Replay – New Shepard First Seat Auction

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On Saturday, June 12, Blue Origin concluded the online auction for the very first seat on New Shepard with a winning bid of $28 million. Nearly 7,600 people registered to bid from 159 countries.

The winning bidder will fly to space on New Shepard’s first human flight on July 20, and will join Blue Origin founder, Jeff Bezos, and his brother, Mark.

The winning bid amount will be donated to Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future, whose mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and to help invent the future of life in space.

  1. Zenith project

    Elon buys it and puts spaceman in the seat lol

  2. beasticks

    so do yall have a plan putting amazon to the moon?

  3. Keem Enrera

    By any chance, could there be at least one flat-earther among the bidders? Yo flatguys! this was the only fucking chance!

  4. Tom Board

    Maybe for all those millions the bidder will at least be given free two-day shipping. Because I can’t remember the last time I ordered something from Amazon that came in two days.

  5. Drinc music

    I have a feeling Mr. Beast is betting on this.

  6. Zoya Spencer

    Haven’t even proven you can go into space yet.

  7. Bhavik Saluja

    $28 Million ???
    To experience zero gravity !!?
    To see earth !?

  8. scoremat

    The audacity of a company owned by the world’s richest man auctioning off a seat on New Shepherd for charity.

    By the way that charity is also owned by Jeff ‘it’s a big deal for me’ Bezos

  9. Patrick Canchaya

    Does dragon still have the 4 rocket engine abort system? cos if thats the case this crew capsule sucks lol

  10. kmanccr

    you could sell the NFT later for higher and make a profit

  11. Music

    With 28 million you could go 28 times, if regular price is 1 million

  12. WaterDog

    @ 28 Million not including the 6% buyers privilege. For 11 minutes weightlessness.
    That’s $2.54 Million a Minute.

  13. avinalaughmate

    that auction was obscene

  14. MarcAFK

    What a bargain. Half the cost of 3 days in orbit on a dragon. Who needs more than a few minutes in space?

  15. Popa Leti

    All I could think about this whole video was the series Avenue 5 and the space poop – Ahhhhahahaaaaa

  16. Matthew Ferguson

    15:05 This theater is absurd.

  17. Phillip Brownie

    Congats. This is a good rocket program.

  18. Gustavo Morales

    I would’ve been willing to pay 100mil

  19. Rabie Amziani

    I wouldn’t call kissing space for 2 minutes, really going to space.

  20. Erynn Wilson

    Bidder #107. Anyone remember STS 107. Bad omen.

  21. Dani

    That auction was the lamest thing i’ve seen in a while

  22. foxkenji

    So the winner of the bid is Yuzaku Maezawa? The same Japanese entrepreneur going to space in a Falcon 9 and later in Starship?

  23. foxkenji

    Does it come with a lifetime Prime subscription?

  24. Pancake

    I’m honestly happy that we have come so far as a species that people can make fun of civilians going to space and think that it is insignificant

  25. Pancake

    ughhh you guyssss competition is GOOD


    Launching is 28 mil, landing costs extra

  27. SchoolComputerClub

    that bidder should have just waited like 5 years to when they can probably fly around the moon for the same price



  29. Screw Censorship

    The automated chatting was annoying but it was a great auction !!!!

  30. Karim Nassar

    You’re not just paying for a seat, you’re paying for hanging out with jeff bezos

  31. jo jones

    FU JB

  32. Merle Patterson

    The older woman bidder from Groundhog Day stands up and says; “I got two bits!!”

  33. sharad shelar

    I would rather pay $50 or $100 to get a better “near real” space flight simulator experience which will not only show views of earth from the stratosphere but also views of low orbit fly-by, touchdown on moon, mars and other space wonders. You can make a real size replica of a non flying space capsule – starliner, keep it on a mount inside a big elliptical shaped room whose walls and floors are made up with ultra HD infinity super wide screens. It can then mimic “out of window” three dimensional breathtaking views of space in the same way space travelers view it from inside the spacecraft window. e.g. space horizon, close up of earth, moon, mars, comets etc. With mechanical movements of the craft, pre-recorded scenes and sounds you can recreate the same experience one gets in space i.e. the launch – in flight and touchdown (barring zero gravity) Will work like current flight simulators but on a much larger scale and will be more realistic. So within 60 minutes you can experience lift off, low orbit fly by and touchdown on the surface of earth, moon, mars and other planets in just a few hundred dollars or even less and it will be a ‘near real’ experience.. you sit in the same movable craft astronauts sit and see the same views they see #spaceForEveryone

  34. lasersbee

    8:38 That’s about $13.71 a foot at $4.8 million or $80.00 a foot at $28 million.

  35. Paul Fulgencio

    A flat earther would take a ride to space and would blame the window for making the earth look like a globe.

  36. Willem De Boer

    Respect Jeff. Beautiful mindset. But please finish the Expanse?😆😆😋😋

  37. EJ Ali

    I would like to have a seat in space x to mars or moon. Not blue origin flight to the sky😂 nah its their money. Let them be happy for a short time.

  38. :l

    How much is the price of poverty by aunction ?

  39. Alexei Kafe

    For less than 28 million you can buy a ticket to the ISS and spend days up there. I guess that the bid might be because he wanted to be the first to fly with BO or to fly with Jeff🤷🏻‍♂️. At least the money goes to fund a good cause!👌

  40. Marilyn m

    28 for 1 seat? Mean while people buying entire seats on spacex rockets to share.

  41. Wiizl

    Dude played himself. For 28 mil I would at least expect a full orbit, not some up-and-down carousel ride.

  42. Yan nick

    We definetely don’t have the same problem on this planet😭😭😭

  43. val brend

    Dear Moon mission is free btw sponsered by japanese billionaire.SO basically New shepard is for millionaire only

  44. David Naylor

    I would want a couple of orbits at least for $28M

  45. David Naylor

    How much carbon emmissions does one of these flights emit?
    What would be the equivalent number of long haul flights?

  46. Intel

    Cant wait to sit besides bezos!

  47. crocodile2006

    The auction part had “Taken” vibes about it

  48. Curiousowl_oot

    Apparently, that’s how expensive an appointment with J. Bezos can be.

  49. William Thirry

    But why take this flight when the next flights will be like 100x cheaper.

  50. sgfx

    $28,000,000 !! are you out of your Vulcan mind?
    That works out to $2,545,455 per min of flight and less than 2 of those in space.
    For about $26,000,000 you could have ridden an orbital class spaceship (SpaceX Falcon) and have Days of Zero-G’s and seen the full beauty of Earth, not just a portion of the U.S. (only about 1/3 of it at 100 km)
    And you would still have $2,000,000 to celebrate with once you were home.

  51. Joe

    They aren’t even going into orbit

  52. Space Intelligence

    I wish everyone had money to bid with. But the rich always win out. sad smh


    I wouldve choose to wait for 10 years then can go into orbit for much more cheaper than that lol

  54. domoredujordan

    Up there with Bezos, hand on the hatch to space: Alright Jeff, let’s make a deal.

  55. Охтеров Егор

    To give some perspective, a lunch with Warren Buffet costs $5 mln.

  56. Hamza Mahmood

    “Buy this seat and get amazon prime for life plzzz.” ______ jeff who?

  57. Project Jack

    It should have been Jeff / Elon / Branson on first flight

  58. The Space Coast Life

    The winning bidder is…..Carrot Top! Have fun, Jeff Who?

  59. Rahul G

    This was great, but I wonder if the bidder realizes you can get an orbital flight, stay at the space station for several days, and be a true astronaut for less than twice the winning bid. Great marketing for Blue Origin. Probably the opportunity to spend a bit of time with Jeff is part of the bidder’s decision, not just the most basic spaceflight possible. Either way, this was awesome and I’m so glad to be alive to see this sort of thing happen. Godspeed!

  60. boldbets


  61. Robert McGinley

    The auctioneer never used his hammer to seal the deal

  62. Ian Cluroe

    What are the odds Richard Branson is the winning bidder? 😂🚀


  63. Karim Nassar

    Those sound effects at 10:30

  64. scottgriz

    “Once in a lifetime?” I wouldn’t advertise it that way.

  65. starguy2718

    “And the winning bid is: Elon Musk! Wait, what?”
    That would be too, too funny!

  66. Edu

    I’m used to seeing this kind of bids in tv, but with hundreds or maybe thousands, not millions lmao

  67. William A Perrow

    Boom! Bye bye rich guy. “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

  68. Remo Uherek

    So exciting! But $28 million is mind blowing 🤯

  69. Advay Chandra

    The funny thing is that for double the price, You could ride a crew dragon to the ISS.

  70. blind-ghost

    Hahahahahaa, wtf was that!

  71. Esteben Grifo

    🤢 Open auction, yeah right… Hey Blue Origin, do you also sell economy seats?

  72. Ryan Schwinghammer

    I really hope it was Elon Musk who got it. That would be amazing.

  73. Stephen Wieloszynski

    The most expensive amusement park ride on the planet. An 8 minute pogo stick jump to the fringes of space. JB has a stunning lack of vision. No thank you. I’ll pass. But he’s sure to find more than one flat earther he sucker into a ticket.

  74. Chaim Goldbaum

    The sound of a crowd talking in the background doesn’t make sense when you hear the amount of people clapping in that small board room lol

  75. Imran Sahir

    With Bezos going to space, some of the people and news channels are saying that there’s a race between CEOs to go to space themselves first. That’s factually incorrect. While Richard Branson does want to fly, Elon Musk never showed an interest to go to orbit; he’d most likely want to go to Mars.

  76. Scorpio

    Mind blowing

  77. Chinmay gawand

    Lol 28 mil for being a test astronaut

  78. PF DSOTM

    Enjoy your 5 minutes in space for that $28 000 000 lol

  79. ayy

    For 28 mili I gotta go free-floating outside the spacecraft with the earth in front of me

  80. Lisa Bowers

    NGL, if I had _that_ kind of money, I would’ve been bidding too. I’d *love* to go to space.

    Yet here I am, watching this video and shouting out, “I’d buy that for a dollar!” 😜

  81. K.W. Matterhorn

    $28 mil!!!! YEAH BABY!!!! You could buy a Falcon 9 off of Musky for that.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  82. sakuraslight

    have fun in space wish i had even just 1% of that i could live like a king down here on earth.

  83. K.W. Matterhorn

    I’m calling in $30 mil….GO SHEP!!!

  84. Das Daleberger


  85. Micah B.

    Enjoy space bro, and getting back and being like “shit I could’ve spent that 28 million on something so much better”

  86. mike97525

    The Russians’ would take you to the space station for that much😣

  87. Mikhail Sychev

    Кто то

  88. Moldygreenbean

    Why did that all feel scripted? The sound of the people talking in the background seemed like it was looped. The lighting and camera quality feels like it was filmed by a soap opera director and producer…

  89. RogerM

    I hope for this bid, Blue Origin offers at least one more flight to the bidder. Or some nice Amazon deals.

  90. Bert Rich

    well, congrats!! it went higher than i expected, but i wouldnt have been surprised if it went even higher.
    (shame Virgin Galactic is trailing behind)

  91. Rylan edro

    I was thinking someone would pay 5 million max

  92. Finlay FinTGM

    28 Million dollars for three minutes in space. That’s $155,555 gone per second.

  93. Pollux Pavonis

    Couldn´t they just wait several months or a year and buy a regular 200K or so ticket? 28 million is insane, you can go to the ISS for days for that money, this is a 10 min flight.

  94. Minu Parhi

    Ohh gotta get my30 million dollar for that bungeee jump. This is so affordable

  95. hq cart

    paintings sold higher than 28mil, Congrats for the winner!

  96. gaminggami

    “The more you pay for it the more you enjoy it”

  97. assimo

    28 million dollars for first seat, new generation of space exploration here ahead!

  98. Jack Whitlock

    Imagine if that guy doesn’t have 28 million

  99. Hassan Ali

    Dude got robbed for 28 million

  100. Dos Gato II

    Imagine Elon bought that ticket lmao.

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