Replay – New Shepard Mission NS-13 Webcast

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Blue Origin successfully completed the 13th New Shepard mission on October 13, 2020. New Shepard flew 12 commercial payloads to space on this mission, including the Deorbit, Descent, and Landing Sensor Demonstration with NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate under a Tipping Point partnership. This was the first payload to fly mounted on the exterior of a New Shepard booster rather than inside the capsule, opening the door to a wide range of future high-altitude sensing, sampling, and exposure payloads.

Also on board were tens of thousands of postcards from students around the world from Blue Origin’s nonprofit, Club for the Future, some of which will include a special NASA Artemis stamp.

With this successful mission, New Shepard has flown more than 100 payloads to space across 10 sequential flights. All mission crew supporting this launch exercised strict social distancing and safety measures to mitigate COVID-19 risks to personnel, customers, and surrounding communities. Learn more about this mission and the payloads flown on New Shepard on

  1. Nowhereman10

    I think this is the first actual guided tour looking at the New Shepard vehicle in detail like this.

  2. Roger Ng

    Start watching from 37:15 to see the launch…!
    Touched down at 44:50…..!
    What is the big deal? Chinese space administration has been collecting the space capsule on land since the beginning of our space program.

  3. Sebastián Melgarejo

    New Shepard Mission?
    a DLC for mass effect??????

  4. Как тус

    Ребята! Я восхищаюсь вашей работой! Молодцы! Батут работает! А за свою державу стыдно : ( Всё просрали!

  5. Shane ORegan

    Well done ! simply gorgeous !! man -that motor’s got some Poke !

  6. Michael Scott Howard

    Wheb will New Glenn do a hop?

  7. Ice Bear

    Imagine what the ants saw when the capsule landed

  8. TommY SmittY

    whats wrong with Blue Origin, no Team shown, no Onboard camera no Control Center view, is that China or north Korea ??


    7.15264 m/s for the capsule! god bless..

  10. JakeForbidd

    Lol I was spamming in the live

  11. Bruce Murphy

    MPH and FT are not globally recognized systems of measurement

  12. Joseph Astier

    5:37 Nice droneship! Is that *”Of Course I Still Hate Him”,* or *”Just Steal The Instructions”?*

  13. 100K Subscribers With 1 F

    *It’s weird how most of us living on Earth will never meet or even acknowledge each other’s existence. For example, if you’re reading my comment; this is probably the first and last time you’ll ever see me..*

  14. Codero

    nice job, very soft touchdown with the impressive landing. Now show us a rocket bigger than falcon 9’s landing leg and get into orbit and not kiss space then leave.

  15. William Herrmannsfeldt

    What a beautiful flight!

  16. hootentom

    A test- for the tracking camera/crew. Nuff said 😴

  17. Don Keightley

    What a joke!!! Commentators hyping this thing out of the park!! No, this is not history. SpaceX has done all this LONG ago and has put astronauts on the ISS and then returned them to Earth. Blue Origin is aiming at space while SpaceX is heading to Mars. Just a ‘Johnny Come Lately’ operation

  18. ferkeap

    Metric measurements first please.

    Why not list all 12 payloads.

  19. Shahrooz Shadbakht

    You guys are engineers and you use miles and feet? What is this, the 1800’s?

  20. Atlas Gaming

    Not only are they way behind Spacex… they are behind E,extrinsic now… the excitement is so sad…

  21. Justin Schoen

    That awkward time when you’re years behind spacex

  22. Marthinus Spangenberg

    This was great! Jeff, if you’re taking notes from us plebs in the peanut gallery – more cameras! :)

  23. greenoak1

    How come these folks continually underestimate/ignore the PR side of each of these launches? No on rocket camera. Lackluster dashboards. Disappointed. Nice launch and landing though. Congrats!

  24. Graeme Mellor

    Still playing catch up with a big phallic piece of scrap metal…

  25. Den

    You guys have an insanely long way to go. This company exists for 20 years now, run by the richest man on Earth and you haven’t even reached orbit yet, dont mean to be rude or anything of course congrats on the successful test, but if you wont pick up the pace SpaceX will be already colonizing Mars while you’ll be reaching Earths orbit.
    Few pointers tho, put some cameras next time onto the capsule, maybe consider switching to the metric system if you want to work with other space agencies and please tone down the enthusiasm on that commentator lady.

  26. Aziz Murotov

    It doesn’t have as much enthusiasm as SpaceX does.

  27. Donna Radu

    Absolutely incredible camera work! Never before have I been able to see payload/booster separation! Wonderful! Excited to watch future Blue Origin launches! Congrats on a successful mission!

  28. Chris Yepez

    Congrats you guys! Keep doing your best! I can’t wait for New Glenn and I just ignore the haters and criticizers. Thank you for your launch and time.

  29. GenasysMech

    I clicked on this to see something original………the comments. Quite good they are.

  30. Hamilton Mattos

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  31. N3RDgamingstudio

    Good thing that we have multiple new rockets in this new space age. Just having SpaceX isn’t good for the industry.

  32. Aathan Raan

    I know this may not be the place to post this, but my family is desperate and I am willing to try anything. I am posting my Gofundme for anyone who has the ability to donate and for anyone willing to pass it to someone who is willing to donate. I know there are many in the same situation as my family at this moment and it may be selfish of me to ask for help, but we need it. I will not beg beyond this message to whoever is reading it, but please, even a dollar will help. I am not asking for much, just enough to get us through for a few months. I thank whomever donated, passed it on or simply took the time to read it. I hope anyone reading this has good fortune from this point on. Thank you for your time everyone. Go with honesty and trust.

  33. Große Neger

    i just tell one thing “Metric system”

  34. Terry Wheelock

    While I really do enjoy this, it means nothing unless I can take a ride on it for 10K! Both Bezos and Musk have no excuses for not being better, remember they aren’t inventing anything new or doing anything that hasn’t been done by others! Hopefully, they will keep the focus of actually taking US into space. I am not impressed with things I expect! Score: C!

  35. Das gesunde Zeugenmehr

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    01. Gravity in Space (Highly significant)
    02. Water in Space (Highly significant)
    03. Raw material Processing of Asteroids (Highly significant)
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    05. Rapid subsequent delivery of equipment (e.g. for repairs)
    06. Stimulation of the robot and tunneling industry as a whole
    07. Almost live robot control from Earth
    08. Strengthening global cooperation
    09. Moon cemetery & starry sky lunar tourism
    10. Biological and civilization backup archive (in lava tube colony)
    11. Proud of the greatness of the moon civilization
    12. Moon lift and mass driver possible
    13. Low orbital escape speed (2.3 km / s at the equator)
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    16. Probably Fusion Power Plants (Infinite Energy)
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    18. Rolling out green soil around the bases over the moon sand
    19. Increase in the lunar albedo (by leveling the craters and pits)
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    27. The civilizational base for the Martian moon expedition

  36. F13 Media

    i wouls love free shipping on new sheppard with my Amazon prime membership

  37. jaydeep patil

    They should go into orbit first before testing landing

  38. Frank Merrill

    I’m impressed, but imperial units? Please tell me you use metric and this is only for the public.

  39. St Myles

    Yeeeehawwww!!. I have got to make my millions so I can take the ride…

  40. Luke Foster

    SpaceX: HaHaHa
    Blue O: What??
    SpaceX: Nothing
    Blue O: Ughhhhh… I hate you
    SpaceX: We Know… Haha

  41. Carl Mac

    When will the crew cabin stay with the rocket at landing ? that should be the final test so the crew doesn’t have to be picked up at sea.

  42. zapfanzapfan

    Emphasizing the Karman line to really rub it in for Virgin Galactic :-)

  43. Jeffrey LaPlante

    I don’t see the point of this thing, it looks like a waste of time and money for a carnival ride.

  44. CuRtIs TiSbeRgEr

    Stupid stuff like this trending just shows me how far Humanity has been dumbed down

  45. Luke Foster

    The dude has as much personality as a piece of log!

  46. lambo200530

    When are we going to see the lander doing some actual real world work beyond mockup?

  47. Anton P

    The “pillow” didn’t work and it was a hard landing at 16mph. Not a comment from the commentators? LOL

  48. YaoiMastah

    Imagine using metrics in the displays on the screen…

  49. Carlos Dlt

    Can you guys get to orbit already? It’s been like 17 years since you guys opened.

  50. triplikeido75

    “..and at this point in the flight you’d be able to get out of your seat, float around the cabin, high-five your friends, look at the earth below you”….and think to yourself “good thing I’m filthy rich enough to drop half a million bucks on a 10 minute thrill ride.

  51. D Scott Boris

    Watching it land has become much more interesting then the launch.

  52. Leon Allan Davis

    I’m very impressed! It goes straight up, and comes straight back down! Woo-hoo!

  53. José Antonio Márquez Bote

    Una misión emocionante que dura solo 10 minutos y 15 segundos, (la misión, no el vídeo) increible

  54. McGyver

    Bravo! Hopefully we can see New Glen fly soon!

  55. Jo Mama

    Congrats on the launch, really good to watch

  56. TheGiovanni Falcone

    Houston, have we got a problem here? No problem Jim!

  57. triplikeido75

    “This part of your flight.. once those main chutes are out and you’re just in a free-fall.. its just a reflective beautiful moment”…. to think to yourself: “its good to be a trust-fund billionaire”

  58. Matson Breakey

    Thought this was the beginning of a Jeep commercial.

  59. Jack CF

    When are they going to stuff some people in that thing?

  60. 3xtra Terrestrial

    If it was half as safe as flying in a plane I would do it. Can you imagine the experience?

  61. Dennis Kemp

    Why does the top visibly move to the left, then wobbles, then settles with a distinct list to the left again?

  62. Breanna Drummond

    Im pretty new here but I enjoyed it

  63. fumblerooskie

    Can’t you just say “Good Luck?” Why “god speed?” Also, please post speed and altitude in kph and metres. Awesome job on the camera views, BTW.

  64. Dionysion

    congratulations on what looks to be a perfect launch and landing

  65. Space Stock Exchange

    When will humans fly on it?

  66. Eric Goz

    Great flight, when do we get to see the New Glenn with the Be-7 Engines first flight?

  67. WireAddict

    Why do I feel like being rich and sitting in this thing is NOT the same as being a real astronaut?

  68. Jose Andrade

    The fake enthusiasm from the announcers is hilarious

  69. Steven Brennick

    I had unkind comments. Instead I will say rockets are very hard.

  70. Roci Stone

    Impressive. But I’d’ like to echo some of the comments made about the use of in-flight mini-cam technology. ‘It is more inclusive, and gives a better sense of excitement and involvement. I feel almost certain that I can say that the fuel. power, and data downlink and recovery margins would allow the use of small-cam tech that has flown on some previous programs. Anyway, warmest congratulations, and keep up the good work!

  71. Allan T

    Hate as much as you want, this is an exciting time for space , so much is happening , so many companies getting a taste of it, I think it’s great

  72. Hutch5321

    Way to go, Blue Origin! Bravo!

  73. NinjazZtine

    When you buy a falcon 9 on wish

  74. Kenny Yung

    These guys talking like it’s already flying humans…

  75. Anonymous Person

    Yes! That descent in the end was amazing, almost no wobble at all.

  76. Arun Subramaniyan

    Why isn’t there any on-board camera.?

  77. Trevor Lancaster

    Yea lets go to space! Don’t mention the O word..

  78. Chris Horry

    Congrats, but please can you just do a technical webcast, your announcers are nice people I’m sure but it’s so dumbed down it’s ridiculous.

  79. STILL

    One doesn’t own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it’s a reflection of one’s belief that one owns them♥️Non-Duality

  80. TheTruthHarts

    “We use WebEx, hopefully no technical issues”

  81. carlostheflame

    Drinking game, you’ll be hammered if you pound every time she says beautiful… Hope people ride this thing soon, but so trailer park pushing adds and merch.

  82. Ephraim

    I disliked the fake over-enthusiastic commentary

  83. Thu Nghiem Penicillium Ch

    The narrator needs ro take a course of emotional management.

  84. Nuno Pereira

    This looks just like that *secret* Hitachi device that women like so much…

  85. Heston C

    Radar guy: colonel, you better take a look at this radar.
    Colonel: What is it son?
    Radar guy: I don’t know, but it looks like a giant…

    Please add to it

  86. TheGg6422

    if this spacecraft can land this controlled at such a slow speed why even do a separation of the upper craft just keep it attached an land them together.

  87. millsathn

    Omfg, they are still using feet and mph 😂😂 it really shows how far behind they are. How do they expect to have a successful business if they can’t even get the units correct?

  88. Carl Guderian

    terrible commentator

  89. Chilapa of the Amazons

    The commentator talks about the Kármán line (100 km) and yet the screen shows the height in feet. 🙄

    Is this supposed to be a maths problem?

  90. Titus Long

    Announcers are CRINGE. Please replace, thnx.

  91. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans.
    “Revenge is a powerful motivator.”
    -Marcus Luttrell


  92. [MGP] Mister K

    “it only takes you 10 minutes to become an astronaut” yea, 10 minutes and the price of a brand new McLaren 600LT

  93. Oppressors Beware

    Anybody else feel like their watxhing the QVC channel or Golf listening to the commentators?

  94. Rob Weiner

    Looks like a smooth launch. Just wondering: what was the incremental advancement over the last launch?

  95. Finlay FinTGM

    Here is a timeline of the mission if you are late.

    4:07 – WEBCAST INTRO
    6:00 – WEBCAST START
    33:04 – COUNTDOWN HOLD
    35:55 – AFT FIN CHECKS
    36:59 – T- 20 SECONDS
    37:08 – T- 10 SECONDS
    51:08 – WEBCAST END

    NOTE: The aim of the mission is for New Shepard to fly 12 commercial payloads attached to the booster to space with NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate under a Tipping Point partnership. The payloads will gather information while in space to determine a spacecrafts speed and location as it approaches the Moon, enabling a vehicle to land autonomously on the lunar surface within 100 meters of a designated point. These technologies can also help with future Moon missions like Artemis.

    NOTE 2: This is the first flight of New Shepard which will have the 12 payloads attached to the booster instead of inside the capsule.

    Have a great day!

  96. kindly help me reach 2k s

    *Youtube is getting real comfortable with these double no skip ads.*

  97. Nautilee Wind

    my favorite part is how the camera DOESN’T CUT OFF approaching space or during landing. definitely my favorite of the bunch.

  98. Rischard

    imagine having onboard cameras…

  99. Dharmesh Padhra

    It should have camera on rocket for better view.

  100. Curt Wrigley

    Were the announcers trained at Home Shopping Network?

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