  80. DourRookie Rookie

    I thought I was the only one who had their whole recommended section filled up with videos about TREES

  81. Rektangel

    Make a rocket that will carry payload and after releasing it it will work like a cluster bomb and spread seeds across land

  82. TheRedstoneHive

    where, are the 68 ohm, resistors? …..wheRE ARE THEY?!

  83. devastor2

    You could put some seeds in the rocket payload 😉 then they’ll scatter all around when the parachute opens

  84. Technically Difficulties


  85. Nerf Maniac

    Me last upload: wow the production quality of the videos is really picking up
    Me this upload: welp we’re back to square one

  86. Elon Musk

    And this is real Elon Musk thing! Joe you’re doing really great works

  87. Daniel Gorlov

    ah, such a trolling. Trees! Launch a tree in your rocket)

  88. Retr0Active

    Me: “So this video isn’t about trees?”
    BPS: *_”Well yes, but actually no”_*

  89. Proxima

    **Reads the title**
    Me: *Imposible*

  90. GreatFlamin Zeus

    I like the manual zoom-in’s, too funny.
    Also I have so many other tree videos to watch, it was nice to have a brief one.

  91. vannoo67

    Having just watched Scott Manley’s vid (also tagged as Fundraiser), I don’t believe you. Let’s see, shall we?
    Edit: no you didn’t (got me)

  92. Canine Rocket Technologies

    I like those carbon fiber tree branches on the table

  93. Alan Mueller

    Best thumbnail on YouTube

  94. Alexander T-Moss

    Was anyone gonna join his next live stream and tell him about #Teamtrees

  95. Braeden Bowman

    0:33 I feel that

  96. madjedi22

    Joe:“Look everything is a Mess right now”
    Me:yeah the world is a mess right now
    Joe:” I fully intended to make a nice video about trees”
    Me: ohhh that’s a mess… not the world…. ok….

  97. ijunglemonkey

    You should make a rocket payload that drops tree seeds for #teamtrees

  98. tempodude


  99. MinedamePlayz

    0:04 you lied to me heCkin frAcK

  100. BPS.space

    smaASHH that like button if u got got

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