Science and Research Payloads Fly on New Shepard

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On the way to demonstrating the system is ready for human spaceflight, New Shepard has launched nine successful missions with commercial payloads on board from around the globe. New Shepard’s flight profile makes it an ideal platform for microgravity physics, gravitational biology, tech demos, art projects and educational programs. Earth, atmospheric and space science research are all possible on New Shepard.

  1. iLove Games


  2. Kirk Claybrook

    Science? Bahahahaha…you can’t even use metric nor put anything in orbit.

  3. Андрей Субботин

    Please dont call this “art”

  4. Milchael -

    Still Not using the metric system. Can’t take this company and Jeff who seriously

  5. PedoDorf

    at 0:19 what is she even doing?

  6. nixxolai

    why not use a reduced-gravity aircraft instead of this grasshopper that barely reaches space???

  7. bh skydive and shooting

    Nice progress. Wish you luck and good speed in your goal. But it is only first step (New Glenn is solution, not toy like New Shepard, my opinion). Around two minutes of microgravity is still same sience enviroment to normal jet plane flying in sine wave pattern to simulate microgravity. Jet plane is much cheaper, shorter time typically 20 seconds, but in full descent from maximum fly level it is the same time like in New Shepard.

  8. Jose's taxi service

    Man need to make gravity in outer space before we can live there

  9. Ayhan

    they remember youtube account password lol

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