Replay of NS-12 Live Webcast

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New Shepard had a wholly successful mission on December 11, 2019.

This mission was another step towards verifying New Shepard for human spaceflight as we continue to mature the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

This was the 6th flight for this particular New Shepard vehicle. Blue Origin has so far reused two boosters five times each consecutively, so today marks a record with this booster completing its 6th flight to space and back.

This particular rocket has been an operational payload vehicle for several flights, meaning there are no more updates to the system.

This was also the 9th commercial payload mission for New Shepard, and we are proud to be have flown our 100th customer on board.

Also on the vehicle were thousands of postcards from students around the world for our nonprofit Club for the Future. The Club’s mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and help visualize the future of life in space.

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  1. Mark McCombs

    @blueorigin Space starts around 80 to 85 km. The “internationally accepted” Karman Line is sketchy at best.

  2. J C

    Anybody know if this thing can survive a engine failure like the Virgin Atlantic ship?

  3. Samer Kadoura

    I got an Ad at T-0:01, Thank you YouTube.

  4. Callum

    Err.. space is interesting but Team Blue is not a thing.

  5. kpdwaroman

    Put up more cameras angles and less talky, please

  6. TheBigbossjack

    legalize marijuana now!

  7. Blue Origin

    #NS12 update: Looking good for launch today. We are currently in a weather hold due to heavy fog in the area. Update coming soon on new T-0 launch time.

  8. john rasmussen

    How in this day and age their are no capsule or stage cameras? Elon is def better in the video dept….

  9. Sage DeSol

    Dude. Great work by the camer people jesus christ

  10. Pete Kuhns

    Is there really time to get out of your seat? Seems like you’d need a flight attendant to corral all the cats in such a short time.

  11. Kirilov Art

    ..Mmm.. Good

  12. RL FQ

    Did it change genders on the descent? It went from a “she” to an “it” back to a “she”

  13. F900EX

    Can’t wait to go up..

  14. Scott Gauer

    Blue Urine

  15. Art Bond

    Hello from another side of planet!
    Use more cameras and use metric system🙂👌

  16. SevenDeMagnus


  17. matt g

    Feels wrong calling it “her”…

  18. Noyfb

    Does Blue Origin really need the YouTube ad revenue to make this happen.

  19. Shurshot


  20. Pedro Aguiar

    Where are the cameras in the capsule??

  21. nag p

    please change the commentators
    follow Spacex or at least ISRO (someone who has technical knowledge)

  22. Amen ZT

    I didn’t see Again same repeated test launch rocket doesn’t New progress not see

  23. Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

    It certainly is a good vehicle, if it only could reach SPACE! Well, maybe next time ;-) And now everybody waits for the “New Glenn”…, the wonder rocket, that kills SpaceX… or not!

  24. Corb.

    I paused at @44:23 to show 342,647ft as the Apogee.

  25. Bruce Langworthy

    Very cool!

  26. thomasmpi

    Can you use metric unit please

  27. Pugs Buddy

    I think I peed a little. 😮

  28. Сергей Воронов


  29. 이윤범

    USE METRIC!!! km, km/h, kg or ton INSTEAD OF ft, mph, lbs!!!

  30. Elsie Hannam

    Yeah yeah,, Great. Another payload flight. So what happens to the payload?
    Ohhhhh…it goes up then just comes back down again.. ..right! Why on earth (har har) would you spend money on sending artwork into ‘space’? I don’t get it.
    Oh boy, it’s all a bit QVC.

  31. Peter Saling

    well done !! Blue skies !!

  32. Frank Winterlong

    this what happens when you eat gluten.

  33. Bob Knowles

    Okay, I’m taking Blue Origin serious now.

  34. davidsquall351

    Great job!

  35. Navid Atashbaz

    Congratulations dear Jeff Bezos and I’ll support all projects about the blue origin and your club for future!

  36. Pintuxo

    Well done BO. The speed was even greater on descent = 2586 mph / 4161 km/h ! (your telemetry) Now it’s a good time to put some people on board, for example… me. :-)

  37. blabla blabla

    Soon a new attraction in Disneyland

  38. John Weck

    Greetings all. Congratulations to the Blue Origin team on making all the hard work look simple (good design). Well done!!! :)

  39. Vikash Kodati

    Congratulations Blue Origin team. Great use of reusable rockets. One step closer to human flight!

  40. Fred Pilcher

    Fantastic – thanks! But could we please have speed and altitude also in SI units so that those of us outside the US can get a feel for what’s going on without having to constantly convert? :-)

  41. Anthony Hitchings

    The rocket is a she?

  42. loop5

    I watched this… well, skimmed through! it was boring.

  43. Slavko Glamočanin


  44. Василий А

    поздравляю неплохой аттракцион получился

  45. Sebas Astronomer

    Congrats to blue origin for another successful Shepard mission very happy for what they have accomplished 👏👏👏😀

  46. • ́ ̄`•. ᑕᒪᗩᑌᗪE ᖇOᗷᗷIᑎ .• ́ ̄`•

    Both you and spacex are doing a good job!!
    I AM INSPIRED!!🚀🚀🚀🚀

  47. Martin Belcher

    Congratulations B.O.
    Great video, great hosts, I love it.
    Could we have meters or Km as well as feet pretty please? Most of us earthlings don’t understand imperial units 😅

  48. Kote Gav

    Охрененный зум у камеры ))))

  49. J B


  50. C Wel

    Great work everyone.

  51. Nut N Horse Farms

    Congratulation Blue Origin on a great launch and landing. Would love to take a ride. Can’t wait till this is a daily occurrence.

  52. Larry Korn

    Can’t speak for anyone else, but man I wish the commentator had been onboard today as well. Nice Launch and recovery. Love to hear the Rocket roar and less talk!

  53. Ulf B3rth

    Good job… keep on :-)

  54. Bradley Heath

    Jeff who ? 😋


    Very smooth mission Blue Origin. Congratulations to the entire flight and operations team.

  56. wadethewallaby2

    Lol you got caught copyrighting how rich you are Jeff? You gonna have to step up.

  57. Elaine R. Smith


  58. • ́ ̄`•. ᑕᒪᗩᑌᗪE ᖇOᗷᗷIᑎ .• ́ ̄`•

    So good!! I feel goose bumps!!

  59. Sir Billy Ritchie

    How did I miss this ah well great launch 🚀 blue origin great job

  60. Cuong Nguyen

    9:34 and…. 0 Orbit

  61. Vytis Maleckas Brunius


  62. J Shepard

    14:38 Post cards are going up!


    Beautiful landing.
    Let’s connect 10 of those rockets together and fly to the moon :-)

  64. mb houtex

    Whoever put the monetization marks exactly at launch and exactly at landing burn, you win the complete jerk award. There’s no way that Jeff Bezos has to use monetization to advertise his business anyway, but doing it at those moments is just extra special buttheadedness. Ooh and one more at the capsule being shown before landing. On point. :|
    Also notice how SpaceX and RocketLab doesn’t do this at all. Just sayin’.
    What penny pinchers. C’mon.

  65. Green ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    wake me up when you build something bigger

  66. Woden of the Angles

    Great camera work – so cool to track the entire descent. And such a smooth landing!

  67. ferze001

    feet and mph still, even spacex was metric from the get go back then. dafuq??

  68. Alex Distler

    wasnt very impressed by the coverage here but some of you guys are about as creative as my big toe. but hey I guess everyone needs their whipping boy and Bezos makes an easy target…

  69. Dan Gamble

    20 ads! Ad at t-0. Ad at apogee. This was painful. You can’t need that much additional revenue!! Nothing much to watch anyway until you get better cams. Why send art to space if we can’t see the art in space? What an anti-climactic non-event.

  70. Ark

    Looking forward to the first crewed flight. Well done!

  71. Hans

    37:00 gimbal check.
    40:00 watch the launch.
    40:26 liftoff

  72. Mark Zelfond

    How many times they said the word “space”? Nice “touch and go” though.

  73. Moorish Brooklyn

    Goodness Gracious!!! The Blue Origin facilities/headquarters/warehouse are beautiful.

  74. Arnaud MEURET

    As much as I respect the amazing work of all engineers at BO, I’m starting to get sick of the PR spin doctors hammering “SPACE” on our heads. Every mention of “SPACE” is a reminder that they are not able to evade gravity. Space is easy, orbit is hard.

  75. oleg karashchuk

    Nice to see Blue Origin moving forward!

  76. Moorish Brooklyn

    I love the footage that is shown between the lift off time and the hold time.

  77. Josef de Joanelli

    Use metric please. You don’t want another Lockheed situation when you inevitably work with NASA…

  78. Christian Robert

    Please convert to the metric system. Your “feets” and “miles” are at least 50 years into the past.

  79. Feel Good

    We want onboard cameras

  80. Peeks'n'Pokes

    Up and down it goes, just like we’ve seen so many times before. Any progress being made?

  81. Sean Small

    Shoots rather large penís into space /golf clap

  82. Hutch5321

    Bravo, Blue Origin! Another successful flight!
    Smooth sailing ahead to you all!

  83. WootTootZoot

    “He” touches down, know what I mean Vern?

  84. Moorish Brooklyn

    Man oh man, those sonic booms are nuts every time.

  85. Steven Roussos

    What were you using to get the video of it high in its course? It almost looked like a view from an aircraft or a parallel rocket! I suppose just a computer tracking controlled ground camera with computer also controlling the zoom level to keep it a consistent size in the frame? That was some of the very best rocket flight photography I have ever seen! WOW! I’d love to hear the details of that technology!

  86. Mark Hopewell

    Dull coverage/lift off/landing. No anticipation or excitement at all.

  87. Larry Gaye

    This whole thing just makes me smile. Enjoy the ride.

  88. Palette Tools

    Reminds of why Mike Rowe’s QVC commentary was so great.

  89. e1ectroniKa

    Well done New Schlong, BO need to get better at these presentations tho, that was cringe

  90. MCTheTrash

    You got some metric… for the rest of the entire world…

  91. Milchael -

    They are still not using the metric system. Thats just hilarious at this point

  92. Youtube Algorithm

    Very suborbital

  93. WildBillHabiki

    why no camera in the module? It has windows. I want to see the whole ride up and back. Come on BO.

  94. I like to fly stuff

    50%: Metric
    30%: No capsule camera
    20%: Suborbital

  95. Dave Goodwin

    Question – Why don’t you have a camera showing the view from the capsule?

  96. Chris Sadler

    You really need to add more cameras. Stange no view from the capsule?

  97. K John

    It’s like the commentators are selling jewelry.

  98. Oppressors Beware

    Great to watch but the commentators make me feel like I am watching the QVC channel.

  99. RC Lover san

    I’m never bored of watching a rocket landing vertically… whatever the name of the Company is.

  100. HarbingerDawn

    Please, you don’t have to say “boom” when we hear a sonic boom. Just let us listen to it. _Please._

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