Tech Demos for NASA’s Artemis Program

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The Blue Origin-led National Team submitted its Option A proposal to land the first woman and next man on the Moon in partnership with NASA. Blue Origin leads the HLS National Team, which includes Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper. Together, these partners guided Apollo, established routine orbit cargo transfer, developed today’s only crewed lunar spaceship, and pioneered planetary precision landing with liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen vehicles.
During the base period alone, the National Team is completing 25 technical demonstrations and counting, making key progress toward NASA’s mission. Learn more about the technical demonstrations and the approach to get America back to the Moon to stay:

  1. Ahmad AbdelAzim

    Back in 2005 this video would blow up

  2. I Was Just Wondering

    Have they decided the miss Armstrong yet?

  3. Matthew Alder

    Im sure space x will get to the moon first

  4. Ieam Noon

    Talks big and also started before SpaceX, but haven’t sent a rocket to orbit yet.

  5. Pulkit Bhutani

    Where can I get that awesome tie ?

  6. shermin101

    What a waste of time @blueorigin , sounds far to expensive , reusability is limited , this idea sucks STARSHIP SPACEX all day

  7. Justin

    If all this isn’t reusable for multiple times it is all a waste. One and done stuff will not push us forward.

  8. Liberty

    Anyone know how astronauts will get samples into the lander? They dragging it up the ladder?

  9. dan wenner

    Feels like an updated 1960s Apollo capsule with a few more rungs on the ladder. What’s reusable??? We the tax payer want cheaper travel not more of the same old crony infrastructure that supports the few smart guys.

  10. Dmytro Picky

    fun fact. when they say “going to the moon in a sustainable model” they actually mean “we gona need much more of your money”

  11. Aiden Avilla

    Blue Origin is just a group of lobbyists

  12. JJ U

    This is honestly embarrassing. To waste your life working for this company that has had 1/100 the success other companies have…

  13. tod4y

    2:25 Seth Rogan

  14. JK

    That ladder looks dangerous to me

  15. Jacob Tang

    3:24 Orbiter 2016 and NASSP apollo !!!

  16. Eduardo

    Ah eu amo😍😍😍😍😍
    Oh I love😍😍😍😍😍😍

  17. shermin101

    By coincidence Blue origin just happens to release this video on the day STARSHIP has just launched SN-8 😆😅🤣😂

  18. Antichrys

    So… when are you going fix that deathtrap you call a ladder, eh? My bet: When the first woman astronaut cracks her helmet on the lunar surface after slipping off its MANY rungs.

  19. Emilius73

    I’d rather fly in the Dynetics Alpaca

  20. St Myles

    🤷🏻‍♂️ Their the Engineer’s and Scientist.. just don’t screw up….

  21. Винсент Валентин

    Опять ландер со стеком как у апполонов .😒
    И без него мусора на луне хватает .

  22. Frawolf77

    too tiny for the astronauts…

  23. Eric Goz

    The design is like a 3 story building , having astronauts climb down and up I would think is very dangerous , you need to make it more horizontal or at the very least an elevator for the precious cargo called humans

  24. William Santos

    Hi Lobby team, nice video. When are you planning to reach orbit? Aren’t you older than SpaceX?

  25. Brady Chuck


  26. Marc Sharp

    Does anyone have a “heritage” word count? 🤔

  27. Heart of Dawn

    All the talk of heritage makes it sound like something stuck in the traditions of the past, instead of innovating towards the future.
    And for a sustainable return to the Moon, how much is actually re-usable?

  28. T Bounds

    did anyone else notice at 1:24 and 1:37 they pronounce ascent as “ass scent” man they got some funny characters at blue origin 😂😂😂

  29. Thomas Bentley

    Rocket marketing versus rocket engineering huh? Just stick to delivering my dogs kibble Basos.

  30. Brian Tucker

    That’s one heck of a ladder!!!

  31. Starman's Science Channel

    Looking forward to seeing this thing fly

  32. TheSplatStrategist

    Good marketing , bad lander , that’s how it can be described

  33. feyaia vanpri

    Its nothing but a Space Junk producing machine! Reusability is the Only Way we can continue returning to the moon to stay.

  34. John theux

    There is never too much competition, so I would say: Do it!

  35. Jacques loveridge

    damn blue origin making animations and a short documentary and space x flying one of the most innovative rockets ever.

  36. rjherche

    It’s sad that Apollo 17 guy is here collecting money off an antiquated architecture that is basically the same as Apollo, 50 years later.

  37. Scott Collins

    Take a shot every time the guys who haven’t been to orbit say “heritage.”

  38. Elijah Wills

    WOW. Some more footage of the lobby lander. But lovely to see all the same.

  39. Sean Sargeant

    I’m personally more of a SpaceX fan, but still, your design looks fascinating for a lunar sortie architecture! Best of luck!

  40. safepancake6608

    they designed a lander then realized that they had to make it reusable

  41. Kit Naylor

    Oh no they’ve got Orion heritage in the ascent element. They’re gonna be stuck on the surface for 8 months while they replace a teeny power adaptor

  42. Roan Brand

    While you guys are advertising, China is moving big time on the moon.
    Maybe you will have a milestone reached when they have a perma base there already.

  43. TheHeavenman88

    This is going to be fun to have all these different systems talking to each other

  44. Alexander Bakharev

    I guaranty, that one of the astronauts will fall from those stairs… And honestly this “lunar module” thing looks like from 1970th

  45. Lee Read

    In the end, One private company ( SpaceX ) will beat the government and four large corporations to the moon.

  46. Applemirer

    This looks amazing. Exactly what I wanted to hear from the space industry.

  47. Jackie Gan

    Great, Now I have to re-design it in KSP

  48. Captain VenoM

    когда старт?
    (сенсорные панели сделаны более безопасными. но это все-равно сенсорные панели. )

  49. Reynald Blondeau

    C’est bien, mais pour l’instant vous n’avez pas fait voler grand chose à part votre suppositoire…C’est pour quand?

  50. Sheno Shallen

    Just came to see the comments 😂

  51. Ergzay

    Pretty CG, how about actually building something. All bucks, but no Buck Rogers.

  52. Magic Potato

    As Elon always says “The best part is no part” and I’m seeing to many companies working on to many parts. But gotta get Congress on your side somehow I guess.

  53. Unimornnbr1

    When you design it so that in order to get in and out you need to climb down a 30 foot ladder is when its clear that you need to redesign it. Its also not reusable.

  54. JJ840 JN

    I hope they make the navball displays match the one in KSP

  55. Xunek

    0:31 Having to climb a three-story building on an outboard ladder everytime seems like a flaw, doesn’t it?

  56. Primo Zimo

    Pause at 5:29
    They are using a cherry picker. Now compare the height of the ladder to a cherry picker. Dammm that’s a big ass ladder.

  57. Kaitaro Hori

    Okay so when can we see New Glenn rocket?

  58. Ozzy Explains

    They put the word “blue” on a ball. I’ll let you connect the dots….

  59. Jamie Godman

    I’ll get serious about blue origin when they demonstrate they can reach earth orbit with a launch vehicle. Until then it’s just a lot of talk.

  60. skywave dxer

    This design is outdated. Reusable rockets have been proven safe for humans.

  61. TIR0

    let’s go! I’m 36 and I wanna visit the moon before I’m too old for a rocket

  62. Our Future

    They are showing us this after starship’s prototype doing that cool launch

  63. Muuzuu

    “Brings innovation”
    They have to be joking please let them be joking

  64. dodie b

    Put something to orbit first. Test the hardware. Use metric system! SMH!

  65. Oliver Balough

    Decent little lander but I have to say that I like the modular concept of Dynetics better and no one can hold a candle to Starship

  66. Conchaiii

    gotta love how they think that apollo involvement is basically being god!

  67. Rob b

    There it shows that just having money is not enough, as a leader you must inspire!

  68. George Clark

    5:09 That’s it, that’s why you shouldn’t go to the moon.

  69. simple piano

    Space X: Stark
    BO: Hammerdyne

  70. JohnnyZenith

    All these decades later but to me it doesn’t look like this stuff shows we’ve gone so far. Sure it must be more advanced of course.

  71. Dobek Bociarski

    I’m wondering why they needed to use that cherry picker to work on the Ascent Element and not use the safety ladder?

  72. Berk Yasik

    ugh that ladder is gonna kill someone

  73. other account

    3:50 “It’s amazing to think that we’re only six months into this program.”
    _Meanwhile in a field in Texas…_

  74. Invazion Dzxn

    Didn’t even knew this channel existed until I watch that angry astronaut dude

  75. space1 2

    Im sorry, but i fail to see the sustainability when 2/3 of your lander are not gonna be reused, Please NASA dont pick these clowns to lead our future into space.

  76. Nicola Dessì

    *slaps BO lander’s roof*
    “This bad boy can fit a plenty of lobbies in it”

  77. Tiago Mendes

    Blue Origin: We have built a moon lander similar to the Apollo one that can carry few people.
    SpaceX: We are doing a test launch for a space vehicle that has never been done before and can take up to 100 people to the Moon and Mars.
    Blue Origin: Well but you are not “innovating” like we are…

  78. Invictus1017

    But where is the demo of an astronaut trying to go up and down the massive ladder?

  79. Ksmash Gamer

    This will probably be the most expensive yet sadly the first option for Congress

  80. GiusePooP

    7:57 the right small engine? compenetreting inside the solar pannels… KERBAL STYLE!

  81. Alicia Adeline

    I hate the word “Heritage” in space parts 🤣

  82. Petertronic Productions

    We’ve been seeing CGI of all this for years, time to start BUILDING it

  83. Draga

    No hate BUT this looks like a 1960’s lander CMONBRUH

  84. Travels of Munch

    “It’s safer, it’s so much safer” Anyway, the crew capsule is 30 feet up

  85. PaddyPatrone

    As if it was designed by lobbyists, so everyone can their piece of the cake

  86. Highball 734

    If blue origin spent as much time actually doing the work of putting something into orbit vs coming up with fancy graphics and big talk, just imagine where they would be.
    Virgin galactic and blue origin. Lots of big ideas with no follow through

  87. C Cubed Miniatures

    So let me get this straight, instead of contracting launches to achieve your mission of establishing off world manufacturing you are instead stealing tax payer dollars too fly a system that is not even fully reusable nor safe to egress from?

  88. Aethelred The Ready

    Yes, but I would rather take dynetics and not have to climb up and down a 12 m ladder

  89. B N

    Can’t wait for Scott Manley’s video on this!🍿🍺🙂

  90. RukaIsTooCute

    SpaceX: Executing a near-perfect maneuver no one has ever seen in the history of spaceflights
    Blue Origin: L A D D E R S go *BRRRRRRRRR*

  91. Jack CF

    Saw the SpaceX Starship test and this showed up.

  92. matt1870

    Not too sure about this plan. Dynetics seems to provide a more reusable, simpler, cheaper, and safer option.

  93. Liberty

    Never reached orbit. “we are revolutionary!”

  94. Joaco Gonzalez

    “Meanwhile at Boca Chica…”

  95. Tesla Speed

    Over 10 minutes to get that ad revenue, Bezos you sneaky guy!

  96. Treefarm

    They complimented the reusing of old controls for astronauts, but actually the astronauts found the new controls on SpaceX Dragon superior and had no trouble getting used to them.

  97. Beta Boi

    “Brings innovation” then continues to list an 7 year old Cygnus Cargo craft and an 6 year old Orion capsule…

  98. Mr. Goh

    SpaceX: Almost executes a perfect flawless prototype test
    Blue Origin: Releases a video
    Perfect timing guys

  99. savethedeveloper

    Not sure why BO thinks they can achieve a moon contract when they have not even achieved orbit. One sphere at a time?

  100. Rat 1

    Sorry but cant see this winning dynetics isby far better. The only way this will when is favoritism.

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