The New Shepard Crew Capsule

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For your once in a lifetime journey, you will travel past the boundaries of Earth’s atmosphere into space.

Featuring windows that comprise 1/3 of the capsule’s surface structure – the largest windows ever in space – you’ll have a view of the curve of the planet and the vast darkness if the cosmos.

Every detail of the capsule has been precision engineered for your safety and comfort. With reclining seats specifically designed to absorb the impact of landing, and an escape motor that can safely propel the capsule from the booster rocket.

At the apex of flight, you’ll experience weightlessness. Unbuckling from your seat, you are free to explore different perspectives from each window before your return to earth begins.

This is the beginning of a revolution in space travel, and Blue Origin is going to take you there.

  1. Milchael -

    Still not using the metric system. Can’t take this company and Jeff who seriously

  2. iLove Games


  3. Chickscopiesherday

    How many orbits? Just reaching space and then falling down doesn’t count, jeff.

  4. Tobias Konowitz

    SpaceX: dragon II is literally better in every way
    Blue origin: but we have *backlit chair lights*
    Audience: 🙀

  5. Shane Liberty

    4 years now. Not a single manned flight.

  6. LightninLew

    Notice how the windows are slightly convex to make Earth look curved to the astronauts. Very clever.

  7. D Murrman

    Padded cell? How fitting

  8. Андрей Субботин

    Why inserting that view from ISS altitude? This capsule will not go that far!

  9. Geoff Gyro

    Gonna need barf bags.

  10. Y dafuq I'm still existing

    where’s Elon in the comment??

  11. nixxolai

    I can’t believe it is taking them so long to finish this rocket :/………

  12. Thomas H

    The door opens in??? NASA figures out the hard way that is unwise. When a fire started inside the capsule, the heat increased the pressure inside and they could not open the door. Everyone burned to death.

  13. Michael John Little

    How will you deal with a loss of cabin pressure. I am reminded what occurred with Soyuz 11. Will the occupants be wearing pressure suits in case of cabin depressurisation ?

  14. Eggbert08

    Jeff who?

  15. Glen Harness

    Two comments: thanks for using the Imperial system of miles, inches, etc. The metric system is just gibberish to most folks. Secondly, I’m surprised that the cabin door opens to the inside. NASA did a design change after Apollo 1 to have all their cabin doors open to the outside, partly because the pressure in the cabin was raised so much that if the crew could have managed to release the door latches, they wouldn’t have been able to open the door.

  16. Youtube Algorithm

    Ok, maybe stop spamming videos?

  17. razzraziel

    where are the curtains for first class passengers?

  18. Damian Reloaded

    Most expensive carnival ride ever.

  19. Nautilee Wind

    a space elevator for faster Prime delivery?

  20. Eric Lanois



    Can somebody tell me if things have changed and if yes what?

  22. Gabe

    a new *tip* i see


    Pretty marketing videos don’t tell me much. Let’s see some of the science!

  24. Edu

    What has changed???

  25. dave oneil

    Id hate to be stuck in there

  26. Mark McCombs

    If I had 200K that I didn’t know what to do with and wanted to go to space, this would be my ride for sure.

  27. Lau V

    A seat by the window please

  28. Ranoon Sumer

    Coming bennu.

  29. Ben Westall

    Nice one

  30. Levi Bailey

    Looks good

  31. Kwint

    Im getting movie vibes

  32. Chris Day

    Why do the seats face in? Wouldn’t facing out give tourists a better view?

  33. yoryiop

    Futuristic, just like how all new innovations should look like.

  34. Preston Buker


  35. dennist3hmenace

    One question: How much?

  36. Gonzalo Cesoni

    It doesn’t have enough cameras…

  37. Ramah

    O M G

  38. Coco L'Asticot

    Shotgun !

  39. MonkeyspankO

    Next stop, The Citadel

  40. Christian Artman

    Hard to get excited about anything other than SpaceX …..

  41. WeBeGood

    Space Suits? What do the SpaceSuitsLookLike?

  42. Nine

    So when is the first crewed launch?? Surely its getting close, it has performed flawlessly!

  43. Justin Brown

    Looks good, can I have a go?

  44. Sail Boat Billy

    I haven’t seen any questions asking, how much will it probably cost for a person to take the ride?🤔

  45. Stevo2k

    Minimalistic and beautiful 🥰

  46. markmd9

    You have here such a pleasant music but in reality it would be a scary as hell roller-coaster

  47. ThirteenthAndy

    I volunteer as tribute!

  48. Fight to Fly Photography

    Another over rated pogo stick, or will this actually reach space at some point?

  49. J CS

    Anytime now, take your time…

  50. James Kirk

    Where’s the
    captains chair ? 😇☕

  51. Ghost Reportin'

    Looks cool, I like the amount of windows!

  52. TLI 69

    I can’t wait to ride on one of them

  53. • ́ ̄`•. ᑕᒪᗩᑌᗪE ᖇOᗷᗷIᑎ .• ́ ̄`•

    Oh I want to see this thing!!

  54. Feel Good

    Did you expect a logo at the end too?

  55. Spice Marine4k

    *excited orbital bombardement noises*


    Beautiful design. The middle box is for USB ports :-)
    Thank you dear engineers for making incredible progress !

  57. Johnny S

    Despite all the comments about you and spaceX and how you are second behind, please, Blue Origin, make this happen. We need this.

  58. Profezor Snayp

    The Expanse was really a big inspiration, wasn’t it?

  59. Kang Hyunmin

    Who’s watching in 3019?

  60. 43Jodo

    0:17 is an accurate depiction of how long you’ll actually spend in space. About 10 seconds.

  61. Jesus Christ

    Can’t wait for a ride… and I’m a pretty patient guy.

  62. Matz Matz

    The Funny thing is the “table” in the middle is the abort Solid rocket motor

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