William Shatner’s Journey to Space

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“We are just at the beginning, but how miraculous the beginning is.”

William Shatner is ready to go to space.

  1. J Scott Upton

    Between Clint Eastwood and William Shatner…I have my role models for growing old. To boldly go where no old guy has gone before.

  2. Henrique N. Paes de Barro

    Shatner… What a hero! Amazing!

  3. Lynda Gartner

    He doesn’t remember because the memories were erased on him of meeting ET’s because the sole purpose of this flight was the three astronauts to meet with the The Galactic Confederation. Corporations such as Bezos and Branson attended Juipiters meetings, CEO and their representatives attending diplomatic meetings with different ET organizations for the good of humanity.

  4. Factnomenal

    What a time to be alive! 👨🏻‍🚀

  5. Factnomenal

    Shatner is still crushing life at 90 years old! Coolest grampy I’ve ever seen! 👨🏻‍🚀

  6. Surviver

    It’s absolutely proper that james t Kirk, the man who undoubtedly started the modern space tvshow/movie era is having a chance to visit space himself. Its come full circle. Long live Shatner, im glad you had the chance to go up in space and this time in real life rather than fiction. I will miss you when you are gone.

  7. Steve Pleasethankyou.

    Your enchanting energy as Kirk has given so much to so many… a well deserved and almost overdue adventure Captain.

  8. Josh Pierce

    My childhood hero has fulfilled his dream. Why can’t we all?

  9. Peter Tarantelli

    I can’t think of a more deserving person to have been afforded this opportunity! You are, after all, the person who first uttered the words “space, the final frontier”. Well done William Shatner and thank you Jeff Bezos!

  10. John Wyatt

    What a great experience for Mr. Shatner. What a great publicity opportunity for Blue Origin. The ultimate amusement park ride. The ability to allow people with a lot of money or a lot of fame to see space without actually accomplishing anything in it. While at the same time doing all they can to prevent those actually accomplishing something from succeeding.

  11. D DEE

    Live long and prosper Captain Kirk !

  12. Red King

    This will be news forever and taught in schools . 👍🏻. Capt Kirk

  13. Mr B.

    The capsule needs to be named – or renamed – ‘Enterprise’.

  14. Mark A. Demaline

    At the end of the day, he’s still just an actor.
    An astronaut (from the Greek “astron” (ἄστρον), meaning “star”, and “nautes” (ναύτης), meaning “sailor”) is a person trained, equipped, and deployed by a human spaceflight program to serve as a commander or crew member aboard a spacecraft.

  15. CyberAyhan

    wow, hes 90 and still kicking while all other actors past away. amazing.

  16. veryunclear

    I would’ve loved it if he looked outside and said: “There’s something on the capsule”.

  17. WillofNewZealand

    Well done Mr Shatner your a epic maga star. You are looking really good to wow. Im so proud and impressed you did this. I wish you nice success. Be well from Will and Mr Data :) :]

  18. Hank Pikuni

    William Shat on Her when the parachutes came out. JP awesome to see him up there.

  19. Kenneth Jameson Parker: J

    Bill Shatner’s response to taking the rocket flight reminded me of his performance with the late Deforest Kelley, and Bibi Besch on the Enterprise set at the end of The Wrath Of Khan:

    KIRK: ‘It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done before. …A far better resting place that I go to than I have ever known.’
    CAROL: Is that a poem?
    KIRK: No, no. Something Spock was trying to tell me. On my birthday.
    McCOY: You okay, Jim? How do you feel?
    KIRK: Young. I feel young. ❤️‍🔥😎☮️🖖🏼

    The scene on YouTube: https://youtu.be/55xFi9Wwx6U

  20. The Ruined Drone

    I have found the rejuvenation of space refreshing over the last 10 years. The rivalry between the various parties has driven it forward at and incredible rate, and the fact now a 90 year old can get to experience it just shows how far we have come.

    Shatners words when he returned really do show the effect changing your point of view can have on your opinions. Something that we can all do down here on earth, not just about the planet but in general how we approach life. We form ideas from the niche exposure we get to social media / news and socisity and we think we understand. I think Shatner’s reaction on his return highlighted how far our preconceptions about what is, can be from what really is.

    One thing that always amaze me is that the Orville wright after flying one of the first planes lived to see the dog fights of world war 2 and the fist object to reach space. While Oswald Short who along with his brothers where the first aircraft manufacturing company in 1908, life until 1969 just a few months short of seeing the first man set foot on the moon. I can’t imagine starting life where man hand not left the ground for more than a few seconds at a time (OK there were a few balloons and gliders before) and ending it by watching men fly to space!

    Just imagine where we will be when the liked of Jeff and Elon are 90, I wonder who will be the dreamers then? Maybe they will offer them a short trip around the solar system where they can look back on the time when Captian kirk went to space and other stories as the planets wizz by.

  21. Tom Jefferson

    So glad it went so well.

  22. John Smith

    If I didn’t know this for sure, I would NEVER believe this man is 90.
    All power to him!

  23. fran mellor

    What an incredible guy he is

  24. Sharon West

    Such an emotional profound journey. So glad you made it to space Mr. Shatner. 🚀🌌🌟❤

  25. Brian Mccarthy

    Awe inspiring. Our captain of the ages really, really did it! A proud day for Trek fans around the globe. HOORAY!!!

  26. William Drijver

    Greatest respect for Mr Shatner, what a fantastic man! Wonderful to see him have such a profound and life changing experience! Mr Bezos couldn’t have given him a more precious gift. Many thanks to both for making such positive events possible!

  27. János Tolnai

    The man is a living legend!

  28. Eric John Dluhos

    “Damn it Jim, I’m a doctor, not a Fulfillment Center!”

  29. Nathan A.

    It would’ve been cool if they made his space suit look like Captain Kirks outfit

  30. G 2

    Shatner’s trip into space moved him with Earth’s beauty, and both the rarity and fragility of life.

    While technology moves us into the future, it’s love for one another that will sustain us.

    One of the most beautiful and meaningful songs – it holds the key to living together on this blue marble and beyond:


  31. Dave Anderson

    in 43 years when i’m 90 i’m hoping this ride will be more affordable.

  32. tubethis777

    Hopefully Bezos learns from the experience (Shatner’s experience)and puts more soul into what he’s doing, cause right now him/his company are not being well liked for their flamboyance and cockiness as opposed to the real value, which is the total opposite: the grandeur and majesty of space, as Captain Kirk has always alluded to and finally got to feel it.

  33. Anthony Marks

    To boldly go where no Kirk has gone before! Beam him up Scotty!
    Live long and prosper William Shatner, thank you for the great joy you brought as the legendary Captain!

  34. Keith Bfield

    Appreciate God Creation First for his beauty

  35. migzz0301

    this man has aged well! im a ur biggest fan capt kirk!

  36. Leonardo Arzeno

    What time to be alive. Thank you Jeff.

  37. David Ronson

    What a masterful job Mr. Bezos did by inviting the only Captain known around the world to fly on his ship, Captain James T Kirk would give back Bezos at least $1 billion in publicity for his investment in the Captain’s trip on his ship.

  38. Russell Thorburn

    Bill’s an international treasure. I’m glad Blue Origin did a great job of both giving him a ride into space and keeping him safe. Well done!

  39. FutureLaugh

    Thank you Jeff Bezos for turning fiction into a reality. thank you captain for the incredible perspective

  40. Bill Randolph

    Bill Shatner is awesome. At 90 years old he looks better than most 60 years olds and he is a million times kewler.

  41. Lossy Lossnitzer

    not keen on blue origin and being a corporate bully, but this is a great PR exercise in space promotion.

    It was very pleasing to see Bill to go boldly where so few have been before.

  42. Mark Allan

    Inspiring, fun adventure. Thanks Blue Origin!

  43. Rusty Chapman

    As an 8-year-old kid, back in ’66, I would have never dreamt of “Captain Kirk” becoming the elder statesman for humanity’s Trek to the Stars.

  44. YouInVR

    Blue Origin, like William Shatner said, please make it in VR for everybody to experience. Two 8k cameras recording side by side for ultimate quality. New and high-resolution VR headsets coming soon.

  45. ruolov1

    Ok. I want to know his diet, heart rate, BP, his nurse, & doctor. Damn, he doesn’t look like he is 90!!! 😔 My relatives already passed away at 40 and 70. Shatner looks so healthy at 90! Unbelievable!

  46. Sunsaver FromNHH

    I love this guy! He feels almost like my own father. “Aye, Captain! I’m givin’ er all She’s got!” God speed, Commander Kirk: you’re like a “virtual Dad” to this engineer.

  47. James moriarty

    William Shatner riding in Dr. Evil’s rocket? Never thought I’d see the day.

  48. Velcro1167

    Congratulations William shatner, for 50 plus years you have been taking us to the Stars, and to the Future. Today you have joined us!


    It wouldn’t be a great start into a new dawn of space exploration without the participation and blessing of Mister Shatner. I am glad he had the chance to actually set a foot into that very space he made all of us believe going to for more than 50 years now. He inspired all of us and made generations of engineers and creative minds work hard with sheer endless enthusiasm for a future he gave us hope for. I feel so happy for him that he was given the chance to take this journey. He WELL deserved it!! His reaction after the landing truly touched me and i just wish i could hug him and say “thank you” with the upmost appreciation and gratitude. :) This is indeed a historic Moment and i will cherish it forever.

  50. Joseph Cope

    One thing that surprised me was that the gantry had no freight elevator the crew and technicians could ride to the spacecraft on. Bill Shatner may be 90 but he must be in better physical shape that I am at 73. I’d have expired halfway up those stairs. I’m delighted the mission went so well for those brave people. The establishment of the launch and landing site in west Texas was a wise decision. Many of the Soviet crews landed in Siberia and had to endure frigid nights waiting for rescue forces to arrive. One crew heard hungry wolves scratching at their hatch. I suppose the Blue Origin people do have to be wary of rattlesnakes though.

  51. Dave Lynch

    I am happy for him, and proud of him!! He really did it. He will hold that age record at 90 for a while I think. Kudos Captain Kirk!! Well done !! Must have been a hell of a ride !!??


    What an incredible day for him. His reaction when he came out of the capsule was priceless. Much different than what you hear and see from career astronauts. .

  53. Jaime Zalchendler

    he was my hero as i was a kid, he is still mt hero

  54. Dallas Bolen

    I am so proud and happy for him! YAY !!!

  55. Michael Kurland

    “Space: The Final Frontier…”

  56. Hammer of Davey

    Good for him! Really happy that Captain Kirk really made it!

  57. Neil Dethridge

    One of the most amazing chats afterwards you could ever see simply incredible and touching every one should see, life changing Truly stunning

  58. Malakie

    And now, Captain Kirk has gone where mostly no one has gone before! Well done!

    Would love to have that ride. But I am a nobody little person with a snowballs’ chance of ever having the kind of money to do so.


    Im so happy for my tv hero J.T.Kirk actor William Shatner going into space for real . Real begginings of great adventures gives us hope for the future Well done Sir!

  60. Dimitris1963

    Exactly today, William Shatner understood all actions of Captain Kirk! Amazing!

  61. Alessandra Ortiz

    Divinal !!! Capitão Kirk Faz Parte da Nossa História !!!

  62. EinChris75

    A small hop for Shatner, a big leap in advertising.
    I am happy to see him alive and in extraordinary shape (considering his age).

  63. Anthony Marcus

    Was an Awesome show and for sure an even better journey Captain Kirk… Engage! Live Long and Prosper!

  64. Jane Kennedy

    WOW Awesome Captain Kirk finally in space. True space! To Boldly go where no man has gone before!!!!! Live long and prosper!! We love 💕 you Captain Kirk!!! Love it and God be with you!! 😎🇺🇸🌴 FLORIDA!

  65. Mahen Latch

    Upon his return his comments are profound and touching… Especially from his perspective and age the fragility of earth and its atmosphere took him by surprise… The darkness of space he was emotionally consumed… The colour of the earth shocked him.. And the shortness of the flight and the speed of it all… Just brilliantly communicated.

  66. Phil Mrs

    No words. I have see his return. First he seem to be lost. Then, he realised.
    What a wonder. In fact, I really think Blue Origin proposed him for advertising.
    And for him, perhaps to feel the real Capt James T Kirk in Entenprise.
    90 years old ! Congratulations and respect Mister. Dr Spock would be proud.

  67. Anthony Krienke

    “Captain Kirk can ya save me?, Captain Kirk I wanna have ur bayby” #MasterP had it right 🤣🤣👽💟🖖 #CaptainKirk

  68. Diane Sheafor

    Congratulations Mr. Shatner! So proud of you! 💕

  69. Tom Nook

    Just listened to William’s monologue right after he got out. Truly moving and inspirational. You can tell this journey has significantly changed him.

  70. MaxArceus

    I feel happy and sad for Shatner, he’s finally been to space and he wants to say something profound, and no-one around him shuts up, and they’re just spraying champaign everywhere.

  71. Lynne C. Ferguson

    I feel very excited for you & strangely emotional: I’ve watched you as Captain James T. Kirk, admired your acting in various shows, voice acting and had the privilege of attending your show (which included the screening of “The Wrath of Khan”). The show was on 9th March 2020 in Glasgow & it was part of my handsome fiancé’s 40th birthday gift. It was also the last time we were able to socialise pre-pandemic. You were an absolute JOY to listen to; an absolute treasured evening with you & a few thousand others at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall! Before the world changed forever. It was also the last time I got to see my fiancé for four months (we lived 250+miles away from one another). So, Mr. Shatner; we have a protective affinity to you in our family – stop in for a cuppa when you’re next in Yorkshire or better still, attend our wedding & share a chat with us – you’ll always be welcome – wherever we are in the world! Take care, safe flight, God speed. ✨🖖🏻🚀✨💓♾

  72. Andrew Manzi

    Absolutely love the Shat and his zest for life, understanding and adventure.

  73. All Good

    Q:What did Spock find in the Enterprise toilet?
    A:The Captains log!

    Take care Captain Kirk and have a good ride🚀👍

  74. Padijeff

    It’s life Jim, but not as we know it!😼

  75. Reefing It Simple

    God speed William Shatner, to boldly go where no man’s gone before. Lennard Nemoy (Spock 🖖) would be proud of you.

  76. Steven Hill

    “My congratulations Captain, a dazzling display of logic”

  77. MsLEGACY

    Wowwww 💙🌎🚀

  78. laserfloyd

    As a kid, I never would have imagined _the_ actual, original, Captain James T. Kirk would be going into space. I know it’s far beyond the average person’s bank account to get a ride but it’s a start. The more people that can see the world as it is, the better off we will all be. To paraphrase Carl Sagan, astronomy/space is humbling. We need more humble people down here. Godspeed Mr. Shatner.

  79. Hannah Page

    Best of luck to you, Bill! I hope you enjoy every moment.

  80. Ben

    The wonder of this is not the fantasy of the fictional character, it’s the realisation of the fantasy, and that fantasy can be realised if we want it enough.

  81. Bart

    Hey, we could put Mr. Shatner in space… Make it so. And man, I hope I’m looking as good and getting around as well as him when I’m 90!

  82. Astro_Dav

    Live long and prosper, Captain 🖖🏼

  83. Steven Falls

    I love that Jacket Mr. Shatner is wearing :)

  84. Sarina Calanni-Rindina

    Captain Kirk’s going into space again! Today is a great day! Stay safe and enjoy this fantastic experience, Mr Shatner! Wish a good journey to all the crew!

  85. Private Hudson

    God speed Captain Kirk. Have a great flight Bill.

  86. Elexandria Yeats

    So much love, blessings, and hope for you, Mr. Shatner. God Speed! *oh, my eyes are welling. So incredibly happy for you❣

  87. hq cart

    Can’t wait till the space ticket is around 25k!

  88. Witch Krafting with Kat

    Safe journey! Have fun Mr Shatner.

  89. voodoochild1975az

    Captain, may the wind be at your back.

    And know that millions of fans are riding along with you in spirit. Enjoy the hell out of this.

  90. B Blod

    Godspeed Captain James T. Kirk/Mr. Shatner.

  91. Tyler M.

    Good luck, Capt Kirk! All of the hopes and prayers of your dedicated Trek fans go with you. We’ll all be watching you make this historic trip! Best wishes. And watch out for spacial anomolies. Be sure to give us all a Vulcan salute and a “Live long and prosper” up there for our boy Leonard Nimoy. It’s a shame he isn’t here to see this. 🖖🏻😃

  92. Peter Elst

    “there’s this mystique of being in space and that much closer to the stars” – that sure sounds good, but what we’re doing is not even the equivalent of going from your sofa to the front door on a round the world trip. That said, enjoy the experience Captain.

  93. pikapicachu

    My heart is so full for this experience. 💓

  94. BlisterHiker

    Space: the final frontier :-)

  95. Peek Aboo

    Prayers with you Mr Shatner, and everyone with Blue Origin…may this voyage be everything you’ve dreamed it would be!

  96. Jesus Vieira

    I’m so happy for him. I can’t wait to hear his wise words once he’s up there in the blackness of space watching us❤

  97. Robert Shaw IV

    The New Shepard rocket-capsule combo will lift off from Blue Origin’s Launch Site One, near the West Texas town of Van Horn, at 9 a.m. local time (10 a.m. EDT; 1400 GMT). A live webcast of the mission will begin about 90 minutes before liftoff, and you can watch it live in the window above, courtesy of Blue Origin. The webcast will also stream live on YouTube

  98. Notts boy24

    God Speed my friend 🎓👓🔭👌

  99. Shayla Miller

    Beam me up with you Captain Kirk! You have had me in awe since I first saw you on Star Trek. You are making history on my birthday what a great birthday present. 💕

  100. Seanamous

    Best possible speed, Captain.

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