Replay – New Shepard Mission NS-17 Webcast

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On August 26, 2021, Blue Origin successfully completed its 17th New Shepard mission to space and back for the program, and the 8th consecutive flight for this particular vehicle. The flight featured commercial and NASA-supported payloads on board, including a reflight of the Deorbit, Descent, and Landing (DDL) Sensor Demonstration under a NASA Tipping Point partnership. The DDL demonstration, which flew for the second time mounted on the exterior of New Shepard’s booster, tested technology designed to achieve high-accuracy landing for future Moon missions. This aims to enable long-term lunar exploration. Learn More:

  1. kreative Oras

    If you can’t beat them you sue them, that’s suppose to be BO motto 😅😂

  2. YS S

    Blue Origin is a well-grounded company. Unfortunately, the gravity is holding them back.

  3. Morbid Lynx

    BO and Jeff Who Sues stink. It’s like watching somebody playing chess with a pigeon. Eventually it just craps all over the board and makes a mess.

  4. Railson Silva

    New Shepard flies like a dead pigeon trhown up

  5. Fernando Sanchez

    Those who can reach orbit do so. Those who can’t, sue. Tell Jeffy the Air Force is waiting on the BE-4 engines still.

  6. Chad Snow

    Yes the law suite has made this a sad and somber day for all who love space. Also lets not ever forget Virgin caused Austin based Firefly to go into bankruptcy and stop operation for a long time with frivolous law suits.

  7. Knight

    Jeff, I heard someone saying “where are my engines”. I think he was looking for you.

  8. Nicolae Crefelean

    35:43 Long hold… even the crickets got bored.

  9. Jack Stigwood

    Longest wait to fall asleep, ever.

  10. James Cooke

    So you guys got Amazon to write a letter of complaint to the FCC about musk new starlink projects lol. If any of blue origins people see this, get a better job. You are too good for this company and deserve better.

  11. Jupiter Flambay

    Using feet and mph as metrics, living in the last century just like the rockets

  12. Surreal Engineering

    lul, last time i checked this had 2.3k dislikes, now it’s 2.1k …what changed?
    Did BO seriously lobby their google buddies to remove dislikes? haha would be fitting and very sad. That’s not how you deal with criticism… If that’s the case, Insane.

  13. KayAndroid

    Watching the New Shepard will never get old, great job with everything Blue Origin!

  14. КАЕФ FM

    Cola + mentos = New Shepard

  15. xxkabalxx

    BO was one hope but I never become a fan. Respect for the engineering of New Shepard but irrelevant for space travel. 20 years CGI, empty factories, delays, BE-4 delays ULA… Now management and inflated PR is completely sad. Infogarpics against other companies, delaying HLS , suing NASA. There are a lot other better companies with capable systems for orbit about to / or already overtake BO but BO act like they are the big Player in buisiness. Deliver first Blue Origin!

  16. faburisu

    I’m pretty sure if you unfold a latex shield down this thing he may be able to flight to uranus.

  17. Brennan Michel

    you guys aren’t going to the moon with/for nasa……………..

  18. NeilDaGass Trysome

    So you basically have a 99 minutes sistah gossip here.

  19. Erik

    @6:17 Lol at them baiting all the poors into thinking they have ANY shot of going to space. sorry guys douche-bag billionaires only need apply. your never going to space just like your never getting a living wage.

  20. mariolis1000

    Lots of people here are angry about the HLSBS


  21. Mr G

    Just keep pretending and lying, maybe some folk will believe you, for a moment or two. SpaceX all the way : D

  22. NEOmnius

    I like what both SpaceX and BO are doing, but BO presentation of the missions look so tacky and cheap compared to SpaceXs.

  23. EinChris75

    The interesting part starts at around 1:25:00 so almost 1,5 hrs of promotion before content. Reminds me of that Amazon packages filled up with vouchers and other stuff, I have to dig through to get to my order.
    And remember… when you want to go to the moon, it’s 384,400 km away. You got 100 km. So 384,300 km left.

  24. Levelz31

    congrats on doing the same thing you done 6 years ago with no real change or innovation.

  25. Game Maker

    Surprised they kept the comments on. Wonder how much a few minutes of microgravity costs compared to rideshare small satellite.

  26. Pablo Sanchez

    Using the imperial system instead of the metric system for scientific matters seems like a scientific paper with a Comic Sans font.

  27. Sir Taylor

    20+ years and a tiny little trillionaire manlet in the background and THIS is all you have to show? yikes

  28. Kamal Elangovan

    What kind of experiments do they perform in those 4 minutes 🤔

  29. videostufftas

    Have gone off this crowd completely put off by Bezos’s stupid antics regarding spacex when he can’t really get into space let alone orbit for more than a few minutes then expects to land on the moon…really who’s he kidding.

  30. SweetDreamsAreMadeOfThese

    Shameful company. I feel sad for the engineers who now work for a childish company. Hopefully those who’ve left have found work.

  31. Charles Gregory

    I thought Blue Origin only employed lawyers now?

  32. sferrin2

    Did ULA get their engines yet?

  33. Tanan Baboo

    What goes up must come down. Just wish it wasn’t this quickly…

  34. Josh Mills

    Wow nearly as many dislikes as likes….thats unheard of for a live rocket launch

  35. Top Secret

    1:33:31 a line that deserves to be thrown in the rubbish pin.

  36. dugnology

    Max Q for this aircraft is slower than most airliners. I don’t get the art thing. Call up Elon if you want to know how to land right in the center.

  37. Zack N

    Blue origin is led by a clown.

  38. Tytan Powers

    I hope blue origin flops, they don’t get the point of all this


    let’s go spacex, let’s go for the moon

  40. Dalisu Ngobese

    Blue Origins’ new motto: Going Nowhere Slowly.

  41. S A

    spacex or blue orgin whatever it is booster landings are dope to watch.

  42. Jack Hoffman

    If it weren’t for the lunar BO/BS I’d still like BO lots.

  43. Gohta Shiraishi

    So Blue Origin, you claim that the competition is high risk and untested and just recently we’ve seen pics of a stainless steel test tank for Project Jarvis that looks surprisingly similar to a competitors test article. It’s disappointing to see this lack of integrity when so much effort has been made to slander your rivals and yet you end up copying them anyway? Competition is supposed to push you to work harder and better to improve your product/service. But if you end up resorting to petty slander, then you’ve missed the point and are actually hindering your overall “vision” of millions of people living and working in space. Clearly it’s not about this aspiration, it’s not about advancing humanity, it’s about corporate greed, nothing else. I’m so disappointed in your conduct.

  44. Jack Hoffman

    9:32 “soon” BO time = maybe never… ….soon Sx/“Elon” time = anytime.

  45. Sir Sayaka Miki the 3rd

    Heres a thought Jeff, try reaching orbit before suing Nasa for not picking you for a lunar lander.

  46. Alfred Fischer

    Funny how the Blue Origin booster can’t land in the middle of the target, EVEN with the NASA lunar lander targeting system on board! And yet, Spacex, more often than not, comes much closer to dead center almost every time.

  47. Jeff B

    She will never land on the moon.

  48. Jeff B

    Why don’t you touch my camera through the fence, Jeff?


    Wow, just tuned in, great fairground ride. How much are the tickets please?

  50. Smoker X

    i would have enjoyed this if it were not for the fact that jeff’s ego and sense and etntitlement is slowing down progress for all of mankind. i would rather see these two work together to advance man kinds abilities rather than showing us the pure pettiness of jeff. i mean my god still throwing shade at virgin galactic during this is just beyond petty.

  51. scoremat

    “Just like she was landing on the moon”
    😅😅 y’all drank up all of the Bezos kool-aid lmaooooooo

  52. scoremat

    I’m really interested in the value/quality of these micro gravity experiments… zero-g has been attainable for decades, I guess with this exception they can also study the results of the rocket launch, but seriously how important are these 10 minute experiments??

  53. Vinayaka M

    Stop this Sheppard and bring on New glen. Still how many years you guys need?

  54. Ed Wald

    Watching this and watching a SpaceX launch is the difference between a rocket deliver and watching a dog eat mayonnaise

  55. jigil jigil

    *I sincerely want to see Blue Origin succeed and even challenge SpaceX by its innovatons and achievements but what they are so far is a company that failed to reach the orbit after 20 years and decided to delayed Artemis programm instead of facing it’s own shortcomings.*

  56. Daniel Guisinger

    Just like landing on the moon. Could this company’s PR department try any harder to be a North Korean dear-leader style propaganda channel?

  57. Ed Wald

    Wow! This was painful to watch. Bezos should just go back to using humongous buildings to exploit workers.

  58. Charles Aguirre

    Sub orbit shade throwers. I’m a space supporter. All companies. Come on blue be cool.

  59. Jeff W

    Reusable rocket, landing platform not so much.

  60. PiDsMedia

    Okie, Streaming Team,.. choose a camera and stick to it on the landing!
    And get Jeff to buy you some decent fluid head camera mounts, ones big enough for cine cameras. Or hire Tim Dodds to do the streams and use his telescope camera.
    Edit: Well, at least these two hosts are a small step forward for B.O., Metric Graphics wouldn’t hurt, since science and engineering use metric.

  61. Sciirof

    I think you’re forgetting the crucial part of orbit to reach the moon. Just sayin’ KSP has got great tutorials tho! Worth checking out.

  62. Dr. Chaos

    Because you utilize imperial units, you lose contracts and a lot of international fans.

  63. John Potter

    I watched this lovely Launch, but pardon me if I say it seems Toy like. Even a feather dropped from that height would travel over 20Kms away from the launch pad, a true sub-orbital path. It is a limitation of technology copying the same bus route.

  64. PiDsMedia

    1:28:30 is about the timestamp you want.

  65. Stefan Toia

    Having people trained to jump in blue origin capsule to do a 2 min test for any reason is just a complete waste of time and money. All for tha Blue Origin’s Image. Fools to think they can take over SpaceX

  66. Celadon Hair Extraordinai

    The quick facts recap at the end feels almost tacky.

  67. paul smith

    Well done to the team you need to replace your CEO.

  68. e k

    Love to the Engineers and people working on the science and hardware. The management who are dragging the company and the workers names through the mud deserve the dislike.

  69. Milchael -

    My thoughts in 2020:
    ouh nice. So many companies trying to get to space and beyond. I like watching all companies succeed
    My thoughts in 2021:
    sueing “your friends at NASA” cause you can’t get your shit together. What a pathetic spacecompany

  70. Saar D

    When will BO go from a gimmicky rocket company to a serious rocket company?????

  71. Alex Orion

    A Space Agency using Freedom Units🤣🤣

  72. Edson Francis

    What is the current progress of the new glenn?

  73. Dave Svoboda

    I can’t be bothered to watch the blather. I did appreciate the drone footage at the launch.

    So, since I didn’t watch the blather, someone please explain why they’d do another unmanned suborbital flight? I thought the utility of this system was in safely flying paying customers? Couldn’t pretty much any “science” be better done on an actual orbital mission, or more cheaply, on a vomit-comet?

  74. Brett

    I watched a video of a teenager launch a two liter bottle with sodium and water – it was much more exciting and interesting.

    And quicker.

  75. Argyle Hunter

    In other news, Engineering talent is leaving Bezo’s toy shop. Their chief HLS engineer just jointed spaceX and a top systems engineer moved to a small rocket company as the COO. “Our Friends at NASA”…ummm you don’t sue your “friends” and hold up their most public mission. This announcer better go on the hunt for a new job. I think Blue Origin’s days are numbered because they have no actual product except this little toy rocket.

  76. Space OdJobs

    Well, before these wonderful folks start their fights in the comment section, the likes/dislikes ratio pretty much said it all regarding the recent space events

  77. nonesuch


    These announcers are adorable. They think Jeff is gonna take *them* to space.

    Hope they’ve got a cool $1 million for 2 tickets.

  78. Jamie Gleaves

    “and those lunar lander sensors” 😳

  79. Aiden Propps

    At least they have good launch audio

  80. Aiden Propps

    So how come you still think you have the HLS contract, also it’s not very nice to sue your friends

  81. Gonzalo Tórtola

    “Just like she was landing on the moon…” AAHAHAHAHAHAH I CAN’T

  82. Prathwik

    Atleast props to BO for not turning off yt comments

  83. Luke Graybill

    The sound during landing is awesome!!!

  84. Nick Firth

    Use _metres_ and _km/h_ like grown ups…

  85. JM Studios

    propulsive landing of a rocket? That seems immensely complex and high risk…

  86. garryrr

    And the world’s coolest carnival ride takes experiments up to “experience that clean micro gravity”, as opposed to dirty micro gravity.

  87. Kritthanit Malathong

    The fact is only BO and SpaceX can landing their rocket but….
    You say “New Shepard” but what’s new?
    1:37:56 just like landing on the moon? Before that, you must have to reach first but where your powerful rocket?
    1:41:46 Is this your flight recap information? very bad result, do you think people want to know this information?

  88. Legola87

    It reached 10% of orbital velocity. Hooray. LUL.

  89. Jamie Clay

    So how about a precision landing with the crew capsule still attached?


    Ahaha landing in the moon aint like going up and just coming straight down, landing in the moon is coming in like a meteor not like an elevator

  91. HylanderSB

    I bet this thread is a hot mess of salt over the BO lawsuit….as it should be.

  92. Damien Oconnor

    This would make a decent theme park ride

  93. Periareion

    What are you doing launching rockets!? You could’ve spent that time making infographics about how yours is the superior, and safer lunar lander.

  94. Youtube Algorithm

    Maybe if BO spent less time stalling our return to the Moon and suing their competitors and NASA,
    and more time working on their tech they would make some progress in the last 21 years.

    I was rooting for every space company, including BO, until recently, but their behaviour is unacceptable.
    Shame on you, I hope you go out of business for good.

  95. A Ament

    Lol they said thanks to all our friends at NASA. You don’t sue your friends lmao!

  96. B N

    2000: “We’re Blue Origin and this is just the beginning.”

    2021: “We’re Blue Origin and this is just the beginning.”

  97. Es lo que hay

    1:33:30 just like landing on the moon!! Yeah, sure Jeff

  98. Harry likes space

    Does that art installation contain… I don’t know, some blatantly false infographics?

  99. 01NS pihsratS

    You guys would have easily made another self promoting infographic on the time y’all have spend on launch preparations and launch. And you know, that is more important.

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