The New Shepard Flight Experience

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Whether you are an astronaut flying with Blue Origin or sending a payload to space, your 11-minute flight on New Shepard will be the experience of a lifetime.

Blue Origin has been demonstrating the safety, reliability and robustness of the New Shepard vehicle through its flight program and is moving towards verifying the system for human spaceflight. An important part of preparing for our astronauts is rehearsing procedures for training and launch day, like entering the capsule on the tower, which is shown here.

  1. Cryptonitor

    since its not approved for human flight yet Put Donald Trump in it!!!

  2. Milchael -

    Still Not using the metric system. Can’t take this company and Jeff who seriously

  3. Jacques Souvenir

    Blue origin gonna sweep the market on commercialized transportation.

  4. Kirk Claybrook

    Get back to us when you actually do something interesting.

  5. All The Marbles

    Remember it is a “sin” to be a billionaire. This proves exactly why it isn’t. It’s got pretty obvious over NASA’s last 40 years tax payers collectively chipping in is worthless.
    Let the space race begin.

  6. Brad Zook

    Blue Origin: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”
    Musk Disciple: “Spacex could do it better!”
    Blue Origin: “What?”

  7. jennyburger07

    Between BO and SpaceX – YAWNNNNN!!!!

  8. iLove Games


  9. Antares

    Glad to see you are progressing towards the first manned flight of the New Shepard. However, I am more excited for news about the New Glenn. Don’t let the negativity of the fanboys of that “other” rocket company bring you down. They are just a bit salty after the starship exploded, and the only way they can vent their frustration is to take it out on someone else it seems.

  10. BlisterHiker

    Go Blue Origin!

  11. John Koenig

    You’ve never gotten a single thing into orbit, let alone sent a Tesla around Mars. Shut up and sit down.

  12. drfiver2

    Love Blue Origin! Have lots of hope for the future. This isn’t human trials yet and therefore cant be an experience. Unfortunately just pure marketing. BE SCIENTIST AND MAKE HUMANITY GREATER!

  13. Ricardo Pacheco


  14. Damian Reloaded

    This would be useful if it could be lassoed by something already in orbit by some means.

  15. Pekeno Pol

    Cool stuff but…
    Waaaay behind SpaceX

  16. QuantumBraced

    This is spaceflight like hitting a speed bump at 40 mph is flight.

  17. Gunner R.A.

  18. 771

    Intentionally misleading…. Why even waste the time pretending people were going to be on the flight…

  19. Barry Soetoro

    Why did you take the actually cool sound from a launch & add in BS fake ones….ALSO JEFF MY LAST 3 PACKAGES FROM YOU GUYS LOOK LIKE A FORK LIFT RAN OVER THEM. You guys are slipping.


    we will see in 2030 from now.

  21. Joe Skop

    Well done, Blue Origin. Well Done.

  22. DIG IT


  23. Mr H

    I love how soft their rockets land. It’s like landing on a bunch of feathers.

  24. Nathaniel Boone

    Elon did it better..😂

  25. Ianto

    Blue Origin > SpaceX

  26. vijil

    11 minutes… All this “training” and etc for almost nothing. Virgin galactic is the same.
    Don’t get me wrong I love space, KSP, all the things. But even if I was wildly rich I don’t think I’d bother because of that one fact. It’s too short and barely counts as space anyway. Doesn’t even get to the Jeb line.
    But hopefully lots of folks will sign up and price the basic business model, else the real thing will never happen!

  27. Erik

    @0:49 its brand new and y’all already tore up the foam seat? THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS!

  28. Pavel Samusenkov

    Am I getting it right that New Shepard still never made it to orbit? Does it even plan to? )

  29. KenDroid66

    Crew module crashes into the dirt, lol. Will be nice when the rocket lands the capsule.

  30. Dougie Sinclair

    im in

  31. Антон Шумилкин

    You should get Flat Earther’s community leaders, send them up to space and film it!

  32. Crave4Travel


  33. Roving Punster

    That capsule impact at 1:43 looks rather bone jarring … how many G’s was that ?
    Would touchdown retro thrusters lessen the impact ?

  34. • ́ ̄`•. ᑕᒪᗩᑌᗪE ᖇOᗷᗷIᑎ .• ́ ̄`•

    Did they launch people into space??

  35. Satyavan

    Little capsule and no toilet? ;)

  36. Marko 44

    were astronauts actualy in there it shous only plastic human tester

  37. Scott Taylor

    At 1:19 how did you get that shot ??

  38. Andrew Skow

    Everything B-O does comes off as chintzy and misleading. I scoffed when they were referred to as astronauts.

  39. Reality Check

    Game on. Not brought to us by the people of Walmart. :P

  40. Pascal Calixte

    It would be epic if the capsule never untethered from the rocket and landed propulsively.

  41. Jeffrey Smith

    Nice crew access arm!

  42. PassifloraCerulea

    So when is Jeff going up? :)

  43. malky

    copyright from space x

  44. Klab

    wait a minute?
    My invite must of gotten lost in the mail!

  45. PAL 725

    Awesome! :-)

  46. Joshua TV

    Natural 💪🌺🌴

  47. SUCH Developments

    The race for space is on a new page in human history.

  48. kpdwaroman

    Love what you are doing but I have to agree with 771’s comments below :(

  49. Fred Quijada

    I wanna go!

  50. fred jones

    Would love to go up in that. I see a few thumbs down from the flat earth goofs who are starting to realise their cult days are almost over

  51. Greyhawk Grognard

    This would literally be a childhood dream come true. I only wish I could afford it. To actually go to space, even for a few minutes…

  52. Abhishek Dev

    Loved this

  53. Birobrata Deb

    You know! I am in love with it

  54. TheAmateurAsian

    I want a ride

  55. H2innovationLab H2IL

    Thank you from ‘H2 Innovation Lab’ H2IL – technology for a green sustainable hydrogen future.

  56. BlenderBurst


  57. zapfanzapfan

    Amazon Prime now delivers in 11 minutes, got it! :-)

  58. MCSGproject

    It was unclear from this video whether the capsule was crewed or not…

  59. Ugly Rockstar

    I can’t wait for New Glenn! Hope we will see it flying in 2021!

  60. Carlos_A_M

    Hmmmm, I wonder if any flat earther will be corageous enough to get inside one, if thats the case, I cant wait for it.

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